tagLoving WivesThey're Everywhere: Politicians Ch. 02

They're Everywhere: Politicians Ch. 02


What Ann said to Jeff that night and how she said it told him from that day on, he could never believe in or trust his wife. He was so sure she was cheating on him so he began to loose what respect he had left for her. She was draining the love out of him slowly but it was definitely happening. While he was now sure Ann was cheating on him he had no proof. It seemed like she didn't care any longer if he knew or not.

He contemplated leaving her but he didn't want to loose his child. He knew she would take care of their son like he would and yet the courts would most likely give her custody and him visiting rights. With the connections she had she would get the boy for sure. He wanted to see the child grow and rise him and not have some institution or day care do it. Since his wife didn't seem to be very interested in that part of their marriage Jeff knew he would have to get enough evidence on Ann to ensure he would get custody of their son.

Ann always said she had more important things to do when Jeff asked her to help with the daily things required to raise a child. She had told him on more than one occasion that it would be him who would take off the child when he was sick. Jeff would be the one to take off. And, it would be Jeff would have to take him and pick him up at school and day care. All the things they should have shared now fell completely on Jeff's shoulders. After the big fight it seemed that Ann refused to help Jeff any more at all. Jeff would work and then come home with their son and do everything for him. The child would be in bed or almost ready for it when Ann finally came home. On the weekend she did give him some of her time but even that was limited.

Ann worked late now almost every night. She had made an agreement with JM to come in late each day, somewhere around 9:30 AM and then she would go home late whenever she was done having sex with one of her four men. While Jeff complained she didn't seem to care or worry about him or his child, as she had started calling him more and more each day.

It was like Jeff was a single parent now. He and Ann had little or no sex during the week. It seemed to Jeff like she gave in and fucked him about once or twice a month. It was usually on the weekend. But there was not much to any love involved. She was more like a whore he could have paid for and after dumping his load in her pussy she would make him roll off of her. She would then go directly into the bathroom to clean his cum out of her body.

Meanwhile at work, Ann was having more sex on more nights than ever before. After that memorable night when she had confronted her husband and he had backed down, she never worried about him again.

Just like at work when Ann made someone back down to her, she knew she could then control him or her. She came and went as she pleased now and Jeff put up with it, at least for now. But over time he was accumulating a log and records of her nights and the time she came home each night. He was also looking for and finding proof from time to time of her indiscretions.

For instance, there were wet and sometimes dried cum caked panties she forgot to put in the wash. He noticed how her skirts were always short but now they were at a whorish length!

Then one night he watched her come in the door to their home and her hair was colored blond! When he asked her about it, she told him she liked it better that way and would continue to keep it that color. He took notice of what she had on under her business suits and dresses. More push up bras and thongs were now in her dresser. He knew Ann needed these types of bras since her breasts were a small 32A.

Finally one night she came home and told him she wanted to spend $5,000 for a breast enlargement. She was sick and tired of her "fat chested" appearance. When Jeff told her he didn't care how big her breasts were, she told him she did and was going to take the money to have it done over the summer. When July ended, Ann had 34C breasts now. She loved how they looked pushing out from her blouses. She then went to Victoria Secrets and purchased 6 tight low cut blouses, which she began to wear to work. Her cleavage was ample and her tits seemed to stand straight out without any support. Jeff didn't like them but had to admit she looked much better.

Her body was now exactly as she had pictured it. Men complemented her and Jeff everywhere they went. But it was the reaction of JM and his political biddies that made Ann glad she had done it. These men loved how she looked with and without clothes on. Every man took a turn with he that week. Every man couldn't wait to get his hands on her tits and every man wanted to suck her new breasts as soon as the door to the hotel room closed. She was so happy to let them. She felt proud of her tits now. She even let the men tittie fuck her; night after night she had cum on her hair face and breasts. She loved how they all flocked around her new body.

Then came the day at work when she was finally able to get rid of the two men in the office who gave her any serious problems. These men were older and wiser and were neither scared of her intimidation or her management methods. Ann had tried to bargain with them with no results, when she was wrong they told her. So then she tried to use her womanhood. She would talk to them with those short skirts on and low cut blouses showing off her new tits. She even put her feet up on her desk a few times. With her thong showing she would try to make them do her will. Most of the time they would go back to their office and put in writing what she wanted them to do. Then if things blew up it would be her fault. She hated when they documented things and they always did it to her. She continued to try and win them both over with her sexy routine. All other men she had worked for or who had worked for her fell prey to her sexuality and after she fucked them they were hers. She had them by the short hairs so she used to say.

But these two men were experienced and knowledgeable. Both had managed women and worked for women in the past. They didn't go for Ann's sexual management style either. Finally, one man left on his own to work in another job and the other guy resigned after taking three weeks off and leaving her high and dry. She had replaced them with a gay man and another very young very new man.

She quickly conquered, her words, both men. She now felt very safe and loved it when she could get a male worker to become a "yes" man. Both new males were conquered within a month!

