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this gardener's mind


Have you ever loved someone and knew they weren’t there?
Have you ever felt the pain that someone didn’t care?
Have you ever cried tears over someone new?
Have you ever wondered why they chose You?

Have you ever feared the worst when someone didn’t call?
Have you ever hated yourself for giving someone your all?
Have you ever cried over the fear and hate you feel inside?
Have you ever told yourself someone must have lied?

How do I ever stop hurting & let someone move on?
How do I ever stop wondering why someone is gone?
How do I live without an answer from someone I love?
Should I take the silence as an answer from above?

Why is there so much pain when love plays a part
Why lover’s games in matters of the heart?

*during time of limited contact when she impetuously called, emailed & raged when she did not get an immediate response*

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