tagIncest/TabooThose Four Nights Ch. 03

Those Four Nights Ch. 03


(The continuation of this story is long, long overdue – my sincere apologies. I felt that I had to do justice to the story to complete it. The final two chapters are posted simultaneously. In Chapter 3, Arun and Jothi take their taboo love to a next level. You may have to re-read Chapters 1 & 2 again to recapture the story line however, but hope you all still enjoy the ending. And once again, my humble apologies for the delay.)

"Hello. Priya?" I called over the phone.

"Hello. Athan. Yes, what's up?" my wife answered, recognising my voice immediately.

"I just got a message from the office that I have to meet a potential customer tomorrow in Sungai Petani. So, I will not be returning home tonight. Ok?" I lied to Priya.

"What lah Athan? I was looking forward to seeing you today. I miss you" Priya responded, sounding disappointed.

"What to do lah, darling? Big customer and since I am already here up north, they asked to take care of it. I actually have my luggage with me, ready to return home tonight" I explained, making up the story.

"Never mind, your work is important darling. Finish it and come home tomorrow" she replied, believing my story.

"I have to find a hotel to stay for tonight too. I already told farewell to Athai" I told Priya, trying to convince her that my staying back was unplanned.

"Don't be silly. I will call Mom and tell her about your change of plans. Anyway, Sungai Petani is very near to Prai, so it will be easy for you tomorrow morning" Priya advised.

"Ok" I answered, trying to sound genuinely honest.

"Take care and see you tomorrow. My pussy can't wait to feel your hard cock inside her" Priya said temptingly.

"I miss you too, sweetheart. I will be home by 7pm" I replied, feeling a tinge of cheating guilt for lying to Priya.

"By the way Athan, take them out to the KFC outlet for dinner. Mom told me that she has a sudden yearning to eat there" Priya said. (KFC = Kentucky Fried Chicken).

"Ok, I will darling" I answered and then blew Priya a kiss before putting down the phone.

Earlier that morning, I had packed my bag and left Raja's house, after a wonderful breakfast of iddi appam (string hoppers) and sambar. Jothi had put on a long sulking face when she saw me put my suitcase in the car, disappointed that I was going home after all, despite what I had said the previous night. Little did she know then that my mind was already made up to spend another wild night of love in her arms. I just wanted to be absolutely sure that there was no room for any suspicion by anyone.

I bid farewell to my mother-in-law and then to Jothi before getting into the car. As they stood there waving goodbye, Jothi's eyes were teary and her lips whispered a silent "I love you" to me. I winked at her before reversing the car out of the driveway. I pressed the horn and then waved once again to them before driving away.

About an hour after I had called Priya, I rang Raja's house. My mother-in-law answered the phone and told me that Priya had already called her to inform her about the change in my schedule. She asked me if I would be home for dinner and I told her that I would take them all out for dinner to the KFC outlet. I could sense the joy in my mother-in-law's voice when I said that.

At around 7pm, I reached Raja's house and left the car parked outside. I was greeted by Raja's two children who were excited that they were going to the KFC outlet. I went inside and my mother-in-law was all dressed and ready but there was no sign of Jothi. I went to the guestroom and left my office suitcase and travel bag there. I took off my tie, folded my sleeves and then went to use the bathroom.

When I came back to the hall, Jothi was there, dressed in a beige-coloured Punjabi suit, her hair nicely pleated and adorned with jasmine flowers. She looked radiant, her beautiful face complete with a round, red pottu on her forehead. The happiness in her face was evident and her eyes thanked me, promising me that I would not be disappointed with my decision.

"Shall we go?" I asked.

"Yes!" replied the kids with glee.

We got into the car and mother-in-law sat in the front. Jothi sat directly behind me with the kids at her side. As I drove towards the restaurant, I asked the kids about school and they were happily sharing their stories with me. The wonderful fragrance of the fresh jasmine flowers on Jothi's hair stirred my senses.

"What time is your flight tomorrow, Thambi?" asked my mother-in-law.

"At 3pm in the afternoon, Athai. I have got a meeting in Sungai Petani in the morning and from there, I will go straight to the airport" I replied.

"What time will you have to leave in the morning, Annan?" asked Jothi.

I felt her hands holding the side of my seat as she posed the question and her body moving closer to the back of my seat.

"Around 9, I think" I replied.

