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Three Stoner Chix - Purple Passion



This is the second part of a five part series called SUMMER SINS. Each part will have 'Purple' in the title. It takes place three weeks after the 'Green' stories of Summer Secrets.

You don't necessarily need to read Blue or Green to enjoy Purple, though if you do enjoy it, you might want to go back to the beginning.

This episode of Summer Sins features sexual situations of every type: Guy on girl, girl on girl, guy on guy, mother on daughter, seduction of innocent nerds, sex in exchange for drugs, brother-sister incest, drug induced orgies, and as if all of that weren't bad enough, the corruption of Christian clergy. All this naughtiness is driven by the personalities of the characters, in scenes that we worked hard to make realistic. We hope you will enjoy it, even if any particular sexual situation isn't to your liking. Remember, it's just a fantasy. We don't endorse the behavior of our characters, their drug use, their choices or their perversions. But neither do we judge them.

To catch you up on what has happened so far:

Three friends have been spending their last summer week at different locations.

Redhead Alyson Ferrie is at Bible Camp, where she has decided to help her gay friend Christian seduce hunky Pastor Scott. The lucky man is fetching some food for them, completely unaware of how lucky he is about to get.

Meanwhile, cute little blonde Amy Gleason and her incestuous mother Gina, have just been helping Amy's boyfriend Rashawne move into his college dorm, where they've instigated an orgy with his nerdy roommate Keith. The orgy is only going to get crazier from here!

Meanwhile, back at home, their friend Dana Lee Pruitt has just instigated an orgy with a bunch of her brother David's friends, while David watches!! The orgy has just begun!




PART 2 -- FRIDAY MORNING continued


As Pastor Scott piled one final rib on the oversized platter of leftovers, he heard a sexy voice say, "That's an awful lot of food, Pastor."

He looked up and saw Kamela Pukahi grinning at him with sparkling interest in her smoky, Hawaiian eyes. Damn. I forgot she was on the cooking crew. Every time I turn my head, there she is. Little temptress...

"Yeah. I missed lunch."

"They're cold. Want me to warm them up on the grill?"

"Would you mind?"

"No problem. Bring 'em over here."

He joined her at the grill, which was already stocked with glowing charcoal for the evening's barbecue. Kamela took the ribs and chicken thighs off the platter with tongs and spread them out on the hot grill. "If you can wait a while, I'd be happy to grill you up a nice fresh steak."

"No thanks. I'm in a bit of a hurry."

She grinned and turned her attention to the grill, brushing fresh sauce onto the meat. She knew Pastor Scott was ogling her, and it made her feel good. Yeah, feast your eyes, big fella.

Pastor Scott couldn't keep his eyes off Kamela. She was as classic Hawaiian beauty, with creamy brown skin, dark almond-shaped eyes, long brown hair, and an hourglass figure. Although she was only seventeen, she already had double D's that were fairly bursting out of her apron. Although Kamela's family moved to Florida when she was seven, she wanted everyone to know she was Hawaiian, so she always wore flowers in her hair. The woods were full of wildflowers, so she usually picked them in the morning, and wove them into a ring to wear around her head. But today there was a huge, yellow flower tucked next to her ear.

"Wow. Where did you get that beautiful flower? I don't recall seeing a hibiscus tree around here."

She giggled. "Deacon Wilton bought it for me in town when he went to buy the food. 'Special gift for a special lady', he said. He's got a bit of a crush on me, I think." She batted her long black eyelashes at him.

Fuck, she's beautiful. Fuck, fuck, fuck... It's a goddamn good thing she's underage, or I might be tempted. She's been flirting with me like crazy all summer. Totally has the hots for me. A bit obsessed, actually. Damn... If she were a little older I'd be in serious danger... fuck... I'm just glad she's not. I've been celibate for three years. I don't want to backslide with a bible-camper!

Kamela giggled, "Actually the flower was a birthday gift." She looked at him with a sleepy, sexy look for several seconds before saying, "I'm eighteen today." A smile curled up the corner of her cheek. Then she turned her attention back to the grill, and flipped the food, letting that bit of information sink in to Pastor Scott's dirty mind.

Oh... shit. Oh, shit. Heavenly Father, give me the strength... "Well... uh... happy birthday Kamela..."

"Why don't you call me Honey? That's what Kamela means, by the way. In Hawaiian."

