tagLesbian SexThis Woman's Work

This Woman's Work

byAnonymous Author©

"Give me these moments.
Give them back to me"

Anna let him fuck her from behind. He took her up against the wall. Her arms slightly raised, he pinned her there with his hands over hers. As they moved together, their fingers did a strange rhythmic dance. Sweat dripped down his naked back. When he came he pushed his face into her neck, and breathed his orgasm into her with loud growls.

He didn't stay for the obligatory coffee. She didn't mind.

"I'm worth so much more," she thought as she turned the shower taps wide open. She let it get steamy hot before she walked in under the surging downpour. She stood there for what seemed like hours, washing away his smell and his essence.

"Go back to your fucking wife," she mumbled into the soft warm towel she used to dry herself with. She sat down naked on the edge of the bed, fingers raking through the wet strands of dark hair.

The sweet tea that she swallowed down warmed her enough to endure the bitter winter's day. With her coat pulled tight against her body, hands stuffed into her pockets, she walked determinedly into the bookstore. She worked through the checklist in her mind:

The latest Stephen King for dad, and "Prozac nation" by Elizabeth Wurtzel for Linda... She's been talking about that one... I'll pick up a couple of romances for the ladies at the office... Harry Potter for the kids...

Her lips curved into a smile of satisfaction as the shop assistant wrapped the gifts, and put the colourful ribbons and bows around the red and green packages.

"That's my Christmas shopping over and done with," she said to no one in particular.

The shopping mall looked cheerful with the impressive Santa exhibition, and the colourful lights and wreaths that lined the usually bare walls. The stores were swarming with scores of people scurrying around for last minute gifts. Not quite ready to go home yet, she decided to walk in the direction of her favourite bakery. Perhaps I'll have a French pastry before I go back home, she thought as someone pushed a flyer into her hand.

I hate it when they do that! She cussed silently, interrupted from her idle daydream, and weaved through the crowds to the side of the mall. She folded the flyer, folded it again and then stuffed it into her pocket, ready for the bin when she got home.

She caught site of the girl who was giving out the flyers. She was wearing an emerald green elfin hat with a tiny little bell. Anna smiled as she watched the silver bell dance around the girl's shoulders as she kept thrusting pamphlets into unreceptive hands.

Wondering what the flyers were advertising, she took it out of her pocket, unfolded it, and read.

"What have you done for you lately?" was in big bold letters at the top. The rest of the flyer was a bad attempt at advertising the local CD store. Let's see how effective this little advertising campaign of theirs is, she smiled and made her way towards the CD store.

The flyer promoted the forbidden idea that although Christmas was all about giving gifts to loved ones, there was really no harm in giving yourself a special gift – after all, who else could be better qualified to choose something you liked?

Anna started flipping through the cd shelves looking for something appealing. She vaguely recognised the song playing in the store. She had heard it somewhere before. It was haunting, and she lost herself in the melody she thought she recognised the voice of Kate Bush. This would be her gift to herself, she thought, as she made her way to the front of the store. She met the emerald green eyes of the girl who had been giving out the flyers earlier. Smiling to herself, she wondered if the management was anal retentive enough to match up eye colour with Elfin hats.

"I'd like the cd that you're playing right now" she said to the green-eyed girl. The girl reached behind her and held up the cd cover. "It's Kate Bush she said, as she watched Anna's reaction.

"I've heard this song before, but I was sure it was sung by a man."

"Maxwell. He's famous for singing this particular track. I prefer Kate, though. Her voice is outstanding, and this song brings the best out of it."

"Sold," she said softly.

"Should I wrap it? Or were you paying attention to the flyer I gave you earlier?" she added with a devious smile.

"It's for me ..." replied Anna, blushing slightly as she reached into her pockets for cash.

She was taken aback that the elfin girl recognised her from earlier – surely she'd given out hundreds, if not thousands of those flyers. It must have been a very good guess, or else... Catching her breath slightly, she took the cd from the girl's hands.

"I'm pleased that the promotion worked. We never seem to do enough for ourselves these days. All the gifts we buy are always for other people. I hope you enjoy the cd."

Anna spent another few minutes wandering around the overcrowded shopping complex. She bought some decadent French pastries on her way out, and then started making her way towards home. She shivered as she crossed the busy road. A vaguely familiar sound made her turn slightly to the left, as she recognised the ringing of the little silver bell.

The emerald green eyes of the elf girl held her stare. Anna smiled, and waved the cd purchase at her. "See? I still haven't given it away. It's still for me"

The elf girl held out a woolly gloved hand - "I'm Chris."

"Anna. Pleased to meet you. Again."

Chris took off the elfin hat, and her wild blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders.

