tagGroup SexThong Fantasies Ch. 06

Thong Fantasies Ch. 06


As I savoured the pungent cocktail of our mixed sexual juices, I surveyed the scene in front of me. Gloria was slipping her dress back on over her head, her smooth ebony pussy still glistening with her own juices and Maria's saliva. David and Maria were towelling each other off, their eyes sparkling as they thought about the sexy fun they had just experienced. I looked down at my own deflating cock and smiled as I thought about David's firm grip on my smooth shaft. I was glad that I had taken the risk to reach out and touch his throbbing cock and just hoped that his awakening bi-curiosity would mean that we had more encounters of this kind. I quickly got dressed and started to tidy up the mess we had made in and around the Jacuzzi. I picked up all of our discarded underwear and handed it back to the rightful owner, grinning to each person as I passed them their soaking thong. Once we were all dressed, we headed back outside and Gloria locked the gym door behind us. It was getting late, so David and Maria arranged to meet me on the beach later that morning. We bid each other goodnight and they headed back to their hotel room, as Gloria and I went to the reception to hand the gym key back in. I asked Gloria if she wanted to spend the night with me and, this time, she agreed. We headed back to my room, quickly got undressed and slipped into bed. We were exhausted after the long day and all our sexual exploits, so we quickly fell asleep in each other's arms.

I woke up a few hours later after a deep sleep filled with erotic dreams of silky-smooth pussies and rigid cocks. As I slowly came round, I became aware that my own cock was swollen and couldn't resist running my hand over my engorged genitals. I rolled over to find that Gloria was still asleep, lying with her back towards me. I snuggled against her, my hard-on pressing against her fleshy buttocks. As she started to stir, I put my arms around her and pulled her closer against my throbbing cock. She murmured appreciatively as I cupped her breasts and I started to feel her nipples harden against the palms of my hands. As I continued to stroke and fondle her awakening breasts, Gloria parted her thighs and reached through the gap searching for my erection. I guided my cock into her hand and she pulled it between her thighs so it was resting against her bare pussy. I slowly started to rock forwards and backwards, rubbing my swollen glans against the silky-smooth flesh of her outer lips. She squeezed her thighs together increasing the friction against my entrapped member as I continued to thrust. My smooth cock found its way into the slick groove between her fleshy lips and I soon felt her sticky pussy juices coating my shaft and glans. Gloria sighed contentedly and then rolled over so that she was on top of me. She pressed her soft mouth against mine and our tongues entwined as she continued to rub her dripping pussy against my rigid cock.

She asked me if I had a condom and I pointed to the drawer besides the bed. She reached over to the drawer, presenting her gorgeous rounded backside to me and I couldn't resist mischievously spanking the plump flesh. She squealed with delight and wriggled her ass at me, as she took the condom out of its foil wrapper. Whilst she was still on all-fours, I quickly took the opportunity to place my hand between her parted thighs and gently trailed my fingers over her glossy lips and enflamed clitoris. She moaned happily, but playfully slapped my hand away as she once again straddled my legs.

She looked down at my throbbing erection which was yearning for her touch and she smiled as rolled the condom onto my straining cock. Gloria then grasped the base of my shaft in her hand as she slowly lowered herself onto me. I groaned softly as I felt her fleshy folds part around my swollen glans and my engorged cock was gradually enveloped in her tight, wet hole. She let herself sink all the way down until she was completely speared on my diamond-hard rod. With my cock completely inside her, Gloria started to rock her pelvis against mine and we both took pleasure in the feel of our silky-smooth flesh sliding together. I reached up and grabbed her firm, breasts and started to circle the fleshy pads of my thumbs over her bullet-like nipples. She continued to grind her pussy against me, rubbing her swollen clit against my hairless skin, my cock buried deep inside her. I began to thrust upwards in time with Gloria's gyrations and she moaned as she felt my twitching cock move inside her. I told her how hot she looked the previous night when she has licking Maria's smooth pussy and she groaned with arousal at the memory. As she continued to ride my raging hard-on, I described how I wanted to fuck her hot, wet pussy from behind as David stuck his throbbing cock in her willing mouth. Maria's gyrations gathered pace as she strived to further stimulate her already enflamed clit. She breathily asked me to continue describing what we were going to do to her as she writhed on my thrusting member. I told her that Maria was going to fuck her tight ass with her big, black strap-on as David and I filled her mouth and pussy with our bursting cocks.

