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Three's a Crowd


Ben, Doug and Michelle have been friends since their school days. They always used to hang out together until Ben moved away to university. While Ben was away, Doug and Michelle stayed friends and eventually got together and became an item. They both kept in touch with Ben and a year after he returned from university, he was happy and proud to accept the responsibility of being the best man at the wedding of Doug and Michelle.

A couple of years later, the three are enjoying an evening out at a restaurant. They are all still the best of friends, although Doug and Michelle's relationship is starting to wear a bit thin in places. They enjoy each other's company, but their sex life is in a rut.

As Michelle leaves the table momentarily, Doug confides in his friend that he feels unfulfilled by the sexual routine he and Michelle have gotten into. He explains how he feels that she doesn't respond to his touch in the way she once did and how the adventure and excitement has drained from their sex life.

Michelle returns and the evening progresses with the three in good spirits. On leaving the restaurant they return to Doug and Michelle's house to watch a film. Ben and Michelle settle themselves on the sofa as Doug goes to make some drinks and popcorn.

Michelle starts to quiz Ben about being single and probing for information about his conquests and sex life. "You see, I've only ever been with Doug," she says. "So sometimes I wonder what I've been missing out on!" she giggles as she puts her hand on his knee.

Ben squirms uncomfortably as she leans over towards him and whispers "Why don't know show me what you do with all those women of yours?"

"No. This is crazy!" Ben hisses in alarm. "You and Doug are my oldest friends. We couldn't...."

"It's okay." intones Doug calmly as he appears, standing behind them. "Go ahead. Maybe you'll teach her a thing or two."

"This is too weird." protests Ben. "We've all been friends for ages. I don't want to ruin things."

"Come on, Ben." goads Michelle. "You know there's never been any jealousy between us. There's no need to worry."

"It's ok Ben." Doug reassures him as Michelle moves her hand up his thigh. "I know you've always been attracted to her. It's something Michelle and I have talked about and we're happy with it as a couple."

"Let me help get things started." says Michelle as she stands up in front of Ben and starts to slowly peel her clothes off. Turning around as she does so, taking every opportunity to give both men a good view of her round hips, pale skin and full, firm breasts.

Facing away from Ben, she bends at the waist to pull down her panties, leaving her completely naked. She stands up and steps out of them, before turning and dropping to her knees in front of Ben.

She sees his erection straining against his pants. Slowly, she works her hand up his thigh before unfastening his trousers. Pulling his cock out, she grips it in her hands and tugs at it gently.

"Mmmm, I like it." hums Michelle.

"Then why don't you give it a little kiss?" suggest Ben cautiously.

Michelle leans over and Ben feels the warmth of her large breasts between his knees. She kisses his cock, before aiming a lick at it. Tentatively, she opens her mouth and wraps her lips around his dick. Slowly, she fellates him as he strips off his his shirt. She stops and helps him to remove his trousers.

They stand facing each other, Michelle with her hands on Ben's shoulders and him with his hands on her curvaceous waist. "So, where do you want me?" she asks.

"On the sofa." he instructs her.

She lies down on the sofa with her legs spread and Ben climbs on top of her. She gasps as he slowly enters her and begins to push his cock into her. He thrusts into her tight pussy as she wraps her arms around him and clings onto his back.

He continues to fuck her tenderly for a few minutes, then withdraws. "What's the matter?" asks Michelle.

"Nothing. I want you to get on your hands and knees now."

"Ummmm, ok." Michelle complies and tentatively turns over onto all fours.

Grabbing her waist, Ben climbs up behind her onto the sofa. He enters her and fucks her again. This time much faster and more forcefully than before. Michelle gasps and pants with pleasure as Ben pounds into her.

Aroused by the spectacle, Doug unfastens his trousers and walks around to the side of the sofa with his erection spilling over his pants. He pushes his hips towards Michelle, who opens her mouth and sucks on her husband's stiff cock. He pushes himself into her mouth, deeper than she's ever taken him before.

Ben pulls his cock out and places his right hand on the back of the sofa. He moves his left hand round from Michelle's hip and pushes his thumb into her pussy. His hand rubs between her thighs and stimulates her clitoris. He rocks his hand over her for a few seconds, moving his thumb back and forth inside her. Then he puts his cock back inside her and continues to fuck her, this time at a less frantic pace, settling on a deep, rhythmic screw.

His thumb glistens, slippery and wet from being inside Michelle's excited pussy. He pushes his thumb against her ass hole and gently rubs around it as his right hand returns to brace her waist.

With a start, Michelle turns her head and asks "What are you doing?"

"You asked me to show you what I do to women who want me to fuck them, didn't you?"

