tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThree Days with the Major

Three Days with the Major


Jane was feeling particularly tired the following day. It had been a late night, and although she had stayed overnight with Colin at the Bellmore, she was still up by seven thirty to start her duties. She did get a few interesting looks and the odd comment from the girls in the staff locker room appearing for work in her little black number. Charlie caught up with her during the morning. He seemed very happy about the way things had gone. She guessed Colin had been onto him. He inquired how she had enjoyed her first week.

She smiled. "Lots better than I guessed it would be. Most of it was quite interesting; not quite what I expected, but I liked the extra money, and it will certainly help me out."

Charlie took out his little book and flicked through the pages. "I've got nothing for you over the week end," he said, "but I've got an interesting one next week which I think might suit you down to the ground. You don't mind the older guys, do you?"

Jane shrugged. "Well, there was George, the first guy, and Colin last night, but I don't really class them as old."

Charlie smiled. "This one I'm considering you for is a little older than either of them, but he's a real nice guy, just likes attractive young women around. He's going to be here for three days. It's at the least £500, but I have heard from the other girls that you can pick up a lot of extras."

"Sounds good to me," Jane said. "When do I start?"

"I've not got a confirmed room number yet, but it's from Wednesday to Friday, just the afternoons, so it won't interfere with your work."

It was Jane's weekend off and it was nice to have a couple of free days. Also it was nice to have a little extra money in her purse. She had paid off the mortgage arrears and so she was feeling a lot happier with herself, and with another good job lined up for next week, everything was looking rosy.

Part Three: Jane becomes the sexual play thing for a retired army officer.

She was back at work on Monday and Charlie did not call her for the first couple of days. It was Wednesday morning she got a call to say her next client was in suite 510, one of the larger suites on the fifth floor. "Get changed into your ordinary clothes before you go up. I said you would be there just after one. I fixed things with Ann, so don't worry."

Jane thanked him, and as she continued her work, wondered what was going to be happening to her over the next three days. That morning, not knowing just what to expect, she had dressed in a light summer dress and sandals. She checked herself in the mirror in the locker room and liked what she saw. She had had her hair streaked over the weekend and she was pleased with the results. Just before one, she knocked on the door of room 510 and waited expectantly. The door was opened by a distinguished looking elderly guy with iron gray hair. He had twinkling eye and a weather tanned face.

"Come in, come in, you must be Jane." He held the door for her to step into the room.

Jane couldn't really attempt to guess his age. He was smartly dressed in light cavalry twill trousers with a smart blue and white striped shirt and a red paisley cravat. She noticed his brown leather shoes were polished to a very high shine. She smiled as she remembered her dad telling her that she should always look at guy's shoes. If he looked after his shoes, he was an okay guy. She smiled at the thought.

"Can I get you something?" he said, nodding towards an open mini bar. "I'm on my first G and T. I never touch the stuff before noon," he said with a big smile. "Old habit from my days in India."

Jane said that she would join him, and he went over to the bar and mixed her one. They sat with their drinks facing each other across a marble topped table. "Everyone here calls me the Major," he said, "but you can call me Frank; it's not so formal." He smiled at her.

Charlie had not given her any instructions, so she was quite in the dark as to what was required of her, but she guessed Frank would tell her. He didn't seem to be the sort of a guy to be behind the door when it came to such things.

"Well, you are certainly a pretty little thing," Frank said looking her up and down. "I must thank Charlie. He usually looks after me while I'm up in town. Have you been doing this long?"

Jane explained that it was only her second week working with Charlie. Frank smiled and inquired if she were enjoying it.

Jane smiled and nodded. "It's been fun so far."

"Okay then," Frank said, swallowing down the last of his drink, "I guess I can't wait any longer. Would you like to undress for me?"

Jane smile and got to her feet. Frank sat and watched her intently as she slowly removed her clothes. With the last item removed, she stood naked in front of Frank and bent over slightly to adjust her dark lace hold ups around her thighs.

Frank nodded his head. "You are a very beautiful young woman," he said. "Would you turn around for me?" Jane did a little twirl and stood facing him again. "Yes," he said, his twinkling eyes dancing over her body, "I think I am going to enjoy the next few days very much."

