tagInterracial LoveThose Eyes Alone Ch. 05

Those Eyes Alone Ch. 05


Her: Oh my gosh his kiss was amazing. I had never been kissed so passionately before. I wanted so much to do more, but then again I couldn't just let my guard down. I felt so different around him and I didn't want to push him away, but he was pulling me deeply. I had to contain my emotions I didn't want him to know that I was feeling so much so soon. Every time I thought about us kissing I couldn't help but smile. Doubt flooded my mind again and before I could block out the negativity I thought...

'He's probably not even making a big deal out of it, he's probably forgotten about it.'

If I wanted to contain my feelings, then that thought alone sure as hell had me holding in then. Those thoughts made me a little sad, but just the thought of him kissing me made me smile all over again. Was it possible that my life was going to turn into one of those romance movies I had seen on television? I was so happy, yet so scared of letting down my guard and getting hurt. I didn't want to give it up and then end up alone the next day, but for a moment of happiness with someone that's been in my dreams and every thought I was willing to go for it. I felt that he would help me put away some of the built up tension I had. For months on end I was restless, I was getting tired of the constant dreams of sexual release. Masturbating wasn't doing enough anymore and I just didn't see how some people made it to their 40th birthday without having sex. I felt like something wild within me needed to be released and maybe that was his purpose. I giggled at the thought and then thought about calling and telling Havannah, but opted against it. Not that I didn't want to tell her, I didn't want to jinx myself. All I could do was hope for the best until something happened.


Him: Her lips, that kiss, and those eyes; that's all I could think about. I hadn't felt that way in a long time. When I first met Keaton, her beauty and grace captured me. She was a sweet spirited person with good moral values, but as I got to know her more, I slowly but surely found out none of that was real. I didn't want to hurt her, but I wasn't happy with her and I didn't love her like I used to and marriage with her was out of the question. Maybe I had done things a little backwards, but I didn't regret that I had allowed myself to grow feelings for someone else. I knew Keaton didn't love me; all she wanted was the status and the name that followed. When I got home she was standing in the door way, arms folded and a frown on her face.

"What the hell? I've been calling you and you can't answer the phone at least once?"

"Was it an emergency? Is someone in the hospital, hurt, or deceased?"


"Then what could have been so important that it couldn't have waited until I got here?"

"When I call, you answer, it shouldn't matter weather it's an emergency or not. The fact that I'm calling you is reason enough."

"No that's not reason enough, just because you call doesn't mean I have to answer. You don't control me. Get that through your thick head before it bites you in the ass."

"You know what? I'm not going to keep arguing with you. You need to get your shit together so you can help me plan this wedding."

"Keaton look, I've put up with you for as long as I could, but you've been selfish, lazy, and spoiled the whole time you've lived with me. I thought I could help you change, but you haven't been thinking about anything or anyone but yourself, and I can't take it. You said you wanted to get married because you want to be happy and you want what we have forever. What do we have? Not once have you asked me if that's what I wanted and not once did you say you wanted to get married because you love me. Keaton I don't want to get married and you only want to marry me because it'll make you look good."

"That's not true. Nathan how can you say all of that? Why shouldn't I have what I want? Why should I change? You haven't said anything in all of this time and I can't help but wonder if you've been cheating on me. How can you say you don't want to get married now when we've talked about it so many times before and now that I'm ready you want to pull out? I'm not letting that happen."

"Keaton I don't want this anymore, I can't take it."

"Look we can make this work, we can go to counseling. Look...I'm gonna give you some time to yourself. I'm going on a two week vacation with Rachel and Leah and when I get back we can get back to our plans ok?"

"No Keaton we're over."

"I'll be back in two weeks and I'm sure your mind will have changed when I come back."

"Are you fucking serious? Did you not hear me?"

"Nathan, I understand that you're nervous about being committed, but at some point we've gotta settle down, you're not getting any younger and all it takes is a simple I do. By the way I've already told everyone so there's no sense in making ourselves look bad, so we're going to make it happen. Bye honey."

I was so shocked that she had totally blown off what I said, but I knew I had done what I had to do. Weather or not she listened was at her own discretion. That night I thought about Trystynne and our start of something new. I couldn't wait to see her again. I didn't think I would make it to the next Wednesday. By the time Wednesday came I was half crazy. Not hearing her voice, not feeling her lips, not looking into those beautiful eyes was more than I could bear. When I walked in the building she wasn't there and it almost pissed me off because I'd have to wait another week to try and start a relationship with her and I wanted to make her mine right away. I saw a younger look alike of her and I knew it was her sister.

"Hi there." I said

"Oh hello." She said turning to face with a smile matching Trystynne's.

"Where's Trystynne?"

"She is under the weather today."

"Really? I know I'm asking for much, but could you give me her number? I'd very much like to call and see how she's doing."

"I know who you are and I know a better way to cheer her up."

