tagInterracial LoveThose Eyes Alone Ch. 06-07

Those Eyes Alone Ch. 06-07


I know its been too long, but school had been kicking my butt. I hope this satisfies your cravings for Nathan and Trystynne. Thanks for your comments and words of encouragment.

Without further ado. Those eyes alone

Her: That weekend Havannah and I went to the mall to find our dresses for the engagement party.

"So..." she said with a smile.

"So what girl? Spit it out!" I said.

"Tell me about new boyfriend." She said with an anxious smile.

"Oh, oh my gosh girl, he is sooo...indescribable. I haven't been this happy in a long time."

"Yeah, I can see the glow. Now I know I'm not the one to talk about things like this, but I think its time we had "The Talk"."

"What? I had "The Talk" when I was 12."

"Yeah but you need this "The Talk"."

"What? That makes no sense."

"Just listen. You're going to get your cherry popped eventually, and this could possibly be the guy to do it. First things first-"

"Havannah, are you really going to do this in public?"

"Yes, I am, so anyway..."

She continued giving me her version of "The Talk" while we shopped. After we were done, I went home to put my new ensemble in the closet and Nathan was there waiting for me.

"Nathan, what are you doing here?"

"I came to see you of course." He said kissing me and handing me a bouquet of red and white roses.

"Aw, baby you are too much."

"I love seeing you smile. I want to keep that sexy smile there forever." He kissed me again.

"What's all of this?" He said helping me with my dress.

"Havannah invited me to be here guest at this engagement party."

"Oh, you know who it is? I might know them."

"No, not really, one of her bunch brunch buddies. I wanted to make a good impression so I got something new."

"The only impression you better be trying to make is on me." He said with that sexy sly grin. He made me so hungry with lust; he made me wet just looking at him.

"So, why don't you model the dress for me?"

"Sure, why not? I need a man's opinion anyway."

I went to my room and started to pun on my new dress, then I decided to give him a little show. I found the sexiest dress I had and put it on with my lingerie that I had bought for the hell of it and my 5.5" leopard print heels.



When I stepped out, I had on a royal blue dress that had a deep v-neck and a hugged me tightly around my hips and ass. It was very short and sexy. I wanted to go all the way this time.

"You're joking."

"So, you think they'll like it?"

He stood with darkness in his eyes. He walked up to me and stared me down.

"If you didn't like it, all you had to do what say so." I said pushing his chest.

He grabbed my wrists firmly, pushed me against the wall, and pinned my hands above my head.

"You really like teasing me don't you?"

"No, I just-"


He pulled me down the hall and turned to the bedroom he guessed was mine and shut the door.

"Where's your aunt kitten?"


He pushed me to bend over on the bed.

"Don't you dare move." He said in a husky voice.

He removed my dress and unhooked my bra. For a moment I was getting self conscious because of my weight, but when I felt his lips on my body, I got so excited. He rubbed his against my now soaking love cave.

"Do you feel what you do to me? I've been wanting you since I first laid eyes on you. I'm gonna make you mine."

He kissed down my back, and reached up and gently rubbed my sensitive nipples. It felt so good, I put my face on the bed to keep quiet.

"I want to hear you baby. Tell me what you want."

He continued kissing my body. He kissed and made love bites on my neck while he pulled my panties down and rubbed his hand through my wetness. I shuddered and he chuckled. He grabbed me around my waist and pulled me away from the bed and told me to touch my toes. I didn't know what to expect.


Him: I could now see a good view of her wet virgin pussy. I toyed with her little button and she started moaning in her little sweet way again.

"You like teasing me huh? Do you know how bad you've been? Good girls don't tease their boyfriends' do they Kitten?" I said easily slipping my finger inside of her.

"Oh gosh no. Oh Nathan, mmm." She was panting and enjoying what I was doing to her body. She was so wet and I wanted her good and ready. I wanted to taste her, have her, love her. Her first little orgasm rolled through and she shuddered. I turned her to face me. Her eyes were glossy and wide, I kissed her deeply, tasting her mouth. I let my tongue travel down to her big beautiful chocolate breasts. I laid her down and spread her sexy thick thighs. I made little kisses and nibbles down her thighs passing over her wetness. I spread her luscious lips and tasted her for the first time. She was so sweet I couldn't control myself. I flicked my tongue over her little pearl and slowly let my fingers explore the inside of her.