But the office was in turmoil. Things were going wrong and no one even knew it! But some of the office staff and one of the men who left had alerted the Auditor's office. Things were beginning to get out of hand. JM was involved but kept his distance so if things went to hell he wouldn't be blamed. A simple political maneuver but it had always worked. If and when anything went wrong, JM could simply fire Ann and blame it on her. He felt fairly safe too.

However, JM was much smarter than Ann was and now he wanted to insure his safety. To do so, he too began gathering evidence on Ann and he too started to record things. Just like Jeff, JM collected evidence and worked to capture photos of Ann's sex affaires. But Ann was street smart. She never let her face be photographed. The digital camera was hers and she always deleted the pictures of any faces in the pictures.

Two days had past since the audit and it was horrible. As JM read the report he was very upset. The auditor found 18 things, which were written up about the office. The many errors, the over looked or unaccounted for things put the office and the state in financial jeopardy. JM's re-election could be effected. It beginning to look like it was in serious trouble. He had to move and move fast. He told Ann she was promoted and he made sure she got a $17,000 a year increase. Then he told her to take a couple of weeks off and enjoy herself. She had been working very hard to keep the office together. Ann was so happy she gave JM a blowjob as he sat on his desk and she sat in his chair on Friday afternoon before she went home to her husband.

She came in and told Jeff she was taking two weeks off and they were going away. She told Jeff it would be just the two of them, "their" son would be staying at her mother's house. She had the plane tickets in her hand and told him she had already made the reservations. She stood in the doorway of the bedroom and began to undress. That night she actually wanted her husband to fuck her. So after she had sucked her boss's cock taking his cum in her mouth and swallowing it, she took her husband's too.

With one last week to work before Jeff was off for the summer, Ann received her first paycheck with her increase in it. JM told her they should go out and celebrate. In fact he told her he was making dinner arrangements for her and all four of her male lovers.

Ann had now been fucking 4 men on regular bases for about two months. All of these men were considered senior management for the state, and all were political hacks heavily into the main machine of their party. So JM made the calls telling them she was promoted and that she going to party with them before going on vacation. They should join her tonight since she couldn't see them for the next two or three weeks. They all agreed to meet and celebrate her promotion. The evening was spent eating and drinking and partying. Then around 11 PM the party moved to the Hilton Hotel suite JM had reserved. There the party was fucking Ann. She went wild!

That was Ann's mistake. As she drank and took drugs the four men fucked her, and fucked her and fucked her. Over and over again one after the other they gave Ann more cock in three hours and filled more of her holes than she had ever had done before. But it was unbelievable for her. She had not had a gang bang since college. And it gave her such sweet memories and such huge orgasms she almost passed out on three separate occasions.

Finally with all holes filled by three of the men there another one filmed the entire gang bang making sure none of the faces of the three men were visible. All anyone would see was Ann being fucked by three different men. Then before sending her home to her husband JM fucked her one last time. This was filmed too without JM's face being in the pictures.

Now JM had all the proof he needed incase there would be any damage regarding her management of the office and the errors in the Auditor's report. The gangbang would be proof of her

As Ann drove home she had extremely too much to drink and had taken too many drugs. She parked her car almost sideways in the driveway as she came home around 3AM with a pussy and ass full of cum. She had love bites and suck marks all over her neck shoulders and her brand new tits. Late Jeff would find two un-used rubbers out of a pack of eight hanging out of her purse.

Ann trying to get the keys into the locked door waking Jeff. He came down stairs and opened the door to catch Ann who almost fell into the house. He immediately saw the marks on her neck as soon as she came into the light in the living room. He began to confront her and even drunk and drugged as she was she still got really angrily. As she swayed back and forth she replied that she was working hard to get promoted and it had worked. She then informed Jeff that she was now Chief of Staff for her boss and had received a $17,000 a year increase.

He told her he didn't care and that only a whore would do what she did to get promoted. She was to drunk to care how Jeff felt or what he was saying. So she simply told him she had been out celebrated and had gotten a little drunk and a little carried away. It was harmless fun and he should be happy for her. In fact he should be happy for himself too.

When he walked away from her and sat on the sofa she told him not to worry she was home now and wanted him to help celebrate with her too. She was undressing in the living room while she talked to him. She was really blasted. She told Jeff he should just back off a little and to learn to accept what she did as part of her methods of getting them promoted and more money.

As she bent down to kiss him she had her blouse almost off. In the process Jeff saw the suck marks all around her nipples on her new tits. As he looked he saw them on her stomach too! He said, "Ann what the fuck have you been doing?" Jesus look at your body Ann, who did this to you?"

Before she could answer Ann fell down on the sofa next to her husband and proceeded to pass out. She had crashed and burned for the night.

A few minutes later Jeff looked in her purse and found the rubber pack. He also found the new $450 digital camera she had purchased and began to look at the photos she had taken. Most of them were from tonight. There were four separate men in them. Four men all doing something to her or she was doing something to them. He flipped the shots one at a time and got sicker and sicker.

He saw that each man had fucked her at least once and two had fucked her in the ass as well. She had sucked each of the men off taking their cum in her mouth and down her throat. There was some on her face too. Ann was in fact a real whore and Jeff now finally realized it.

