tagNonHumanThey Walk Among Us Ch. 09

They Walk Among Us Ch. 09


Thank you everyone for the gracious response to Chapter 8, I'm still in shock. To my editor Dawn, thanks and here we go again. You will notice some changes in my style, as I strive to improve my writing ability. Like I've always said, no one gets better without help, and why not ask the best. Thank you Miss Cullen and Mokkelke, for the sage advice to a fledgling author, now I know why you two are famous authors.

Just for the record, the cameo appearance is with permission.

November 1993, Classified CIA Detention Center outside of Lohr Germany.

Martina Kordic sat in her cell, starring at the white walls of the small room. She'd been under interrogation for months now, with no real end in sight. When she was in the sealed room last night, she overheard the two CIA interrogators talking about what they'd do after the water boarding. The drugs, sleep deprivation and starvation, were all inflicting havoc on her abused body.

She told them everything she knew about her late husband's activity, which wasn't much. He had kept her in the dark about most of it and when questioned, she had to make up stories so they would quit. When she didn't give the same response when asked again, the sessions become more pressured and painful.

Maybe if she could find something to take her own life with, she could finally join her husband and end this abuse. As she tried to think of any way to accomplish the suicide, her thoughts were broken when she heard the small door open.

'Oh goodie, another interrogation session. I wonder if they'll leave my clothes on this time.'

Jack Gilmore stood just inside the door, staring at the defeated woman. He was average looking for a man, and at forty-eight, had a small beer belly growing. His receding hairline and unkempt mustache made him appear disgusting to most women, including Martina. Her baggy clothes hid most of her luscious body, but he could still picture it in his thoughts.

The vision of a naked Martina Duval strapped to a metal table was fresh in his mind. The alligator clamps attached to her nipples, as voltage flowed through them. The most erotic images that flashed in his mind were of the repeated rapes that he alone performed after the interrogation. She was a captive, and he could fulfill his most perverted fantasies to no limit. The things that he had done to her body were ruthless, and beyond comparison to even the most perverted human.

"Hi Martina, it's time to wake up. We can't have you sleeping all day." The laugh he emitted as he kicked Martina's foot made her want to vomit.

"Yeah I guess I'll get enough sleep when I'm dead. What now, did you come up with a new way to get your rocks off because you can't get laid like a real man?"

"That's what I'm going to miss about you Martina, your witty sense of humor. Actually, the director has decided that you're useless as a source of viable Intel. We're taking you to Ramstein Air Force Base where you can spend the rest of your life in a nice little cell."

Martina opened her eyes and looked at him with an expectant look. It wouldn't be past them to offer a way out of here and then take it away suddenly. The North Vietnamese had used that tactic to great success. She couldn't deny the feeling of hope that rushed through her, but she held the excitement to a minimum.

"Yeah right, I'm supposed to believe that the CIA is just going to hand me over to the military. I know you don't agree with the director, because once I leave, you'll have to go back to pumping your fist again." Martina moved her hand up and down to emphasis her insult.

"Come on get up." Jack Gilmore grabbed her arm roughly and pulled her to her feet.

He led Martina out of the cell and into a very bright corridor. When her eyes adjusted, she saw another more younger and slender man leaning against the wall, holding a set of prisoner shackles. Jack pushed her face first against the wall hard, causing Martina to moan aloud in discomfort. The two men placed her hands behind her back and snapped the cold handcuffs closed. After securing her ankles, Jack spun her around violently.

"Yep, I'm really going to miss that sense of humor Martina." Grabbing a handful of her left breast, he squeezed hard into the tender flesh as Martina fought to keep from screaming.

He quickly placed his other hand under her chin and held her mouth closed as he turned her head. Now that the side of her face was exposed, Jack ran his wet tongue along the length of it. When he pulled back, he suddenly got hard at the site of her slimy face.

"I'll make sure I inform the Air Force guys about how you set up a SEAL team for slaughter and the attempted murder of two more. They don't take it kindly when someone sets up their Brothers-in-Arms."

'I just wish I could kill you, you sick fucking bastard,' Martina thought, as the pain in her breast and the putrid stench of his breath was making her empty stomach heave upwards.

