tagBDSMThree for Dinner

Three for Dinner


This Story follows on from a previous story called "Master takes his slaves shopping".


After Julie and Elsa had exhausted themselves in the erotic clothes shop, master allowed his slaves to rest a while. The next part of his plan was about ready to be put into action. He looked at Elsa and Julie entwined on the floor at his feet half asleep their skin luminous with the afterglow of sex. Just looking at them made his heart race and his cock come to life. He woke his slaves gently and gave them each a box. He told Julie to help Elsa put on what was in the box and then Elsa was to help Julie.

Elsa opened her box and removed the items. Julie smiled at her master and went to work. She took the beautiful jewellery out of its wrapping, the silver and crystal sparkling in the light. She fastened the necklace around Elsa's neck kissing the back of her neck as she did so. She walked around Elsa and touched her nipples so softy they immediately hardened, and she took the nipple clips and fastened them tightening them just enough to make Elsa gasp. She took the purple silk dress and helped Elsa to step into it. The silk was soft and clung to her body. Julie fastened the back; the slit up the side showing off Elsa's delicious legs. Lastly Julie placed the silver healed stiletto sandals on her feet kissing her ankles and calves as she did so. Julie stood back to allow her master to see Elsa. She looked wonderful - her long auburn hair flowing over her shoulders. Her nipples were clearly visible and erect underneath the thin material.

Julie now opened her box, Elsa took out the gold ankle chain, knelt in front of Julie to kiss her feet and then placed the chain around her delicate foot. Master enjoyed the sight of Elsa's bottom as she knelt - the contours of her ass clearly visible. Elsa then took the second item of jewellery reached up and gently kissed Julie's clit; she took it into her mouth and sucked on it till it was extended and hard. She took the gold clip and fastened it to Julie's clit ensuring that it was tight and the little crystals hung down sparkling in the light. Elsa helped Julie to step into the black silk cat suit. It fitted like a glove showing off her body to perfection. Lastly came the thigh high black patent stiletto healed boots. Elsa then slipped a finger between Julie's legs and found the slit in the crutch, and she ensured that the crystals from the clit clip dangled down outside the cat suit and caught the light.

Master looked at his slaves with pleasure - he could see that they were both aroused and the clips were ensuring that their pussies remained wet and engorged.

Master was hungry so he got to his feet and dressed his slaves watching his every move already hungry for him again and disappointed that, for the moment they had to be patient. Master took a slave on each arm and left the shop. Elsa and Julie expected to get into his car, but instead he led them to the taxi rank enjoying the looks of the men as they walked by and the envy he saw in their eyes. Master helped them into the taxi and took a seat between them after telling the driver where to go.

He kissed Julie first then Elsa and he could feel the excitement and longing as their tongues sought his. Elsa's nipples hardened and were straining against her thin dress. Julie's clit jewellery glistened and sparkled between her legs. Master could clearly see the damp patch between Julie's legs getting larger. He slipped his hand up Elsa's legs and found her wet slit she was pouring juice and was leaving a puddle on the leather seat of the cab. He removed his fingers and gave then to Julie to kiss and lick. He then found the slit in Julie's pants and inserted his fingers deep into her slippery hole; Elsa was begging him with her eyes to let her lick his fingers clean. Master looked up as Elsa was greedily licking his hand clean and saw that the driver was really enjoying the show, he obviously had no intention of stopping them. All too soon they arrived at the restaurant.

Master instructed his slaves to go into the restaurant and go to the bar and order champagne, he would join them shortly. They did as he had instructed. He watched as they sat on the bar stools and started to chat and drink. The bar man could not take his eyes off them and every man and many of the women in the room kept looking in their direction. They kissed each other and discretely fondled each other. As they shifted on their stools Master could see Julie's clit clip catching the light. He watched as she reached down between her legs and tightened the clip harder enjoying the sensation of pain mixed with pleasure. God she was hot and horney tonight. After a few minutes Master joined them; he kissed Julie first as if he had only just arrived at the same time he found her clit clip and squeezed it tighter making her gasp and start again as he saw the raw desire and lust in her eyes. He then turned to Elsa kissed her and at the same time took one of her nipple clips and squeezed it until she groaned with pleasure and need.

The head waiter came up to them and announced that their table was ready, he showed them to a small private room and handed them the menus and left. Master ordered his slaves to sit at the table and enjoy their champagne. He looked at the menu and decided what they should eat. He picked up the little bell and rang it; the head waiter came in and took their orders then left without another word. Master looked at his beautiful slaves and could feel the passion and need start to rise again. He wanted to see them make love to each other so he told them to kiss and fondle each other but on no account were they to cum.

