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Thinker, Sailor, Shoulder, Cry


I was reading my new book from the library, an account of the Arctic land expedition led by Captain George Back in 1833-35, when the voice came.

“Rock! I’m home!”

I turned and saw my sister, Monique, enter the living room. It had been a long time since we’d seen each other and a lot of things had happened.

We were born 4 years apart. My mother died giving birth to her and the two of us had been raised by my father. He never dated again after his wife’s death, being too busy trying to support two kids financially while also raising us. We both had a somewhat lonely childhood, as my dad was determined to give us all the material things that he had never had as a child... even though this meant working 12 hours daily [one full and one part-time job] as a low-level government official in the small town where we lived. He tried to make time for us, but it wasn’t a lot, no matter what he did.

Neither Monique or myself was outgoing. We had few friends in school, though the ones we did have were good ones -- the quality of our friendships, as we viewed the situation, being more important than the quantity. Perhaps as a result, we didn’t develop the usual sibling rivalry: in fact, we were very close. Monique calls me “Rock” because I told her that if she ever felt troubled about anything, needed someone to be there for her, I would function as a “rock in a storm.” She then began referring to me as “my rock” and the nickname developed.

I didn’t date much when I got to high school. There was no way to afford a private school with the cost of tuition, and, like Monique, I was somewhat of a bookish type, more into academics then socializing. Not being a jock, I wasn’t “popular” with the “in crowd”, and the girls who were my type were also more into libraries than dating. My build -- thin as a rail, at 5’8” and a mere 120 pounds -- didn’t help my cause. I never really felt a need to date, in any case, not having the usual raging hormones in high school.

I had just graduated high school -- 3 days before -- when my dad had his first heart attack. Monique was a skinny little 14-year-old bookish shrimp about to enter high school, and I had turned 18 a month before. My dad was in the hospital for 3 days, and the doctor told him he HAD to reduce his stress level or he would be dead of the BIG ONE within 6 months. It was at that moment that I had an idea.

My dad wanted Monique and I to attend college and didn’t want to give up his working 2 jobs so he could afford to send us there. But now he had no choice. I told him, “Dad, here’s how we’ll work it. I will go into the Navy and send every paycheck home to you. That way, you can work only your one full-time job, drop the other one, and still save the money.” It was agreed, and 4 days later I found myself in Great Lakes, IL -- Navy boot camp. I was assigned a 4-year enlistment as an electronics specialist, a specialty that enabled me to advance in rank more quickly than being an ordinary sailor would.

The plan worked -- to a certain extent. Monique and Dad were able to save up some money, with the help of my Navy checks. But because I didn’t keep a cent for myself, I had no money to fly home and see my father and sister even when I was on leave. Letters helped ease things, but I still missed them terribly at times. Then the unexpected happened.

Five days before my enlistment was up, my immediate commander, Lt. Haskins, called me into his office. I knew the news was grim from seeing his expression. “Your father died last night,” he explained. “His heart just exploded.” I called Monique directly from the lieutenant’s office. The funeral was the next day. I then told Lt. Haskins I would not be reenlisting when my tour of duty was up. I had to go home and spend some serious time with my devastated sister, who had just graduated from high school. I told her when I’d be coming in -- a morning flight -- and she said she would be working that day at her summer job. I told her I would see her when she got home from work.

Now she was here. I thought back to when I had last seen her -- a shrimp, looking like a stick figure. A 14-year-old with heavy glasses and her nose always buried in a book. She had mentioned to me in her letters that, like me, she hadn’t dated much in high school. I took a long look at my now 18-year-old sister and was astonished.

She was drop-dead gorgeous!

I dropped my book, raced over, and gave her a huge welcoming hug. “It’s been way too long!” I said, holding her very tightly in my Navy-strengthened arms. She smiled at me and said, “I concur!”

She was dressed in a pale-grey blouse, conservative style -- she had, after all, just come from work -- and a floor-length darker grey skirt. But despite the clothes, I could see that her body had filled out very nicely. Her breasts, under the blouse, were full and firm -- I estimated 38DD. [I was almost right: they are 36DD.] Her legs were nicely muscled. She had all the right curves in all the right places, and I found myself thinking that if she didn’t date much, it was up to her -- all the high school boys her senior year must have lusted after her in a major way!