Jack released her and led her down the corridor to a locked door. Giving two knocks on the metal door, he heard the latch click and the two men pushed Martina through. Martina was holding her breath, she doubted they would really go through with it and was preparing mentally for the bomb to drop. She didn't want to give the prick the satisfaction of seeing her break again.

When the three of them exited the plain looking building, she peered up to the bright blue sky. Even though it was a little chilly, it brightened her spirits to see the sky again. It was the first time she'd seen actual daylight since being drug away in front of Kevin Dvorska.

The thought of his name caused the rage to swell quickly inside her soul. He was the cause of this. He was the one responsible for the death of her beloved husband. She could only hope that his life would be a living hell, he deserved it. Her raging anger diminished when she felt her body slam into the side of the sedan.

"Jesus Jack, knock it off. I don't like her as much as you do, but fuck man she's been through enough," Jason McKinley told his superior.

"If you don't like the way I do things, then you can go back inside and find me someone else to go along. I have a cousin who's a SEAL and this bitch deserves everything she gets. Now go back inside or shut the fuck up."

Jason chose to shut to up. He was well aware of Gilmore's reputation and he had the power to get him transferred if necessary. After opening the rear door for him, he watched on helplessly as Jack pushed her head down roughly, and shoved her into the back seat.

"I would sit back there with you honey cakes and get a blowjob, but knowing you, you'd just bite it off anyway." Jack laughed aloud as he slammed the door shut then walked around to the driver's seat.

'I'd give you a blowjob if I could find your dick – asshole.'

The black sedan pulled out of the compound and sped off down the road. Since it was Saturday, there was little to no traffic to worry about. Most of the people would be doing chores or housework, which meant they could make good time to Ramstein.

They were a few miles away from the classified compound when Jack Gilmore noticed a brown van approaching from behind them. After watching it for a few moments, the van began to veer slightly back and forth. It closed the distance between them and then backed off.

"Hey McKinley, check out the drunk fucker behind us. I thought German's knew how to handle their liquor," Jack said, then shook his head in astonishment.

"Let him pass Jack, this guy looks like he doesn't even see us up here. I'd rather not get rear ended with a prisoner in the car."

Martina looked back and silently prayed that the drunk driver would rear end them. With any luck at all, the damn car would explode and solve all her problems, not to mention take out the depraved bastard behind the wheel.

Jack Gilmore slowed down and stuck his arm out the window. He continued waving for the van to pass and after a few moments, it rushed forward quickly. The action was so swift that Jack thought he'd get his arm ripped off. This caused him to swerve off to the side and nearly run into the bushes that lined the side of the road.

As the van pulled away from them, Jack sped back up again and stared at the weaving van. "I hope that fucker wraps that van around a tree, one less fucking Kraut to worry about."

Jason just glared at his own driver.

'How could someone so pathetic get into the CIA?'

"Hey Martina sweetheart I was just wondering, have you ever been with another woman? You know, eaten out at the Y. Maybe go to a nice Mexican restaurant and have a furry taco?"

"You know Jack, it just dawned on me. You remind me of someone famous from history," Martina said with a slight smile.

"Yeah, and who might that be?"

"Joseph Merrick."

"Yeah, and who the hell is that? Some hot shot rock star?"

"Not exactly, he's better known as The Elephant Man."

Jason heard the insult and immediately broke out laughing. He turned around and looked at Martina, who currently had a Cheshire cat smile across her face. She knew the moment would be short lived, as Jack quickly turned and screamed at her.

"Fuck you cunt! One more word out of you and I'll pull over and rape you with the tire iron!"

"Just making conversation Jack." Martina continued to hold her stare, and then winked.

Jack's thoughts of retribution vanished when Jason started yelling at him to slow down. When he turned to look at the problem, he saw that the brown van that had passed them earlier was now in the middle of the road. It was lying on its side and leaking fuel everywhere. Behind it was a white BMW, but the young female driver was out of the car and checking on the other driver who was lying off to the side bleeding.

"Fuck me, did I call it, or did I call it? The dumb fucker went and got himself killed."

"We can't get around it Jack. We gotta stop and help the guy."

"I'm glad you're so observant McKinley. It's a huge help having someone like you along for the trip," Jack replied with a large hint of sarcasm.

