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Thong Bait


The thong made me do it. I swear.

One Sunday while I was tinkering with putting new screens on our windows, my wife insisted that I drop everything and give them a hand. Literally. She wanted me to put suntan oil on her and our neighbors, since the suntan lotion was greasy and none of them wanted to get icky. So I dutifully came over to the patio and applied the expensive greasy oil to my wife's back and legs. The ladies kept up constant chatter and mostly ignored me, as they talked about fashion and boys and skin texture all in one breadth. Besides my wife and my 17 year old daughter, there was our neighbor. Sue, an Asian-American mother, and Amy, her eighteen year old daughter, a high school senior. All four gals would lie out on our enclosed patio next to our pool and get 'tanned.' Of course, all four had on 'dental floss' thongs.

For those who are not familiar with 'dental floss' thongs, it just means that it's a string bikini, which shows all of your ass except for the string between your butt crack. The dental floss part just means that the string is extremely thin.

As I oiled up Sue's backside, The attractive, petite Asian lady she said. "You need nail and hand lotion. Your hands are too rough, like a workman."

My wife and daughter laughed.

I said, "The oil I got in the garage would be just as good as this greasy stuff."

I was ignored. The gals chatted away paying me no mind. It's amazing how females can keep up an intense lively conversation as if any males were not around. Next I oiled up my daughter, and then went to Amy. When I began oiling the eighteen year old Asian girl, her mom asked that I put on an extra dose since her daughter's skin was delicate. Amy wore round eye glasses and came across as serious, quiet, and most decidedly delicate. As I moved my hands over the back of her legs, her legs spread slightly. It was enough for me to see the pussy hair sprouting from underneath her thong. When I applied the oil on her buns, naked except for the dental floss string, her legs parted an inch or two. I had a hell of a view but really had no interest in her.

Not in such a young girl.

A friend of my daughter's!

A friend of our family!

Just a kid, really!

Yeah, just a kid!

When my fingers lingered on her ass cheeks, Amy seemed to change. I could sense some type of noise coming from her mouth, but was unsure of what the sound meant.

I began to enjoy this – it was hard not to with such cute ass cheeks. I let my fingers slide over her cheek and then let my hands and fingers massage the oil onto to her white delicate buns. It was then I felt her legs, and lower torso, moving slightly. It was like she was trembling. I thought that she must be scared that my rough hands were touching her. My rough hands touching so close to her exposed pussy and ass hole. So close to her femininity. For all intents and purposes, her ass hole was totally exposed, and as far as her pussy lips were concerned, I had a view of her bottom lips.

No doubt she was exposed. But wasn't that the purpose of string bikinis.

When I put the last drop of oil on her leg, her legs seemed to spread apart slightly. I got to see between her legs and her most secret charms. First, I got a glimpse of her pussy hair, then her lower pussy lips and finally I got a whiff of her sexual pussy smell. It was the sight of those puffy looking pussy lips that sent a steel bolt of energy to my cock. And the smell of a pussy, no, the smell of a eighteen year old girl's pussy who seemed so sweet and fragile and gender, had me swooning with a maddening hard-on.

I then understood her trembling. Amy was sexually turned on. Now it became clear what was the quiet sound she made when I touched her naked ass cheeks. It was a moan of sexual pleasure.

I moved away. Not a word had been spoken between us, yet something energizing had happened. My dick was erect, yes; it was very, very hard. I was shocked at my reaction to such a young girl, yet there was no doubt that my reaction was genuine. She was sweet and sensual, and inviting, and with a little prodding might let me see more of her charms But did I really want to, did I really want to chance it, a quick sexual release with a young girl. So much risk!

I was so turned on I was sure that when my wife saw my face she would immediately catch on what was going on. That put the fear of god in me. So with a raging hard-on, I made a quick exit back to my work bench in the garage. They continued chatting as I walked away. No wiser.

Except for one of them. Except for the one who left her scent. Left her scent for me? Well, not really. Not intentionally. Yet it was a sexual scent. I was male; I was sexual, and by god, I wanted to jump her bones. But wait....... My god, what was I thinking.

I stopped tinkering at three in the afternoon to eat a small lunch with the gals. Still they were in their thongs. A lot of tit, ass cheeks, glimpses of pubic hair. Glimpses!

