tagRomanceThey Just Click Ch. 12

They Just Click Ch. 12


The Final Chapter

Jake's strong arms held her securely to him. He didn't want to let the closeness go. He remembered hearing her say she was falling and he smiled knowing that. He knew he had already had and hard. She was so perfect for him in every way. There was her style, her obvious outside beauty, the woman who hid inside, and one of the most important things, the way she urged him to be himself. He would never felt better since he began opening up.

Jake felt his eyes getting heavy. He decided to relish the moment and let his eyes close, falling into a deep sleep along side the woman he loved. Time passed, the music still played on, everything just right as they lay together. Too soon though a phone rang, its noise woke up Jake. His hand searched for his phone knowing it was his usual ring tone.

"Hello," he said with a note of sleep in his voice.

"Jake, it's Mr. Anderson. I need to speak with you," the voice on the other end said.

"I told you Mr. Anderson, I'm done. There is no way I can work for you. I deserve respect and unfortunately you just don't give it," he told him.

"I know Jake. I have thought about the way you were treated here and I wanted to say I am sorry. I offer my apologies. I want to make amends. I want to make you partner here," Mr. Anderson told him.

For just a moment Jake felt all his dreams take hold. He would be partner, have a huge, luxurious office. His time would be spent doing just what he loved. Then he looked down at the woman in his arms. He remembered the things she had taught him in such a short time. There was no way he could never be content with a simple partnership, not when he would still be working for someone. That was really what he wanted, to finally be his own boss.

"I'm sorry Mr. Anderson. Thank you for taking the time to call but I cannot work for you. I deserve my own shot, my own way," Jake said with a smile and hung up the phone.

He felt Ehrikah move and he smiled. She crawled a little up his chest, pressing soft, little kisses along the way. Her eyes sparkled and had that mischievous look in them. He could only grin as finally her lips found his. The kiss was so soft, so addicting and sweet that it went straight to his head.

Gradually they pulled apart and his eyes found hers again. Everything had changed between them. Jake felt it and knew Ehrikah did too. Her lovable smile burned into his heart as she looked at him. She was beautiful in so many more ways then physically. Her beauty ran deep, it was in the things she did, the words she spoke. It was the woman inside her that made him a better man and that was what true beauty was all about.

"You amaze me," he told her.

"I do. How's that?" she asked him as her head rested on his chest.

"Just by being you. You have helped me in so many ways, more then I can begin to say. You could take the call I just had. My old boss wanted me back. You have helped me to see that I need to follow what I want. Make my own way in my own life."

Ehrikah did not know what to say, which was a first for her. Words always flowed easily. She had only wanted to help Jake see that life could be all he wanted if he'd just take a chance. It's what she had done with him. Taken a chance to let him past the carefully guarded doors she had always had around her heart. He'd broken through them and she was so thankful. He was the stuff of her dreams and she loved him, truly so.

"I just wanted you to try Jake. To have a chance at what you want out of life," she said pressing a kiss to his chest.

Jake took a deep breath; the feel of her soft skin against his was already making him ache. Then she had gone and pressed her lips on his chest. She stirred such fierce emotion in him. There was no doubt he had fallen, and fallen hard. Hell, he would even go as far to say he loved her.

Would that scare her away?

Sure, they both felt something but it was all still so new. He had known many friends that had believed in their love and spoke it only to have it had bit them in the ass. He did not want that, he was too happy. Jake decided to hold it in. He wouldn't rush it, if she felt it too then maybe.

"Right now I want you," he said as his hands lifted her higher on his chest, bringing her to straddle his thighs.

Ehrikah could feel the length of him pressing up and she moved her hips against him. Hearing his groan and sharp intake of breath only made her bolder. She kissed along his jaw line, nipping at his collar bone. When she reached his ear she pressed a soft kiss and then ran her tongue along it just before biting.

Jakes hands rested on her hips, moving up and down lightly, letting her have her wicked way. It was becoming too much as her hips rose and fell. He could not think with the way her soft and delicate folds felt against his aching length. He could feel her warmth caressing him, bathing him in her sweet juices. His control was faltering, slipping.