He picked up his glass from the table. "I think I need another one of these, my dear, if you would be so kind." Jane took his glass and made her way over to the mini bar. "Make yourself one and don't be skinny with the gin."

It seemed strange to Jane, she thought to herself, as she mixed the drinks. If you had told her three weeks ago that she would be serving drinks without a stitch of clothing on to a nice old guy old enough to be her granddad in his hotel room, she would have laughed at you. It was not something she thought she would have ever considered. But now it seemed it wasn't a problem for her. Yes, the cash was a big encouragement, but she actually enjoyed the experience. The look in the guy's eyes when they saw her naked body, that was the moment that excited her the most.

She took the drinks over and Frank suggested she sit by his side on the sofa. She eased herself down onto the sofa. Frank reached out and ran his hand slowly along her leg. He smiled. "Your skin feels so beautiful and smooth. That's what I love to feel so much. It's the thing we older guys miss so much, the feel of a young firm body." Jane smiled and patted his hand which had remained on her leg and was now gently stroking her inner thigh.

Suddenly Jane was startled by the door leading to the bedroom opening. She looked around startled as a well dressed woman bustled into the room.

"Have you seen my glasses, Frank?" she said, and then she suddenly stopped when she saw Jane. "Oh, I'm so sorry, darling," she said apologetically. "I didn't realise that your little play thing had arrived."

Jane was not quite sure where to put herself, or what to do. Who was this woman? Frank looked at her and patted her hand. "Don't worry, my dear; it's only my wife. She's on her way out." The woman smiled at Jane and came around the sofa, her hand held out. Jane was desperately trying to cover up her more intimate points, but she reached out and took the woman's hand.

The woman smiled down at her. "I'm Millicent," she said, "this old rouge's wife. Didn't mean to disturb you. I had no idea you were due." Then she looked at her watch. "My God, is it that time? Might see you both later; by the way, you look lovely." Then she picked up her bag and dashed out of the room in a flurry of skirts.

When she was gone, Frank looked at her. "That was my Millicent," he said with a grin.

Jane looked down at her nakedness. "Doesn't she mind?" Frank shook his head. "Oh no, we have an arrangement; come down here each season. It's fashion week, you know. She gets to spend a large part of the kid's inheritance on new clothes, and I get a few afternoons with a delightful creature like you." Jane shook her head. She had heard some things, but this beat all.

"It's a sex thing as well you know. She's not interested any more, and I wouldn't fancy her if she was. I like a bit of firm, young flesh," he said, reaching out again and running his hand down Jane's bare back and patting her bottom playfully. "Mind you, it's not that I can raise a stiffy any more myself, but I can still use my eyes and my hands."

Jane shook her head again and smiled. "Well, I guess it's a good arrangement, but I can't see many wives that I know going for it." They both laughed.

Frank looked at her. "Well, now she's out of the way we won't be disturbed, well, not until four thirty. I've ordered afternoon tea. I like a pot of the old Earl Grey about that time with a few cucumber sandwiches."

"Come a little closer, my dear, and put your legs up over my lap." Jane slid up to him and did as he asked. He put his arm around her and pulled her close. "There, that's a lot better now. I can really get at you."

"Your breasts are an absolute delight," he said, cupping one gently in his hand and rubbing across her nipple. "So firm and it's wonderful to feel your nipples," he murmured as he rolled one between his fingers. "Just like little brown berries."

Jane was beginning to enjoy herself. She loved the feel of Frank's hands on her body, and his voice was almost mesmerizing. She lay back in his arm and shut her eyes as his old experienced hands slowly and lovingly caressed her young firm body. Then the exploring hand began to move lower down her rib cage across the slight swell of her stomach, and she held her breath as his fingers brushed across the soft fine neatly trimmed pubic hair.

"You look very pretty down here," he said in a soft voice.

Jane groaned slightly as his fingers traced their way over her pussy. Instinctively she parted her legs. She didn't want to hinder his progress. His hand moved down between her thighs; then she felt a finger begin to move back up her cleft parting her outer lips slightly. When he uncovered her clit, she gasped as she felt his finger gently begin to rotate the already hard nub.

