tagIncest/TabooThree Brothers

Three Brothers


"Yes, please come and fuck me with your huge cock, I'm so horny for you to fill my dirty holes!" begged Wendy on her phone. "Oh, that's so sweet honey, I'll be waiting for you... and your giant horsecock! Bye!"

Wendy quickly put the phone down and went to answer the door, which had been ringing during her conversation. Wearing only a red thong and lace bra, her top-heavy chest bouncing in their constraints with each step, she opened the front door to her apartment. Wendy was the hottest woman on the block and she knew it. Despite her 38 years of age, she had no problem attracting all the studs in the neighborhood. She had long shoulder-length auburn hair, a pair of FF gravity-defying wonderboobs, a toned 24" inch waist and a tight and fit bubble arse topping long and slender legs to die for.

She knew who the boy behind the door was: twenty-year old Bobby Brown was the star of the local college football team, a 6ft4 stud with huge muscles and a matching cock: 16 inch of pure raw teenage power. She couldn't wait to feel his hard dong deep inside her pussy. And for the later surprises to arrive...

"Hello Bobby... Did you come to stick your fat fuckstick up my tight little pussy?" she pouted, running her hands down the sides of her giant boobs towards her muff. She spread her legs slightly and pulled her thong to the side, slowly inserting her middle finger inside her cunt to collect her wetness, then licked it lusciously. Bobby's mammoth organ immediately engorged with pints of blood at the sight of this lewd spectacle. An old bespectacled man hurried down the hallway past the couple, throwing rapid glances at the horny housewife, a small tent pushing his trousers outwards. "Come in, you're going to make all the neighbors jealous!" she winked at the massive young man, running her hands down his pantleg, feeling his growing boner. "Oh Bobby, you're so big... I need it, please!" she begged while removing her bra to let the stud lick her nipples while she led him to her bedroom.

"Yeah, I'm the biggest you'll ever find!" boldly proclaimed Bobby, while removing his slacks to let his massive dong free. He wasn't wearing any underwear and his heavy tool rose like a cannon, precum already leaking from its angry cumslit.

"OOoh, you really like to think that stud? Well, we'll see about that..." whispered Wendy in the boy's ear. She held the colossal cock in both hands, slowly jacking off the puzzled stud. He soon forgot her words and played with her ample bosom, mauling her tits and French-kissing the beautiful woman he had been fucking for the last two years.

She layed herself on the bed and spread her legs wide, rubbing her pussy mound invitingly. Bobby's massively muscular frame and enormous cock was intoxicating to her. The boy took her by the ankles and pulled her towards the edge, his menacing glans red and angry with lust. In one swift motion, he buried himself twelve inches deep up her quivering pussy. She squealed with pleasure as the brutal invader powerfucked her twat ferociously. After a minute or two of brutal pounding, she reached her first orgasm, squirting pussy juices for an eternity while the college boy continued pummelling her insides unabated.

"Oh you fuck me so good, give me more of your horsecock, I want all 16 inches, I need them... for later..." she moaned.

Bobby forced his massive dong all the way to his balls inside the delirious woman. She was getting porkscrewed by almost 16 inches of arm-thick steel-hard monster cock and Bobby's cockhead was banging repeatedly against the back of her womb.

"Damn you're so deep Wendy, it feels like your pussy has grown with my cock!". Bobby remembered the first time the hot woman seduced him when he was weightlifting at the local gym two years ago. She showed him everything he needed to know about sex and how to use his massive weapon to best effect.

"I've been stretching it lately darling... Oh, God, yes, give it to me, fuck it's so deep!" she winced. Her moans soon turned to blissful screams of ecstasy as Bobby fucked her deep and fast, his fat balls slapping her thighs with every plunge of his giant tool.

Nineteen year-old Jake Brown carefully adjusted the angle of his XXXL-sized jockstrap to give as much room as possible to his ten-inch soft penis. Today, he was again going to fuck the hottest woman he had ever seen. He met her two months ago while she was jogging down the street not far from his home. Her enormous fleshy tits were bouncing hypnotically within the tight confines of her sports bra. His cock grew almost instantly, she looked at him, his face grew red and she stopped in her tracks and smiled at him, looking down towards the massive bulge in his pants. She took him home and rode him wildly into the evening, coaxing at least six loads of cum from his giant gonads before being satisfied.

Today, she told him to just walk into her apartment and pretend he was a burglar raping her. They loved to play such roleplaying games. So he didn't ring the bell and just walked into the hallway when he heard her delirious screams. He immediately thought she was being raped for real. Well, despite his age, Jake was a huge teenager, 6ft 2 tall and built like a brickhouse, so he could easily overpower any grown man. He rushed towards her bedroom, ready to fight any intruder hurting the woman of his dreams.