That final fantasy seemed to tip Gloria over the edge and she screamed as her orgasm crashed though her writhing body. She continued to mash her throbbing clit against my smooth flesh as her slick pussy walls contracted around my straining cock. I started to slam my eager cock upwards into her twitching pussy and cried out as my own orgasm flooded through my engorged genitals. We carried on bumping and grinding against each other, our movements becoming more erratic as we succumbed to the overwhelming sensations of our climaxes. Gloria shivered and fell onto me as my molten seed continued pumping into her still-constricting pussy. She pressed her eager lips against mine as the final few spurts of hot cum flooded her rampant hole.

After we had recovered sufficiently, Gloria said that she needed to go and get ready for work. I told her that I would find her later on to let her know if we had any more fun planned with David and Maria. She smiled broadly at the prospect of meeting up with the two of them again. She then quickly got dressed and kissed me goodbye as she headed out of the door. Once Gloria had left, I jumped in the shower and got ready for the beach. It took me a while to pick out some appropriate swimwear, but I eventually chose one of my more risqué outfits. I decided to wear a thong with a completely see-through pouch which would reveal my smooth cock and balls to everyone. That was not all that made that particular thong risqué, it also had a metal ring at the back designed to hold a butt-plug in place. Although the garment had thong back, it also had narrow strip of material which covered my anus and would hide the butt-plug from plain view. I slipped on the garment and revelled in the way that the see-through material clung to my shaved genitals and I savoured the feeling of the cold metal ring forcing my smooth butt-cheeks apart. I then went over to my box of 'toys' that I had brought on holiday with and rifled through it looking for something to suit my playful mood. I selected a medium-sized butt-plug that would not be too obvious to the casual observer and lovingly lubricated it ready for my willing ass. I pulled my thong part way down my thighs and sighed contentedly as the rubber cock slid easily into my eager hole. I pulled my thong back up and shivered with delight as the metal ring forced the butt-plug further in and held it in place. I checked my ass out in the mirror to make sure that the plug was not too visible and then slipped on my shorts and t-shirt and readied my stuff for the beach. I squirmed at the delicious sensations coursing through my dildo-filled ass, as I moved around the room. I left my room and went for a quick breakfast, before finally heading to the beach.

As I walked along the beach looking for David and Maria, my cock started to swell as the butt-plug wiggled inside my tight hole. By the time that I reached the other two, I was already in a heightened state of arousal. They both smiled warmly at my arrival and Maria promptly commented on the obvious bulge in my shorts, as I set my stuff down on the sun-lounger next to them. Both pairs of eyes lit up when I enlightened them about the thong/butt-plug combo that I was wearing and Maria told me to hurry up and strip down to my swimwear. As I quickly pulled off my t-shirt and shorts, I took the chance to appraise Maria's and David's outfits. Maria was wearing a blue thong bikini, which was made of mesh and left very little to the imagination for those close enough. Her shaved, pierced genitals were clearly visible through the lattice material, as were her rosy nipples. David was wearing a tropical patterned thong, which he informed me was made of tan-through material. The pouch of his thong cradled his smooth cock and balls perfectly and I lingered over the sight of his impressive bulge. They both cooed as I finally revealed my own choice of swimwear and did a quick spin for them. David seemed fascinated by the fact that I was wearing a butt-plug and asked me what it felt like. I smiled as I told him that I loved the feeling of my ass being filled by the thick silicone cock, but added that it took some getting used to when I first wore one. Maria cheered triumphantly at that point and happily announced that it looked like she was finally going to get the opportunity to use her strap-on on a man. I looked her square in the eye and told her that I would love for her to fuck my willing ass, just as long as David had no problem with that. He seemed to think seriously about it for a while and then laughingly agreed as long as he got to fuck Gloria's wonderfully plump ass. Maria playfully slapped him at his cheeky retort, but then she winked and said that she should be able to persuade Gloria to agree to that. I nodded in agreement and told them about my dirty talk to Gloria that morning as she rode my cock. They both looked excited as I explained which particular fantasy helped induce Gloria's orgasm. Maria absently-minded stroked her fingers over her mesh covered breasts, as she listened raptly to my narrative of that morning's events.