"I'm so pleased you like that," he said in his soft voice.

"I do, I do," she said in a low husky voice. "It feels so wonderful."

She reached out and gripped the arm of the sofa tightly. She couldn't believe she was already feeling so much pleasure. This guy was a master at this game. Maybe it was the years of experience. She didn't really care. All she wanted was for the pleasure to go on and on.

She was riding high waves of pleasure coursing through her body. "Frank," she said urgently, "I think I'm going to cum."

He smiled and looked down at the naked beauty before him. She was lying back, one arm stretched out gripping the arm of the sofa, one leg still draped over his lap, the other now resting on the floor as her legs were spread wide, with his fingers still working on her clit. Her pussy was open with the wet pinkness of her inner labia openly displayed. He knew she was near. Soft mewing sounds were coming from her lips. He knew the signs. Just a few moments more, then he eased his thumb between the folds of warm pink flesh and she cried out. As she shuddered with the pleasure of her orgasm, he felt her juices run over his hand.

Jane lay there breathing heavily. She could feel the juices running down between her thighs. She looked up at the wonderful old guy and smiled. "That was so wonderful; thank you."

Frank looked at her. "I don't need your thanks, my lovely; that was a most pleasurable experience."

She lay there for a while, then excused herself to go to the bathroom and clean up. Her legs felt quite unsteady. In the bathroom, she smiled. This guy knew how to please a woman. He might not have the capabilities to fuck her, but his experienced hands could certainly inflict mortal damage.

When she returned, he asked her to make more drinks, and they sat and chatted. He told her about his time in India. Apparently that's where he had met Millicent. "She was a hot little thing at the time," he said smiling. "Her body was firm and smooth then just like yours; nice pair of tits on her as well; all the guys were after her like flies round a honey pot." He smiled at the recollection. "I knew she wasn't a virgin the first time I took her. I didn't worry because she was so good in bed. She actually enjoyed it, not like some of the stuck up cows. Some of them thought they were doing you a favor." He laughed. "Bloody good days, those."

He didn't touch her again for over an hour. He just seemed happy to look at her nakedness and chat. Later he put some music on and suggested that they dance. Jane wasn't a good dancer, but it did not seem to be a problem. All he wanted was to hold her in his arms, feel her body pressed against his, and enjoy the pleasure of stroking his hands over her body.

They were interrupted by a light tap on the door. Frank looked at his watch and smiled. "Tea time. Would you go let them in?"

She looked at him a little startled. "Like this?"

He grinned. "Why not? You look too beautiful to cover up."

Jane was a little worried by this development. She guessed she would probably know whoever was out there, but she knew she should not refuse his request. She stood slightly behind the door as she opened it trying not to show that she was naked. She was also slightly relived that she did not recognize the smiling Asian guy who was standing with the trolley.

"Come in, come in," suddenly Frank called from behind her. "Don't let it get cold." The guy began pushing the trolley into the room. It was at that point that he suddenly realised that the attractive lady who had answered the door for him was totally naked. Then he blushed instantly and stuttered an apology, but he had a job to do. He couldn't run out of the room even though he would have liked to.

He pushed the trolley to the center of the room trying to keep his eyes averted, but this was made even more difficult for him because he had never seen such a beautiful lady naked before. He was so flustered when he held out the pad for Frank to sign that he dropped his pen. Retrieving it quickly he passed it to Frank who scrawled a signature across the pad. He stole a last look at Jane and quickly hurried out of the room.

By this time Jane was feeling almost as embarrassed as the poor room service lad had been, but Frank just laughed. "That was wonderful," he said. "Did you see the look on his face when he saw you were starker's? It was unbelievable." He laughed again. He had obviously enjoyed the whole thing immensely.

Jane was relived that the lad had now left, and she made herself useful pouring out the tea. She began feeling a little better as they sat and ate the petite sandwiches and drank the tea. Frank asked her if she had enjoyed her afternoon and she nodded her head. "Very much so," she replied. "You are a very interesting gentleman to spend time with even though you are a little naughty," she said referring to the incident with the room service guy.