"Oh, ok. Athai and me are going to the temple early in the morning" said Jothi.

I felt her right hand touch the side of my body closer to the door, away from anyone's view, and her fingers began to gently stroke up and down, over my shirt. Her touch sent an electric bolt straight to my loins.

"There is an engagement tomorrow evening and Mrs. Singam had asked us to come and help with the preparations. Her granddaughter is getting engaged. So we had planned to go there straight after prayers at the temple" added my mother-in-law. (Mrs. Singam was an old family friend of Priya's parents.)

"I can also leave earlier if it is more convenient for you. It's really no problem" I replied.

"It's ok, Thambi. I can ask them to drop Jothi back at the house after the temple. You can take your time" said my mother-in-law.

"It's really no problem, Athai. I can leave when you both leave for the temple" I repeated, enjoying the caress of Jothi's fingers on my side.

"No, Thambi. You take your time, please" persuaded my mother-in-law, unaware of the taboo relationship between Jothi and me.

"Anyway, I have to be back before the children return home from school" added Jothi, her fingers excitedly pinching me.

We reached the restaurant and I stopped near the entrance and requested the others to get out while I parked the car. Jothi was the last to get out and just before she stepped out, her hand slipped in between the buttons of my shirt and touched my bare chest.

"Thanks, darling" she whispered and got out.

We found a nice table in the corner of the KFC outlet. We sat down with both kids next to me. Jothi sat across from me with my mother-in-law by her side. The kids soon selected the menu they desired and Jothi chose for herself and my mother-in-law. I ordered the food, paid and waited in front of the counter.

A few minutes later, I carried two trays of the fried chicken favourites, drinks and coleslaw salad back to our table and sat down. The kids started tucking away almost immediately and I waited till everyone had started before taking a piece of chicken. We ate silently, enjoying the finger-licking good food. Under the table, I felt Jothi's right foot reach out to mine, rubbing the side of her foot against mine.

"Are you guys enjoying the chicken?" I asked the children while I caught Jothi's foot between both my feet.

"Yes, Mama" they both answered simultaneously. (Mama = uncle, in Tamil).

"Thanks, Thambi for bringing us here" said my mother-in-law, enjoying her cup of mashed potato.

"It's my pleasure, Athai" I replied and looked at Jothi.

Her eyes were sparkling with love and desire and as she bit into her piece of chicken, she looked so seductively ravishing that I wanted to have her then and there. There was an unbelievably strong physical and mental attraction to this female creature and God, I wanted her more than anything else in the world. Blood rushed to my loins and within seconds, my cock was rock hard.

"When are you coming up next with Priya up here?" asked mother-in-law, breaking my lustful thoughts.

"Most likely the day after Deepavali" I answered, looking towards my mother-in-law, willing my swelling to die down.

After some more exchange of conversation, we finished our meals one-by-one and I asked them if they desired anything else from the counter. The kids wanted some ice cream but my mother-in-law cautioned them against that, as the little girl was still recovering from a cold. Jothi got up and helped my mother-in-law towards the sink to wash her hands. I stood up and the kids jumped out from their seat and ran towards the sink. After I had washed my hands, we left the KFC outlet.

As we drove towards the house, the kids were happily talking and comparing about how delicious their meals were and Jothi told them to be thankful to me. Her right hand had by then snaked its way to my right side again, slowly caressing my body over the thin cotton shirt. My mother-in-law reminded the children to say thanks to me and they both did that simultaneously. In the meantime their mother's hand was promising me a night full of thanks, her caresses sending electrifying energy directly to my cock.

We reached home around 9pm. Jothi gave a final caress and got out of the car to open the gate and then the main door. My mother-in-law and the kids soon followed while I steered the car into the driveway. After getting out, I told Jothi that I was going for a short walk around the neighbourhood to digest the food. The kids wanted to follow and so I took them along.

We returned home about twenty minutes later. Mother-in-law was watching a Tamil video while Jothi was busy ironing the kids' school uniforms. She was still dressed in her Punjabi suit. She told the kids to go wash their legs and brush their teeth. I sat down in the hall and caught a few minutes of the old Sivaji Ganesan video which was playing. I picked up the newspaper and flipped through the pages to see if there was any interesting news.

A little while later the kids came to the hall to wish me good night before going to their rooms. Jothi followed them to tuck them in one after the other. In need of a shower, I got up, wished my mother-in-law goodnight and walked towards my room. Jothi was in the children's room and I called out a goodnight wish to her as well before stepping into my room, leaving the door partly open.