"Shit, what the fuck are you doing here?" he asked incredulously when he saw his older brother Bobby with his giant dick stuck balls deep inside Wendy.

"Oh, come in Jake, it's time you two knew the truth. I've been fucking you both separately, but today I want both your giant cocks so come here Jake and let me suck that magnificent tool of yours while your brother continues to fuck me!" she instructed the boy matter-of-factly.

"What? God, you're such a horny cockhound Wendy!" said Bobby, increasing the pace of his pussy-dicking. "Hey bro, cool for you to be here, how long have you been fucking her?" he asked, turning to his younger teenage sibling. Jake was quickly disrobing and removing his overpacked jockstrap. Immediately, Wendy grabbed his growing member and sucked heavily on its blossoming helmet.

"Like two months, I thought I was the only one, but yeah, it's cool. We're gonna break her in real good!" answered Jake, his appendage fast reaching its full 15-inch glory. "She's a real size-queen for sure."

"I've always dreamt of getting fucked by the biggest cocks attached to young, muscular studs like you two boys!" she explained before re-engulfing Jake's apple-sized knobhead and kneading his enormous babymakers.

"I bet she'd even fuck Timmy if she could." pointed out Jake, holding Wendy's head and throat-fucking her. He was referring to his younger 18yo brother, an already overmuscular boy, and most likely hung like a mule if he also inherited the same genes as his brothers.

"He's probably not big enough for her, she told me once she would only fuck a 15 incher at least. That's why she can't get enough of my monster." To prove his point, Bobby slowly removed his juice-coated dong and showed it to his brother. He wanted to make sure Jake knew who the alpha-male in the room was.

"Yeah yeah, Bobby, you're bigger, but not by much. I might very well beat you next year." Jake challenged his brother. "I've been growing by almost an inch a year and I have only one inch to go to have you beat." answered Jake defiantly, plopping his giant dick out of Wendy's hungry mouth and heavily slapping her cheeks with it.

"Now boys, you're both huge and soon you'll realize there is no need to fight over who is the biggest..." Wendy said mysteriously before slurping up Jake's excessive pre-goo...

In the basement gym of the Brown family, Timmy was curling a 200lbs dumbbell with one arm, forcing his massive biceps to stay flexed for as long as possible. He wanted his body to be as pumped up as possible before heading over to his newly-acquired fuckdoll, a housewife called Wendy, who was by far the best and wildest of the numerous women the young stallion had tasted. She had just called him on the phone to beg him to come over and fuck her senseless with his horse cock. His brothers were out of the house, so he would have all afternoon with her...

Placing the heavy weight down on the floor, Timmy admired his body in the mirror. He was an incredibly tall and muscular boy for his 18 years of age. His V-shaped torso was mounted with two large steel plaques of pectorals, narrowing down to a deep 8-pack slab of rock-hard abs. On either side, one could also admire the creases of his well-defined oblique abdominals, a testament to his many hours of bodybuilding training. Below this colossal upper body structure lied the seat of his incredible virility, barely hidden by his custom-made oversized posing pouch. His giant soft manhood filled the casing to bursting point, 15 inches of teenage meat ready to fill up with pints of blood and grow to gargantuan proportions. Putting on some baggy slacks and a tank top that clung to his massive muscles like a second skin, Timmy left the house, dreaming of the hot sex to come.

Timmy jogged all the way to Wendy's condominium flat. Women in cars instantly turned their heads round when they passed the cute muscular teen stud. Their pussies would instantly melt and start disgorging arousal juices at the sight of his massive bulge and rippling muscles. Timmy was used to hoots and coos of admiration from the female population. Often, he would take advantage of this adulation and end up fucking several of his admirers in a single day.

When Timmy reached Wendy's front door, he readjusted his giant snake, now slightly engorged and probably already over 16 inches long, from its side position to a more frontal and obscenely bulging one. He entered the flat, dropped his slacks, took his tank top off and walked into Wendy's bedroom half-naked, with only his oversized briefs filled to the brim with his mammoth pussy-pleaser. Wendy was the first to see the boy, as Bobby and Jake had their backs turned to him.

"Oh, hello Timmy, I was ssso much waiting for you, honey!" she beamed. Her pussy dilated instinctively, in anticipation of the boy's massive weapon.