"Oh yesss!!!" She hissed.

I pressed against her spot, and she yelled out and I felt something warm and wet hit my face. My girl was a squirter! I was so turned on. I gave her three orgasms back to back.

"Baby stop! No more."

I stopped and kissed her deeply, letting her taste herself on my lips. She did something I didn't expect so soon. She started unbuckling my pants. I pulled my shirt above my head and she stared at my chest and abs. I wasn't overly built; I always thought I had a biker's body. She reached up and kissed me and made trails down my chest to the top of my boxers. She lightly licked the where my boxers stopped and it felt so good. She finally pushed my pants and boxers down and I sprung out at her. She jumped a little and marveled at the size. A scared look passed her face, but she calmed down and reached out and grabbed it firmly yet softly. I growled and waited for her to do more. She leaned forward and kept moving her small hand up and down my shaft. The thought of her beautiful mouth on my rock hard cock made me twitch. I closed my eyes and enjoyed her soft hands on me. Then I felt something wet on the tip. Before I could open my eyes, I felt her warm mouth swallow me. She bobbed her head up and down, and circled her tongue in the process. It felt so good I began to moan and I could hardly catch my breath. I stopped her because I didn't want to cum in her mouth just yet. I kissed her and laid her on the bed.

"Are you ready princess?" I said rubbing her swollen clit.

"Nathan!" she moaned.

"What baby, tell me."


"What do you want me to do?"

"Release me." She said in a whisper.

I placed myself at her opening and kissed all over her. When I pushed in she squirmed a little, and I stopped. She nodded telling me to keep going. I pushed half way in and she took a really deep breath and grabbed me tightly.

"Oh fuck, Nathan wait." She said breathlessly with her eyes tightly shut.

"Look at me baby. Breathe okay? Just breathe and relax. You're so beautiful, I love you so much." I said stroking and going deeper and deeper until I bottomed out.

"Oh baby don't stop."

I worked in and out of her gently at first so she could get comfortable around me, then I picked up the pace. After awhile I was pounding her sweet tight pussy fiercely. She felt so good around my thick long cock. Her beautiful breasts moved to the rhythm of our love and little beads of sweat started to form. I rubbed and squeezed all over her body and she was scratching and squeezing me and it felt so good. I felt like I was going into a different world. I pulled her on me and she started fucking me.

:"Oh fuck I'm cumming!" She said hitting her climax head on.

She shook and jerked like she was convulsing. She hit her orgasm so hard she pushed at me looking straight in my eyes lost at words and breath. She tried to pull me out of her as I pumped all of my seed and touched her over sensitive clit. I moved her hands as her first REAL climax ripped through her body like electricity. She fell limply on me and we reveled in the height of the moment. I tapped her so she could lay down and rest but she wouldn't move. I looked at her face and she had passed out. I smiled and laid her down. She felt so damn good in my arms. She was mine and nothing was going to stop that. Ten minutes later I was ready to go again. I wanted to wake her up differently, so I lifted her leg and entered from behind.

"Mmm, baby you feel so good inside of me" She said with a sleepy smile.

"You're so tight baby, I want all of you." I said pounding into her.

Our skin slapping against each other. I watched my white dick disappear into her chocolate and strawberry pussy. My long hard rod into her brand new wetness and that sent me over the edge. We spent the whole weekend making love and temporarily satisfying our cravings.


Her: It was Wednesday and I was still a little sore from our first time together. When he walked in he smiled at me and walked back to the kitchen and kissed me.

"Babe, I missed you.'

"After two days?" I teased.

"Anytime away from you is too long."

"I might call you to get me away from this boring engagement party this weekend."

"You need to be with me this weekend, I'm hungry for you again."

"You will, like I said, I'm going to call you when I get bored, or as soon as the party's over."

"Okay, I'm going to go eat, 'kay babe?"

"Go ahead." I kissed him while rubbing against his crotch.

"Kitten, you keep that up I'm going to take what's mine right now."

I laughed and started to walk away.

"Oh before I leave, I wanted to give you this."

Before I could turn around, he was putting a gold necklace with two diamond hearts that had "My true Love" going through it. It was so beautiful, I wanted to cry. I turned and kissed him with tears clouding my eyes.

