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This Could Be a Dream


I've known Salman since the seventh grade, and he's more like a brother than a friend. We've been through a lot in 30-plus years. He was married, with three children; a young daughter about fourteen, sons about twelve and eight they had been married around sixteen years.

He has a very decent, incredibly and attractive wife. It was difficult to believe that parveen was a mother of a 14 years old kids.

We still very much enjoyed each other's company and would be eager to catch up on what was happening in each other's lives.

We had not seen each other in quite a while. I called them when I reached there. My friend's Wife answered the phone. I informed her of my arrival and asked about Salman. She told me that he had gone to nearby city and would be home in the evening. She gave me his cell number and I called him inform him of my arrival. He told me to just go to his place, and he'd be home some time after sunset.

"Maybe 'I don't think so,' I said, 'I need to get checked into my hotel."

"Take it easy Zeshan, I'll be there soon," he told me.

"I don't mind at all." I told him, "I'm sure I can stay at the hotel and what I'll do just fine without you."

"Don't be silly." he exclaimed," he said "I would be there as soon as I can be, besides I would feel bad if you had to go to a hotel or some other place."

I went to his home. He'd informed his wife of my stay there.

"Hey, Zeshan" she said as she greeted me with a hug.

We had never hugged before this. I never noticed how well endowed she was until she embraced me. Her breasts mashed up against me, and I could have sworn I felt a firm nipple.

"Good evening," I responded as our hug ended.

The weather was bad and was pouring with rain while we waited for Salman. You could hear the sound of freezing rain in the night even though the sky was so black that you couldn't see a foot in front of your own footsteps, much less out the window.

Suddenly we got a phone call. Salman rang to inform us that he couldn't come tonight. Because the weather was too severe, so the highway authorities recommended avoiding driving due to the bad weather. He couldn't come home until the storm passed. He asked to speak his wife, and asked her to care for me more than usual.

I had been in his home before as this was not the first time.

Parveen was looking at me, and smiled at me so sweetly asking me to about the dinner.

Parveen got up and walked to the window, she opened the curtain and a sigh escaped her lips as she let the window's curtain fall back in place. It'd snowed. She moved away from the window and kicked off her shoes, saying, "The snow is really getting heavy and the freezing rain is coming in sheets."

I went to out side and checked- it was not a simple one or two inches but more than six inches.

"Are you hungry?" She asked, moving over to the kitchen entrance to keep an eye on the oven some chicken she had put on for roasting.

"I'm starving!" I practically shouted, which made her smile.

Parveen arranged the nice dinner with several delicious dishes. We took the dinner, after the dinner she asked her kids to go their bedroom and they went.

After we ate the dinner, she made a nice fire in the living room. Parveen asked me, "Would you like a little whisky?"

"How you can say that when Salman isn't here. How I can drink?"

"Oh! I'll give you company"


"Yes! Why can't I?"

" I don't know... would it be right?"

" Take it easy, Salman knows I drink and I often give him company, this is normal in our house."

After thinking for a couple of moments, I said "O.K."

She went and brought a bottle of whisky, two glasses, and water in a tray. She made a large drink for herself and me. As we were sipping our whisky slowly, we just sat and watched the TV enjoying the snow as it fell and did some chatting to pass the time. While we were sitting and talking, Parveen excused her self and went her bedroom. Parveen became bit too drunk after few drinks- she was pretty high by this time.

After some time I looked up to see Parveen coming back wearing a light robe. It was very tight fitting and it showed off her abundant cleavage quite well.

Parveen gave me a devilish look and said. "I hope you don't mind, but I wasn't comfortable so I changed."

Parveen was looking extremely sexy, she'd really alluring figures, full firm breasts, trim waist, flat stomach, and round tight ass! Now I could no longer see her as the quiet shy Parveen.

"Who am I to mind?" I replied stupidly.

We began to talk about her marriage and how she still loves her husband. She told me that she loves her kids and the money her husband makes. If anything should happen to him, her and their kids would be fine.

"Don't you find me attractive?" suddenly Parveen asked me.

I couldn't believe she asking then me like this and my face went pale, "What did you say?" I mentioned.

"Why don't you answer? It's a simple question." Parveen said.

"You are Salman's wife." I explained, "I still find it hard to think of you as being attractive." I spoke, "I mean you are a ...."