He had this insatiable need with her. His fingers moved up over her chest, cupping both breasts in his hands. He was greedy and filled his palms with the succulent globe. Lightly Jake rolled her nipples between his thumb and index finger. He was treated to a gasp in his ear.

Continuing his torment, he brought his mouth to the right nipple, then the left. His tongue lavished such sweet attention from one to the other. His teeth nipped and nibbled on her aroused buds until Ehrikah was no longer in control. Her hips were moving on their own, engaged in the time old ritual of want and need.

"Please Jake," she whimpered as his fingers had expertly rubbed her swollen nub between her parted thighs, bringing her to the edge but denying her sweet release.

He lifted her up and slowly moved his engorged length to where they both needed it. Slowly she moved down, impaling herself on him. Each slow moment was more torturous then the next. Filling her like that was exquisite torment. He'd never been with another woman that he felt was so perfect for him.

They fit together like pieces of a puzzle. Each one unlocked the needs and desires of the other. They began slowly, easing up and down, the rhythm unrushed. Jakes hands moved over her skin, teasing her as she rode his body. His head lifted, gently caressing her hardened nipples with his lips and tongue. His hands moved between her legs, seeing them so intimately joined caused him to groan in need. He toyed with her hardened clit creating that sweet torment and watching as it played over her face.

He knew in that moment that it was true, what he felt was true.

He loved her. He needed her. His heart belonged to her.

Just as quickly as the thought entered his mind, he felt her tightening around him. Her orgasm crashed over her. Ehrikah's body milked his, drawing out everything from him. He couldn't help but follow. He poured every ounce of his love and need for her into her body. His breath was rapid; her body had collapsed on his chest.

Now all he needed to do was tell her.

Why did he think that was so hard to do?

Ehrikah laid there, her mind reeling with sensation after sensation. Her body was lethargic, exhausted from the pleasure that she had experienced. There was also contentment; her mind, body and most importantly her soul were at peace. It was a feeling like no other. She never wanted it to end either.

Her hands rested on his chest, folded one over the other. Her chin rested on them as she looked up into Jake's eyes. He took her breath away as he laid there. She smiled one of those soft, sweet ones that showed how truly beautiful she was. Jake's hand found her cheek and his palm rested against it.

He looked down, looked into her eyes. It told him then everything he needed to know. At that moment, he knew she loved it. It was unspoken; it filled the air around them. Through the sexual haze, their loved burned brighter. He was in awe, pure amazement as he her held her face in his hands.

Just moments before he had been afraid, scared to open up and tell her. Now, looking down at this woman, seeing her so open to him, he was bursting to tell her. In the span of seconds, love had been given to him. A love he never thought would find its way to him. Life was remarkable in that way. Only giving you what you needed and then gifting you with something you never expected.

"I love you Ehrikah. You are so much more then I ever had thought to dream of. You are magnificent. I cannot see my life with anyone but you. I know its quick, I know we have not spent all that much time together but I feel it. I know in my heart that you are the one woman for me," Jake said caressing her cheek, his thumb running over her lips.

She let her eyes close, her mind listening to his every word. He loved her. He wanted only her. It sounded like forever. She thought she had known joy before, now it hummed through her body. Ehrikah was happy, blissful more then she had never been before. Her lids opened slowly, she saw his smile, and it widened hers.

"I love you Jake. I think from the first moment we met it happened. There was always this feeling, a connection with you. It stayed strong and even though we've known each other only as long as we have, I know it's true and won't change," she told him pressing a kiss to his palm.

The moment lasted as they looked at one another. Happiness was theirs as their lips finally met in the sweetest kiss. This was not rushed or hurried. It was soft, full of the love and emotion they felt for one another. It surrounded them, leaving them wrapped in their own world. Lost together, entwined, and feeling for the first time that they were with their other half, their soul mate.

Then her phone rang. She gave a little sigh, not wanting anything disrupting their moment. Standing up she smiled at Jake, she felt his gaze on her naked skin. Her hand gripped her cell phone as she answered it.

