tagIncest/TabooThree's A Crowd Ch. 06

Three's A Crowd Ch. 06


Two young bulls met head to head, pawing the ground, with fiery staring eyes and flaring nostrils. The cause of their confrontation stood demurely nearby, awaiting the outcome.

"That's the bottom line, Daniel! Non-negotiable!"

He wanted to fight, despite me being bigger, harder and stronger than him. He knew he would lose badly in a 'winner take all' battle yet his hot Irish temperament drove him to the brink.

He demanded to know, "Will I be around whenever you and Mel want to get it on together? Or is that private?"

"What happens between Mel and I is none of your business," I told him coldly.

He looked to Mel for confirmation.

She upheld my demands quietly, "This is the way Joel and I want it, Danny; it is our joint decision."

Danny backed down. A battle, if not the war, was won.

Mel still had three days of her period to run, so there was no immediate start to the arrangement. She told us to, "Go down to the pool and cool your hot heads!" then left for home to catch up on some schoolwork.

A few days later, Mel slipped a note into my pocket. It read simply, 'Lunch break. In the woods.'

After a short search, I found her standing in a column of bright sunlight with her eyes shut, leaning with her back against large tree. I stood still and watched her for a moment. Mel is not Playmate of the Month material, but at that moment, she was the most beautiful girl in the world. I made a low whistle to let her know I had arrived, whereupon, she opened her eyes and beckoned me over.

Immediately I was close enough, Mel frantically undid my pants and pushed them and my underwear down to my ankles. "Can't have you getting stains," she muttered. Then, she took hold of my already stiff shaft and drew me to her. She lifted the hem of her dress and slipped me between her thighs. She was naked under there and very wet.

We clung to each tightly as I slid my shaft back and forth in her warm, slippery gash. I hoped we could stay like that for the whole of the break, but suddenly, Mel stiffened and dug her fingernails hard into my shoulder muscles. "Oh! Oh! Oh! Joel! Cum with me, Joel! Cum with me! Cum with me, please!"

I had been fighting a losing battle to hold back for her, for the previous couple of minutes. The instant pulsing heat of my release against her inner folds and clitoris tipped Mel over the edge. She buried her face into my chest and groaned with each thrilling bolt of pleasure in her loins. After many trembling minutes, we broke apart and with still shaking hands, cleaned each other's residues from our private parts.

I dropped to my knees and paid homage to her cleft with my lips. Only two days after the end of her period, she was as fresh as new-mown hay. Mel stroked my hair gently and murmured, "Don't start doing that, Joel, or we'll still be here when the bell goes!"

I left the coppice first. Danny stood with clenched fists in the centre of the sports field, glaring in my direction, and as taut as an over-wound spring. I strode directly up to him and stared him down. "None of your business, Danny. None of your business."

The next morning I received another note. There was only one word written on it, 'Again'.

Danny was staring at the woods again. He had watched Mel go and was about to boil over. I made a point of walking close by him with a low-voiced reminder that, "It's none of your business."

I found Mel in the same spot, but she took me by the hand and led me to another place in a darker, more densely wooded part of the copse. A sturdy branch stuck out almost horizontally from a tree at just above waist height. Facing the branch, she hiked her dress up around her waist, revealing her complete nakedness, and leaned forward to rest on it with her elbows. Her voice was so soft and husky, I could only just make out her words; "I want you from behind, Joel."

I cupped the pale globes of her buttocks in my palms, dumbstruck at their rounded, erotic beauty.

Mel hissed impatiently, "Hurry Joel! I want to feel you!"

I dropped my clothing and pushed my stiff dick into the inviting gap at the apex of her legs. "Aaaaagh! Yeeesss!" Mel sighed as my bulging mushroom rasped against her tender, sensitive lips, "Aaaaaaaagh! Yeeeesssss!"

While I thrust against her, I undid the belt at Mel's waist and pushed her dress right up to her armpits. I freed her breasts from their confinement and caressed their full, dangling points with my palms. She arched her back with a delighted moan and ground her white bottom against my belly.

I felt her reach underneath her belly and pull back her hood so that the rim of my crown made direct contact on her hot spot. Her fingers held me there as I rubbed back and forth and she groaned deeply again, utterly lost in pleasure.

Mel's fingers pressed harder on the underside of my glans, once, twice, three times. She mumbled something under her breath and shifted her body slightly. I popped inside her! Mel's silken sheath seemed to suck at me avidly, its only wish to swallow me whole.

Mel stiffened. Her legs shook uncontrollably. I could feel that she was rubbing her clitoris at a furious pace. She was panting shallowly, so rapidly that one breath ran into the next. She gasped faintly, 'Oh my God! Oh my! Oh! Oh!" She heaved her buttocks wildly against me five or six times, forcing my cock deep into her channel. My sperm burst from me, flooding her insides. Then her knees buckled and she wailed softly "Ohhhhh, Jo…Jo…Joel!"

I clasped Mel's hips and held her or she would have collapsed to the forest floor. She grasped hold of the branch and held on tight, jerking and shaking at the aftershocks that pounded through her. Slowly she came back to earth and I slid my still rigid tool from her. She let out what sounded like a soft cry of, "Nooooo!" then squeaked loudly, "Ow! I've got to pee!"

Mel tore away from me and squatted. The golden stream left her in a flooding rush, trickling through the dead leaves down the slight incline towards my feet. I stood astride it and let it pass.

She remained sat on her heels.

"Are you Ok?" I asked.

Mel replied with a question; "Is it coming out?"

"Is what coming out?"

"Your sperm, Joel! I felt you cumming inside me!"

I squatted down in front of her and peered into her crotch. Crouched down as she was, her plump outer lips were stretched open wide and her hood stuck out between them like a tiny inverted pyramid. There were undoubtedly fluids dripping from her, but not a great deal.

"There's some, " I said, "but not all of it by the look of things."

"I'll just have to stay like this for a little while longer then! Are you still hard? Hey, Joel, stand up again!"

I shook my rigid dick in my fingers. "It doesn't seem to want to go down."

"Ooooh, good! My turn today!" Mel murmured hotly. "Come closer!"

I stepped up to her. She took hold of me and directed me between her lips. She scratched the insides of my thighs lightly with her fingernails. She tickled me behind my balls. She played with the sensitive hairs fringing the entrance to my bottom. She bobbed her head and sucked lightly on my crown. She flicked her tongue across my glans sending sparks through me. She swallowed every drop of my cum when it raged from my body, lightly touching the thumping tube in the area between my balls and my anus, and feeling the power of every ejaculation.

We stopped before leaving the woods and kissed. We checked each other's clothing for propriety and to make sure there were no errant damp spots. Mel's eyes sparkled and her cheeks were flushed.

She beamed at me delightedly. "I feel so alive! Every part of me is tingling! It's wonderful!"

"You look pretty amazing!" I whispered and kissed her again.

We let go of each other's hand just before we stepped onto the sports field. Danny was standing on exactly the same spot. He looked as though he was ready to explode.

"We have been very mean to Danny," Mel murmured as we walked slowly towards him, "I think I will make it up to him at the swimming hole tonight."

I looked at her sharply.

"Pull your head in, Joel! We agreed, remember?"

Mel smiled sweetly at Danny as she walked past, "Tonight, Daniel…don't be late…we've got a lot of catching up to do."

I walked past Danny on the other side without saying a word.

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