Frank laughed. "That was wonderful," he said. "By the way, I would like to take you out tomorrow, not telling you where, but I'm sure you will find it interesting." Then he looked at her and smiled. "I know it's a pity. I could spend all evening with you like this," he said looking longingly at her body, "but Millicent's arranged something so we'd better get you dressed." He looked at her. "May I have the pleasure?"

Jane smiled at him. "Of course."

He went over and collected her clothes from where she had left them, and Jane stood there as he dressed her, touching her body intimately and lovingly as he did so. Before she left, he handed her an envelope. She didn't open it. She knew what was in it. She knew she could trust Frank. He smiled and kissed her on the cheek as she left. "See you tomorrow, my lovely. I'll dream about you."

At one o'clock the next day she was at his door. He smiled and welcomed her in. Jane glanced around the room. "Millicent's already gone out," he said with a smile. "We won't be interrupted."

"Where do we begin today?" she asked.

He smiled. "I've booked the car for two o'clock, so we have an hour to pass. I think we ought to start where I left off yesterday."

"Where would that be?" she inquired.

"Well, I dressed you, so I had better start with undressing you."

Jane smiled as Frank came over to her and started unbuttoning the buttons on her top. There was a smile of anticipation on his face as she assisted him in removing her top. He ran his hands lovingly over the swell of her bra encased breasts, and he smiled when she made a murmur of approval.

He unclipped her skirt before easing down the small zip. Then he eased the skirt over her hips. Once free, it fell down around her feet, and she stooped to retrieve it for him. He walked around behind her and expertly unclasped her bra. As it fell loose, he then reached around under it and cupped the warm mounds of her breasts feeling the nipples rise to his touch. He rolled them tenderly between his fingers.

"You like those, don't you?" she murmured softly. He nodded and squeezed them gently making her cry out. Then he slid the bra straps off her shoulders and dropped the bra on top of her other discarded clothes. She felt him kneel behind her and his fingers slip into the waistband of her brief panties. Slowly he pulled them over her hips revealing the firm swell of her delicious bottom. He leaned forward and planted a kiss on each cheek before slipping the panties down her legs and allowing her to step out of them.

She willingly eased her legs apart for him as she felt his fingers between her legs. Then he was rubbing across her pussy as he slipped his fingers into her. She groaned, pressing herself against his searching hand. She knew from yesterday just how much he loved her pussy, and she was hoping that he would give her the same satisfaction as he had done on the sofa. She was not to be disappointed as within minutes she was groaning and pleading with him to finish her off, and then with a cry of relief, she came, once more soaking his hand with her juices.

He then wiped her gently with a tissue from a box on the table, and when she had regained her breath, he suggested that she make them some drinks.

"G & T?" she smiled.

He nodded and watched her as she made her way to the mini bar and mixed the drinks. He smiled to himself. He didn't think he would ever tire of looking at her beautiful naked body.

They sat together on the sofa sipping their drinks, and she asked him where they were going. He smiled. "You will soon see, my dear. It's an interesting place I know, a very exclusive place, where a few of my friends gather in an afternoon. I'm sure you will find it very rewarding."

It was ten to two when reception rang to say his car was waiting. Frank smiled and picked up his coat. "Let's be on our way," he said. Jane looked worried for a moment as she was panicking wondering if he were expecting her to go out without her clothes.

Frank smiled at her distress, and then went and picked up a coat from a chair and handed it too her. It was a light weight summer coat with a belted tie. She slipped it on and secured the belt firmly. If this were all she was going to be wearing, she didn't want it to suddenly come undone.

They rode down in the lift, and Charlie smiled when he saw them. He escorted them to the door and opened the door of the waiting car for them to get in. Jane managed it skillfully, clutching onto the coat so that she was not displaying anything.

Frank spoke to the driver and gave him an address in Knightsbridge and settled back in the car. He slipped his arm around Jane's shoulders and pulled her up close to him. She leaned her head on his shoulder and smiled at him. She knew he loved cuddling up to her. After a while, she felt his hand slip under the coat and rest for a moment on her leg. Then it moved slowly upwards till she squirmed as his fingers lightly touched her pussy. She glanced over toward the driver, but he didn't seem to be taking any notice of what was going on behind him. He was too busy concentrating on weaving his big vehicle through the busy London traffic.

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