tagIncest/TabooThree's A Crowd Ch. 08

Three's A Crowd Ch. 08



'Yes, Melissa..."

Mel was basking in that contented, post-orgasm feeling of well-being when she just loves to talk. One day, I will probably find that other women do that too. But, right now, her behaviour is unique.

She snuggled her breasts against the side of my chest and, as had become her habit, nudged her nose to the side of my neck. "Joel, have you ever thought about finding a girlfriend?"

"Fat chance! Can you imagine me sitting about two feet away from some frump in a long baggy frock with her knees pressed together, and some old hag of a chaperone listening in on every word?"

"She may be very pretty for all you know! But you make a good point...not really your style now is it? But Colleen says she thinks you're kind of cute. She's not an Adventist...I wish I could wear short skirts like her."

Colleen is Danny's oldest sister. She is the same age as Mel and in the same class at school. Her mother respects the Adventist 'modest dress' requirements, so Colleen's 'short skirts' come halfway down her calves. Which is still very dowdy compared to girls I have seen in my infrequent visits to the real world. With most girls around here, you are lucky if you see an ankle!

The news that Colleen Delaney thinks I am 'cute' sent a nice warm feeling through me, but one has to be realistic. "Ha! Me associating with Colleen would be about as acceptable to Mom and Dad as you going out with Danny Delaney! Besides, Danny wouldn't have a bar of it."

"Why not?"

"As far as he's concerned, it's fine for him to be screwing someone else's sister, but just let some guy dare to touch his!"

"Danny isn't 'screwing' me as you so crudely put it!"

"Don't split hairs, Mel! You told me yourself yesterday that you are going to do it with him. It's only a matter of time!"

"It's not exactly written on tablets of stone."



"Ok, Mel, let's pretend. What would you do if I did take up with Colleen and do the same things with her as you plan to do with Danny?"

"I'd scratch her eyes out!"

I laughed, "You're worse than I am!"

"Don't be mean!" Mel started stroking my belly, sending anticipatory tingles through my groin. "Do you like me doing this?"

My steadily hardening manhood gave her my answer without me having to say a word.

"Ok then, what if I could persuade Colleen to go in a threesome with us two, like you are with Danny and me?"

"You'd love that wouldn't you! Two gorgeous young women pandering to your every want!"

"So, you have two handsome, virile young guys fighting to give you all the orgasms you ever dreamed of! What's the difference between the two? Hmmm, Colleen is rather lovely though."

Yes, Colleen is a real beauty, with flashing green eyes, milky white skin like her brother, but not so many freckles, and a lush, curvy body. Her crowning glory is an extraordinary mane of gold-shot auburn hair that reaches way past her waist.

"What about me? Aren't I lovely too?"

"But, you're only my sister..."

Mel tried to whack me. But I was ready for her, catching her by the wrist in mid-air. I brought her hand to my lips and tongued her palm, "Ahhhh, but such a wonderful sister! Come on, Mel!" I prompted. "You haven't given me an answer. Would you do a threesome with Colleen?"

"That was nice! It sent shivers all the way down my spine to my you-know-where."


"I'd still want to scratch her eyes out, especially if you paid more attention to her than me."

"Is there a hidden message in what you just said? Ok, let's take it further. Just suppose...would you get it on with Colleen as well as me?"

"Aha! I've heard about the ultimate male fantasy, watching two girls having sex! If I wanted you to, would you get it on with Danny?"

"Don't be crazy, girl!"

"Well then, by the same token, why would I want sex with Colleen?"

"Um, well, er...it's different with girls..."

"What do you mean, 'it's different with girls'?"

"Well, you get to be such close friends, sleeping at each other's houses and stuff, sometimes in the same bed. And you have crushes on each other and all that."

"And that makes us all hot to have lesbian sex with each other?"

I sensed I was fast losing the argument, "More likely, then..."

"Well hear this, brother mine! Even if you and I were in the hottest ever threesome with Colleen Delaney, there's no way I'd want to have sex with her, no matter how much you begged!"

"What if she begged?"

"You never give up, do you! No, not even if Colleen Delaney begged!"

"But, you're going to screw her brother..."

"Oooooo! You are impossible! And if you keep carrying on like that, I will definitely screw her brother!"

"Ok, Ok...peace, lovely sister!"

"Joel, am I really lovely?"

"Amazing! But, I'm biased."

"What's the best part of me?"

"Your eyes."

"My eyes? Not my breasts?"

"Well, they are exceptionally beautiful, especially pressing up against me like they are now." I caressed a breast with my fingertips, making her nipple stiffen. "I just love the way they curve, and these dusky-pink nipples, especially when they swell up in my mouth. And I love the way your boobs jiggle slightly and sway when you walk around naked."

"My nipples love it when you suck and kiss them. What about my tummy, isn't that nice?"

'Aaaaah! Your tummy! I would fight wars for your tummy! I still haven't kissed every inch of it yet!"

"You concentrate too much on my navel and the furry bit at the bottom! Well, how about..."

"There's that little line of fine hairs that leads from your navel to this nice springy forest, and then to that lovely flower between your legs."


"Yes, it's just like those orchids Aunt Clara grows. Wonderful, subtle colours and dark mysterious folds...and the little 'throat'...Mmmmm!"

"What does my sex smell like to you?"

"Honey, field mushrooms, musk like you catch on the breeze when the Franklin's stags are in rut, but nearly as strong! And seashells mostly. And garlic when Mom uses too much of it!"

