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Three Women


This is a story of three women, who met one night at the local bar. Stephanie is a raven-haired woman, Cherie is a brown haired woman and Amber is a blonde. They have gone to the bar in search of a good time, what they found was the time of their lives.

Each was setting at different tables with their friends, drinking and laughing it up. In the background the music was playing and a dance song came on that each wanted to dance too. They each went to the dance floor and began dancing, that is where they met.

After the song was over, they went back to their respective tables. The friends that were with each one began to leave. This left the three women there. They soon sat with each other and began to talk about their lives and as with women, the conversation turned to sex.

Stephanie and Cherie both stated that they have slept with women before and this intrigued Amber. She asked if the touch of a woman was indeed more sensual than a mans, both Steph and Cherie looked at each other and said YES.

Amber wondered aloud what it was like; hoping that one of them would show her. What she got was both saying they would.

They decided to go to Stephanie's home, she was the closest and she had a king size bed. They entered the house and Steph led them to the bedroom. The bed is a solid oak frame with curved head and footboards. She had got the bed because the head and foot boards were perfect for tying someone too.

Each woman removed their own cloths Cherie was a beautiful woman and Steph new she would enjoy her sweet juices. Her breasts were nicely shaped and her nipples were already erect. Steph continued to take in her body and the V revealed a perfectly trimmed hairline, just a small patch of hair enough to contain the aroma of cum but not enough to take away from the feeling of her body.

Steph then cast her eyes on Amber, another beautiful woman to look at and taste she thought. Her breasts looked firm but not as big as Cherie's. Amber's nipples were standing erect also, Steph thought how could she be this lucky, and two beautiful women at once. Steph’s eyes moved down Amber's body, her hair line was nice to look at too, not as small as Cherie's but it looked well worth the eating.

Steph felt the eyes of Cherie and Amber gazing upon her, taking her form in, Steph could feel her nipples harden as the two woman looked upon her. Steph's breasts were nice sized and firm. She felt their eyes look down to her pussy and take it in. Her patch was neatly trimmed and she new it held the aroma of cum, because she has tasted herself many times.

After they looked and seen what each other had to offer, they moved to the bed, Cherie was on Steph’s right and Amber on her left. Cherie leaned over and kissed Steph, she felt her tongue probing in her mouth and she wanted more. Cherie then leaned over and kissed Amber. Steph could see that Amber was enjoying the kiss. After they finished Steph leaned over and kissed Amber. The kiss from Amber was just as enjoyable as the kiss from Cherie.

After Steph and Amber kissed, the three women looked at each other, Amber wondering who was going to make the first move. And as if on an unspoken question, Cherie and Steph laid Amber on her back. Cherie was on Amber's left side and Steph on her right side when, Cherie started kissing Amber and Steph started kissing her neck.

Steph could feel that Amber was enjoying the kiss, both on the lips and on her neck. After a few moments, Cherie and Steph changed places; Amber mouth was so moist from the previous kiss that Amber was wanting more. Then both Cherie and Steph started kissing down Amber's chest, slowly moving towards her breasts. Tracing her curves with their tongues.

Steph ran her tongue around Amber's breast, slowly moving her tongue towards her erect nipple. Running it around it several times. I glanced over and saw that Cherie was doing the same thing. I licked Amber's breast some more taken her erect nipple in between my teeth where I ran my tongue over her nipple one way then the other. I then started to suck on Amber's nipple. I felt Amber's hand on the back of my head, pulling me closer to her breast.

As I was sucking Amber's breast I took my hand and moved it to the inside of her thigh. I slowly moved my hand up until I reached her pussy. It was already moist. I moved my finger over her lips and then moved my finger inside her and then ran my finger over her clit.

Cherie then started kissing and licking down her stomach, Amber arched her back as Cherie did this. I continued to suck on Amber’s breasts. Cherie moved closer to Amber's cunt. Then she started kissing up Amber's thigh. Cherie moved closer to Amber's pussy. I was still sucking Amber's breasts and had my finger inside her cunt. Cherie then licked my finger down to her cunt.

I pulled my finger out of her and Cherie started licking around her lips. She licked around her lips occasionally lightly running her tongue over her clit. Then Cherie spread her lips open with her finger and started licking the pink of her pussy.

I brought my finger up and ran it over her breast, wiping her juices over her nipple. I started sucking her breast again. She tasted sweet, I knew that Cherie would be tasting her sweet nectar soon. Then it would be my turn to sample her.