"You better go eat." I said walking away from him. He walked behind me and comforted me. When he finally went to eat, I took a picture and sent it to Havannah who quickly called me.

"No fucking way!"

"Yes! I cried, no one has ever done this for me."

"I'm so happy for you. I can see you guys going far. Hold on to him."

We talked until it was time to start working again. Since Nathan and I wouldn't see each other during the weekend, we decided to spend the days we would have together going out and having fun. The weekend came faster than planned. Havannah and I met up and got dolled up for the engagement party. Havannah wore a sexy red dress with rhinestones going down the back. She pinned her long flowy hair into a nice classy bun and wore a full red lip and silver rhinestone heels to accent the dress. I wore a nude pink baby doll pin up dress with 5" nude heels. I gave myself glamour curls to make a 1940's look. Because I couldn't be with Nathan I wore the necklace he bought me and I felt really special. When we got to the party, I saw it was held in the couple's home. We walked in and immediately received compliments on our glamorous style. For the first time I met Keaton.

"Hey girl, congrats on the engagement, this is my friend Trystynne." Havannah said introducing us.

"Hi, nice to meet you, congratulations." I said holding out my hand. She shook it and smiled really a really elated smile.

"Nice to finally meet you. Havannah's told me so much about you. Well you guys have a good time and mingle. My fiancé should be home soon."

We walked around and chatted with random people. After awhile Havannah and I grabbed a seat at the bar and talked about some of the dresses we liked and disliked. After awhile, the crowd started to stir and gather by the door. Someone made their way through the crowd and I saw it was Nathan. He rushed over to me.

"Hey baby, I didn't know you'd be here."

"So this is Mr. Boyfriend? Wow! Nice." Havannah said giving me the thumbs up.

"Baby please, I need to talk to-"

"Baby, I knew you'd be home soon!" Keaton said rushing over to him.

She grabbed his face and kissed him lovingly. My stomach dropped.

"Keaton what the hell is going on here?" He asked.

I began to shake. Havannah looked at me and back at them.

"Our engagement party. I told you when I came back we'd move ahead so, this is our step closer to the wedding." She said with a huge grin.

"Oh were are my manners, Havannah, and uh...I'm sorry I forgot your name, but this is Nathan, my fiancé."


Him: Her face was blank, she leaned back in shock and her hand flew to her chest where my necklace hung from her neck, but her face was blank. She took a deep breath.

"Well, congratulations to you both, and I hope you guys have a happy life." She said turning away from me.

"3 please." She said to the bartender.

"Oh Trysta," Havannah said comforting her.

"Come on babe lets mingle." Keaton said walking away.

The bartender gave her three shots of vodka and she gulped those down in a split second, then she turned and grabbed someone's glass of champagne and gulped it down.

"Baby stop, let me explain." I touched her and she got up and walked away.

"Trystynne." Havannah called going after her.

"Vannah, leave me alone." She said under her breath.

She pushed her way through the crowd and found Keaton, I tried to follow her but people were trying to talk, slowing me down. I saw her snatch the necklace off.

"This was given to me...by someone who is no longer in my life. I'd like you to have it as something borrowed."

My heart shattered. She walked out, I started to go after her but Keaton caught me.

"What the fuck is all of this? I told you I don't want to get married and you come here and ruin everything." I said on the edge of explosion.

I cleared everyone out of the house and was tempted to throw Keaton out on the corner, but I had to make sure she had a clear understanding that there was no more "us."

"Nathan! What the fuck is wrong with you? You embarrassed me in front of all my friends, some of my family-"

"No Keaton, you embarrassed yourself. I told you I don't want to get married. You blew me off, and then you pulled this stunt."

"Nathan, you know how much this means to me and-"

"Why?" I said staring her square in the eye.

"Why Keaton? Give me 5 good reasons why and I won't end it. I'll try to make it work."

"I- uh...Nathan, we've talked about this before...I-" She stumbled.

"What's the real purpose of getting married?" I asked.

"We look so good together. We...we've been together so long, long enough to get married."

"Do you love me?"

"Of course I do?"

"Are you in love with me?"

She hesitated and looked at me with tear filled eyes.

"No." she whispered.

