tagNon-Erotic Poetrythis gardener's up day

this gardener's up day


when Your world seems too fast a pace
& the tears threaten to sting Your face
remember i am holding dear thoughts of You
deep in my heart~~~Your special place

i love You more than You might know
whether we're together or apart
the friendship that will bloom & grow
will live forever inside my heart

so just sit back and relax
and let the days go slowly by
we don't know what will come of this
but this friendship does not have to die

the answers are in front of us
but we must have faith for us to see
that time will work its magic
if we can just 'let it be'

so let's not push for a forever
together right now is not the time
if its a struggle to get, it's a struggle to keep
in faith we must abide

KNOW that You are loved
and let love see You through
don't get hurt because of me
now ~~i cannot be with You
i cannot promise You a future
or what You want and need
but i can promise You forever
a true friend You have in me

in time the doors may open
and we'll live heaven here on Earth
but we can't force it to happen
for that love we don't have to search
love is ALL around You, it is
but You need to live in love Yourself
let love into Your heart
take Your love off the shelf
spread it freely & give it well
it will come back to You
if You will just be freed
from the dark thoughts in which You dwell

~~You can create from the power of Your own thoughts~~

“The thoughts You have chosen have brought You to where You are today. Change Your thoughts and You change your actions. Change Your actions and You are on the road to Success.”

*a day when this gardener was obviously feeling strong~~~ *

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