tagNonHumanThose Eyes Ch. 09

Those Eyes Ch. 09


Hi all,

Sorry that it's taken me so long to update. Once more, life got in the way of my hobbies. I hope that this chapter was worth the wait. Remember to comment and vote. It makes this process so much more fun.

Thank you to Archangel for his editing skills and enjoyable commentary =)




I held my breath as I stared down at her. She hadn't stirred for at least four minutes and my mind raced with the most horrible thoughts. What if she never woke up? I shook my head to clear those thoughts away. I couldn't allow myself to think like that. She was going to wake up. She had to wake up.

There. I felt it. A tiny flutter of hidden muscles. It was then that I noticed that I was still seated deeply inside of her heat. I groaned at the realization as the memories of what we had just done replayed in my mind. She had been perfect, everything that I had ever imagined. She gave as good as she took, and she was all mine.

I felt my cock twitch inside of her impossibly tight sheathe and I groaned once more. I felt slightly ashamed that I was allowing my unconscious mate to affect me so, but I couldn't remove myself from the heaven that lay between her legs.

"Mmm, Alex," I heard her moan, so softly that I barely caught it. It was then that I was suddenly hit with appreciation, adoration, and love. I was in awe as I realized where that feeling was coming from: it was from her, from our bond. That moment was by far the happiest of my life, and I desperately wanted her to wake up.

As if reading my mind, her eyes begin to flutter open slowly. I watched intently as her eyes opened completely and her vision focused.

"Alex," she said once more in a breathy moan. I couldn't help it as my hard member twitched once more.

"Hi, Baby," I said, staring down at her gorgeous face. The widest smiles were spread across both of our faces as we just stared into each other's eyes. I concentrated on sending all the love I could down our bond, and chuckled when she blushed deeply.

"What is that?" she asked, looking back at me with a slightly confused expression.

"You don't like it?"

"It's wonderful," she said, looking away from my eyes.

"Look at me, Ana," I said, placing a soft kiss on her cheek.

Slowly, she turned her head to look at me and I couldn't help but gasp. Her once olive-green eyes now had a ring of cyan wrapped tightly around their pupils. It was different; they weren't the eyes that I had planned on looking into the rest of my life, but they were beyond beautiful none the less.

"Your eyes!" she gasped, staring back at me with wide eyes. "They have green in the middle! What the—"

I cut her off, slamming my lips against hers. I couldn't help it—knowing that she was mine and that our bond was complete made me want to claim her once more. I needed to show her that she was mine, now that everyone was going to see it: she was going to feel it, every time she walked, every time she closed her legs.

I moved slightly, reminding her that I was still inside of her, and she moaned, low and long. She was still wet from our earlier encounter. I pulled back slowly and slid back into her heat even more slowly. She threw her head back and closed her eyes, her long, raven tresses fanned out around her. She was utter perfection in that moment, her back arched off the bed as I paused within her depths.

"Alex, please," she begged, opening her eyes and staring deeply into mine. Seeing the blue ring in her once-green irises was my breaking point; knowing that she now possessed a part of me caused me to pull back and surge deeply into her body.

I continued moving, her soft gasps and moans all the encouragement that I needed. On a particularly deep thrust, she attempted to close her eyes, but I wouldn't allow it. "Look at me, Santana," I said, using a hard thrust to punctuate each word.

"It's sooo good," she whispered, straining to keep her eyes open.

I growled when I felt her short nails digging into my shoulder, nearly drawing blood. I stared down into her eyes, straining just as hard as she was to keep my eyes open through the onslaught of pleasure. I moved in and out of her, varying my speed according to her responses—and she was nothing if not responsive.

She moved her hips up, matching my tempo no matter how much it changed. Giving back and asking for more in return. I felt the walls of tight sheath flutter and gritted my teeth as I concentrated on not finishing before she found her pleasure.

My concentration was broken when the small ring of blue in her eyes glowed suddenly for a brief moment. I paused in confusion, not understanding what had just happened. My confusion was just the opening she needed as I suddenly found myself on my back, looking up at a very pleased Ana.