"Hello Roni," she said staring at Jake.

"Hey Ehrikah I thought I'd just remind you about the party. You guys are still going aren't you?" Roni questioned.

"Uh yeah, I'll make sure we are both there," she said with a wicked twinkle in her eye, letting her free hand run over her soft, delicate skin, lingering over the places he just caressed.

"You sound like you're up to something over there. Should I be worried? For him," Roni laughed.

"I'm not that bad, really," Ehrikah, said holding back her own laughter as her thighs parted and her hand dipped between them. Jakes eyes were glued to the women in front of him.

"Remember girl, you and I go way back. You cannot get one past me. Any juicy details I should know about," Roni wanted to know.

"Oh there will be plenty of time for girl talk later. I think I better let you go. I'll talk to you later," Ehrikah said as she hung up and let her finger between her legs slip up to her lips. Her tongue slipping out her lips and tasting the passion they just shared.

"Woman you will be the death of me, you know that," he said with smoldering eyes.

"I know but it'll be the perfect way to go," she laughed.

She walked back to the small couch where he lay and sat by him. Her fingers running over his jaw line before she dipped her head down to kiss him. Passion and desire filled the kiss but also there was love, pure and true love.

Their kiss was broken up by a sound, a deep growl that reminded them both not only of the time but of the energy, they had exerted. The rumble grew louder and louder, causing to both laugh.

"Wow! You think we should eat something?" Erikah asked as her long and lean fingers traced little circles on his chest. "I mean other than each other that is," she said with a familiar wicked grin.

Jake could not help but laugh. She was really bringing out a different side to him. It was a side that had been dormant way too long. "Mmm, yes food would be a good idea," he smiled back at her.

Just then, a thought crossed her mind and she began pulling up and away from him as she spoke. "You know I make mean spaghetti if you want."

He held her tightly to him, not wanting to give up the closeness they were sharing. "As long as we don't end up wearing it, it sounds great," he said not being able to think of a better way to spend the evening.

They dressed quickly and headed out the door walking hand in hand to Erikah's apartment. Jake noticed that she seemed a little nervous as they got closer and wondered why that might be.

"Are you alright?" he asked casually.

"Yeah, it's just that I haven't had many men in my place and I'm just," she paused, looking down, "nervous I guess." She looked back up and smiled at him.

"Don't worry babe. It will be just fine," he said slipping an arm around her shoulder and hugging her tight.

"It's nothing like your place Jake, that's for sure," Erikah said.

For the first time, Jake felt slightly embarrassed about his apartment. As long as he had lived there, he had viewed it as a symbol of his success. Granted, that success had come in a dead end job, but that job had paid quite well. Now though the apartment, the car, the vacations; none of it seemed to matter.

The only thing in his life that did matter was making this incredible woman blissfully happy.

"I'm going to owe you a ton of money," Erikah said snapping him back to reality again.

"Why do you say that?" he could not help but ask.

"If I have to keep giving you a penny for your thoughts, it's going to add up pretty quick," she said with a wink.

He was about to tell her when she pointed to the steps to her building. They had gotten there in no time at all. He remembered dropping her off and even then, he had thought the building somehow looked familiar to him.

"Your building is amazing. I don't know what you're worried about," his architectural education automatically kicking in. "Actually; if I remember correctly I've photographed it."

"Good evening Miss Erikah," the door attendant said with a big smile.

"Good evening Edward. Edward, this is Jake," Erikah said with a wink, knowing what the man was thinking. The look on her face and the friendship she had with the door attendant, all led Edward to know who the man with her was.

"What was that?" Jake could not help but ask when he saw the little exchange between them.

"Edward is more than a door attendant to me; he's been a friend through some of my rougher relationships in the past. He's heard a fair amount about you already," she said as she pushed the button to the elevator.

"Cool. Everyone needs friends, especially in those situations," was all Jake could say. His attention was drawn to the lobby of the building. It had been built in the mid 1920's and had been well maintained. The owner was smart enough to keep the look and feel of that era in the public areas. The lobby area was open several floors up; there was a grand staircase that opened to each wing of the building that people could walk up should they not want to use the elevator.