He continued to check the shots and realized he had about 350 pictures of which 200 or so were from other times she had been out with each of the men. There were many more of just her and JM. She had a huge disk in the camera, which held about 900 pictures. It was about 3/4 full.

He now knew he had what he needed to take the house and his son away from Ann and she would have no say about it. The power people wouldn't fight him because he had evidence, which would destroy their political carriers and marriages too if they helped her. There were marks on each man who if made to disrobe could be identified even if their faces weren't in the photos.

He used a lot of the remaining space on the card in the camera and began to take photos of Ann in different forms of undress. He got pictures of her neck, shoulders and breasts with the suck makes on them. Then he took shots of her stomach and inner thighs with similar marks.

When Jeff lifted her short skirt up, he saw the black lace thong ripped so badly it hung to one side leaving her cum filled pussy completely visible. He snapped away. He got some very nice shots of the dried cum marks all over her somewhat fat thighs, ass and back. There was also a great deal still leaking out of her pussy and ass.

As he took more and more shots of her well-used body he realized just what a fucking slut Ann had become. Finally as she moaned for him to come to her and fuck her, he completely undressed her. She laughed and told him how he was going to love how she was going to fuck his brains out tonight. She told him to hurry and put his cock inside her.

He opened her legs wide as he heard her tell him to fuck her hard again and again. She was moaning most of the words but Jeff understood. He snapped a few more photos of her body making sure he had her face included with them. Then he took a close up of Ann's pussy, still leaking cum all over the sofa. It was almost running out of her. He smiled as she moaned louder and in fact she got somewhat ugly and loud telling him to hurry up and stick his little cock in her and fuck her.

So Jeff decided to give her what she wanted. He went to the kitchen and took the biggest thing he could find in the refrigerator. It was a huge 12-inch cucumber. As he came back into the living room he wondered if Ann had used it before on herself.

He began to rub the big vegetable up and down his wife's wet, opened cum filled pussy as he took photos with her camera. She moaned and almost begged him now to put his cock into her cunt. He pushed the tip of the cucumber into her and wasn't surprised at all that it went in easily. She cried out, "Oh God Jeff your cock feels so big tonight! Oh God give me all of it baby!"

He almost laughed as he pushed more and more of the 12 inch long, 4 inch round dark green cucumber into his wife's pussy. She arched her back as Jeff began fucking his wife hard and fast with the big thing. As he did he snapped a few more pictures. Finally when he had eight of the twelve inches inside his wife she cried out, 'OH GOD JM FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG DICK!"

He stood up and took about 5 additional photos before she arched her back and lifted her ass up off the sofa and climaxed. He watched her ass lift up off the sofa again and again and her hips pump and pump into that big vegetable as Jeff pushed it hard, fast and further into her cunt. Now with almost 10 inches inside her, she was moaning each time Jeff thrust the big thing into his slut wife. She was having multiple orgasms now as Jeff stood up leaving the big vegetable inside her. She lay there moaning and fucking it without any help from him now. She was just thrusting her lower body up and down as it stayed inside her pussy tunnel. Finally she just passed out. He left her on the sofa.

Jeff took the camera and disk and put it in his car. Then he came in with a big glass of ice water. He threw the ice water on her and woke her up. She screamed at him as she pulled the big vegetable out of her pussy with a pop! She then ran towards the bathroom but didn't quiet make it. She vomited and shit herself in the doorway. He walked away and went to bed.

The new photos showed only his wife and the condition she was in when she came home. In four or five of them Jeff had placed a clock next to her and a calendar with the date circled was also photographed with her nude body. He also took the local newspaper and it too showed the date.

The next morning Ann woke up next to the refrigerator with the dog licking her face. She had no idea how she got undressed but with some of the vomit on her she fingered she threw up on herself and took off her clothes. How she got next to the refrigerator she had no idea.

Jeff and his son were not there. It was 9:30 AM and Jeff had left over an hour ago taking his son out to breakfast. Then he dropped him off and headed to work.

As Ann stood up her head pounded and she almost fell back down. She staggered to the bathroom and turned on the shower. As she did the phone rang. It was JM. He told her not to come into the office but to meet him at their usual place at noon.

She told him she was too sick to leave home. JM then said he would come to her house. She finally agreed. What Ann didn't know was that JM and his four political buddies who had partied with her until 3:00AM would be with him. They had all taken a turn with her last night and wanted more before she went on vacation on Monday.

Five men had fuck Ann and today there was a woman in the group who was going to start the party off. They had all agreed it would be a great turn on to see Ann with another woman in her master bedroom and being fucked in her own bed she shared with her husband. Ann had been photographed with all the men but Jeff now had the camera and disk. She didn't realize the camera was missing. She had done drugs last night and was photographed doing them. She had danced as she drank and took off her clothes and again she was photographed doing it. But, Jeff had all the pictures.

Now JM was coming over to see her and she had no idea that it was about to happen again this afternoon in her own house. But what JM didn't know was there was no camera. It would create quiet turmoil when they politicians found out it was missing. Jeff was now pulling into the parking lot of his lawyer friend's office with the camera and the pictures. His marriage was about to be terminated.

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