"What the—" I began to say before I was cut off by the vision above me. Ana looked down at me with glowing eyes and a wide smile, her canines elongated. Her other teeth were still sharp points, but her canines were what caught my attention. They appeared much deadlier than they had been before. She looked so dangerous and so... sexy.

Straightening her back, she began to ride me at an excruciatingly slow pace. Up and down. I watched my hard cock disappear inside of her with every move she made. Her pace made it possible for me to feel every inch of her velvety center, and the feeling was exquisite.

She was so tight and fit me like glove, further affirming that she was made just for me. That thought made me love her even more, and she smiled as she must have felt my affection through our new bond. Her wavy ebony hair was wild around her face, making her look every bit the sexual goddess that she was.

Bracing one hand on my chest for balance, she used the other to push her hair away from her face, once again revealing her perfection to me. The only sounds in the planetarium were our collective moans, groans, and gasps as we rejoiced in the continual joining of our bodies. Pushing down as deep as she could, she ground her pussy in a sexy hip roll. Her head was thrown back as a string of expletives escaped her full lips.

"Fuck, Alex. Shit! It's so fucking good, baby!" she screamed.

"You have no idea," I groaned, gripping the sheets as I continued to let her set the pace of our lovemaking.

Her head snapped forward, and she looked down at me, her hair once again wild and tangled around her face. She was biting her bottom lip and before I could see what she had done, I smelled the metallic scent of blood in the air.

I watched the crimson pearl make its way over her plump bottom lip and down her chin before I reacted. I was suddenly sitting up, crushing her body to mine as I sucked on her bottom lip. I would never tire of tasting her this way. I didn't think I'd ever tire of tasting her in any way. She was like my drug.

"Alex!" she gasped. Wrapping her arms around my neck, she clung to me desperately as I pounded into her from below. I could feel the slick walls surrounding me began to flutter erratically as I picked up my pace, slamming into her as fast as I could. She was close, and I knew that her climax would send me tumbling into my own.

"Cum for me," I begged through gritted teeth and between soul searing kisses. "Now!"


I felt the heat rise up my neck and across my cheeks as I watched him watch me. I could feel it all through our bond, the love... the lust. It was so much, and yet not enough at the same time. I couldn't believe that the beautiful man sitting across from me was mine. I'd do anything for him; I knew that to be true. I'd love him with everything that I was. I'd be the best person that I could be for him. I'd fight for him. I'd kill for him

Kill for him? I mentally asked myself. Yes, I would kill for him. I'd destroy anything and anyone that dared to make his eyes shine a little less brightly, dared to make his smile less easy. I wanted to be shocked by this new revelation, but I wasn't. These feelings seemed so natural, so basic and so primal, and I saw the same feelings reflected back at me in his eyes.

For the second time in 24 hours, we were headed back to Chantilly. After round 3 and a nap, Alex had checked his phone. His brows knitted together as he listened to the several voicemails left by Dr. Otto.

"We have to go, baby," was all that he had said.

I stood, immediately feeling the evidence of our lovemaking running down the inside of my legs. I cringed, catching my mate's attention. He chuckled. "I should ask you to leave it," he said with a smug, male grin.

"And I should ask you to buy the biggest bottle of lotion ever, because you sure as hell wouldn't be touching me again," was my immediate reply.

More quickly than I thought possible, he was behind me, pressing hard into my body. I felt something warm and wet touching the apex of my thighs and looked down to see him cleaning me with a damp towel.

"You'd die if I never touched you again," he whispered into my ear. "You crave it now. You're probably thinking of the next time that I'm going to be inside of you, right now. Aren't you?"

My body gave me away as I shuddered at his words and feeling his warm breath against my ear and neck. I bit my lip to hold back a moan.

"Thought so," he said with mirth in his voice as he finished cleaning my most intimate parts. I hated that he was right. I couldn't even concentrate on whatever news Dr. Otto had for us. I just kept looking at him and wondering when he and I would have another chance to explore each other's bodies. I noticed his expression change; there was that look of male satisfaction again. Stupid mating bond.