Since they had a prisoner with them, Jack stopped the vehicle well away from the accident and opened his door. "You stay with her and I'll go and check it out."

Jack Gilmore walked slowly towards the blond woman and as she looked at him for the second time. He could see she was indeed young, maybe eighteen at the most with hair that fell around her shoulders. He saw the worried look on her face and wondered why younger people didn't get any first aid training. He also noticed the driver was out cold, and from the puddle beneath him, bleeding profusely.

"Alright miss why don't you tell me what happened as I check him over."

"Oh please mister, he's hurt real bad and I don't know what to do," she told him, as he got closer.

Jack was only a few feet away when his pulse quickened and his eyes shot open wide in dismay, as the young woman turned again and smiled at him. What shocked him was the silencer that now protruded from under her free arm.

He only had seconds to react and reached for his sidearm under his jacket. Jack Gilmore didn't really have a chance anyway as two 9mm rounds entered his chest and tore his heart to shreds. As he fell to the ground dead, Jason McKinley opened his car door and quickly pointed his own weapon at the new threat.

"Drop it Lady. I said drop it bitch – now!" The young woman put her weapon on the ground, pushed it away slightly, and smiled at him.

"Now get face down on the ground with your hands..." Agent Jason McKinley couldn't finish his command as the 7.62mm rifle round entered his head and destroyed his brain.

A few moments later, a tall muscular man of about thirty with dirty blond hair emerged from the thick bushes. He looked into the car and noticed Martina, huddled down in the back seat with her hands covering her head. The assassin opened the door and tapped her on the leg.

"Are you Martina Kordic?"

Martina raised her head and looked him. He had a slight smile on his face and had his weapon pointed at the ground. "Yes."

"You're safe now. Please get out so we can remove your restraints, we can't stay here too long."

Martina exited the vehicle and stood there while her rescuer searched the dead body for the key. When he pulled it out of McKinley's pocket, he had Martina turn around, and within moments, he had her released. She looked up ahead of her and saw a young blond female talking to another darker haired man who had a gas jug in his hands.

Mrs. Kordic walked around Jason's dead body, moving slowly towards the young female. She was thin with slender flowing hips and about the same size of Martina. Her weakened legs wanted to fail and she stumbled a bit. Suddenly the other assassin grabbed her around the waist, and she shifted to the side from fright.

"It's ok Martina. I'm not here to hurt you."

"What is it you want? Who are you people and why would you want to help me?" Martina asked him with a scared look in her eye.

The man smiled softly at her and then nodded his head in the direction of the young woman in the middle of the road. When Martina looked over at her, she saw the woman turn and look in her direction. Just as their eyes met, she reached up and pulled the blond wig off. Suddenly, long jet-black hair flowed down around her shoulders – just like hers.

"Hi Mother, I'm glad we found you alive."

"Lorna? Lorna is that you?" Martina screamed, as she ran to her daughter and wrapped her arms around her tightly.

"Easy Mother, we'll have time to catch up later. Right now we have to get out of here." Lorna pushed her back and gave a nod to her companion.

As he began pouring gas over the van, Martina looked down at Jack Gilmore. She quickly grabbed Lorna's gun and started kicking the dead CIA Supervisor's head. When she had his face turned to mush, she pointed the weapon at Jack's testacles and emptied the magazine into his groin.

"Christ Mother, I think he was dead when I shot him."

"That fucking pig had it coming." Martina spat on him as a final insult.

Lorna pulled her mother towards the white BMW and helped her in the back seat. Once her assistant had doused both vehicles he tossed a lighter on the gas trail and ran to the Beemer. After climbing into the car, the driver turned around and sped off away from the fire.

Lorna grabbed a bottle of water and handed it to Martina. She drank quickly from the bottle, but some of the cool liquid spilled out of her split lips as she fought to get as much as she could in her. She needed air, so she pulled the bottle away, and inhaled deeply.

"Jesus Mother, didn't they give you anything to drink there?"

"Yeah, just enough to keep me alive pumpkin," she said, using her daughter's pet name.

One of the men turned around and looked at Martina. From the looks of it, she had been tortured and abused for some time. It wasn't only her looks; it was what she did to the dead agent.

"I hope you don't mind me saying so Mrs. Kordic, but you sure did a number on that agent's balls."

