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Life is stranger than I imagined it would be. I grew up in Japan as a very conservative Japanese woman, and the daughter of a well to do business man. I was rebellious, relative to other Japanese girls. When I told my parents I intended to study in America they were very much against it. But, I was in my early twenties and I had my own money. They knew they would never be able to change my mind, so they gave me their blessing and hoped for the best. My father bravely told me to study hard, and my mother cried. I had no idea at the time that I would find myself living in America permanently. I think my mother knew that would happen.

I fell in love with an American man who was as conservative as I was about sex, but he was much more enthusiastic. We married and had children. Years into our marriage my husband, I'll call him John, became progressively less conservative. We were always very comfortable and honest with each other, and we explored our sexual fantasies openly. Sex was a lot of fun for us. But over time John started to wish for something more exciting and different. We had already tried the usual position changes, he tied me to the bed a few times, and sometimes I dressed up in sexy lingerie. We even had sex on the neighbor's picnic table once. Then one night as John lay beside me, breathing heavily from some particularly strenuous sex, I joked that I should get myself a boyfriend to help him out. Instead of dismissing the idea John said "Hmm...I'd probably be Ok with it". I wasn't sure I understood him at first.

"What do you mean?" I asked. He went on to tell me that, some time ago he grew tired of his usual fantasies and imagined me having sex with another man. He was surprised to find that it turned him on. He said that before too long, that fantasy had replaced all the other fantasies that he usually enjoyed running through his mind. I was stunned.

John asked me if it was something that I would consider, and I wasn't sure at first. It sounded a lot like cheating to me, but he assured me he wouldn't see it that way. He wanted me to take it slow, and give him a chance to explore his own reaction in other ways before going so far as to have sex with another man. But he believed that he would be able to accept, and even be turned on by my having extramarital sex.

That night we outlined some rules and discussed all possibilities. For example, I wanted to know if he was considering letting me do this so that I'd have to let him have sex with other women. He hoped that over time I would let him, but that wasn't the reason he was considering this. His assumption from the beginning would be that I alone would be allowed to have a sex friend. And if at some time in the future, I felt I could handle it, he would be allowed to try having a girl friend too. But I made sure that it wasn't an absolute requirement. I wasn't sure if I'd ever be able to let him have a girlfriend, and I told him that. We also agreed that if John ever became uncomfortable with the arrangement, I would stop seeing my boyfriend.

Almost a year passed before the opportunity arose. The sex with my new boyfriend was exciting, but not especially satisfying. It turned out that John's reaction to me after I returned home from an encounter with him was the most exciting part for me. But one thing we learned from that experience is that John is definitely not the jealous type. What John discovered about himself is that he is strongly attracted to a woman that is secure in her sexuality. Emotionally mature and confident women that aren't afraid to bend societal rules for their own pleasure really turn him on.

And that's the background for this story, which begins in the basement shower of our home. Several months have passed since I decided to stop seeing my boyfriend, and John and I have become even more willing to explore our sexual fantasies. This has been one of my favorites, and it's a good one.

I'm nude and standing in front of the mirror in our downstairs shower as the steaming hot water massages my back and warms my body. I like looking at myself in the mirror, I have a nice figure. My boobs aren't especially big, but as my husband says, they are perfectly proportioned to my small frame. I'm about five foot four and 110 pounds. My straight black hair hangs to the middle of my back, and I have a tattoo of a black dragon in a place I will not specify.

I turn my body to inspect my figure from a different angle, and I'm basically happy with what I see. Then I begin to wonder how it came to be that I now find myself in the shower, preparing to have sex with three men at the same time. Just outside the bathroom door wait my husband, and two of his friends.

I've know his friends for a few years, and both of them are very nice guys. I don't find either of them as attractive as John, but I suppose that's partly because I really love my husband. Both of them are physically fit and play sports with John often.

One is slightly taller than John and has short sandy blonde hair, I'll call him Mike. Mike has a runner's body, strong and toned. The other man is shorter than both Mike and John, and has straight dark brown hair that he sometimes likes to spike straight up. I'll call him Tom. Tom likes to lift weights more than he likes to run, and his extra mass slows him down when he's running with the other two. This causes him to get picked on a little when he can't keep up. I've told him, however, that his extra bulk is in all the right places. I especially like his butt, that thing looks very fit and powerful.