As I removed my shirt and pants, I faintly heard Jothi advising my mother-law to get to bed as she had to be up very early to go to temple. I smiled to myself when I heard mother-in-law grumble her complaints at Jothi. I put away my clothes and wrapped a towel around me and then stepped out of the room.

Just then I noticed my mother-in-law walking from the hall towards the bathroom with a towel over her shoulder, so I decided to let her use the bathroom first. I waited for her to enter the bathroom and then stepped out towards the hall where I saw Jothi at the front door, latching it safely for the night.

Making sure that there was no one around, I crept quietly towards her and hugged her from behind. She squealed in surprise at my open display of desire but not loud enough to alarm anybody. And she also did not attempt to break free despite me pressing my groin against her bums.

"Annan, don't. Athai is still in the bathroom" she whispered a caution to me, but at the same time cheekily pushed and rubbed her lovely behind against me, responding to my hump.

Without answering her, I kissed the back of her neck, my tongue licking her bare skin and my hands slid up her body to cup her magnificent tits, packed tightly inside her bra and covered by her Punjabi top. My cock sprang to life under the towel, stretching rapidly inside my underwear.

"Mmmmm......" she moaned in desire and turned her body around to face me.

We just stood there looking at each other, exchanging our loving thoughts with our eyes, promising and tempting each other of how we would love each other later. Her right hand slipped inside the front of my towel and grasped my hardened prick.

"For me?" she asked in a whisper.

I nodded and humped her hand while she squeezed the blood-filled meat. Just then we heard the noise of water being poured in the bathroom, reminding us of my mother-in-law's presence. Jothi gave a firm squeeze of my bloated prick and pulled her hand away, just as we heard the latch of the bathroom door being opened. Jothi slipped away quickly into her room while I sat down with the newspaper to cover my embarrassing hardness.

My mother-in-law came out of the bathroom and went directly into her room. I waited for some minutes and then stood up and speedily walked into the bathroom. Once inside, I discarded my towel and underwear and enjoyed a nice cold shower, washing and cleaning my body, paying particular attention to my groin. After the shower, I brushed my teeth, dried myself in the bathroom, wrapped the towel around me and stepped out.

All the lights, bar the dining room light, had been switched off. Towards the front of the house, I saw Jothi coming out of mother-in-law's room, closing the door quietly behind her. I noticed that she had discarded her Punjabi trousers as well as her thali and earrings. She carried a towel in her hand, seemingly wanting to have a shower. She walked towards me, silently indicating to me that she (mother-in-law) was not asleep yet. We were standing outside the door to my room at the back end of the house and I switched on the light in my room.

We stood there motionless for a few seconds, again just looking at each other, the sheer urgent desire to love and ravish each other evident. Not breaking any eye contact, she switched off the dining room light and her hand cheekily slid between my towel flaps and grasped my naked prick which grew almost instantaneously to life in her hand. Her fingers encircled it and she stroked it, not caring that we were standing in an open area.

"Mmmmm....Jothiiiii......." a soft moan escaped my lips, as pleasure bolts radiated from her fingers into my rapidly hardening flesh.

She turned to look behind her just to be sure we were alone. Then squatting down, she lifted the towel and engulfed my erect cock into her gaping mouth. Conscious of where we were, but thrilled at the same time at the daring act by Jothi, I used all my willpower to remain silent as my full length disappeared into her wanton mouth and down her throat.

The sensations I felt at that time was like nothing I had ever experienced before, probably due to the audacity of what and where we were doing this act of forbidden love. My hands held her head as she devoured me with her mouth, her lovely lips wrapped tightly around my rod, sucking and licking like a hungry, sex-starved nymphomaniac. I started to hump her, fucking her oral cavity like a man possessed.

Some long minutes later, she withdrew my throbbing meat out of her mouth and looked up at me seductively, licking her wet and sexy lips with her tongue, her mouth obscenely open. Even in the dim surroundings, that image of her, with her pottu and with the jasmine flowers still clinging to her hair, that hungry look on her face, sent a thrilling shiver down my spine. I pulled her up to stand and hugged her to me. We kissed unashamedly, our tongues randomly probing and penetrating each other's mouths.