Martina glared at the man. "That is nothing compared to what I intend to do to Adam Dawson. As for the high and mighty Kevin Dvorska, I'm going to make him suffer slowly. I want him to experience the pain of loosing everyone he ever loved, then, I'm going to send him straight to hell."

Two week later, Aviano Air Force Base, Aviano Italy.

Kevin Dvorska exited the base gym with his backpack strung over his shoulder. He always enjoyed working out, usually the stress poured out of his muscular frame along with the sweat. It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon and he quickly felt like a shower and a couple of beers later on. He knew that the Enlisted Club probably had a few collage football games on, and wondered if Adam Dawson would like to watch a rerun of the Ohio State, Michigan game.

The young SEAL walked over to the where the base taxi was parked and asked for a ride to the area of Kristina's house. The old driver nodded his head and Kevin felt a little nervous. He must be pushing at least eighty and had thick coke bottle glasses on. He wondered if it was safer just to walk. The trip only lasted ten minutes and when they reached the bus stop, Kevin got out and thanked the elderly driver for the ride. He silently thanked him for not getting them killed.

Kristine's house was only two blocks away, but as he approached the house, he noticed a black sedan parked up the street from it. As he got closer, he saw two middle-aged men with sandy brown hair sitting inside reading a newspaper.

'Must be her CIA pals keeping tabs on her. Jesus, fucking spooks can't even trust their own people anymore.'

Kevin stood at the front door and knocked a few times. When Kristine saw it was Kevin, she smiled brightly at Adam's closest friend.

"Kevin it's nice to see you, please, come on in and visit for awhile."

"Thanks Kristine, I'm looking for Adam. They have a rerun of the Ohio State game over at the E-Club. Wanted to see if he'd like to grab a few brain grenades and watch the game."

"You found him, he's upstairs taking a shower," Kristine said as she led Kevin into the living room.

Kevin sniffed the air deeply, and then looked at Kristine with a concerned look. "Don't you two do anything else other than..."

"That's classified information SEAL. I wouldn't talk either, you like to pump iron for stress relief and Adam likes to pump..."

"TMI, TMI," Kevin interrupted.

"What does TMI mean?"

"Too much information, I think I can fill in the blanks myself Kristine."

As she turned to gather the newspapers off the couch, Kevin got a brilliant idea for a joke. With her back turned to him, he quickly changed form and now a large muscular werewolf stood at the entrance to the living room.

"...After that maybe we can catch a movie over at..." Kristine turned to see a large beast of a werewolf glaring at her.

"Ahhh – son of – damn Kevin, that wasn't very fucking funny!"

Her words had no effect on Kevin Dvorska, as he sat on the carpeted floor bobbing his head up and down. Kristine had her hands on her hips and glared at Kevin, and even though she knew nothing about werewolves, he appeared to be laughing at her.

"Bad dog – bad fucking dog," she said sternly as she shook her finger at him.

"Don't make me get the newspaper after you shithead!"

Just then she heard her lover's voice "Hey where's that chick who was just screaming my name earlier?"

Suddenly a devious smile spread across Kristine's face. "I'm down here in the living room stud muffin."

Kristine looked at Kevin and pointed at the doorway. Kevin quickly realized what she intended to do and he was all for it. As he moved just inside the living room, he turned and waited for his prey to enter. He just hoped his L-tee had a good sense of humor.

"Hey sweetie, I was thinking maybe we find Kevin and catch the..."

Kevin Dvorska moved forward just as Adam entered the living room. As softly as he could, he roared at his Team Leader who was now in full retreat.

"God damn it Dvorska! What in the hell are trying to do, give me a fucking heart attack?"

Kevin once again bounced his head up and down as Adam Dawson looked at his point man. If he didn't know any better, it seemed as if the young werewolf was smiling.

"God that was great! Oh Kevin, thank you, that was just brilliant," Kristina laughed aloud.

"Yeah you're a real comic Dvorska. You wanna play games – fine – go fetch me a beer boy, go fetch."

Kevin quickly trotted to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator door, then carefully removed a can of beer. When he had the can over the sink, he gently punctured it and drained the can empty. He quickly hurried back to the living room, laid the torn can in Adam's lap, and stared at him.

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