As the water warms me, I imagine them doing what ever it is that men do to prepare for sex, and it makes me blush. I am feeling an odd combination of emotions. My knees are shaking slightly, both from excitement and probably a little fear of the unknown. I've had sex thousands of times, and I've had sex with two men in one night. But I've never had sex with more than one man at a time. What could I possibly do with three cocks at once?

A bit of self exploration with my finger confirms that I'm very aroused, but part of me still isn't convinced I want to go through with it. John and I discussed this for a long time. And everyone agreed that I can back out any time without explanation. They also agreed to follow my instructions, and that I am in charge. I know them all well, and I know that I can trust them.

Once again I have crossed off all the reasons for not doing this, so I step out of the shower and drink my glass of wine in a single gulp. I consider the two men on the other side of the door that have never seen me naked. If it was just John, I'd strut right through the doorway in my sexiest runway model walk. But I'm embarrassed by the thought of stepping through the doorway completely nude with his friends here. I feel silly being shy, but my conservative upbringing comes back to me in ways that don't always make sense. I wrap myself in a soft pink towel and prepare myself to open the door.

My fingers touch the handle of the door and a surge of excitement wells up from somewhere deep inside me and rushes through my body. I pause for a moment, wondering what tonight will be like. I wonder if the fantasy will be better than reality. Tonight John is going to watch me have sex with someone else for the first time, and I wonder if he will react as he expects he will. And I wonder how all this is going to begin. But the time for wondering is over, so I open the door and step into John's room.

This is John's basement room. He built it for his own use as a place to work on his projects. It has the bathroom, a couch, big screen TV, refrigerator, a workbench, and at the moment; three men. John insulated the ceiling and did lots of other things to prevent noise from getting into the room from the outside. But it works both ways, and sounds that come from inside the room can't get out either.

All heads turn to look at me and I feel my face flush again. All of the men have the same horny look in their eyes. Their uniform reaction makes me think once again that men are very simple creatures. I can't imagine that a woman would be able to get two of her friends to agree to something like this so easily. But my husband's friends didn't need much convincing by the sounds of it.

It's exciting to have them look at me with expressions of expectation, but I still have no idea how this is supposed to begin. My mind goes blank and I'm surprised to find myself almost floating across the room to John. When I reach him, I hold him tight, wrapping my arms around him. He kisses the top of my head and smells my hair like he always does. John kisses my neck, and kisses his way across my face to my lips, exactly like he did when he kissed me for the first time. My hands wrap themselves over John's butt and I feel his muscles flex as he shifts his weight. I lay my head on his chest and breathe him in. He smells strong and masculine. His hand slips beneath my towel and caresses my back. He wraps his hand in my hair and lifts my face to his. He kisses me hard and deep, his breathing ragged and uncontrolled. His hard cock presses against me as he slides his hands under my towel and grabs each of my butt cheeks. His hands are warm, and in one practiced movement he pulls the towel from my body, and raises it into the air before dropping it to the floor. I follow the motion of the towel as it falls. Out of the corner of my eye I can see both of the other men watching while John caresses my naked body and kisses my breasts. My heart beats furiously and my breathing becomes deep.

John slides his hand between my legs. A smile spreads across his face when he discovers how wet I am then penetrates me with his finger. A soft moan escapes my lips as his finger slides in and caresses that special spot that he knows so well. He curls his finger over and over until my legs buckle and my body sways to his rhythm. He pulls his finger from my pussy and licks it clean. I grab his cock still confined behind his jeans and squeeze tightly.

"Stick this thing in me." I whisper.

John wraps his arms around me, lifts me off my feet, and sets me gently on the workbench. He drops his pants in one fluid motion, hooks my legs under each of his arms, and penetrates me with one long thrust.

"Ahh!" I scream.