"What I am? I've seen the way you look at me." Parveen said.

"I can't say, what I should tell."

"I can understand." Parveen said, "You couldn't take your eyes off me when we met... Even now you are staring at me." She replied once more.

I was glad I wear baggy clothes because my dick was painfully hard now, as I was excited as I've ever been by the way she was talking.

What could I say; she had me right where she wanted me. I thought she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She was slim with hip length black hair, large black eyes. The things that attracted me the most were her firm breasts and little ass.

"My dear, we are all alone." Parveen said to me, "My husband is not around to interrupt us."

"Are you serious?" I asked.

"Yes! I am"

"I always think you're like a sister to me. And Salman isn't like a friend. He is like my brother. His mother even calls me son and I've never looked at you sexually."

"I'm not your sister nor you are my brother, I've always looked at you sexually and so many times I have tried to get your attention but you are not only dumb but also blind. I don't believe Salman is your brother" Parveen chuckled

" You're right but look, there's a few things called trust, friendship, relationship, respect of friends respect of yourself."

"So, you've never thought about sleeping with me?"

"Of course, I can honestly tell you, I'd thought about what you would be like in bed, but I've never thought of doing it... not Salman's wife."

" You like me, I know you do, tell me you don't like me, I dare you." She said.

"Okay... I do." I spoke as I swallowed hard. I complimented her and said about how hard work was making her body more beautiful. "You've a spectacular body."

Parveen surprised me when she got up from her seat and plopped in my lap. I wanted it but half-heartedly I tried to prevent her, but she was insistent. I could feel my hard cock resting between the cheeks of her arse. She looked me in the eye and said "you're a terrible liar, if you've never thought about me sexually, tell me why you're so hard." She reached under her butt and grabbed my dick.

"What do you have in mind?" I asked.

She reached down and cupped her wet mound in her hand "I could think of a thing or two to do to kill some time" she giggled.

With that I knew I wasn't going to let this opportunity slip by me. "You made me hard"

" Thank you for admitting it. That wasn't so hard, was it?"

She rubbed my cock a couple times. While she's rubbing it, she said, "I've never seen one so big."

" have you seen a lot?"

"I've never done it with another man except my husband." she said.

I froze and said, "What, then why with me?"

She looked at me with these droopy eyes and said,

"don't think me a slut, I only want you and wanted with be you... You are the sexiest person I know," she said. "You are the most kind man I've ever met, and I've wanted to do this to you since the first day I married your friend, let me say truth. I think about you when Salman and I are having sex." This admission made me wild with passion.

With that, I wrapped my arms around her neck and slowly placed my lips on her lips. I watched as her eyes closed and our lips touched. Parveen's lips were soft and tender. She kept pulling me into her. Her lips parted and her tongue touched mine. Her fingers started to dig into my hair. She pulled me tighter into her. Our tongues danced, and then she pulled my tongue into her mouth. She kissed me with passion.

"Oh, I've wanted you for a long time. If you only knew how much I wanted you."

I gazed down to watch her breasts, she tilted my head back up saying, "There's plenty of time," she said. "I want to feel you love me."

So I gave it to her. For the next few minutes, we slowly kissed, not taking our eyes off each other.

I began to softly caress her neck with my lips. This made her breath quicken. She placed her arms around me and started to pull me into her. I started to kiss her neck more passionately as my arousal rose and rose. I could hear her breathing had become more frantic. I was exploring her body around her waist and tummy and then raised my hands to her breasts and began to knead them gently. She was rocking her hips back and forth like she was fucking me.

I slid my hands all over her body, each time, passing closer and closer to those parts I wanted to touch and have touched.

I pretended to hook my finger on the strings of her shilwar top and without her even blinking an eyelid; I simply untied it and continued my perverted journey, over her warm, soft sexy body.

She'd completely relaxed. I was concentrating on my job, but I was also feasting on the feel of her and doing things like brushing the sides of her boobs as my hands passed along the sides of her upper body. I unzipped her qameez and she raised her hands up and I pulled her qameez over her head. She was now worn only her bra and Her two marvelous breasts were nearly busting out of her bra. She seductively looked at me . Then She reached between her breasts and unfastened her bra and let her two magnificent firm full breasts come out.