"Is it? That's interesting. My name doesn't mean anything."

"What is your name, Pastor Scott?"

"Fergus. Stupid name. That's why I became a pastor. So people could call me something else."

Honey laughed a musical laugh, making her breasts jiggle. "Oh, don't be silly, Fergus. Every name has a meaning. Fergus is Irish, if I remember right. It means strong and... virile." She looked him up and down with undisguised sexual interest, "I'd say your parents nailed that one on the head, Ffffergusssss."

Pastor Scott felt his cock beginning to stir in reaction to the slow and sexy way she said his name. "You're making that up."

"No. I used to work at one of those little stands at the mall that does ancestry stuff, like giving people their family history and printing out their coats of arms. I memorized a bunch of first name meanings too. That was a good way to hook customers. Everybody wants to hear a cute girl tell them the meaning of their name. Men in particular."

Pastor Scott was so turned on by the twinkle in Honey's eyes, that he turned to watch the boys building the bonfire in the big clearing next to the lake. Please Lord, give me the strength to resist temptation. And please make my cock stop growing. Dammit! At the very least, don't let Kamela see it! Calm down. Calm down... I need to get back to those sweet kids in the chapel. They need shepherding, and I need to be a shepherd tonight... not a wolf.

After a while, Honey sang, "All done!" He turned and held the platter so she could pile the meat on it. When she was done she looked down at the food and licked her lips. "Mmm. That looks so yummy. I'm pretty hungry too, Fergus. Absolutely ravenous." Honey ran her finger up the side of one of the ribs, then slowly sucked the sauce off her finger with her lush, red lips. Then she slowly licked her lips from one side to the other, and stared over the platter, right at his crotch. "Mmmmm. I'd love to have some meat in my mouth."

Pastor Scott's heart was racing by this time, and he felt his cock swelling again, so he quickly turned and walked away with long strides. "Thanks, Kamela... I mean, Honey. See you later."

Honey grinned from ear to ear. See me later? Yeah, he definitely got the message. This is gonna be fun! She turned to a skinny boy who was carrying a platter of fresh meat into the cooking area. "Hey, Benny, hold the fort. I gotta go take a leak." Then she followed Pastor Scott through the camp, maintaining a reasonable distance so nobody would notice her following him. I wonder where he's leading me. His cabin I bet.

But instead of going to his cabin, he stepped into the Deacon's office. She waited for a few minutes, wondering what was keeping him. When the Deacon came out she saw his office was empty, and realized that Pastor Scott must have gone out the back door. Crap. It's almost like he's trying to lose me. No, he's just playing cat and mouse. Where are you, smarty pants? She stood in the center of the compound, next to the flagpole with her hands on her hips and scanning every building. Kids and counselors occasionally crossed through, gossiping about Alyson's big performance, which was all anybody could talk about. Then Honey saw Pastor Scott come out of the supply depot. He was still carrying the platter of meat, but now he was wearing a backpack with a couple of big sleeping bags strapped to it. He also had two plastic bottles of soda tucked under his arms.

Oh, I see... he wants to take me out into the woods to fuck. That might be nice. A bit buggy... but it might be fun to lose my virginity under the stars. He was walking very fast now, jogging up the twisty path that followed the brook into the woods. What's his big hurry? He's gonna lose me if he doesn't slow down. But then she saw him going into the little log chapel next to the bubbling springs that the camp was named after. Oh, this is even better than camping! Privacy, but without the bugs. And we'll be out of earshot of the camp. Totally alone, with the whole evening to explore. Yeah, this is gonna be sweet. She looked around to make sure nobody had followed, then walked up to the door. But just before she grabbed the doorknob she heard voices inside. Oh shit.

Pastor Scott said, "I'm back, kids!

A girl's voice said, "Did anybody follow you?"

"I don't think so. But I'll go look."

Honey ducked around the side of the chapel just before the door opened. "The path's clear. We're good."

Two voices made a little, "Hooray!"

Honey felt a surge of disappointment and jealousy. She'd been looking forward to this day all summer. The day she turned eighteen. The day she gave Pastor Scott her cherry. And here he was with some other kids, doing heaven knows what. She could hear them talking inside, but couldn't make out their conversation, so she crept around to the side door leading into the sacristy. She found a small circular staircase leading up to the choir loft that ran around three sides of the building. She quietly crawled out onto it, staying low. From there she could hear every word they said below.