"Ok, but be gentle with me." insists Michelle as she turns her attentions back to Doug's cock. Ben plays gently with her ass, then slowly applies pressure with the tip of his thumb. Michelle pushes her ass back against him and the first digit of his thumb slips inside her.

"Ohhh, I've never done this before. Go slow." she mumbles around the end of Doug's cock.

Ben keeps the tip of his thumb inside her for a few seconds, then slowly slides it out. Michelle groans with pleasure and Ben slips his thumb back in as he continues to screw her deeply.

Michelle pushes her hips back onto Ben's cock and his thumb, which slides in almost all the way as his hips bump against her firm, round ass.

"Ohhhh, yes. Keep it there. Don't move!" she commands as she gently sways her ass from side to side, savouring the feeling of her ass amd pussy being filled. "Now pull your thumb out."

Michelle groans with pleasure as he pulls his thumb out. "That feels good. Keep doing it!" Ben obliges and pushes his thumb back inside her ass as she returns to sucking her husband's cock. Michelle fellates Doug with a passion he can't remember her ever showing before, whilst bucking her hips as Ben thrusts into her pussy with his thick, stiff dick and pushes his thumb as far as he can into her ass.

"I need to switch." announces Ben as he pulls him cock out of Michelle. "Doug you sit down on the sofa." suggests Ben as he climbs down, while still keeping his thumb lodged inside Michelle's ass hole.

Doug moves round and starts to remove his clothes as he watches Michelle gyrate her ass back and forth onto Ben's thumb. "Wow, she's really getting into that!" remarks Doug as he sits down.

Ben removes his thumb sharply, followed immediately by a playful spank to her round ass with his right hand. "Sit down on top of him." he says. Michelle obliges and straddles Doug, grinding her hips into him as his cock moves inside her pussy.

Ben stands up on the sofa and puts his hand on the back of her head, guiding her towards his dick. She sucks him, taking him deeply into her throat. She looks up at Ben with her big, doe eyes and they share a minute of eye contact as she fellates him. He can't quite believe that the friend that he secretly lusted over in his teenage years, now the wife of his other best friend, is currently between them as she licks and slurps as his dick.

"Why don't you two lie down?" he suggests, climbing off the sofa. Doug twists round and lies down along the sofa, with Michelle laying down on top of him, still straddling him with his dick inside her.

Ben watches them fuck for a moment, then declares "I think you're ready for this, Michelle." He positions himself behind her and puts the tip of his cock against her ass hole. Slowly he eases the tip inside her and begins to gently thrust himself into her ass.

Michelle's eyes roll back and she lets out a loud groan of pleasure. Ben's cock meets no resistance from her ass and he goes deeper and deeper with every push forward of his hips. Michelle cannot contain her pleasure and orgasms strongly. Her back arches and she digs her fingernails into Doug's shoulders. She lets lets out a large moan, then flops down onto Doug's torso, her long blonde hair falling over his face.

"I think it's past time that you let me have your ass." Doug tells Michelle. Ben climbs off the sofa and Michelle pushes herself up with her arms and moves up off Doug's cock. She grabs it and guides it into her ass, then lowers herself back down and continues to ride him.

Ben moves round towards the side of the sofa and Michelle takes him in her mouth. She groans around his dick as her hips buck frantically against Doug. Ben's cock stifling the her cries of pleasure as she orgasms again.

Recovering her composure, she frees herself from the cocks inside her and pulls herself up. Rolling off the sofa, she gets onto all fours she leans over Doug and wraps her lips around his cock. Forcing her mouth down onto him as far as she can.

Ben approaches her from behind and puts himself back into her ass. He fucks her frantically, his hips slapping against her ass cheeks with every thrust. He fucks her harder and harder until he can take no more.

"Michelle," he pants as he pulls at her hip, "turn around to me." She moves her lips off Doug and turns around on her knees. Before she is even fully facing Ben, she is surprised as his sperm hits her cheek. She closes her eyes and opens her mouth as she settles into position and feels more of his hot sperm dropping onto her face, before feeling his cock being thrust into her mouth. She sucks the last of his sperm from his dick and she feels Doug's hand on her shoulder.

Ben pulls his dick out as Doug tells her to get back onto all fours, directing her into position as he grips her shoulder. He guides his cock into her ass and straight away starts to fuck her deep and hard. The sperm drips from her face. A long string of it dangles from her chin, wiggling back and forth as Doug fucks her faster and faster until he cums deep inside her.

Ben, now sat watching them from the sofa, says "That was fun!" Doug and Michelle both look over their shoulders at him and smile. "We should do this again some time!"

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