After our lunch where I hardly got in a word, again I was implored to oil them up for their last go at the sun rays. Back on the patio with the four gals on their stomachs and four rear ends facing me, I oiled up my hands. My wife said, 'We gals think you should get a thong, too" My daughter jumped in, "Not me. Gross." Amy's mom added, "If you show us your stuff Scot, I'll clean out your garage."

My wife and Amy's mom laughed. Amy never said a word, but I did catch her sneaking a peek at my crotch. I was no longer erect then. Thank god or my wife would surely know of my depravity.

I oiled up their backsides again.

Of course, I did Amy last, the old young girl of Asian descent who had long, flowing, shiny straight, black hair. I sat next to her and took my time putting oil on my hand. I waited until the other gals began chatting aimlessly.

I didn't want them to be fully aware of what I was doing.

I did her back and neck first. Then her arms. She had to adjust for me to get the oil on her whole arm, and when she did I saw her naked tit, even the nipple. I gulped, almost choking. But I kept my cool and moved along. Now was not the time.

When I did her back, I took my time, applying two does of oil and letting my fingers gently caress her skin. First, I did one leg and then the other. Again she had to adjust so that I could oil the underside of her leg. The more she adjusted, the more her legs spread and the more of her ass hole and pussy lips could I brazenly see. I wanted to be able to sit on her legs or her buttocks, but that would be too risky, today.

So I knelt beside her and went to work. I used both hands on her ass cheeks, slightly spreading them to look at her ass hole. Slightly. Not too brazen. Then her feminine pussy odor engulfed my nostrils. Maybe it was also her ass hole odor that was strong. But no matter, it was sensual and sexual odor. I had her ass cheeks slightly apart to gaze into. I looked and devoured her brown puckered ass hole. So small, so tight yet so fucking adorable. I rubbed oil on her cheeks and then let some oil drip between her crack onto her ass hole. Then I spoke in an easy manner to her so that the others could also hear. "Let me wipe off the excess oil and I'm finish up in a minute." I used my middle finger to pretend to wipe oil from between her ass cheeks. I touched her ass hole, caressed it, gently, but firmly. I heard a faint gasp. Legs trembling. One, two, three, four seconds went by. She did not scream, did not sit up, did not protest, did not tell the others what I was doing to her, that is, fingering her ass hole.

I felt safe, felt in charge, felt invited to violate her. I gave myself up to ten seconds to touch her ass hole without being detected by the others. I caressed her puckered ass hole ever so gently, running my middle finger around her hole then gently pushing into it. She quivered. I gently rubbed the oil around her hole and now my finger was able to go inside her hole. When I had my finger tip inside her hole up, I took it out; then I gently inserted it in again. Slowly, in and out. My oiled finger slipping easily into her nether land. I had my finger tip inside her butt hole. My arousal was so great, so overpowering that I felt I could cum in my dirty work dungarees. I thought I could feel some of her ass hole juice. Was she was cumming in her ass hole or so I imagined.

Lovely, so disgustingly inviting! So much arousal, so much danger.

I just as quickly got up and left the ladies to the sun's rays and their gossip. In the garage, I kept busy, moving junk from one pile to another. Sat on my daughter's old bunk bed and felt my hardness between my legs. Kept busy. I needed to pound my cock into something soft, something wet, something that smelled like pussy. Instead I pounded an old work table until it was in several pieces, and then tried reassembling it.

At four thirty in the afternoon, Amy showed up in the garage. Dressed in a skirt and dark colored tee shirt. No bra. She said, "I'm bored. Can I watch what you're doing?"

I said. "Yeah, sit on the bunk bed. Or wherever. I'm just sanding off a table leg. I never liked sun bathing myself."

She said. "Why did you buy a pool if you don't like that stuff?"

I quipped. "Keep the wife happy and my daughter and our neighbors."

Amy was squatting, like oriental people do. I forced myself not to look at her legs.

Fifteen minutes went by. She was quiet. Patient. Then she said. "It got gross out there."

I said. "How so?"

She blushed. "My mom, your wife and your daughter Jen, talking about you wearing a thong. Would you do that?"

I was quick to reply. "Never."

"Figured you wouldn't. "Again she seemed to be blushing.

Without looking at her I said. "So what was so gross that they said?"

She said. "Mostly my mom and your wife. You know. Things about guys."

I let it go.

Then she blurted out. "My mom was the one who brought it up. You know, like the difference between Asian men and Americans."

I waited.

Then she blurtred, "Like American men got bigger penises than Asian men." She said in a sassy know it all manner that young kids get when they think they have figured something out.