When I'd finished, Maria looked slightly flushed and announced that she was going for a swim to cool a down. She asked David to go with her, but he said that he didn't fancy going in the sea at that time. She wouldn't take no for an answer and dragged him towards the sea with some urgency. I stared admiringly at both of their swaying backsides as they headed across the sand and I fantasised about fucking them both. I felt my tight hole clench around the butt-plug as I also thought about Maria fucking me with her strap-on. I continued to watch them as the reached the waterline and Maria dragged David into the sea until they were chest deep. She flung her arms around his neck and I presumed from her raised position that she had also locked her legs around his waist. They started kissing earnestly as they bobbed around in the waves, their bodies entwined. I began to suspect that Maria hadn't really wanted to cool down when she dragged David into the sea and that she actually had something very different in mind. I had a strong inkling that David now had his cock or fingers buried in Maria's beautiful shaved pussy. I continued to watch them frolic in the surf and had to resist the urge to stroke my swelling cock as I imagined what they were getting up to in the sea.

David and Maria eventually finished cavorting in the sea and strolled back up the beach towards me. I gazed lustfully at Maria's full curves as she sashayed towards me, imagining her strap-on swaying hypnotically in front of her as she advanced on my scantily clad body. I also took the time to admire David's smooth body and, as he came closer, I noticed that his cock was extremely swollen and straining against his skimpy thong. I smiled at them as they reached me and asked them how their swim was. Maria giggled and I noticed that her face and chest were flushed. I glanced at David's cock as he dried himself and then said that they looked like they were having fun. David grinned sheepishly at me and asked if it was really that obvious. I nodded and pointed at his engorged member tenting his thong. He grinned once again and told me that Maria could be very demanding sometimes. I turned my attention back to Maria and watched her dry her gorgeous, dripping body. Her nipples were clearly inflamed and were straining against her mesh bikini. I glanced down and saw that her silky-smooth pussy was swollen and slick with arousal. She noticed my lustful gaze and told me that it was my fault for making her so horny with my butt-plug thong and the tales of my early morning fun with Gloria.

We once again settled down to relax and enjoy the warmth of the tropical sun. After a while, I turned over to top up the tan on my back and exposed buttocks. As my skin started to redden under the strong sun, I suddenly realised that I had forgotten to put sun-cream on that morning. Ever the opportunist, I looked over at the other two and asked if somebody would mind putting lotion on my back for me. Maria sighed theatrically and then came over started to rub the silky cream into my shoulders and back. She did not stop at my thong strap this time and vigorously massaged the lotion into my wobbling buttocks as David looked on. Her enthusiastic ministrations on my fleshy cheeks caused the butt-plug to jiggle in my ass and I sighed happily. Maria must have noticed my reaction to this internal stimulation, as she suddenly turned her attention to my butt-plug and started to press against the metal ring holding it in place. I moaned quietly at the additional pressure she was exerting in my tight hole and I started to writhe against the sun-lounger, trying to stimulate my engorging cock. She laughed and called me a slut as she playfully slapped my squirming buttocks. I looked over my shoulder at her and cheekily reminded her that 'it takes one to know one'. She giggled but then nodded in agreement before unexpectedly returning to her sun-lounger. I pouted disappointedly as I was left in an infuriating state of semi-arousal. They both laughed merrily at my predicament, but the glint in their eyes told me that I would definitely get the chance to relieve my frustration with them at some point today.

Time passed quickly and it was soon nearly lunch-time. Maria announced that she had booked spa treatments for all that afternoon and then instructed us to get to know each other better and keep ourselves entertained whilst she was gone. She winked at me as she said that I smiled broadly at her suggestion. David and I discussed what we could do together that afternoon, but couldn't come up with any good ideas. I settled the issue by telling David to have a think about over lunch and then to come to my room at 2 o'clock. I winked surreptitiously at Maria as I made my proposal to David and she gave me a quick thumbs up in response. We then got dressed, gathered our things and headed back to the hotel for some lunch. Before grabbing a quick bite to eat, I sought out Gloria at the pool bar. I pulled her to one side and told her about David's ass-fucking proposal. Her eyes glinted wickedly as she made it clear that she didn't care whose cock was in her ass, as long as her mouth and pussy were filled as well. I smiled at her response and then she added that she might need to borrow Maria's strap-on so that she could fuck David's virgin ass after he had fucked her. I told her about my meeting with David that afternoon and promised that I would try my best to get him to further explore his bisexuality. I left Gloria with the arrangement to meet her in my room at 8 o'clock that night.