They were so beautiful, they certainly stood out proudly, No sag to them whatsoever they were still as firm as an eighteen year olds. She then took both of my hands and guided them to her peaches. My hands had started kneading them and weighing them. I leaned down and took one nipple into my mouth and sucked it ever so gently, then a little harder and caressed it with my teeth.

"You're the only other person to see me naked, I didn't even let Salman see me fully nude. We had sex in the dark," she whispered in my ear.

She lay back near the fireplace with parted legs, and she looked at me. Oh she looked so sexy, a woman in need.

"Take me, I'm yours." She just looked at me.

I moved on top of her and slid between her legs. I knelt between her legs, my cock oozing pre cum, my eyes feasting on her lovely swollen pussy lips. My hard cock rested on her lovely pussy mouth.

Parveen took my ear in her mouth and whispered, "I can't wait to feel you fuck me."

Something pulled me away once again. My cock was rock hard, throbbing over her and for her. How kinky. I wanted to be in her. Her eyes opened and met mine. The look in her eye told me what I knew she wanted me.

I've wanted this. Tonight we were going to take what I wanted. For years I had wanted this.

Parveen reached up and held me, "I want this in me."

"Parveen, you are so beautiful. If you've wanted this for years, then why did you wait so long?" I slid back down on her. Our bodies touched and formed into one. Her legs felt so soft against mine. I could feel how wet she was as my cock moved between her lips. Sexy moans escape Parveen's lips as she thought that I was about to enter her.

Without a word, I lifted her hips up, and placed my cock at her entrance, gently moving it up and down her slit, I slammed my cock with enough force to shake the bed. She screamed and her cry echoed in my ear, that was not scream but a breathy whisper at higher volumes, and her long nails raked at my back. With a single thrust I buried myself inside of her and proceeded to draw myself back and slam her again. we had crossed huge boundaries. It was so hot being inside her, feeling her incredible body.

She began to raise her hips so she could take me deeper and felt my balls banging against her arse.

"Mmmm," she sighed. "This is wonderful. I really could do this all night."

Parveen was moving her hips and I felt Parveen's long lean legs wrap around me and pull me into her. Parveen's pussy was wet from her arousal.

She was looking direct in my eyes and I was seeing the fire in her eyes.

"Talk dirty to me, tell me you love fucking me," I whispered and bit down hard on her nipple.

she was using the filthiest, sexiest and erotic language.

"Did you like my pussy?" she asked.

"Yes! You've a tight pussy."

"Only tight?"

"No! A wonderful sweet pussy you've."

"Tight and sweet that your wife?"

"Yes! You're really nice."

"I shaved it for you but you didn't kiss it nor even you looked it."

"I'll eat it my sweet heart, I'll suck it, and I'll chew it."

"And my breast?"

"They are super."

"Are they not bigger than your wife?

"And my nipples?"

"They also so sexy and nice."

"Than your wife?"


"How about my ass?

"You've an amazing ass."

"Would you like sliding your cock in and out of my


"I don't know I am so lucky to take your this amazing thing."


"How about when I do this?" And with that she actually managed to make the muscles in her pussy ripple. I don't know how she did it, but it felt as if there was a wave of pressure riding along my shaft.

"This is wonderful."

"Can your wife do it like me?"

"No! She doesn't. You're amazing. I knew you'd be good, but you're incredible. You're magnificent in bed. My wife can't compote with you." I whispered in hear ear. "You're so much better than my wife. Forget about my wife for awhile, and let me fuck you into oblivion". ""

Her dirty talk was inflaming my excitement and made me mad. My cock engorged even more.

So she was doing everything she could to make me more aggressive.

I held on to her ass and fucked her until I came hard inside her.

She moved her legs up her ankles were by my ears.

"Yea, give it all to me, I want to enjoy your cock!" She was groaning and had a half-dazed look on her face. Now Parveen started to fuck me, she rocked her hips working my cock. I didn't know she wanted me like this!

"Will you give me something after this?"

"Give you what?"

" Your sweet pussy"

"Who says this is mine? This is yours. I am sorry I

didn't give its cherry to you, but I will give one I have still"

" Which one?"

She grabbed my hand and placed it on her ass.

"Are you serious?"

"Yes, more than 100%."