John begins pumping me with his familiar rhythm. I nearly forget the other two men in the room watching me get fucked when John says "Take a leg guys." The two men approach while I watch John's cock slides in and out of me. My legs are being held wide open, and the lips of my pussy are being parted to the rhythm of John's thrusting cock. He's already glistening from my natural lubricant, and his sloppy wet balls slap against me. Mike and Tom take my legs and lift them higher into the air, opening my body further to John's cock and he drives deeper into me. Both men watch silently and caress my legs as I get pounded.

All inhibitions are forgotten now, and any embarrassment I might feel is totally ignored. I hold my hand up to my husband to indicate that I want him to stop, and I say breathlessly "His turn", as I indicate Mike with a sweep of my hand.

John takes Mike's position holding my leg and Mike slips out of his clothes with remarkable speed. His cock is slightly thinner than John's but is very, very hard. He slides into me and another gasp escapes my body.

"Oh...I like it!" I exclaim, as Mike begins his rhythm. Mike's rhythm is fast and light, he moves without effort. His thrusting uses the entire length of his cock, and I watch as the head of his cock nearly pulls out entirely and then drives back deep inside me. I love experiencing another man's technique, and I begin to wonder what the third man is like. But first I lock my eyes on my husband's. He's watching his wife get fucked hard, and he sees that I like it. John is obviously enjoying the show. For John's benefit, I exaggerate my gasps to every deep thrust of Mike's cock.

"Ok...his turn" I whisper, and Tom and Mike switch places.

Tom is thicker and slightly longer than both of them, and slides into me cautiously. "Harder!" I demand, and soon John and Mike have trouble holding my legs still as Tom uses his powerful ass to slam his shaft into me. My feet flap uncontrollably.

"Oh! Don't Stop!" I scream as Tom's body tenses. The muscles on his face flex as he nears climax.

"Don't blow in her." warns John. "We've got more..."

Tom withdraws his penis and pumps himself furiously with his hand.

"Aw shit!" he exclaims as his cock explodes with his milky fluid. His first blast splatters my chin and neck. Half a dozen more times his cock spasms and my breasts and abdomen are dripping with semen.

"Ahh...that was good" I assure him. "Think you'll be ready again later?"

"Oh hell yes!" he says, and steps aside for John. John eagerly resumes his previous position, but I have other plans for them.

"No" I say to John.

"All three of you on your backs. Tom you're last in line and you'll be ready when I get there." I say in a matter of fact tone. I direct the three naked men to move the couch out of the way and I arrange each of them on the floor, side by side.

My fantasy is to have multiple naked men, lying side by side, waiting for me to take a turn on them. After I ride each of them they can do what ever they want with me. I will be used just as I use them, but first I'm in control, and they must do as I say.

Tom's cum is beginning to drip from my chin and run down my breasts, but I choose to leave it there as I straddle my husband. I lower myself onto him while guiding his still slippery cock into my pussy. The other two men lie on the floor, watching and waiting as instructed, and my body shudders as I drive myself onto John's hard cock in one deep thrust.

"Oh shit!" I scream as I impale myself. I feel every bulging vein, and the head of his penis drive deep inside. My pussy is wet with lubricant that makes his cock shiny and dampens his pubic hair. The more I bounce, the brighter shade of red John's face becomes, and beads of sweat form on his forehead. I reach behind and fondle John's balls as I ride him. My fingers slide up his cock and then rest on opposite sides of my pussy, feeling his cock sliding in and out of me. John moans, thrusts his pelvis off the floor and drives himself deeper inside.

"You gonn'a cum?" I gasp.


I lift myself free of his cock which flops sloppily on his stomach. Moving quickly, I suck the head of his cock into my mouth and pump him furiously with my hand. His body stiffens again and his fingers dig deep into the carpeting. He stops moaning, and a burst of cum squirts down my throat as his cock spasms. He cums much more than usual and I have to swallow most of it. I have a hard time keeping what's left in my mouth but I can't prevent a smile from spreading across my face, and about half the cum drips from between my teeth and down my chin. I cup my hand to my mouth to catch it, and spit out the rest.

"I'm getting slippery", I say to no one in particular, and mix the cum in my hand with Tom's by smearing it all over my breasts.