She quickly realized that Pastor Scott was having a little clandestine meeting with Alyson Ferrie and her boyfriend Christian Peller. The two of them had been quite the item all summer long. It made Honey a bit jealous to see them smooching all the time, but Christian wasn't her type anyway. Too soft. She preferred a weathered man, like Pastor Scott. He just oozed with manliness. After watching him in the log-balancing competition, she had to run back to her cabin to masturbate. He was just the sexiest man alive.

Honey listened to them setting up their picnic below. The area near the entry door was a little cramped. So Christian and Pastor Scott rearranged the pews to make a clearing in front of the altar, where the light coming through the stained glass window was best. Honey could hear Alyson doing something, but couldn't figure out what, so she peeked carefully through the banister.

Alyson was taking cushions off the pews and arranging them on the floor to create one large flat surface. Then she unzipped the two sleeping bags so they were totally open, and laid the padded fabric over the cushions to create one big bed, about six feet long by twelve feet wide. When she was almost finished, Pastor Scott saw what she was doing.

"Oh, Alyson... uh... we probably should sleep in separate areas."

"Oh, this is just for now. For our picnic. We can rearrange things later, when its time for bed."

Pastor Scott nodded, saying, "Well, that sure looks comfy. Let's eat!"

As they were saying grace, Honey hid again, fuming with anger. What? He's sleeping here with them? Damn! I was hoping to snag him after he was done! Damn! Damn! Well... maybe in the morning... No, he'll be busy at first light. This sucks. This was my last chance!

Honey sulked in the choir loft, but couldn't tear herself away from their boring conversation, Pastor Scott's deep voice was just so sexy and mellifluous. Listening to him made her pussy wet. After a while, she reached into her shorts and quietly masturbated, losing track of time. Then she nodded off, and when she woke up, she saw the setting sun brilliantly illuminating the stained glass window behind the altar. Damn. What time is it? They gotta be serving dinner by now. I'm gonna be in so much trouble! Fuck it. If I go back now they'll put me to work cleaning up! Fuck that. Maybe I can sneak down and wake up Pastor Scott after he goes to sleep. Fuck him nice and quiet while Christian and Alyson sleep. That would be so wicked!

When the sun set over the lake, the chapel descended suddenly into gloom.

Alyson said, "Hey, look. God just turned out the lights."

Pastor Scott snapped his fingers, "Oh, dang. I forgot... there's no electricity in here! This is the oldest building at Florida Springs, but they've never wired it up. That's why we only use it for special events. I guess I should run back into camp and fetch a lantern or two."

Alyson said, "Do you have to? They'll be lighting the bonfire now. Someone might see you and wonder why you aren't camping in the woods like you said."

"It's going to get very dark, very soon Alyson."

She nodded, "Yeah, but aren't there candles for all these candelabras?"

Pastor Scott smiled, "Hey, you're right! I think they keep them in the chest over here... come help."

They each took a handful of candles and stuck them in the various candelabras around the chapel. After Pastor Scott lit them, they stood around for a minute or two, soaking up the beauty. The pale log walls glowed golden in the candlelight.

Then they quietly cleared away their paper plates, and took turns washing up in the little bathroom. While Pastor Scott was brushing his teeth, Christian whispered to Alyson, "What are we doing here? This is weird."

"He's cute isn't he? I know you have a crush on him."

"Yeah. Sure. But..."

Alyson pinched Christian's cheek. "He thinks you're cute too. I can see it in his eyes. They light up when he's talking to you."

Christian blushed. "No. He thinks you're cute. He keeps looking at your tits."

Alyson giggled, "Oh that reminds me..." She quickly unhooked her bra, then wriggled out of it.

"What are you doing?"

"Getting ready for bed, silly." She fluffed her breasts and pinched her nipples to make them poke through the tee shirt more dramatically than ever. She looked down at the final effect. "Is it my imagination, or are these shirts a little see-thru?"

"It's not your imagination! Put your bra back on!"

Honey was peeking through the rail above, steaming at the idea that Alyson was planning to seduce Pastor Scott. But then Alyson suddenly kneeled and skinned Christian's shorts and underwear to the floor. Revealing his pale, flaccid penis. Honey stifled a gasp.

Christian loudly whispered, "Alyson!"

