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Thinking of You


I was lying in bed a little while ago and I just couldn't get you out of my head. I want you to be here so badly. I could feel you lying down next to me, spooning kind of. Your hands roaming down the side of my body, skimming the side of my breast, tickling my stomach a little, down to my hip and you kind of grab my ass a little before moving back up. You kiss my shoulder and then my neck, I turn my head a little and my mouth finds yours.

At first you bite my bottom lip a little and my mouth opens, allowing your tongue to move against mine. Your hand is running over my tits, rolling my nipples in between your fingers as we continue to kiss. I turn my body now so I'm kind of underneath you and our kiss deepens more and your hand starts moving lower on my body. My hands move to your hair and to your back as your mouth leaves mine and starts to follow the path your hand lead. First you kiss down my neck to my collar bone, down to my breast. You suck on one of my nipples, twirling your tongue around it making me moan and then pulling it between your teeth a little until you move to the other one to do the same thing. Then you move further down, kissing down the valley of my breasts, down my stomach, to my hip bone.

Your hands are on my hips and my ass as you kiss and suck all around my pussy. You can feel the warmth radiating from in between my legs and even as I buck up towards you, you don't touch my pussy. Just teasing me around it until I beg you. Finally you decide to give in and you start to lick and suck at my pussy. You bring one of your hands back up to my tits and squeeze them as your other hand moves over to my pussy and you enter a finger and your tongue flicks my clit. Then you add another finger and pump a little faster and then another and still faster. As your fingers and mouth fuck my soaking wet pussy I'm wriggling around and moaning like crazy. It feels so amazing to have you touching me. As you build up your pace, the pressure builds up and my pussy walls start to convulse around your fingers and your tongue doesn't let up. My back arches up and your hand that's been playing with my tits moves up towards my throat and back down my stomach, down to my hip holding me closer to you as you continue eating me out as I cum. You continue licking at my pussy until the end of my orgasm.

Then you move back up my body and you kiss me, letting me taste myself. I feel your hard cock pressed against me and I move more under you pushing my hips up towards you. You settle yourself more in between my legs and you can feel the wet, hot heat from my pussy against your dick. You keep kissing me as you enter me slowly and I moan into your mouth as you slide in inch by inch. You start fucking me slowly at first, pulling almost all the way and then all the way back in. With each thrust you start fucking me harder and faster. My legs wrap around you and one of my hands grip at your shoulder as the other rakes against your back as your head lowers to my neck and my tits, sucking and biting, marking me. I'm moaning more now and louder, saying your name. You kiss me again, our wet tongues fighting for dominance as our hips buck at each other. All you can hear is the slap of our skin and moaning and all you can smell is the smell of sex and it fuels us on more.

You roll us over so now I'm on top of you. I straddle you and the new position allows you to be deeper inside of me and we both moan. It feels incredible. As I rock back and forth on top of you, you hold my hips and you lie back for a while and just watch. You watch your cock slide in and out of my wet pussy. You watch me grab the wall for leverage and throw my head back in ecstasy. You watch me fuck you. You watch as my tits bounce with me as I ride you. Then you slide one of your hands up and squeeze and rub my tits as your other moves between us and finds my clit. You rub at it and start to bring me to edge again. As I start to shudder around you, you sit up and wrap your arm around my lower back, pressing me against you and you kiss me hard, thrusting your hips up to me as I ride you. When we break apart you tell me that you're going to cum soon.

You lie back down and I get off of you to kneel in between your legs. I take your hard cock into my mouth and suck it hard. My tongue twirls around, tasting all of you and myself. One of my hands start to massage your balls and I wrap the other around your dick. Sliding it up and down along with my lips wrapped around or cock. One of your hands move to my hair and you pull it a little and then press my head down to take all of you in my mouth. I take you completely willingly as you bury yourself deep inside and cum load after load in my mouth. I suck your cock until you go soft in my mouth...

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