We broke out of the embrace, not speaking, just looking at each other. I was dressed in a Navy-issue white T-shirt and blue Navy sweatpants, as I had seen no need to dress up given I was just relaxing at home. I could feel her eyes wandering over my body -- I had gained 30 pounds of pure muscle due to the military physical training I had undergone over 4 years. And the thin T-shirt did little to conceal my finely toned upper body.

We sat down on the couch. Suddenly, Monique burst out crying. I took her in my arms and put her head on my shoulder. “What’s wrong, baby sister?” I asked. “I’m your rock, remember? Tell me what’s been happening. Is it Dad’s death?”

“No,” she said, as the flow of tears diminished. “I got my grieving for that out of the way at the funeral.” I believed her: I, too, had done all my grieving immediately to get it out of my system.

“Then, what’s wrong?” I said, pulling her closer to me. Her body felt very nice, pressed against mine, but I tried to ignore that and focus on the issue at hand.

“Boys,” she said.

“Boys? As in dates? You should have your pick of the town! You’re absolutely beautiful!”

“Thank you, Rock.” She hugged me harder. I could feel a stirring in my groin begin. “But the truth is, the boys know that too well.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Every time I start dating someone, all they want to do is fuck me. I can’t find a boy who likes me for what’s between my ears. I want to be treated as a person, not a sex object!”

“Send them all into the Navy,” I kidded her. “They’d shape up quick enough under Chief Ranson!” My petty officer at boot camp, Chief Ranson was a 6’2”, 200-pound ball of muscle who treated you right if you kept your nose clean -- but if you didn’t, you’d wish you’d never have been born.

“I don’t think they’d go,” she sighed. “Why would they do that when they can stay here to date all the cheerleaders, who put out each time?”

“I don’t ask you to put out,” I teased her.

“You don’t date me, either, Rock,” she said back. Suddenly her face crumpled. “I wish there was just one boy who wasn’t a raging bag of hormones, who I could go out with and know they’d like me in the morning, whether I fuck them or not!” The tears were flowing again. I moved her head onto my chest and held her.

For about 20 minutes, she cried into my chest. I cradled her and said over and over, “Sis, you’re wonderful... Sis, you’re terrific... you’re the best... they don’t deserve you...”

Finally, the tears dried up. Monique looked directly into my eyes and asked me, “Rock, do you really think I’m beautiful?” “Of course I do,” I said. “Monique, you may not realize it, but you are a stunning young lady. It took all my willpower not to slide my hands under your blouse when I gave you the welcoming hug.”

“Really?” she said. “I was shocked by your appearance as well. I didn’t realize my big brother had become such a hunk!”

She lay back down in my arms. I held her against me and smiled at her. “I’m so lucky to have you for my sister,” I told her. She smiled back at me, somewhat devilishly. “I think the same about you, big brother,” she said.

Suddenly, she slid her hands under my T-shirt and lifted it off my body. I was so shocked I stayed frozen in place. She pulled me against her and kissed me on the lips. Then she attempted to force her tongue into my mouth. My body responded, much to my dismay, to her forceful kiss. I could feel my loins begin to stiffen.

I broke my mouth away from hers. “Monique!” I gasped. “Just what do you think you’re doing?”

“I think I’ve found the perfect man for me, big brother,” she said. “One who will always like me, no matter what I do or don’t end up doing.” With that, she kissed me deeply and passionately, running her hands over my ribs and chest.

I broke away for air again. “This is insane!” I said. “This is taking brotherly love way too far! I refuse to take this charade another step!”

She smiled winningly at me, melting my resistance quickly. “But we’d make a perfect couple,” she grinned. “And you just admitted you find me very attractive.”

“But...” I said slowly, trying to focus my scattered thoughts. This was made immensely difficult by Monique removing her blouse and bra, revealing a pair of fine, firm breasts, with the nipples stiff as rocks. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her chest.

“Go on, Rock,” she said. “Suck on your sister’s nipples. Play with those breasts. You know you want to.” She leaned forward, thrusting her tits into my face.

I was beaten and Monique knew it. I took her breast into my mouth, rolling the nipple with my tongue. Then I started sucking in earnest. Monique started moaning as I took her other breast in my hand and pinched the nipple while continuing to suck. “Oooh! Ahhhh! Yeeesss! Ooooohhhhhh yeeeeaaahhh! Suck on me! I want you!” She reached down and undid her skirt, leaving her wearing nothing but a skimpy pair of panties.