Then Parveen started to dig her fingers into my back.

"But now please give it to me."

I was pumping hard and deep and Parveen was taking now deep breath, "oh god!" I pulled out, "Oh god!" I slammed into her. Parveen gave in, enjoying our moment. Parveen came hard and dug her nails into my back. This pushed me over the edge and started to cum in her.

I wrapped my arms tight around her body and drew her into a tight hug. We stayed like that for some time. Eventually my cock softened and I'm not sure when it came out of her. Parveen just kissed me, as we lay there, tangled up together.

Parveen got up and went to the bathroom. When she came back she lay with me. Due to the alcohol I also wanted to empty my bladder so I went to bathroom and when came back then lay in Parveen's arms. I pulled her into a long, deep kiss, and held it. Our hands started to explore each other. She was playing with my cock while my hand went down Her back and grabbed onto her ass. And soon my cock was hard.

I asked Parveen, " Do you remember your promise?"

" What promise?"

" To give me your last virginity."

" I'm yours, you can do what you want to do with me."

"Prove it to me, then."

"How do I do that?"

" Turn on your stomach."

Without a word she rolled over onto her tummy showed me her butt. It wasn't as thin as the rest of her, but it wasn't 'bubble' either. It was somewhere in between the two. Her hips were wide, and she sighed in contentment as I begin to caress her hips.

She was quietly enjoying the closeness and intimacy of my massage.

"What could be more beautiful than the creations of nature?"


"The perfect ass you have, soft silky, wide ass." I bent and place my lips on her soft hips.

Parveen jumped slightly as I kissed an ass cheek gently, then moved over and kissed the other, giving it a little lick as well. Then I spread open both of her ass cheeks and sucked on her asshole.

"Aaaaah..." she moaned. "So, I guess you like your present?" she asked, "I've never had sex like that. Have you done before Zeshan?"

"Don't worry I know all about it."

I got up, went into bathroom and looked all through her medicine cabinet. I found a nearly full tube of baby lotion and I went back. I sat near her ass and opened the tube and squeezed some of the lotion into my hand, then spread the lotion over her ass crack and my own cock.

She slowly was ending upon her knees head and shoulders resting against the plush carpet.

"Zeshan, you sure do know ass." She brought her hands to her ass and spread her cheeks to help me probe deeper.

Then I pressed a single finger into her hole, up past the first knuckle.

"How's that feel, Parveen?"

"Um...too funny."

"How about this?" I brought my other hand around her, and rubbed her pussy.

"Too nice."

Applying more lotion, I worked my finger in and out.

Then I positioned of myself behind her and rubbed the head of my cock gently on her asshole. I slowly put the head of my cock in her tight asshole.

I started to penetrate slowly her parted ass. I shoved in deep and filled her up.

" I think I took your cherry didn't I?"

She protested that it hurts, and She began to scream, literally scream. I worried about her children wondering what was going on. So I shoved her face into a pillow, and she kept wailing into it.

" Don't cry you're going to disturb the children."

" But you're hurting me!"

" That was your proposal."

"I didn't know it hurt so much!"

" Be patient it'll stop soon!"

So now I pulled out my cock slightly only to push it back and gradually work my way fully up inside her again. She was murmuring something but I kept pushing my cock in as far as I could and I just let it sit there to let her ass stretch out. Again she uttered some half-hearted faint protest. But I pressed hard up against her hole.

Pushing my cock deep inside her ass right to the hilt and I could feel her moist pussy rubbing against my balls. She reached back and took both hands to open her ass even more and she was making a lovely noise

She gasped at my width. I began to pump my dick in and out of her. She moaned about how great it felt and started to push back on me. I began to pick up the pace and the force. Eventually, I was making rapid slapping sounds with my thighs and her ass. I reached around underneath her and began to furiously rub her clit.

Now with me all over her ass, I began thrusting in and out gently at first and then settled into a nice pumping rhythm and continued rubbing her clit and fingering her vagina while shafting her rectum.

She was enjoying it now and was screaming "Oh Zeshan, so good, so good. Harder, OH, Faster OH!" With that I gave one final lunge as my cock spit several pools of cum deep into her ass. I pounded her ass for about 25 minutes. I felt sorry for her but I was determined to fill her rectum with my sperm!

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