Bobby and Jake instantly turned round and gulped when they saw their younger brother half-naked sporting a bulge that put theirs to shame. Bobby stopped dead in his tracks, his juice-coated dong halfway inside Wendy's snatch and Jake's mouth fell open in disbelief.

"What's up bros, never seen a big cock before?" sneered Timmy, dropping his pouch and exposing his semi-flaccid boyhood, holding it with one hand at the base and squeezing it to show Bobby and Jake that he wasn't even close to being hard yet. Already, his monster was bigger than Bobby's 16-inch steak tube. Slowly, Timmy tugged over the length of his shaft, his heart sending pints of blood to the enlarging leviathan. Soon, his 18yo meat reached its full length and hardness, a 20inch pillar of lust, ready to impale any nearby pussy. His melon-sized gonads hung heavily below the giant snake, two hairless orbs of gigantic proportions, full to the brim with potent boyjuice. Timmy displayed his awesome power by releasing his titanium-hard pole which smacked loudly against his large pecs. The boy was tall for his age, and although shorter than his brothers, he was just as overmuscular as them, standing 6ft and 250lbs of teenage muscles.

"Damn Timmy, you sure got a huge cock! Way to go!" cheered Jake. "Come here and let Wendy suck us both while Bobby pounds her pussy!"

Bobby stayed silent, rather annoyed that he could no longer consider himself the alpha-male in the room. He had always thought he had the biggest cock in the world, and there was his 18yo brother, 2 years younger and with a cock at least 4 inches bigger than his own!

"So how long have you been fucking Wendy?" asked Bobby finally, while Wendy devoured both his brothers' giant turgid cocks.

"Like a month or so. She's got the deepest pussy I've ever come across, she's amazing." answered Timmy, his dong slowly throat-fucking Wendy. "I can stick my 20-inch dong almost all the way in, while with the other chicks I've banged, I could only give them half before they would start screaming for me to stop."

"Damn, Timmy, how many girls have you fucked?" asked Jake incredulously. For him, Wendy had been his first. He couldn't believe his 18yo brother had already fucked several gals at his age.

"Dunno. Like two hundreds or so." answered Timmy casually.

"Damn, that's a lot!" marveled Jake. "You'll have to introduce me to some of your girls."

While the two boys chatted, Bobby was getting close to cumming, he had been fucking Wendy's pussy for over half an hour now and his balls were burning to release their contents.

"Fuck I'm gonna come, get out of the way bros!" he warned, hauling his massive piece of teenage meat out of Wendy's distended fuckhole and jacking himself to an exploding orgasm. A few seconds later, his first shot rocketed out of his cumslit, arching through the air and landing on Wendy's massive bosom. More wads liberally coated her upper chest, pooling below her neck, the busty housewife collecting fingerfuls of the warm liquid before slurping up the salty nectar.

"More, gimme more of your sweet cum!" she begged while Bobby plastered her tits with powerful jets of sap. Jake and Timmy admired the spectacle while jacking off their massive dongs in unison. Jake was himself close to cumming, the lewd display triggering his own climax. While Bobby's cumshots petered out, Jake took over, his own sperm grenades almost matching his older brother's in strength and volume. Wendy was getting caked with red-hot pellets of spunk from the side, her face bearing the brunt of the 19yo's scalding jets. She opened her mouth wide and let the muscular teenager unload directly into her hungry mouth. Jake's orgasm was so intense, he could hardly concentrate on that task, but Wendy somehow managed to hold the disgorging cum-cannon and aim its sperm missiles directly down her throat. Eventually, Jake stopped his non-stop ejaculations after a dozen or so wads. Wendy took his helmet into her mouth and sucked his remnants up, leaving the softening dong clean of any cum. She turned her attention to the sperm trails crisscrossing her face and body and eagerly licked up the excessive loads the two boys had delivered. Meanwhile, Timmy was fiercely jacking his crank, it seemed to grow bigger and pre-splooge was leaking out like a faucet.

"Yeah, Timmy, cover me with your spunk, empty your giant balls, I'm so ready for your massive load!" encouraged the busty MILF. Jake and Bobby watched intently as Timmy roared mightily and his first wad erupted, a ten-second long blast of cum containing more sperm than both their combined orgasms put together. The enormous wad was so powerful that it literally splashed against Wendy's right tit, making it bounce from the impact. It was soon followed by more voluminous trails of steamy goo and soon Wendy was getting overwhelmed by the immensity of the boy's discharges. His brothers looked on in disbelief as he drowned the busty woman in ounces of his boyspunk.