Julie and Elsa turned to each other and smiled as they reached out for each other and kissed, their tongues dancing as their passion increased. Julie brushed Elsa's nipples lightly; Elsa groaned with lust as her nipples were so sensitive and already burning with need. Julie continued to tweak and caress Elsa's nipples as they kissed. Elsa was already breathing hard and Master could see that she was getting hotter and hotter. Julie pulled away and raised her leg so that her clit clip was clearly visible to both Elsa and her Master. Elsa leant forward and lightly touched Julie's clit; it visibly throbbed and Elsa could see that the crutch of her cat suit was soaked with pussy juice; she was desperate to taste Julie. At that moment the waiter arrived with the starter almost dropping the plates at the sight of Elsa and Julie making out right there in front of him. Master just smiled and told the waiter that he would ring the bell when he wanted service.

He told Julie to get under the table and lick him, he wanted to feel her luscious mouth on his balls, feel the passion and lust in her eyes transferred to his balls. She released his hard cock and gently eased his plump balls out of his trousers. She started to lick him gently and deliberately loosing herself in the smell and taste of him. Wanting him with all her body and soul, her only thought was to give Master all the pleasure he would take. Master ate his starter and chatted to Elsa. He rang for more champagne. When the waiter arrived Master engaged him in conversation, all the time Julie inches away from him licking and sucking her Masters balls and cock. Elsa watched - listening to her Master and eating her food, and at the same time she massaged Julie's crack with her bare foot enjoying the feeling of her wetness on her feet. Julie was enjoying herself and was hardly able to control her groans. When the waiter had gone, Master ordered his slaves to change places. Elsa was cock hungry and ready to lick and suck her Master, she adored the feeling of his cock in her mouth; she lived to service her Master and could not wait to get into position at his feet. She buried his cock in her mouth taking him in so deeply she was able to lick his balls at the same time as she sucked his hard cock. Julie ate her starter and at the same time reached under the table to push her fingers into Elsa's wonderful soft cunt.

The waiters arrived with the main course chatting and introducing the dishes to the Master. Elsa did not pause in her licking and sucking nor Julie in her finger fucking of Elsa. As soon as the waiter left Master reached under the table and gave the chain around Elsa's neck a tug pulling her nipples even harder. He told his slaves to stop he did not want to cum just yet. It was time to eat they would need their strength soon. They ate and drank the champagne making Julie and Elsa more and more horny and loose, neither of them could sit still their pussies and asses so ready to be fucked that they were constantly wriggling trying to get some relief by rubbing their clits against the chairs. Julie let her luscious tits slip from their light covering so that Master could admire and touch then as he ate. Elsa opened her legs so that Master could see her pussy dripping, pulling the soft skin aside so that he could see deeply inside her, pushing her finger into her hole and slowly fucking herself. She then tasted herself. Master loved to look at his slaves, they were his totally.

After the table had been cleared he ordered Julie to lie on the top of the table and spread her legs. He admired her soft pussy and clit showing themselves through the slit in the cat suit. The clit clip was keeping her button so hard and extended. He kissed it and she shuddered. He inserted 2 fingers into her pussy and finger fucked her. In the meantime Elsa was sucking her tits and kissing her lips. Master ordered Elsa to bend over for him and pull her ass cheeks apart so that he could see her pussy and ass. When she was ready he placed his other hand on her bottom pushing one finger into her ass and the other into her dripping pussy. Master loved to have both his slaves at his mercy he adored watching them both as he fucked them taking control of them and their orgasms. He reminded them not to cry out - they were to remain silent. He took them both to the edge, and then he suddenly pulled out leaving them both groaning with frustration and animal lust.

Master was now ready to put the last phase of his plan into action. He paid the bill and showed his slaves out of the restaurant. They were expecting to leave the building instead he turned and walked up the stairs. He reached the corridor, he turned to them and ordered them to strip, and they were to stand nude in the hotel corridor. They looked at each other and did as they were told. Masters cock was rock hard; he told them to kiss each other with their tits rubbing together. They looked so exotic with just their jewellery showing off their delicious bodies. There was the added spice of being caught at any second adding extra excitement to the moment. He could not wait any longer; he opened the door and ordered them into the bedroom. He tore off his clothes as he pushed his slaves roughly to their knees and demanded that they lick him. They did not need to be told twice, Julie took his hard cock into her mouth as Elsa licked his balls, they worked together slowly and deliberately enjoying every lick and suck to the full. Julie was deep throating her Master and her saliva was dripping down onto Elsa's mouth and face as she lapped and slurped on Masters balls. Master was groaning as he could feel his orgasm building; they were so good their lust and passion was taking him to new heights. He could not hold back as he came hard and loud, his cum exploding over his slaves' faces and tits. His slaves never took their eyes off him as they loved to see Master cum; they loved to see the pleasure and release on his face. He fell back in the chair, his cock starting to soften. He raised his eyes to see his slaves kissing and licking every drop of his cum off each others faces and tits, and he sat back to watch as his slaves started to make love to each other...

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