His need to kill unearthed a great darkness in his soul. He knew that his victim would not be missed by anyone. After all, she practiced unsavory deeds with any dirty old man she could entice as long as he paid her fee. She spent her nights selling her body and her days sleeping in her unnaturally darkened room, dreading the prospect of awakening to her reality. She sold her body for money. He thought that she did not enjoy it but she continued to do it anyway.

The man's need to kill her went beyond mere lunacy and sadistic thrill. He wanted to rid the world of his parallel twin. She clung to him like a barnacle on a ship, rusting through to his soul.

His car pulled up outside her luxury home. Not many lights were on inside. The man smiled to himself. He drove past her house and parked in the parking lot next to a small shopping center. At 1 am in the morning, he wasn't too worried about being seen. He quickly got out of his car and as he walked toward her house, he felt an unwanted feeling of arousal for her. He felt sickened by the mere thought of touching her intimately but the more he imagined himself in a sexual scenario with her, the harder his manhood became. He finally reached her house, crept behind the bush in the side yard, and moved to the back of her house. The swimming pool glittered in the darkness. He walked quietly to the side door and having disabled her alarm system earlier in the day while posing as a gas line technician so he did not worry about her alarm. He quickly picked her lock with the special tools he purchased illegally and let himself into her lair.

Quietly, he moved through her large kitchen into the large entry hall and then he began to climb the stairs. He shifted uncomfortably from his massive hardness between his legs. His need to possess her or simply fuck her brains out grew to an incredible intensity. Finally, he reached her bedroom and turned the knob of her door slowly.

It was as she laid in wait for him. She laid naked on her large king size bed. Her white, creamy skin sharply contrasted with the black silky sheets. When his eyes met hers, she smiled seductively at him.

"I knew you were coming to me tonight, Conrad. I could feel you in fact."

Instead of the rage that he thought he'd feel when faced with her nakedness, he felt instant arousal. He moved toward her, his eyes never breaking contact with hers. She parted her red, voluptuous lips and flipped her long black hair behind her neck, exposing her white, creamy breasts. Her breasts would overflow in his large hands, he thought to himself. He could almost feel her hardened nipples against his palms.

"Drop the gun, Conrad and come to me," She demanded.

Conrad dropped the gun beside the bed and walked toward her. He did not feel in control of himself. His hatred for her seemed to leave him the instant he saw her lying naked on that bed.

"Undress for your mistress."

Conrad obeyed and removed his shirt, then his shoes and last his pants. He now stood before her naked and very hard.

"Touch yourself!"

"Yes, mistress," Conrad whispered.

His hand grabbed his member hard and began to stroke himself. His knees quivered slightly.

"You want to be pleasured, Conrad. I can tell."

"Yes, mistress."

"But first, I need something." She said.

"Yes, anything, mistress."

The woman smiled. "You are such a good man, Conrad. Now, come to the bed." She lie back on the bed and spread her legs wide exposing her dark, wet pussy to him. "I need your tongue on my pussy, Conrad! Now!"

Conrad obeyed and moved toward her on the bed. He darted his long tongue and began to lick his mistress. She was already very wet. She tasted wonderful. Conrad could not get enough of her tasty juices. He could tell by her squirming on the bed that she was ready to orgasm. He grabbed her hips and moved her closer to his mouth so he could stick his tongue in her wet hole. She grabbed his hair and pulled slightly but Conrad ignored the pain.

"Now, fuck me, Conrad."

Conrad climbed on top of his beautiful mistress and inserted his hard cock inside her. She was wet and warm and Conrad felt ecstasy flow through his body the moment he entered her.

"Harder, Conrad!"

Conrad pumped into her harder and harder and as he began to climax, his mistress reached up and sank her fangs deep into his throat and drank from him. The sensation of his teeth buried in his neck drove Conrad over the edge. As his blood flowed into her mouth, Conrad came and he came hard. Then, he tried to move off her but she held him tightly as she fed. Suddenly, Conrad felt fear as his heart beat quickened. His mistress continued to feed and he was powerless to get away. As Conrad faced certain death, he thought of that old saying, "Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly."

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