I turned to look at her. I smiled. Cautious, fearful, yet burning passion inside. "I heard that Asians got bigger brains. I wish I was smarter and had a smaller penis. Better to have a larger brain than a big, ah, dick. That's my opinion. Of course, you might have a different opinion." I smiled.

Amy looked at me dumbfounded.

I said, "Really, They shouldn't be talking about that stuff in front of you and my daughter."

She giggled. "That's all they talk about. Sex. My mom talks about my sister and her husband and how much they do it. How he walks around our home naked all the time. Knowing that we can see him. Me and my mom. Like he's, you know, aroused when he does that, and exposes himself. Like he's proud it's all hard."

I said, "Well, I'm wondering if your mom isn't upset at him exposing his dick like that."

Amy was sincere. "Sure. But my sister needs a place to live for now. She's pregnant."

My heart sank, but not my cock, when she excused herself. I finally took a breadth. Not pushy. Good. No mistakes. But the harness of my cock was ominous.

In minutes, Amy reappeared. Said. "They're in the house. Said they will all take a shower. Wash off all that oil you put on us. "

I said. "Taking a shower all together. I'd like to watch."

She giggled. Said innocently. "Pervert. That's called a peeking tom."

"Call it what you will, but most guys like looking at women, especially when they are nude."

Again she got that cocky attitude, in a sweet way. "I like looking too. At guys. Lot of girls do."

I said simply. "Hey, it's fun."

She said. "Not if you get caught. I used to peek a lot. Like on my mom and her boy friend, and my sister and her husband when they are doing it, but my sister caught me. Called me names."

I said. "Got to be careful. You need to be real sneaky. I did my share of peeking when I was eleven, twelve, heck, even eighteen. It's cool. Turns you on."

Amy was not upset by the topic. She seemed to like it that I was treating her as an adult. That was the key to her, I figured. So I added, "Heck yeah, peeking is cool, get to masturbate looking at something real, instead of a porno magazine. You get a off a lot more. I mean for me, I usually had a stronger orgasm. But hey, that was twenty years a ago. What do I know now."

Amy smiled. Thought about it and smiled some more. "But, ah, you know, masturbation, kinda makes you more horny." She seemed to finally relax.

I said. "Come on in. Grab a seat."

Quickly she changed the subject, worried that she went to far about the sex talk, about masturbating. She said. "You like working with your hands. Getting dirty, I can tell."

I said. "Yeah, I do. By the way, kiddo, were my hands too rough when I put oil on you?"

"No." She squatted. Said. "Girls hands should be soft but it's cool for guys to be rough."

I said, "Did you get burned? Let me see your back and legs?"

She stood up and turned around, inviting me to take a look at her. Not protest whatsoever.

I said quietly without any desire , no emotion. No threat. "No burns. But how about your back and buns."

Amy seemed taken aback.

I froze. Did I go too fast? Too far. What is she thinking?

I added. "Just wondering, is all. People get burned from the sun all the time."

She seemed confused still. Yet she did not bolt. "Well, I don't have my bathing suit on."

It was a question, not a statement of fact.

I said. "Oh, jeez. Not trying to embarrass you. Wondering if I did a good job with the oil is all. I mean really, Amy, seeing you in your panties can't be worse than seeing you in the string bikini, now."

Amy was cautious. Her facial expression told me she wondering how to interpret my request.

I said. "Honey I can see that you are confused. Just asking, is all. Did you get burned on your back or your ass?"

She flexed her shoulders. "I don't' think so."

I said. "And Amy, your panties cover more of your bottom than the string bikini."

Her face reddened but she did not leave. "Yeah, I guess so."

I let out a small laugh. "You guess!" I went back to moving things around the garage.

She interrupted in a soft voice. "That thong is skimpy. Was I, I mean, was it too revealing?"

I continued to move things around. Said. "Well, I can say that you and your mom are not guys."

She actually smiled. "Oh, god. You could see us down there. I mean the front part too. I mean I knew you could see my butt, my whole butt, but I thought you wouldn't be able to see my, my, front."

I said, "Amy, can I be honest or do you get offended easily?"

"No, I mean, say what is on your mind." She blurted out, expectantly.

I tried a joke. "Well, I like peeking too."

She hesitated. "Like, you were peeking. At us. At me and my mom. At me, right?"