After lunch, I went to my room and got ready for what I anticipated would be the continuing saga of David's bisexual awakening. Once back in my room I got undressed in preparation for taking a shower. I lingered over removing the butt-plug from my ravaged hole, savouring the feeling of fullness that it gave me. I eventually jumped in the shower and washed off all the sun-cream, sweat and sand that coated my body from my time at the beach. I also took the opportunity to make sure that my genitals were silky-smooth in readiness for any fun ahead. Once I had dried myself off, I went over to my collection of intimate apparel in order to pick put something appropriate to wear. After much indecision, I finally narrowed down the choice to two garments. The first was a red PVC thong which had a hole at the front through which one's cock and balls fitted. The hole acted like a rubber cock-ring, forcing the genitals forward and hopefully enticing David to play with them. My other choice was some skimpy black micro-briefs with a horizontal fly opening. Whilst the micro-briefs were fairly conservative, the thin silky material of the underwear would still feel great against my smooth body and the horizontal fly meant that I could fully expose my genitals without taking off the garment. I eventually decided to wear the micro-briefs because I didn't want to be too obvious with David and risk scaring him off. I finished dressing, putting shorts and a t-shirt on, and went out on to the balcony to wait for David.

There was a knock at the door some 15 minutes later and I let David into my room. I asked him if he'd thought of anything to do, but he just shrugged in a non-committal way. I suggested that we just chilled out in the room and got to know each other a bit better over the bottle of rum that Gloria had obtained the previous night. He smiled at my suggestion and gratefully accepted the proffered drink, once I'd poured us both a good measure of rum. We went out onto the balcony and I quickly told him about my earlier conversation with Gloria, obviously leaving out the bit about her wanting to fuck his ass afterwards. We fell into a comfortable silence, as we contemplated the fun that we were going to have that night. We remained like that for a few minutes before David finally spoke up and started talking about the previous night's activities. He explained that he had been bi-curious for quite a while now, but had never really had the courage or the opportunity to explore that side of his sexuality. I asked him if he enjoyed himself last night and he confirmed that he'd had a very good time. He went onto explain that he'd fantasised about stroking another man's cock for quite a long time and that it had more than lived up to his expectations. I smiled and asked him if he'd fantasised about anything else. He appeared slightly uncomfortable at my question, but took a large swig of his rum and looked me in the eye as he answered. He told me that he had fantasised about having his cock sucked by another man and then perhaps returning the favour. I then asked him why he didn't take the opportunity put forward by Maria last night and let me suck his cock then. He explained that he still wasn't 100% sure about having his cock sucked by another man and didn't want to disappoint Maria, whose fantasy it also was, by not enjoying it. I topped up his glass and we once again lapsed into silence as I thought about David's words.

It was David who once again broke the silence and started asking my about my underwear and swimwear collection. He explained that Maria had told him that she had come to my room to watch me and Eric together and that she had helped me pick out something to wear from my vast collection. I described a few of the garments in my collection that he had not seen yet and told him that he was welcome to look through it for himself if he wanted. He grinned eagerly, so we went back into my room and started rummaging through my collection. He smiled as he picked up a few different thongs and ran his fingers longingly over the silky material of the skimpy garments. I told David that he could try them on if he wanted, although I explained that some of them might be a bit tight on him. He asked me if I was sure and I told him that he was more than welcome to as a fellow thong connoisseur. He laughed at that, but then eagerly picked out a few items and headed towards the bathroom. I called him back and told him that there was no need to be shy because I had already seen him naked. He smiled at me and told me that he wanted to put on a fashion show for me, so I could help him chose something to wear for that night. I smiled broadly at his suggestion and quickly shooed him into the bathroom.

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