We guided each other quickly through the door and into my room, in desperate need to consummate our taboo desires. Closing the door quietly, her fingers loosened my towel and let it drop to the floor. She stroked the rock hard shaft wantonly and animalistic growls escaped her lips, as she felt the immense hardness in her hands.

"I need your cock inside me right now, darling. I am so wet for you. Fuck me, please" she demanded wantonly.

No power in the world could have stopped me at that instant. I pushed Jothi onto the bed and got on top of her. I lifted up her Punjabi dress to expose her panty-covered treasure and unashamedly, she spread her legs instantly. Then pulling her soaking panties to one side, I buried my face in her hairy, wet twat, inhaling her intoxicating sweaty, female aroma, tasting her richness. I kissed her beautiful flower, my tongue probing her pleasure hole, relishing her overflowing nectar.

"Put your cock inside me, please....now" she pleaded desperately, pushing my face away from her delicious pussy.

She lifted her bums off the mattress and hurriedly tugged her panties down her legs, discarding it to the floor. Then spreading her legs obscenely wide again, she pulled me to her. Holding my blood-engorged cock, she guided my cockhead to the entrance of her twat and rubbed it lewdly against her sopping wet slit.

"Shove it in and fuck me! Fuck me, darling...please fuck me. Douse the burning fire in my pussy" she begged unashamedly.

Her overwhelming hunger and desire to be fucked blew my mind. But fuck her I did! I leaned my weight forward and thrust with all my strength and buried my entire thick length inside her tight, wet cunt in one single push.

"Mmmmmm....aaaaahhhhhhhh..." she screamed into my ear, not bothered if anyone heard.

"Aaaaahhhh.......yesssss" I growled in response, simply overcome by the almost savage-like penetration of her exquisitely tight but well-lubricated vagina.

Straightaway, I started to ram into her like a crazed bull, repeatedly drilling my bloated cock hard and deep inside her quivering cunt. We did not care for any foreplay or slow loving and no other parts of our body were needed - just her magnificent wet yoni and my rock hard lingam; just direct, quick, hard fucking. We both desired an immediate release of the pent up desire which had been boiling inside us since the evening.

Jothi raised her hips and her legs encircled my waist, locking her feet tightly behind me. And like a bitch in heat, she bucked upwards repeatedly, meeting my mighty downward thrusts. We both grunted in sheer animal frenzy as my throbbing cock hammered her tight orifice, penetrating her heavenly folds with rapid strokes. Wet squishy noises accompanied our fucking as we sped towards our orgasms as if our lives depended on it.

"Yessss.....aaaaahhhhhh....harder, darling...fuck me harder.....fuck me harder" she urged me, while her heels prodded my ass to pound her mercilessly.

Her pussy was just unbelievable, out of this world. Despite overflowing with her honey, she still clasped my cock with a tight grip, squeezing with powerful contractions. She felt so fucking tight and hot, gripping my cock like a vice and squeezing every inch of the meat. My cock revelled in the magnificence of this heavenly cunt.

"Unnnnhhhh....mmmmm....I love your pussy Jothi....best pussy ever...you are so fucking hot....I want to fuck your pussy every day" I whispered into her ear, ramming my power rod deep into her soaking tunnel and feeling my balls slap hard against her ass.

Hearing me say that just turned her on more. She unclasped her legs and started to thrust her pussy harder and faster against my marauding cock, literally smashing her hairy groin against mine. She whimpered and moaned rhythmically as she thrust herself up, again and again, fucking me like a nymphomaniac.

And despite the frenzy of her movements, she looked more beautiful today than ever - her face was radiantly aglow with sensual desire, her eyes sparkling like jewels and her lips contorted in sheer sexual pleasure. I used my hands to prop my torso above her and locked my eyes to hers, admiring my incomparable lover. And, I started to match her ferocious thrusts, like a pile-driver in rapid strokes, bucking my hips back and forth, wanting to please and satisfy this ultimate female goddess.

"Yessss....fuck me like that. Mmmmmm....I love your cock, Annan. My cunt belongs to your cock, darling....it's yours....fuck me....fuck me....fuck me" she squealed in ecstasy, sweat droplets forming on her forehead.

"Yes, Jothi. Your pussy belongs to me.....she's mine. Unnnhhh...unnnhhh...aaaaahhhh...." I responded to her, feeling her vice-like squeezes deep inside her fiery twat.

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