Mike lays waiting on the floor, second in line. I leave John behind, having finished with the first man, and kneel between Mike's legs. I bury my nose into his testicles and breathe him in. I love how all men smell similar and yet different. I lick Mike's balls and slide my tongue up his cock to the head of his penis, he tastes like me. My hand wraps around his shaft and I guide his cock into my mouth. I explore him with my tongue until my curiosity is satisfied.

I position myself over Mike's face, and squat onto his mouth with some of my weight pressing down on him. I smear his face with my pussy until he glistens all over with my wetness.

"Lick me!" I demand and pull his head hard into my pussy. Mike proves to be a good clitoris licker, and I shift my weight to a more comfortable position.

"Oh that's good Mike" I tell him. I hold his head steady with my weight and fine tune my body position for better stimulation.

"Oh...that's really good Mike!" I exclaim and press down harder. "Please...please keep going!" I cry when Mike's tongue begins to slow its rhythm. He resumes his rapid pace and a shiver of orgasm explodes through my body and out my finger tips.

"Ah...That was...I like it!" I say and I collapse on the floor between Mike and Tom, breathing heavily.

"Give me a minute Mike. I'll be right there".

After resting a moment I stagger to my feet on shaking legs. Unceremoniously I position myself over Mike's hard cock, line up his cock to penetrate me, and allow my body to surrender to gravity. I mean business and I press down hard on Mike with all my weight, rocking back and fourth. The head of his penis slips from front to back deep inside me and gently presses against my G-spot with each backward thrust of my rhythm. My speed builds and screams burst from my throat. My hair flies wildly and I claw at Mike's chest for something to hang on to. My orgasm builds and my speed increases again. Mike gasps and his body tightens. He's going to cum but I can't quit, I'm so close. "Ahh...I'm cumming!" I scream, as waves of orgasm rocket through me. Mike thrusts his pelvis off the floor and drives his cock deeper.

"Me...Ahh!" he screams.

I feel his cock spasm and pump me full of semen. He pushes himself up and buries his face between my slippery breasts.

"I love sex" I say, while sitting on Mike's softening shaft and holding his face between my breasts.

"Yeh...dat wud fum" replies Mike with some difficulty, and we all laugh at his struggle to speak while his mouth is pressed between my breasts.

"Tom? you ready?" I ask.

"Hell yeah, come on then!" he answers.

"Do you mind that I'm a little slippery?"

"Let's go!" says Tom.

Tom says he doesn't mind, but I grab the pink towel on the floor and wipe off most of the cum that hasn't already dried to my skin anyway. Then I contemplate Tom's erect cock and wonder how to approach it. He's thicker than the other two, but that won't be the problem. He is longer than I'm used to, and he'll drive too deep for me to be comfortable when I'm on top. I decide to try reverse cowgirl and see how he fits. I stand over Tom's cock as I squat and guide his penis into me; some of Mike's cum drips out of my cunt and drips onto Tom's balls. "Oh...sorry about that" I say over my shoulder.

"Sorry 'bout what?" asks Tom.

"Oh ...Uh...Did I step on your hand?" I ask.


"Good" is all I say.

I grab his dick again and line him up for penetration. More of Mike's cum drips out of me and onto the head of Tom's cock. This time, I smear the cum all over his cock with my hand and drive myself onto him. I can't describe how wonderfully slutty and naughty it makes me feel. The idea of fucking a man that has just been covered with semen, that came from my pussy, and is from a different man. Something about it sends a tingling sensation up my spine.

It compounds with the sensation of an unusually oversized cock being driven deep inside me. I feel like I'm really getting fucked, and I love it. I ride on Tom for quite a while, changing from a fast to a slow rhythm and back again, just enjoying the sensation.

Occasionally I look over at the other two men, still lying on the floor. There is something very erotic about having my husband watch me enjoying another man's body.

I'm embarrassingly wet, which is remarkable considering how much sex I've been having. As I enjoy Tom's body and my husbands gaze, another orgasm starts to build. I increase the speed of my pelvic thrusting, but I'm getting sensitive and can't handle the hard pounding I enjoyed previously. The orgasm builds, more subtle this time, and breaks as it rushes through me. I sit impaled on Tom for a moment, feeling very satisfied. I announce "alright guys, it's your turn to finish up".

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