Suddenly, she lifted her chest from my face. “Let’s see what you have hiding down here, big brother,” she said teasingly as she yanked down my sweatpants and briefs, leaving me completely naked. She stared at my 7” prick, which was as big around as a quarter and as hard as iron. “Ooooh!” she squealed. “I didn’t know they were this big!”

“Never seen one before, sis?” I smiled at her. “Nope,” she said. “But I like what I see!” With that, she dropped to her knees. Her tongue flicked out, licking the tip of my prick. “Ohhhh,” I groaned. She wrapped her hand around me and started to stroke me gently. I felt myself getting close to orgasm. “Monique,” I said, “I’m going to come soon.” “I want it in my mouth!”, she said, and began sucking in earnest. It wasn’t long before I was shooting a massive amount of jism down my sister’s virgin throat. She took it all.

“My turn,” she said, removing her panties. She sat on the couch and opened her legs. I quickly got on my knees in front of her and began kissing her thighs, moving upward and inward. She began to moan as I approached her mound with my tongue. I spread her open even farther and ran my tongue over her pussy lips. She squealed with pleasure as I slid my tongue into her pussy, seeking her clit. As my tongue circled her nub, she began screaming with pleasure. “OOOOHHH! AAAAHHHH! YEEESSS! Do me! Drain my juices!” I slid my tongue deep inside her and she suddenly clamped her legs around my head. She began spasming with a monster orgasm. Her love-juice flooded my face. I licked up as much of her sweet juice as I could. When she was done, I lifted my face as her come dripped off my chin, and kissed her deeply. “Oh, I taste so good,” she said, licking my face clean with her tongue. “Yes, you do, sweet sister,” I replied.

I lay next to her on the couch, pressing our naked flesh against each other. I was getting hard again just from her presence, and she noticed. “I think it’s time you deflowered me, big brother,” she said, cupping my balls in her hands as my prick regained its iron hardness. “What?!” I said, not thinking I had heard correctly. “I want you to fuck me, Rock. I want you inside of me. Display your love to your little sister.”

I wrapped my arms around her, lifting her into the air, and walked to her bedroom, where I lay her on her bed. “I love you, Monique,” I said. “I love you too, Rock”, she replied, spreading her legs. I positioned myself between her thighs, then slowly slid in my prick. I felt her hymen give way. “It hurts,” she said. “It always does, the first time,” I told her. “That’s what all the books say.” “Don’t tell me... you’re a virgin, too?!” “Yes, little sister, I am... well,” as I slowly slid in and out of her, “not anymore!”

She started mewling with pleasure as I gradually increased the pace. Her breathing got heavier and faster. I slid my prick in to its full length, and that’s when she came -- hard. Her legs locked around me as her body began to quiver all over. “Ohhhh yeeessss! Oh God! Aaaaahhh! Ooooohhh!” she screamed, as her pussy tightened to an impossible extent around my cock. It felt like I was being squeezed in a velvet glove. Her juices spilled out all over the bed as she came thunderously. I knew I couldn’t hold back, so I yanked myself out of her and shot my load all over her tits and face.

We both cleaned up in the bathroom, still naked. “That was awesome, Rock!” purred Monique. “Yes, it was, my dear sister,” I replied. I pulled her close to me and held her naked body in my arms. “The question is, where do we go from here? You know what we did was terribly wrong.”

“No, it wasn’t,” she said, “it was terribly right. Don’t you get it? You and I were always destined to be together. Every event that took place in our lives -- Mom dying while birthing me, Dad’s heart attacks, your Navy experience -- was pointing toward this. We’ve always been in love emotionally, ever since we were young.”

I thought about it and realized she was right. I always wanted to spend my life with her. I just didn’t think that would also mean physically. “You know what we should do?” I said. “We should move somewhere, away from here, go to college, then get jobs and be together -- always.” She agreed.

We moved away, and attended college at UCSB. We now live near the beach, and everyone around here thinks we’re married. We still fuck every night -- she tied her tubes, so now we don’t have to worry about kids. And Monique is still beautiful -- my sweet, gorgeous sister.

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