"Look, this might be totally inappropriate, but . . . "Chris hesitated, and then blurted it out -"How will you be spending Christmas Eve? "

"Kate Bush and I have a hot date with some French pastries." The openness and risk-taking vibe Anna felt coming from Chris were contagious, and Anna decided to play. "But there's more than enough if almond paste, cherries, and good imported chocolate is your kind of thing?"

"I don't mind sharing with Kate," the elf girl said, her voice barely louder than a whisper.

Anna's mind was reeling. As strange as this situation was to her, she did not feel uncomfortable. Is this what people mean when they talk about being magnetically attracted to someone? She felt her heart beating inside her chest, as she looked at those green eyes. She's beautiful and she wants me.

Maybe it will be different this time, Anna thought as her key turned in the lock. Being with a woman . . . but her thoughts paused right there as she felt Chris's hands on her hips, pulling her gently towards her. She felt Chris's eager mouth kiss the back of her neck. Her knees couldn't stand the sensation that coursed through her body. Chris turned her around by her shoulders, pushed her against the door and then pressed her body up against Anna, her lips so dangerously close, that Anna felt an immediate surge in her belly. She crushed her mouth against Anna's as a dual moan escaped from them both at the moment of impact. There was no taking time for gentle kisses. There was only hunger and want and need reflected in their embrace.

"Wait . . . inside..." said Anna, her breathing ragged as she broke the kiss.

Inside her apartment, she took off her coat, and took Chris's. Chris picked up Anna's cd purchase, and walked over to the CD player on the other side of the room. Moments later, the room was filled with beautiful music. She walked over to Anna.

"Now you can enjoy your gift to yourself, while I enjoy you." And with that she pulled Anna's shirt over her head and touched her full breasts. Anna stood there, eyes closed and heart pounding. Her nipples were hard and swollen. Chris teased a nipple with her tongue and then sucked it into her mouth. Anna groaned with pleasure. Chris's hands grew impatient. She knelt down on the couch, and pulled Anna down with her. Anna was on her lap as they embraced. She lay back on the couch, and her arms reached out for Anna, pulling her closer. They shed their clothes as they kissed. Anna opened her legs, and straddled Chris, pushing herself tight against her, as their kisses grew more urgent. She rested her arms on either side of Chris, pressing her hips into Chris, wetness against wetness. She heard a change in Chris's breathing as their hips rocked together over and over.

"Yes..." Chris whispered urgently.

Anna put her mouth to Chris's ear, and whispered, "Come for me, baby. Please come for me? I want you to . . . "She circled her hips into Chris's and Chris's hips rose up, meeting each new thrust coming from Anna.

Chris groaned deep in her throat as her orgasm spread through her and left her entire body numb.

"Wow. That was. Wow." She said, still out of breath. Anna took her hand, and pulled her up. She could hardly stand. Anna led the way to her bedroom, dimming the lights as they entered.

They lay together in bed, under the sheets, naked. Anna had her hand on Chris's back, caressing slowly. "I've never been with a woman before. It's... different. So intense."

Chris kissed her in response, her tongue exploring every inch of her mouth. She did not remove her lips from her for a long time. She rolled Anna onto her back, and took a nipple into her mouth, sucking gently at first, her hand wondering between Anna's thighs.

"God you're so wet..." Her thighs nudged Anna's hips further apart. Her fingers moved through wetness. She pushed three fingers inside her as her mouth settled over her, her tongue moving into wetness, licking her slowly. She savoured her sweetness. , and put her mouth to her clit, sucking her in.

Anna writhed underneath her. With Chris' fingers thrusting into wetness, she drove the older woman harder towards ecstasy. Anna's hands were in her hair, forcing her head hard against her. Chris had her arms wrapped under Anna's legs, holding her tightly right there as her tongue stroked her to orgasm.

As her orgasm raged through her, she heard the music coming from the other room. "All the things that you wanted from me . . . All the things that you needed from me . . . All the things we should've given, but I didn't. Oh, darling, make it go away."

She was moved, and hard sobs poured out of her body, as tears streamed down her face. Chris kissed her tears away, and rocked her gently. "It is different. With women." Chris kissed her again, this time more gently. And slowly, the music faded into silence.

The rest of the night, they spent bringing each other to the brink of orgasm, and then crashing over the edge, not stopping until they were both sated and deliciously exhausted.

As 12 am approached, they were nestled into each other comfortably. "What does that song mean to you?" Anna asked. Chris didn't answer. Anna heard her even breathing, and smiled.


He was flat on his back, and deep inside her, as she straddled him. With her back arched, she rode him hard. The knock at the door went unnoticed.

When she closed the door behind him, she saw the slip of paper that had been pushed under her door. She picked it up, and the faint whiff of perfume brought on a memory of two naked female bodies, tongues and fingers, gentleness and passion.

"This woman's work . . . it's not meant as a reminder of what we should've done. It is a reminder of what we should still do."


My thanks go out to Zade who helped with an edit, as well as being the total inspiration for this story.

You knows I loves you . . .

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