As Cherie was eating her pussy, low moans were coming from Amber. She was arching her pussy to meet Cherie's tongue. As I was sucking her nipples and gently biting them, I felt Amber's hand rubbing the inside of my thigh. I spread my legs apart and she moved her hand closer to my cunt. I felt her finger rub over my lips and I wanted her finger inside me.

She inserted her finger inside me and she then started to finger fuck me. She moved her thumb to my clit and started rubbing it. I sat up and leaned back so she could get her finger into me more deeply. She took her finger out of me and pulled me over to her. I positioned my cunt directly over her face and then she started licking my cunt.

I watched Cherie as she was eating Amber's pussy. The girl was a wild woman. The more she licked Amber's cunt the more Amber licked mine. I knew that if Cherie kept this up, Amber would be cumming soon as well as I from the way she was working my clit over with her tongue.

Cherie was eating her going with her tongue from inside her cunt to her clit, back and forth, and sticking her fingers inside her, Amber was about to come, she had my clit in her mouth sucking it hard and her fingers plunging in and out me.

Amber came and Cherie licked and licked her cum, taking it into her mouth and what she didn’t take in was on her face and running down her neck and chest. Amber kept her sucking of my clit and I came, it was like the floodgates opened. I felt her tongue inside me as my juices flowed out. She took as much inside her and the rest covered her face.

I lay down on my side on Amber's legs. Cherie lay down and rested her head on my legs. I could smell the aroma of Amber's wet cunt, an aroma that made me want to eat her. I spread amber's legs and started licking lightly on her cunt.

Cherie spreads open my legs and started doing the same to me. Then Amber spread Cherie's legs. We was all eating each other, the more Cherie licked and stuck her tongue in me, the more I did the same to Amber and the more Amber ate Cherie's cunt. We ate each other tasting the sweet juices from before.

Cherie had a masterful tongue, the way it went around my lips and moved around when she had it deep inside me, the way she ran it over my clit, first up and down then sideways, lightly biting it, sucking it in her mouth. I was doing the same thing to Amber's cunt, she was still so wet from before that just the aroma of her cum and the taste made me eat her more.

As Cherie was fucking me with her tongue, I took my leg and placed it behind her head, to pull her closer to me, to get her tongue deeper into me. I wanted to soak her the way i had Amber.

I felt Ambers hand on my head trying to pull me closer to her cunt, she grabbed my hair and pulled me closer, the pain and pleasure was so exciting that I started to cum, Cherie somehow sensed that I was cumming and licked me harder and deeper and as she did this I came. I felt my cum hit against my leg and Cherie was trying to take all of my juices inside her, but I came as if the dam had burst.

I had my tongue deep inside Amber as she started to cum. I had my mouth open wide to take her cum inside my mouth. She didn't disappoint me, she came and filled my mouth full, I had to swallow so many times to try and keep up.

Cherie started to cum almost after I did, i don't know if it was because of the amount of cum I gave her, but she let go of her juices and Amber licked her cunt and sucked her to take it all in. What she did swallow she wore as a glimmering sheen of morning dew.

We all sat up, our faces shinning with the glow of each other’s cum, our haired soaked with the overflow of sweet cum, our nipples dripping cum from them. I got up and went to my drawer of toys and came back with 3 dildos. Were going to have some fun now girls.

I handed a duel dildo to Cherie and she told me to lie down. When I laid down, Cherie took one end of it and inserted it into me, and she had Amber get as close to my cunt as she could and Cherie inserted the other end into Amber. Amber then slid as close to me as she could and we just rocked back and forth towards each other feeling the dildo deep inside us.

Cherie then straddled over my face, not letting me reach her with my tongue, I then inserted the other dildo inside her and started fucking her with it. As I was fucking her with the dildo, Amber was bucking back and forth, driving the duel dildo deep into her and me.

Cherie then leaned forward and started licking my cunt around the dildo, she moved from my cunt to Amber's cunt licking each of us. I was ramming the dildo deep into Cherie, the more I rammed the harder she licked us. Cherie would lick and suck my clit and rub Amber's clit with her fingers and then switch, rubbing my clit and sucking Amber's.

Amber started to cum and Cherie moved over to lick her cum and then I started to cum and Cherie moved back to lick my cum and as she was licking the cum from us, Cherie started to cum, her cum flowed out around the dildo and dripped onto my face, my hand was soaked as I continued to fuck her with the dildo.

We all then lay down beside each other. Cherie, Amber and Me. Our bodies touching each other, feeling the moistness of them from the cum. We laid there and drifted off to sleep, fresh with the memory of the best sex any of us had had in a long time.

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