I noticed the doctor pacing outside of the lab before we even pulled up. He looked anxious, bewildered, and stressed, and I felt my stomach drop at seeing his expression, no longer concerned with my sex drive. There was no way that this was even remotely good news. I gripped Alex's hand in a death hold as he helped me out of the car. He looked back at me and gave me his most reassuring smile. It seemed to say: whatever this is, we'll get through it together.

Without saying a word, Dr. Otto began moving swiftly through the building; we assumed we were meant to follow. His brisk walk finally ended at the door of a room marked "Security." We followed him inside.

"I don't know how we missed her. She had to have been here the whole time," he said with a sigh as he pushed buttons on the advanced surveillance equipment in front of him. "There are times when the camera doesn't even pick her up. I don't know how that's possible." He was shaking his head now, his brows tightly knitted.

"Who are you talking about?" Alex asked, staring at the Doctor's fast moving fingers.

He looked up and pointed at one of the screens. "Her."

On the screen was a girl with olive skin and flaming red hair. She had a lean body with less than subtle curves and a very young-looking face. But all of this was irrelevant; what caught my attention were her eyes. They were that same unique green that mine had been up until mere hours ago. Even the shape was identical.

"Is she..." Alex began.

"My sister," I said with a broken sob. I covered my mouth to prevent more restrained cries from being heard. I wasn't sure if I crying tears of joy at learning that I wasn't alone, or tears of fright at knowing that they had found me.

"She's lovely, isn't she?" The Doctor said, breaking the silence. "A real sweetheart, too."

I looked at him with disbelief. Was he seriously standing there complimenting a key player in the end of my freedom?

Ignoring my anger, he proceeded: "She said she didn't want to hurt you. You saw how she got in without being detected! That girl could have grabbed you before either of us has realized what had happened, Santana," he said, running his hands down his tired-looking face. "She asked me the strangest questions. She didn't ask about you at all."

"What did she want?" I asked, barely above a whisper.

"She was curious about Alex," The Doctor said, still watching the red-haired girl on the camera.

I immediately bristled at hearing this. "What did she want to know about my mate?" I responded, in barely contained anger.

"Not him specifically. She was curious as to what he was to you. She was curious about mates. Asked a lot of questions about the subject. I guess wherever they kept her, she wasn't educated on the topic." He said with a sad smile. "The most interesting scent clung to her, but I could tell it wasn't her own." His tone was wistful now.

I nodded, giving Alex's hand a quick squeeze to remind myself that he was still there, quietly supporting me. My head was spinning. I wasn't sure what to think, but I knew not to let my guard down. I'd kill my half-sister if she dared to threaten what Alex and I had just found.


Carmendi lay silently on her back, staring up at the pristine ceiling of the W Hotel suite she and her siblings had rented. The strategic planning going on around her was nothing more than background noise as she thought about everything she had learned the night before.

Growing up in the compound, romantic ideals were not something that she could afford. She had never seen a romantic comedy, never read Twilight, hell, she hadn't even been allowed to watch Disney movies. Everyone in the compound outside of the scientists, doctors, and soldiers had been related to her in some way. She had never experienced romantic feelings towards another soul, and never thought to before now.

She wondered what he would be like, her mate. Would he be as blatantly attractive as Alex and that geneticist were, or would his allure be more subtle? Would love be reflected in his eyes whenever he looked her way as it was in Alex's? She sighed.

It was one more reason to hate her half-sister. Not only did she have the freedom that Carmendi's wild spirit desperately craved, she also had unconditional love for as long as she lived from a man surely as beautiful as the gods.

"Are you listening to us, Carmendi?"

Aara's serious tone ripped away the strands of her little sister's daydreaming. She watched as her sister's green eyes blinked rapidly before meeting her own.

"I apologize, Aara. I was distracted."

"Yes, you were. This is important, Carmen. We have a mission to complete. The sooner we finish, the sooner we can get back to our world," said Aara in her deadpan voice. Aara had seemed off all week, but her words still struck a chord within Carmendi.

Immediately, Carmendi sat up and looked around the room at each of her older siblings, all staring back at her. "Our world?" she repeated incredulously. "Our world! That is not our world! That is a prison!" she said, pointing in no particular direction. "How could you want to go back there? How could you want to take all of this," Carmdendi screamed, pointing out the large window, "away from our sister?"