She said with a sly grin. She gave me the address to her aunt's house and I quickly left. I went and bought something warm to help her feel better and I bought me a combo meal since I'd be missing the food at the meeting. When I got to the house I walked up and knocked on the door. She opened the door, looked at me, gasped, and slammed the door in my face. I knocked again.

"What are you doing here?"

"I heard you were under the weather...I had to see you."

"How did you find me?"

"Well let's just say I had a really good source."

"Amaya." she said in a growl.

"Are we gonna talk through the door? I'm not going anywhere."

"You can't be here, you'll catch what I have."

"I don't care, it can't be that bad. I need a few days off anyway."

"Nathan...I have pinkeye."

"Trystynne, I'm not going anywhere." She slowly opened the door and looked up at me then quickly looked away. "Well I think you're undergoing a fast recovery, you don't have that gunky stuff in your eye and it's not pink or read. It's a little swollen, but you're still beautiful." I said lifting her head to look at me.

"I don't want you catching this."

"I want to see you and talk to you. I don't care."

She moved to the side allowing me to enter. It was a nice sized house. Big and roomy one story house with a large gathering room, they seemed to be well to do people.

"What's all this?" she asked looking at the bags in my hand. I turned and looked at her.

"I bought you some soup to help you get better."

"Thank you. So what's my damage?"

"Excuse me?"

"How much do I owe you?"

"I wanted to buy it for you, you don't owe me anything."

I looked over her. She had on a black tank top with pajama pants that stopped mid calf. Her curves were prominent and it looked like she didn't have any underwear on because her ass jiggled with every move she made. Her breasts sat high and proud showing off the print of her nipple through her shirt. She had straightened her hair and it fell well past her shoulders almost touching the middle of her back. She was making my mouth water.

"Well come have a seat."

She said as she led me to the dining room. After we ate we made our way to the couch and got comfortable. She tried to sit far so I wouldn't catch her pink eye, but I pulled her closer to me.

"Trystynne get your butt over here."


"I came to be with you and I'm not gonna spend what time we have with you on the other side."

"But you should-"

"I'm not gonna keep discussing this with you. I mean what I say."

She smiled at me, "Why are you so stubborn?"

"Because you make me feel different, you bring out something in me that I haven't felt in a long time and I care about you and I want to be with you."

She looked at her hands and smiled then she looked back at me.

"I want to be with you too."

She said looking really happy. She wanted to lean over and kiss me but pulled back. I leaned over to kiss her and she covered her eye and we kissed. I didn't want it to end, but she pulled away. We started talking about our likes and dislike and every now and again she would grunt in frustration and almost rub her irritated and itching eye, but I'd move her hand away. I held her while we talked and she smelled so good.

"Nathan, what was with staring contests we were having at first?"

"You caught my attention and when I looked in your eyes I was drawn. I saw so much behind them I was curious. After that, I couldn't stop thinking about you and instead of holding back, I acted on my feelings and so far, one of my best decisions."

"You know, I kinda felt the same way. I thought at first you just wanted to look at my contacts but that next Wednesday was the same way. I didn't know what to think, but I'm glad things have come to this point."

I leaned down and kissed her long and passionately. 20 minutes later I had to leave and I could tell she didn't want me to go, but she got up and saw me out. While I walked back to my truck I had my hand in my pocket and I felt loose paper. I pulled it out and saw she had put $5.00 in my pocket. I smiled and went back to work.


Her: I called Havanna and told her about Nathan.

"Ahhh! Oh my gosh, I'm so happy for you. I told you to take a chance."

"Yeah I guess." I joked.

"I'm just happy for you by the way, we have an engagement party to go to in about 2 weeks."

"Who's getting married?"

"That girl Keaton, she invited me and a guest and of course you're coming. It's an hors d'oeuvres and wine type of party."

"Oh, I'll eat before we go."

"Good girl, I've taught you well."

"Ok, well should go shopping this weekend."

"Ok, well I will get back at you later on so we can talk more about new boyfriend."

When we ended the call, I couldn't stop smiling. I was happy beyond measure. I wished he could've stayed longer, but it was nice just knowing he card.

'How'd this even happen?' I kept thinking. I felt so weird, yet so right. That night while I was sitting around, he called.


"Hey babe, how are you?"

"I'm good, how about you?"

"I'm really good. What are you doing this weekend?"

"Nothing really, why?"

"I want to take you out this weekend and spend some time with you."

"I'd like that a lot."

"So, you been thinking about me?"

"If I told you yes, you'd get the big head."

"No I'd just feel special."

"Yes, I've been thinking about you."

"Good because you have been the center of my thoughts all day."

"Really now?"

"Yes. I don't think I can wait for the weekend, how about now?"

"Where will we go?"

"I don't know yet, I'll figure something out."

"I still have pink eye."

"I'm not listening to you, I'll be there in 15 minutes." He said then he hung up.

