tagLoving WivesThird Encounter with Husband's Friend

Third Encounter with Husband's Friend


This is a true story about our third encounter with our friend Tony. Some of you may know from our previous stories that Tony is a longtime friend of my husband's and recently divorced after a 20 plus year marriage. My husband and I began exploring the hotwife lifestyle about 2 years ago. We started slowly with some flashing and touching, but have progressed quite a bit since then. My husband loves to share me with other men, watch as they fully enjoy my body and direct them as they touch me. He knows every inch of my body and what thrills me the most!!!

A little about me...I am a 5'6" wife and mother with blonde hair and blue eyes. I am about 130 lbs. with 34DD breasts and an athletic build. I love my roles as wife and mother with all my heart, but also love to be a hot, daring and sexy woman when I can. My husband loves this side of me!! I get soooo incredibly turned on my being his hotwife and having him watch me with other men, it is incredible! When I am with another man while my husband watches, I feel like the hottest porn star on the planet. This is such a turn on for me I usually cum multiple times.

So our friend Tony is a great guy and we have now enjoyed 3 different nights with him. Each one seems to get better. This particular night we went over for a BBQ dinner and to hang out in his hot tub, naked of course.

I had on a white string bikini that gets a bit see through when wet. This was perfect for a visual of my nipples. As is usual the conversation quickly becomes sexual. We have a lot of fun talking about positions we each enjoy and especially describing in detail what turns me on. For example, I absolutely love for my nipples to be played with, especially sucked. When my nipples are stimulated it's like there is a direct connection to my pussy and I immediately get super wet. My husband likes to call this my "kitty connection". It's also a lot of fun to discuss exactly how I like my pussy to be touched. My husband is of course the expert at this, but it is fun when I demonstrate his technique for our friend while he describes what to do.

I think I forgot to mention that one of the biggest turn-ons for me is teasing. I get soooo hot and turned on by teasing a man and especially more than one man at a time. This night in the hot tub as we discussed how much I love to have my nipples sucked on and how wet that makes my pussy I moved over to Tony and told him to pull the string that was between my breasts holding my bikini top on. He said "sure!!" and untied the top. Each cup fell away from my breasts to my sides and I just stood there in front of him for a minute or so while he admired my large breasts right in front of his face. My husband, meanwhile, was still discussing the technique he uses on my nipples with his tongue that makes me crazy. After a minute I sat back down on the hot tub bench but began playing with my own nipples. Our friend couldn't take his eyes off my tits.

This went on for a while and the conversation cont'd on until it was getting really graphic about what exactly I like to be done to my pussy.

Again my husband is the expert, but Tony was a very eager learner. I love for my pussy to be teased by fingers and tongue, up the sides of my thigh, gently passing over my clit, until my hips are bucking like crazy and then fingers plunging into my cunt while my clit is sucked into my husband's mouth. I just explode all over his face. As this technique is described I am getting really horny and ready for some real action.

We get out of the hot tub and I let my bikini bottoms fall to my ankles as I step out. We go inside and immediately go at it. I start by pushing him down into a sitting position on the couch and performing for him. I start by swaying my hips back and forth and cupping my breasts right in front of him. I pinch and play with my nipples and ask him if he would like to suck on them. He of course says absolutely and my husband starts talking about how awesome my nipples are and how they get hard so fast in his mouth when he sucks on them. I then tell Tony I'm going to give him a lap dance and I can touch him but he cannot touch me back. I begin to move closer to him still swaying my hips and playing with my nipples. I straddle him on the couch and rub my tits all over his face. While rubbing my tits in his face a rub my pussy all over his chest. My husband is narrating this whole time which is getting me soooo hot.

After a couple of minutes I pull back and see that he is hard as a rock. I get down on my knees and lick his cock lightly up and down. I tease his cock with licking but not a full sucking. Then I get up turn around and bend over so he can see my full ass and pussy spread wide in front of him. I slowly back up and sit on my without letting his cock go inside of me. I take his hands and put them on my tits as I am still bending over. I tell him to thrust to make my tits bounce but not to enter me. He does this and I can feel his rock hard cock rubbing inside my incredibly wet pussy lips, my tits bouncing around in his hands and him moaning. I feel as though he is going to blow so I step away.

He looks as though he is in another world and slowly regains his composure. My husband then says why you don't give him one of your amazing blow jobs, but no cumming yet, that gets saved for my wife's pussy. He agrees, so I get on my knees again and rub my tits all over his lap, run his cock thru my sizable cleavage and then tease his head with my tongue. After a couple of minutes I take his cock fully in my hand and suck on the head. Then I grab his balls with my hand and go to work on his huge cock with my mouth. I suck as much as I can into my mouth and then pull back and run my tongue all around the head. I do this several times and he is going crazy. My husband reminds him if he wants to fuck me he can't cum yet. I then run my tongue all the way up and down his shaft while using my fingers to play with the head. I suck one of his balls into my mouth and tease it with my tongue. Again, he seems as though he is going to explode, so I back off.

My husband says it is my turn. He tells me to straddle our friend again and put my tits in his face only this time he gets to do what he wants to my body. Wow, this is hot, we are both so crazy horny, he is rock hard and I am dripping wet. My husband tells him to grab my ass with both hands and pull my hips to his chest while he sucks my tits. I am grinding my pussy all over his chest. Then my husband tells him to lay me down on the bed, start by kissing my mouth deeply, then move down kissing my neck and slowly move to my breasts. He covers every inch of my big breasts with his fingers and tongue, finishing on my nipples. My pussy is screaming by now and he slowly moves his tongue down to my body to my belly button. As his tongue plays around in my belly button his hand is rubbing my inner thigh. I am bucking my hips as he moves his hand up towards my pussy. He teases my clit with soft touches just like my husband described earlier and moves his mouth down. As his tongue hits my clit his fingers plunge deep into my pussy. I am bucking my hips and on the verge of cumming. My husband moves over and puts his cock in my mouth. He also starts pinching my nipples. Having two men work on my body simultaneously is too much, I explode all over our friend's face and it lasts at least a minute.

When my orgasm subsides my husband tells Tony "congratulations, now you get to fuck her!" Tony climbs on me with a big smile on his face, his cock is still rock hard because he has been waiting for this moment. He plunges all the way into me and I can feel his balls slapping my ass with every thrust. My husband is in the background saying "oh yea, doesn't her pussy feel great, don't you love plowing in and out of her, she loves it like that"

I do love it like that. I absolutely love feeling a big hard cock plunging in and out of me, balls slapping my ass and my husband narrating at the same time. I explode in orgasm again and he cums too. Nothing better than cumming together.

My husband and I love these experiences, but we also have a lot of fun many times afterward in our own bedroom reenacting it and talking about it. Sometimes during the day when my husband is at work I start thinking about one of our encounters and just can't help but pleasure myself. I of course then text my husband so he knows what I am up to, even though he's usually in a meeting, so he can think about what I am doing at home. It is a great distraction for him at work and it is another way we stay close and connected to each other. I can't imagine a better sex life than the hot wife lifestyle we share together!

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