tagNovels and NovellasThis Most Unusual Sister Ch. 03b: Interlude

This Most Unusual Sister Ch. 03b: Interlude



Edited by AsylumSeeker, a true joy to work with. Thank you again, for helping this dreamer bring life to these words.

This is a simple kiss, told in precisely 750 words. It is an interlude, as the relationship (already more unusual than either can imagine) between these two young women changes and their feelings for each other deepen into previously unimaginable areas.

This interlude occurs between chapters 3 and 4 of This Most Unusual Sister. Very soon, we'll be meeting more members of this most unusual family!


"They're staring again!"

"Let them," replied Gwen.

"But what if they know?"

"All they know is what they see, and all they see are two beautiful young women sitting outside a beach bar enjoying lunch!."

"I feel very exposed. We should have sat indoors."

"Exposed," hummed Gwen. "You should be used to that. I still can't believe that you wander around crowded beaches wearing nothing at all!"

"I've been doing that here since the day and hour I was born, it's perfectly natural." That was an old argument with nothing new to be added. Angela looked down at her skirt. "I'm talking about this! Oh, I don't know what to do..."

"Oh, I think we both know what to do..." Gwen giggled.

"They're coming over!" Angela whispered urgently.

"Okay, I'll handle this."

It could have been California; the sun, golden sands, temperature, and beach hunks wearing their beach hunk clothes. It was so much like home, except for the little differences. The sunlight wasn't the same; Fuerteventura had little road traffic and was wonderfully unpolluted. The boys and girls were different too - different attitudes, different mannerisms. Also, Fuerteventura was a very windy island, although Caleta de Fuste was quite sheltered in comparison to other resorts.

The hunk walking towards them was really quite nice-looking, with sandy-blond hair, a tan that said he'd been here for at least a week, and a fit body. His darker-haired friend, walking a few paces behind, was pretty nice as well. It was such a shame to burst their bubbles, but perhaps Gwen could have a little fun doing it!

"Sorry, boys," Gwen said, her voice impeccably innocent. "This one is already spoken for..."

She trailed her fingers down her throat and chest, pausing at her ample cleavage. Clasping Angela's knee with her other hand, she bent towards her very tense friend and lovingly kissed her. Angela almost jumped away, and then rigidly accepted the kiss.

Gwen's hot little tongue darted from her mouth, tracing Angela's lips, intent on thawing the ice maiden. Slowly, the glacier melted and her lips parted. Soon another hot tongue endeavored to warm the flames of their gentle caress.

Angela's open eyes stared at Gwen as a multitude of emotions, thoughts and feelings flickered in the blue light of their love. They had known each other since birth, next-door neighbors and inseparable companions for eighteen years. They were in love and always had been, the love that only best friends such as they could know.

Gwen stroked Angela's knee with her fingers, fighting the impulse to caress her face, holding back the drive to turn a simple kiss into a no-holds barred embrace. Gwen knew in her heart that she wasn't a lesbian - she was attracted to boys, not girls! The depth of her feelings for Angela scared her, though. She could feel her friendly love changing, transforming into something unbelievable in much the same way as Angela had transformed into someone unbelievable.

Less than twelve hours ago they had experimented with Angela's new form for the first time. Gwen suddenly became very afraid - if a person's body could change so much in such a short time, could a person's love for another also change in a heartbeat? Could it be true that they no longer simply loved one another but were now in love with one another?

Seconds passed, or was it minutes? Time was hard to judge in such an embrace. When Gwen looked up, lightheaded from lack of oxygen and thinking too much, the two young men were standing in front of their table, mouths wide at the display they had just witnessed. Both had very visible bulges in the front of their shorts.

"So tell me," Gwen said, stroking her breasts through her light top. "Have you two boys ever kissed?"

"No," shook the first head.

"You should try, it's delicious..." sighed Gwen. "And you never know what might happen if you let us watch."

The two young men had heard enough - they made their apologies and left. The girls let them get out of earshot before they started laughing.

"Come on, let's go," said Gwen, finally catching her breath.

"Um, I don't think that's such a good idea right now!" replied Angela.

Gwen glanced down at the circus tent that was Angela's loose skirt and was forced to agree. Oh well, another apple schnapps mixed with a martini wouldn't be too bad, would it? Smiling, she waved at the barmaid, signaling for two more Appletinis.

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