"We have a mission," Zach responded, standing up, ready to deescalate the rising tension if he was needed.

"You know what..." the youngest sister huffed before picking up her bag, ignoring the strange way Audrienne was staring at her. "Fuck this mission." She made her way to the door, only to be shoved across the room by the smallest of her siblings. She flew through the air, hitting the wall, all the air knocked from her lungs. Before she could gauge what had happened, Aara was on top of her, her tiny forearms pressed hard against her throat.

"You will do as you are told, little girl. We don't have time for this," Aara said through tight lips only a second before she was bodily removed from a very scared Carmendi by their brother.

He shook her roughly before setting her down on the ground. "You will never touch her like that again."

"Or what? You'll tell our father?"

"We have to stick together, Aara," said Audrienne, finally breaking her silence. Her expression still peculiar.

"You know what... while you all are sticking together, I'm going to go find our sister and bring her back for a little family reunion. I don't have time for this," Aara said in a deadly tone, closing the door behind her.

Carmendi watched her leave, purposely neglecting to mention that the Santana she would find wouldn't be the same Santana as before.


Aaron watched Santana play with her hands at Alex's side. He thought over what they all had just been told. He tried desperately to contain his fear and anger. He had been waiting so long—not nearly as long as some of his other siblings, but long enough. He had always wanted to find his mate, but had never given it much thought until Santana came into their lives. After seeing her and his brother together, he needed this.

Santana's fidgeting ceased and she stood up abruptly. She could sense the anxiety in the room, mainly from her mate, and she couldn't take it. "I'll be right back," she said, walking in the direction of the door. She turned before Alex could follow her. "No. Stay, talk to your brothers and sister. I won't leave the building, I promise."

They all watched as she left the penthouse. Alex could sense her nearby, pacing the long hallway outside of his apartment. Her emotions were all over the place. He felt anxiety, fear, a fierce possessiveness, and sadness. He hated that she was feeling that way, but he needed to figure out how to protect before he could comfort her. Though, he desperately wanted to be holding her and kissing all of her anxiety away. He sighed as he closed their bond, so, that he could focus on his siblings and what they were saying, but before doing so, he sent as much love as he could to her, hoping to ease even a fraction of her distress.


I leaned against the cool wall and slid to the floor. I stared at my feet splayed in front of me. Something inside of me was different. I could feel it. There was something possessive and deadly lurking inside of my once muted soul.

The only explanation that I could think of was the mating. The doctor had said that it'd settle me, but I didn't feel settled. I felt riled. I felt like fighting tooth and nail for my mate and the life we were just starting together.

For a while, I listened in on what was being said inside, but I just continued to become more anxious and angry at the fact that they were all here discussing my life. I thought back to the young red-haired girl who shared my eyes. The one who threatened everything that I had come to love. I was so curious about her. She seemed so innocent, and I felt myself forming some sort of attachment to the girl who was a stranger to me. I contemplated if that new attachment would be enough to spare her.

I sat in that position for what felt like hours but was surely only minutes thinking about the dramatic turn my life had taken. A month ago, I was alone and trying to figure out who I was, completely disregarding what I was. Now I had a family, friends, and a mate. I had a sibling that I hadn't known existed, and I'd learned that I was a mix of species that I didn't know were real. Rubbing my fingers on my temples, I sighed. My head felt like it was about to explode. I needed fresh air like I needed my next breath. I needed it almost like I needed Alex.

I stood up carefully, trying to ignore the way everything seemed to spin. "Focus, Santana." I whispered to myself as I made my way out of the building. The closer that I got to the door, the more everything seemed to clear. "You're almost there." As my fingers wrapped around the cool metal of the doorknob, I breathed out a sigh of relief only to pause before opening the door.

There it was again, that feeling, the same one that I had been feeling randomly throughout the week. Looking through the glass windows, I watched the people move through the streets. Nothing seemed off, nothing seemed suspicious, but if I had learned one thing these past couple of weeks, it was that nothing was always as it seemed.

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