"Oh, I've seen your penis before. Well hello there big fella." Alyson gave the tip of his cock a little smack, then giggled, saying, "Lift your foot. There. No need for underwear. Now we'll just pull these up again..."

Honey was dazed as she watched Alyson pulling Christian's shorts back up. Oh my god. Did she just kiss his wiener? I always thought Alyson was a goody-goody bible thumper! Then Alyson doubly surprised her by reaching up through Christian's leg hole, and then started stroking his cock vigorously.

Christian was too surprised to do anything but squeak, "Alyson! What the heck?"

"Just trying to make you a little bigger... not too big, though... just enough to show him you're not a kid. Don't fight it. Just close your eyes and imagine that my hand is Pastor Scott's. His big strong hands... yeah, that's right... he's staring at you with his beautiful brown eyes. Mmm, he's so rugged... there you go." She felt his cock swelling in her hand. When it was halfway there, she pulled back to look at the results. "Yeah, nice and tempting."

"Alyson... this is stupid. I'm not going to seduce him!"

"Of course not, Christian. He's a man of God. He's a trained pastor. He can't be seduced. He has free will. You're just going to tempt him a little bit... with your supple young cock."

Christian gasped, "That's evil!"

Alyson stood up and looked him right in the eye. "Christian, if you actually believe that, you should leave right now. Go out to the bonfire. And I'll just go to sleep, and Pastor Scott can continue wallowing in shame and self-loathing. You saw how he looked when he was talking about the good old days. He wants to be free. And if you stay here, you might be able to help him rediscover himself. And you might just end up sucking his cock. You'd like that. I know you would. You'd love it. So... What do you want to do? What do you really, truly want to do?"

Honey couldn't believe what she was hearing. Suck his cock? But... Pastor Scott's not gay... is he?

Christian bit his lip and looked into Alyson's green eyes. Then Pastor Scott bustled out of the bathroom, happily humming a hymn. When he bent over his backpack to put his shaving kit away, Christian stared at his ass and whispered, "I think I'll stay."


Keith was flat on his back, looking up in wonderment at Amy's spectacular breasts as she smoked her cigarette. He was dimly aware that she'd said something. "Huh?" he squeaked.

Amy giggled then repeated, "I said, how do you like college so far, Keith?"

Keith had spent his high school years as a virgin band nerd. In all that time, he'd only ever gone on one actual date with a girl, and only because his mom had arranged it. Dolores was a shy, chubby girl, and though she didn't really like him, she'd kissed him for a few minutes, and let him grope her boobs for exactly fifteen seconds. That was the full extent Keith's sexual experience before stepping into room 505 half an hour ago. But now his semi-hard cock was nestled inside the tight little pussy that had just taken his virginity, and he could feel his warm cum oozing out of her and dripping down his balls. Everything had changed. Forever. He couldn't think of any words in the English language that could adequately describe his feelings right now, so he just stammered, "Uh... I... uh... like it?"

Amy laughed like crazy, making her pussy clench around his softening rod with each musical, "Ha!" Then Keith looked over and saw that Rashawne was about to mop his cum off of Gina's back with a pair of sweat pants. Amy shouted, "No! Don't waste it!" Then she hopped off Keith's lap and began to lick the cum right off of Gina's back, making the curly blonde cougar purr like a kitten. Once Amy was finished feasting, she took Gina by the hand and pulled her from the bed saying, "Let's go powder our noses M... Uh.. Gina." Keith watched in stunned silence as Amy and Gina skipped from the bed and giggled their way to the bathroom. Before Amy closed the door, she looked back so she could wink at Keith and blow him a kiss.

Keith wondered, What the fuck is that about?

Rashawne hopped onto the bed and reclined next to Keith, his muscled arms behind his head. Keith suddenly realized he was alone with his roommate. Alone, naked and sitting nearly on top of each other on the same bed. Keith couldn't help thinking that moments ago they'd been fucking a couple of hot blondes together on this same little bed. Rashawne could have taken Gina to the other bed, but he'd chosen to bend her over this one, right next to Keith. What did that mean? Did he want to watch me fuck Amy? Maybe he liked watching me as much as I liked watching him. Then Keith's cock started to rise at the memory Rashawne's massive staff slamming into that hot milf's pussy. Embarrassed, Keith looked over at Rashawne's lap and saw that his cock too was rising with every heartbeat until it was pointing straight to the ceiling. An ebony and an ivory tower in a near skyline.

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