I have always been attracted to my aunt. I mean i can tell a sexy bitch when i see one. One day when I saw a nice pair of panties on the floor. I knew they had to my aunts since she had been doing the laundry earlier. I was excited and decided to try them on. I was really curious and put the nice panties on. I immediately fell in love with them. I started rubbing my still young cock and soon enough I was cummming in the panties. I got freaked out about what could happen if my aunt came looking for them. But she never did. I ended up washing them and placing them in her panty drawer. There I discovered a new world of panties and thongs. Every day I would get a new thong and sleep in it. Until one day I got caught by mom. The good thing was I was able to lie my way out of being in trouble.

After that incident I didn't try any more panties or thongs I was to scared to do so. I didn't want to get in trouble again. I soon left for collage and didn't see my aunt for 2 years.

I was on vacation and we were having a family reunion. I was now 21 years old and 5ft 9in. The first person I saw was my aunt. I couldn't stop looking at her nice firm ass. She was 37 years old and 5ft. 4in. she had big nice firm breast and a beautiful ass. I just wanted to grab her and fuck her threw her anal. She must have seen me staring at her ass cuz she was looking straight at me.

After we ate I had to go to the bathroom that was where I saw one of my aunts thongs rite on top of the hamper. Of course I had to try it on. I left the bathroom with it and kept it on the rest of the day. The reunion lasted all afternoon. Since I was going to stay over and sleep and my aunts house I had to wait and help after everyone left. Which didn't happen until around six. I told my aunt I was tired so I was going to go to sleep.

I woke up to the sound of someone showering it was nine and guessed it was my aunt since she was the only one inside the house. I decide to go see if it was her. The door of her room was wide open. I could see the bathroom door threw the reflection in a mirror that door was also wide open. I positioned myself so that she couldn't see me and saw her walking out of the bathroom completely naked. The first thing I noticed was her nice hairy pussy. As was putting a thong on I started to jack off in the thong of her that I was still wearing. I moaned and quickly ran to my room in fear that she might have heard me or seen me.

Later that night she told me that she would be going out and not to wait up. I was bored the rest of the night and eventually fell asleep. I was only wearing the thong and had forgotten to close the door to my room. About to in the morning I felt someone in my aunts room and noticed that my sheets had fallen to the grown and saw that anyone who came upstairs could see me wearing the thong. I started to freak out and closed the door.

In the morning I saw my aunt on in the kitchen, I tried to act as normal as possible but found it hard to when I saw that she was wearing a transparent white bra and panty. I immediately got a hard on and was trying to hide it. When she saw she said good morning and asked me how my night had been. I told her It had been boring. It was after that is where she completely surprised me. She came over and kissed me right on the lips. She then pulled down my boxers and saw my hard on that was still being covered by her thong.

She bent down and kissed my hard on I was still in shock when she told me that she had seen me last night sleeping with her thong. She then told me that she had been very angry but then she got really excited and wet. She then took he bra and panties off and took my hand and ran it threw her breast and very wet pussy. We started making out and then I put I big hard on up her ass and started giving it to her doggy style. She was moaning really hard and I was so excited I was already ready to cum I took my dick out of her anus and squirted my loads of cummmm..... all over her. We started making out again and when my dick was all hard again I started fucking her again I put it deep in her pussy. She was moaning real hard this time she told me she wanted me to cum inside of her. When I was already to cum again she told me she was goin to cum to seconds later we were both shooting out our loads of cummm. We got all cleaned up she ended wearing the thong I was wearing and me wearing the panties she was wearing which were still extremely wet.

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