"Move over Bobby!" urged Timmy, pushing his brother aside and positioning his disgorging cockhead right in front of Wendy's gaping cunt. He blasted a few more shots directly into her hole, coating her labia with viscous sperm and filling her tunnel up with his thick cream. Then, after twenty or so massive cumshots, he plunged his tool into Wendy's now lubricated canal and continued to unload, his piston recoiling with every eruption, his giant dong pushing further inside Wendy's lovebox after each pulse. He reached the halfway point by the time he stopped firing, but he continued his progress into her womb, sawing in and out or her pussy, causing cum to squirt out every time he lunged forward. Clearly, the boystud had not lost his hardon and he began to fuck the delirious cockslut in earnest.

"Yeah, I need to unload inside her before I can fuck her, otherwise, it's too tight." Timmy explained.

"Jesus man, you're like a fucking cum machine!" said a bewildered Bobby. Wendy was totally covered with Timmy's spunk and the bedsheets were soaking in a viscous bath of cream. Not to be outdone, Bobby jacked his crank up while his little brother destroyed Wendy's pussy with his monumental pussy-wrecker. "Room for another cock?" he asked Wendy, now puffing from the pounding she was receiving. Timmy took her by the waist and lifter her up on his turgid monster and turned round to his older brother. Bobby looked down on Wendy's inviting anus and placed his helmet right underneath it. When Timmy next pulled Wendy's body down on 15 inches of his mega-rod, she simultaneously impaled her backdoor on 10 inches of Bobby's hard-again arm-thick shaft!

"Oh God boys, this is too much cock!" she winced. Timmy slowed down to let her get used to being drilled in both holes by such large pieces of equipment. Eventually, she started relaxing her anal muscles enough for the pain to decrease and an overwhelming feeling of sexual lust to take over. "Uuuh, yeah, now fuck me harder boys, oooh, your horsecocks are so fucking big in me!" she exclaimed, pleasure froth soon covering both poles.

Timmy could feel his brother's turgid lance through Wendy's pussywalls. This was creating extra friction for both boys, a new sensation that soon drove them over the edge. Almost in unison, the brothers grunted as their spermbags contracted and sent their contents coursing up the many inches of shafts deeply embedded in Wendy's holes.

"Fuck, I'm cumming again!" yelled the 18yo alpha-stud, as pints of his cream filled up Wendy's vaginal cavity. His brother similarly blasted his ball-batter deep inside her ass and soon, rivers of boygoo ran down their legs as the overfilled holes of the orgasming woman couldn't hold any longer the immense volume of their virile discharges.

"OMG, you're totally filling me up with your hot spunk! AAAH!" blurbed Wendy, her body now limp as a ragdoll from the intensity of her climax. Luckily, the sheer strength of the two rigid dongs stuck inside her was sufficient to hold her up. Over and over again, Bobby and Timmy unloaded ounces of their potent seed as far up her chutes as humanly possible. Jake was fisting his rock-hard cock, jealously watching his brothers use the woman of his dreams as a sperm bucket. Eventually, Bobby could come no more and his dong dropped out of Wendy's arse, followed by a cascade of his thick cum. Timmy on the other hand was still blasting his mega-wads up directly into Wendy's womb, totally filling up her uterus with each blast. His enormous eggs were bloated from the effort, churning up teenage sperm as fast as possible to replace the ounces being unloaded per minute. "Oh, Timmy, you're still cumming...Oooh, again! You're such a stud hon... Aah, more? Yes, gimme all you've got, I know you have gallons of cream in those massive balls of yours... AAh, I can feel every pulse, this is so hot honey!"

Timmy whitewashed her insides again and again, his non-stop delivery of spunk reaching the three minutes mark before he finally stopped his sperm assaults on Wendy's bloated hole. Puddles of cum covered the wooden floor when the teen boy lifted Wendy up and off his 20-inch pole. Timmy flexed his loin muscles and his dong thumped against his muscular chest repeatedly. He was making sure everyone saw he was still rock-hard and ready for more. Wendy threw herself onto the bed, almost fainting from exhaustion, lying face down and fingering her holes to drag the ounces of boycum out.

"Ooh, my arse is so dilated, I think I could take your giant cock Timmy!" purred Wendy, while she licked her cum-coated fingers repeatedly. The 18yo boy had never dared to ask if he could stick his enormous rod up her backside as every other woman he had ravaged had refused to be anally impaled by his monstrous dong. His boycock twitched with anticipation, blood filling up every inch-thick vein coursing up its tremendous length instantly. Jake was still wanking his huge 15-incher and hoped he would be able to stick it up Wendy's warm pussy before the end of the day.

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