I rushed to find something nice to wear, I quickly fixed my hair and make up . When I was done, I had on a purple mid length dress with a gold shimmery blazer and my favorite pair of shimmery gold peep toe slingback heels and a Kim K. bouffant ponytail. I used purple and gold eyeshadow and a touch of nude pink lipstick. I felt really pretty and I hoped he liked the way I looked.


Him: When I pulled up in front of her house I walked up to her door and she was standing there waiting. I could only see her silhouette, but when she stepped out and greeted me I was speechless. She looked edible. I had never seen her dressed so sexy. Her short thick chocolate leg looked a mile long with the length of her dress. The dress held her large smooth breasts perfectly. She stood in front of me with a pose. Her hair pulled back to show the full beauty of her face.

"So?" she said turning around. "Did I do okay?"

"Okay? Babe you look great."

I stepped up to her and kissed her. She was a lot easier to reach now with those sexy heels. I made a mental note to have her in those heels and nothing else really soon. I escorted her to my truck and helped her in. The height of the truck made her work hard to get in and when she climbed up I could see her black lace underwear that cupped her ass just right. I made sure she was all settled and I went to get in. I tried to control my semi hard member but I knew that would be hard. I took her to a nice bar and grill Mexican restaurant. They had a lot of fun and festive things going on and I knew she would like it. We talked about our talents and I learned she could speak a little Japanese and she was good at detecting emotions.

"Can you sing?" I asked.

"Um...I do my best." she said smiling.

"Let's see how good your best is." I said pulling her out of the booth. "She wants to sing." I said yelling at the D.J. over the crowd.

"Alright, alright we got a singer. Let's see if she'll Talent of the Night. Now I'm gonna pick out a jam for you because its random jam night. Step up to the mike sweetheart." He said over the speaker to the crowd on the dance floor.

"I'm gonna kill you." she said with a huge grin.

They started playing a song and she sighed with relief.


Her: The D.J. started the song and thank the stars I knew it. It was Rihanna's "You Da One". I breathed deeply and started singing and performing. I kept my eyes on my man. He stood there with his mouth open. While I was singing I walked to the front of the stage and knelt down to him, rubbed his face, and closed his mouth.

'Baby come take me now, hold me now, make me come alive. You got the sweetest touch I'm so happy you came in my life. Cause you know how to give me that you know how to pull me back when I go runnin runnin tryna get away from lovin ya. You know how to love me hard I won't lie I'm falling hard, yep I'm falling for ya but there's nothing wrong with that.'

Ironically the song was true, I was falling harder and harder or him, I think I was too far gone. When I stepped down from the stage he grabbed me and kissed me in front of everyone. Everyone awed and made love sick faces at us. We walked back to our table and ate our food.

"I would seek revenge by putting you up there, but I wanna get you good."

"You do your best? You were awesome. I think you've been holding out on me."

I laughed and humped my shoulders. Every bit of that night was the best night ever. When we pulled up at my house, he kissed me goodnight which only turned into 20 minutes of mouth fucking when we really wanted to go further,


"No, no don't go." He said kissing me more.

"You have to work in the morning baby."

"Come home with me, I can sleep better."

"I have no clothes." Then I thought... 'As if I need them.' The look he gave me showed he was thinking the same thing.

"Ok look, next time you're coming to my house."

"Ok, I can deal with that."

I said kissing him. He had me again, kissing me deeply. His seat moved backwards and he pulled me to straddle his lap. I looked deep in his eyes, our eyes glossed with lust. I lightly licked his lips and a growl sounded in his throat. His hands traveled up my thighs to my now barely covered ass. He rubbed and squeezed my cheeks with his strong hands. He reached under me and rubbed my lace covered wetness, and he began kissing down my neck making trails to my eager to be freed breasts.


Him:I wanted her so bad, I was losing control. I didn't want to take her in my truck, but she was pushing me. I pulled the top of her dress down releasing her beautiful chocolate tits. I nearly poked a hole through my pants while they moved up and down to the rhythm of her breathing. Her heat was rubbing against my steel hard rod and the friction was more than I could stand. Her nipples reminded me of chocolate kisses. I massaged her tits and she leaned back and moaned sweetly, I almost blew a load. When I rubbed back over her hot wet pussy she practically cooed.

"Oooh Nathan."

I took a chocolate nipple in my mouth; she sucked in a breath and unconsciously started grinding against my hand.

"Baby we gotta stop before I go crazy." She said breathlessly. I smiled and gently bit her nipple.

"Nathan" She said at the edge of pleading. I wanted her to go crazy, I wanted her to beg for her release.

"Nathan, baby we really gotta stop." I looked up at her and she was trying to be serious through her sensations. I stopped.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Well, I hope this isn't a deal breaker, but I'm a virgin and I don't wantmy first time to be in an Avalanche."

I smiled and kissed her.

"Of course it's not a deal breaker. When we do this, we'll do it right."

She smiled and kissed me. I pulled her dress over her breasts and helped her out and walked her to the door. I kissed her goodnight and headed home. That girl was going to be mine, not just mine but MINE.

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