I said nonchalantly. "Of course. Like you said before. Peeking is fun. And you are cute. Heck, got to be a queer not to peek at you."

She stammered. "When you were putting the oil on me and my mom, I was wondering how much you could see."

I quipped. "All of your butt and like I said, I didn't see a dick between your legs." I jumped in to finish the thought. "Thank god, I didn't see one."

She giggled, more than giggled, gave off a belly laugh. Then thought better of it and bit her lip. "No way. I mean if the bikini fits properly you shouldn't be able to see my vagina. Like I know you can see all of my butt, but the other part is more private."

I said. "I didn't take more than a peek. I swear. Well, maybe four peeks but no more."

She smiled. Her long black hair radiating the glow from her face.

I said without emotion, just a simple fact. "Well, as I said, isn't that the purpose of a string bikini. To reveal to the whole world what you got between your legs?"

Quickly she shot back. "No. No way. Guys would think that. But for girls it's a way to get a tan without leaving any tan lines."

I said nothing. Took a set on the table stool across from her.

Her voice was quivering when she said. "Really, I'm freaked. You could see my front privates, too." Yet she made no attempt to leave.

I said. " I saw your mom's pussy hair and cunt lips, and I saw yours. But why be freaked?"

She said. "Wow. That is so uncool."

I wasn't sure if that meant something good or bad so I added. "Listen, hope you don't mind my using the word cunt or pussy, just thought I'd treat you as an adult. But if you want I can d use biology words."

She blurted out with disdain. "Vagina. No, I hate that word or penis even." She didn't look at me when she said in a small voice. "Like I feel vulnerable that you could see all of me down there before. You weren't supposed to be looking even if my string was loose. I mean you got a wife and all."

I knew she wasn't upset and was toying with me to admit I was sexually turned on to her. It was easy to tell that she was testing me; testing me for what I wasn't sure. But it was fun, so far.

I said. "I just looked, Amy. No harm. Right? And besides your mom has a nice butt, and you have an even nicer one. Nothing to get embarrassed about. I enjoyed looking. Even though I'm married. Don't tell my wife I said that. But you're very attractive. Too attractive. Next time I won't volunteer to put oil on you. Too tempting. Got to be a saint or a homo, and I'm not either. "

Again she laughed easily. Then her serious nature took over or was it her flirting personality as she tested me. She said. "But still. The thong wasn't supposed to expose my you know what."

I smiled. "Amy, as a guy, I think you are very feminine. Can't think of a better compliment except you're smart, too."

Amy gave a sarcastic smile. "Well, if you think I'm so smart, why were you looking at me down there? Like my brains are down there."

She was the type of chick who needed reassurance of her femininity, of her sexiness, of her sexual attraction. So young and eager to check out us roosters. So I put up my hands in a defensive gesture. "I'm married, but not dead so I refuse to answer under the grounds..."

She sulked. "Still, I don't think I liked that."

I said. "Amy, tell me truthfully, what would you think of me if I didn't look down there."

She said nothing.

I continued. "That I was a geek or nerd. Maybe queer."

She blurted out. "Do guys think a girl is attractive there?"

So young. So immature. Good, I thought. I said. "Yours is adorable. What can I say, I'm male."

"And a dirty old man." But again she was smiling.

Then I pushed. I said. "So about getting burned. Let me see your back. Lift up your tee shirt."

Amy said. "I don't have a bra on."

I said. "Just want to see your back, not your front."

Amy turned so that her back was facing me. She lifted up her tee shirt.

I looked, then said. "No burn. I did a good job on your back. So was that a big deal?"

She dropped her tee shirt and turned to face me and admitted. "No."

I turned away from her and began hammering a piece of wood.

Amy stood. Turned her back to me again and lifted her skirt. She had on white panties.

I choked on the words. "Nope. No burn there either."

She still had her skirt lifted so that I could see her panties and seemed not bothered that I was staring at her panties. She talked knowing that I was looking at her crotch. She said. "Can I ask you something?"

I sat back on the work bench stool, looked away. "You know you can."

She dropped her skirt when she saw I was not looking. "Well, like it's sort of embarrassing."

I said. "I'm not going to wear a thong, if that is your question."

She actually laughed and said. "If you think I never seen one before, ah, you know, a penis, I have. My mom's boy friend is American, and I got to see his; it's a lot bigger than my bother in laws who is Asian. A lot bigger. And both my mom and my sister let them do everything. Everything!"

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