I pulled her close to me and kissed the top of her head. That night, we finally got a clear understanding that our relationship was over. Now I could get the woman that had captured my heart from the moment I looked into her eyes. After Keaton left, I called Trystynne over and over, each time failing to get an answer. I wanted to go out and find her, at the same time I wanted to give her space and time to think. I kept thinking about how upset she looked, how she had blanked everyone out, how she had closed me out before I even had the opportunity to explain. I was sad, hurt, angry, and I had to get her back.


Her: My world shattered before my eyes. I couldn't believe I had really fallen for him. I kept telling myself to be strong. I wouldn't dare cry. Apparently, I was just another notch in his belt and that's all I could and would ever be. I stupidly gave myself to him. My love, my affection...my virginity. At that thought I fell to the ground. I could hear screaming, but I didn't realize it was me. My heart was torn. I had never felt so hurt before. My feelings were so hurt I started feeling physical pain. Havannah walked up behind me and put her arms around me.

"Don't touch me! Let me go!" I yelled but she never let me go.

She helped me up and we walked to her car and drove to her apartment. My phone rang over and over all night long. I cried all night long. Havannah never criticized me, she never told me to get a grip, she was my best friend and she comforted me until I fell asleep. That morning, when I woke up, I decided that the night before was my last night crying, I was done hurting and I had moved on. Nathan who?

"Trysta, hun, you cannot hold your feelings in. I know you want to be strong, but-"

"No, I'm done crying." I said hoarsely.

"I'm moving on and I'm leaving."

"Okay, I'll get my keys."

"No Vannah, I'm leaving. I'm going to go live with my mom."

"Trystynne La'Reigna! You're honestly going to go back to that emotionally destructive place? No I won't allow it.'

"You have no say in my life Vannah." I said with more attitude than intended.

I saw her grey eyes grow cold with anger and I had to make things better.

"I love you Vannah, you're the best friend anyone could ever ask for, but I can't stay here. I'm hurting too bad. I'm so heartbroken, my body even hurts." I said defeating myself at my own game of being too strong to cry.

"I knew it was too good to be true. I let my emotions and his empty words cloud reality. I'm so stupid."

"No, don't you ever, ever let me hear you blame yourself for loving. So what the guy's an asshole. He doesn't realize that he missed out on the best thing he could've ever had. I envy you sometimes. You have a beauty about you that is so pure and real. People look at you and they see happiness even though you're plus-size." She said crying.

"You'll find Mr. Righ, and he'll be the best man in the world for you."

When we finished crying, we sat and talked all day long. Havannah was my best friend and would forever be that, but it could never fill the huge hole in her heart.


Him: I wanted to give her time to calm down, but I couldn't and wouldn't wait for that. She was mine and there was no changing that. The moment I stared into those big beautiful brown eyes, I knew she was going my wife. It was tearing me apart that she was avoiding me and calling it quits, but unbeknown to her that wasn't happening. I didn't care if I had to kidnap her, tie her up while she yelled and screamed until she lost her voice. I wasn't letting her go. My heart was hers and hers was mine. One night, I went by her aunt's house to her so we could talk and work things out.

"Look," her aunt said with a sigh. "She's gonna kill me for doing this, but I've seen you two. The way you look at each other, the small touches you give when everyone else is too busy laughing at nothing. I know you love her and she loves you, otherwise you wouldn't be here. I know you meant no harm in whatever you did, and I won't let her give up that easy. She went to stay in her brother's condo in Cypress Hill #42C. Don't let her get away." Trystynne's aunt said with wisdom.

I hugged her and gave her a kiss on the cheek and went to claim what was mine. When I arrived at the condo, I was prepared for an all out war of wills and I was going to win. I knocked on the door twice before that sweet voice answered.

"Who is it?"

I didn't answer because I knew if she heard my voice she'd never open the door. The door flew open after she asked the second time.

"Listen, I got a gun don't fu-" she said looking up in my face.

Those beautiful eyes were wide with disbelief. I was grateful that my reflexes were good because she tried to shut the door in my face.

"Hello Kitten." She stepped away from me looking angered and terrified at the same time.

"We have much to discuss." I said walking towards her.

"Nathan I don't want to talk about you and your girlfriend, so get the fuck out now."

"She's not my girlfriend and watch your mouth."

"Oh right your fiancé. How could I ever forget? Just leave, you can't use me anymore and you got what you wanted now leave me alone."

"If I leave, you're coming with me."

"I'm not going anywhere with you. I don't fuck around with men who are about to get married."

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