The huge doors open and the couple walked inside. Erikah pressed the button for her floor and turned to Jake as the lift started to move. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply, it was just the slightest kiss but left Jake wanting more. She sighed softly when she heard the bell telling her they had reached her floor.

She smiled, licked her lips softly as she settled back down from her tippy toes, taking his hand and leading him from the elevator. She led him down the hall and around a corner and smiled as she noticed him taking in the décor of the old building and the look on his face as he realized her apartment was one over looking the lobby.

"Here we are," she said and paused as she pulled her keys from her purse. She was nervous about having him there, both because she rarely had men over and because he might compare it to his place.

She opened the door and walked in, sensing him following her. She heard Jake take a deep breath when she snapped on the lights and though maybe he did not like the apartment. When she turned to explain to him that it was all she could afford when she moved in, she saw the look in his eyes. It was as if he was looking at a palace. It was then that she remembered him saying that he loved the older buildings of the city and that he wanted to try to bring them back.

"This is exactly the type of place I was looking for when I moved to the city," he said as he walked into the apartment. "But there weren't any available and I guess I just sort of got caught up in the show."

"But your place is so..." she was about to say amazing when he turned to her with a smile.

"Impersonal," he said instead. "This is so comfortable, so you," he said softly.

It was she, it fit her perfectly and he soon realized it fit him too. He took her in his arms and looked into her eyes before continuing, "A few minutes ago you said something about owing me. Keep your penny, I will tell you without it. I am at that moment where I realize how everything I have is all about the show. Take my car, my apartment, everything. I also realized that none of it matters to me anymore. The only thing that does is you, us" he said before kissing her.

The kiss spun out of control wildly. The need and passion they felt for one another seemed to have been in charge of them. It took everything they had not to make love there in the living room of her apartment. The fact that their stomachs had growled at the same time, causing them both to laugh was the main reason they stopped.

She took him by the hand and gave him a quick tour of the apartment before they went to the kitchen and started making the spaghetti. Jake picked a bottle of wine from her small collection and opened it to let it breathe while they cooked.

"Why don't you find us some music to listen to," she said with a smile.

Jake went to her stereo and found an old Frank Sinatra cd. He popped it in the player and set the volume. He turned and saw her watching him from the kitchen with a smile that told him his choice was perfect. Everything is perfect, he thought to himself as he walked back to her.

"I could get used to this," he said as he stepped to her, kissing her softly on the cheek.

"So could I Jake," Ehrikah said leaning against him. "Now go sit so I can make dinner."

Jake went and sat in the living room. He looked at her portfolio that lay on the table. This was different than the other he had seen. These photos were of her friends. She had a way a capturing the emotion people felt on film. The woman had a pure talent. Towards the end he came across a few of her, these were solitary photos. There were ones of her gazing out at the sun, looking into a book, all various poses of self-reflection. They brought out the beauty, inner and outer.

As he looked through the photos time seemed to pass by. Before he knew it, dinner was ready. The aroma of fresh garlic and oregano pulled him in. He followed it to the dining table and helped Ehrikah to her chair.

"Smells wonderful," he told her as he sat.

"Thank you," she said softly.

They began eating quietly, both a little too hungry to talk. Soon though they both looked up at each other and smiled. They realized they had both just dove into eating, so hungry for food they completely stopped talking.

Ehrikah's mind had been doing a lot of thinking since they entered her apartment. Her heart wanted him to stay here with her, her mind said there was no way he would give up the place he was at. Even though she knew better, knew that Jake was not the same man he had been before. He knew now what he wanted from life and that big status quo was not it. She decided to go for it.

"So Jake, I've got a question for you. What would you think about moving in together?" she had not said to her place on purpose. Just incase he was not ready for such a step.

"Live together. That is a huge step. Are you sure that you are ready for that?" He questioned wanting her to be sure. Ehrikah only nodded so he continued, "I would love to but I have a condition."

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