"Your semen smells and tastes of that too. What does my sex taste like?"

"It depends...at first it can be quite sharp, then, when you get worked up, it gets sweeter...salty cream and honey..."

"Mel rubbed her thighs together, squeezing her pussy lips. She was gently stroking my erection now. "How about my legs?"

I pushed my hand between her legs. "I could spend all day kissing these beautiful thighs! There is only one place about you that's softer and more creamy satin smooth than just here," I touched the wonderful inner skin up near Mel's pussy.


"Inside your vagina."


"I love the way your leg muscles flex. And your legs look so different from other angles, or depending on whether you are walking or standing still, or sitting or lying down. And those super-fine little hairs that glisten when they catch the sunlight! Legs are wonderful things, and yours are just magic!"

Mel is one of those rare females whose body hair is so fine that she will never have to shave her legs.

"You are doing exceptionally well here, Joel! Who has been giving you lessons in flattery? What have we missed?"

"Your buns."

"What about my buns?"

"I didn't realise just how completely erotic and inviting they are until the other day."

"In the woods at lunchtime?"

"And tonight."

Mel squeezed her thighs together again, clamping my hand against her muff. Her voice took on the telltale husky tone that told me she was getting aroused.

"Tell me about my buns."

"I wish you could understand the way I feel about them..."

"Perhaps I should get together with Colleen after all, I might get the idea from seeing and touching hers!"

"I didn't know you'd be so easy to persuade! Your buns are so smooth; and white; and rounded; and firm; and they roll delightfully when you walk. And they have that sexy deep cleft dividing them leading all the way underneath you to the gorgeous flower we were discussing earlier. I daydream about your bottom in class."

"You'll be bottom of the class if you do too much of that!"

"Ha ha! Very funny! How much longer have I got?"

"Three weeks...what are you going to do?"

"I don't know yet...forget that! Let's talk about now!"

I was just marking time at school before I left for good. In the next couple of months, I had to make big decisions about my future: whether to stay at home on the farm, or go to agricultural college or university, where I would like to try for an engineering degree. Or, to accede to my parents' ambitions and go to a seminary and study to become a pastor in the Church.

Mel was quiet for a few moments. She hand was now between my legs, gently fondling my balls.

"Now...tonight...what's been special about tonight for my brother Joel?"

"Everything! And it's not over yet!"

"Oh, come on, Joel, humour me."

"Well. For a start, there's just you and me; and nobody else!"

"Stop that...go on..."

"Well, when you came in absolutely stark naked and..."

"And who was laid on his bed wearing nothing but a huge erection?"

"You were so 'hot', you ran upstairs as soon as Mom and Dad left; I didn't want to delay you."

"Ha, ha!"

Then you climbed astride me..."

Mel swung over me, "Like this?"

"And your breasts hung beneath you...such beautiful, soft, pink-tipped cones..."

"I told you not to touch them then, but you can now if you want. Ooooooh! That's nice!"

"You wouldn't let me hold your buns either! And, I looked down past your breasts, past the curve of your lovely belly to that dark fluffy tuft of hair between your incredible thighs..."


"And then you pushed your sex down onto my penis and slid it up and down the underside, just like you're doing now."

"And you pushed up against me. It felt so hot and hard...it feels the same now! What did you feel?"

"You were very juicy and slippery and we were making wet, slushy sounds when we rubbed on each other. And all those nice pre-cumming feelings started to build up in me."

"What I really meant was: what did you feel inside you?"

"Full of happiness and wishes that we could be together like that forever."

"What are you feeling now?"

"The same. We are together...marvellous...happy.... How about you?"

Mel's breathing was getting deeper and faster. "If I told you, you'd never stop running!", she gasped. "Apart from the 'wet, slushy sounds', what else?"

"Your breathing getting faster and faster, it is again. You were sucking in huge breaths and letting it out in rapid little puffs. And you were moaning and begging me to..."

I didn't get the chance to say, because Mel took over. "Stay with me..." she groaned. "Oh Joel! Oh Joel, that's so...! Hold on like you did last time! Don't cum yet, please wait for me! Oh my God! It feels wonderful! Please wait...please!"

I dug my fingernails in my palms to distract myself with the pain, like before. And I held on, and held on! And we moved together faster and faster.

"Oh gosh Mel! That feels incredible!

Mel's boobs swayed and banged together while her bum gyrated and pumped. And when she stopped, just rubbing her pleasure spot over my glans, I knew she was right on the brink. She moaned that it was starting and begged me to cum with her.

When I started spurting Mel squealed and squashed right down on me. She reached and tried to push me inside, but I wouldn't let her, it was too dangerous. Then...

"No Mel! No...!"

"Joel! I can feel you cumming! It's so wonderful! Yes, sweetheart...yes! Yes! Mmmmmmm...oh yes!"

Mel pinned me down with her pelvis. I was scared, but still a willing 'victim'. She was not cumming this time after all; maybe I was too quick. Or maybe she had tricked me. But she had got me inside her hot, tight sex canal and I was totally out of control. Pleasure tinged with fear ripped through me. What if Mel got pregnant!

My sister sat upright on me, staring at my face while I panted and flapped like the rainbow trout I saw Danny's dad land one day out of the river. With a perplexing, enigmatic, almost detached look of concentration in her eyes, Mel slowly ground her pelvis, clamping and releasing her interior muscles around my shaft. It was as if she was using her sex to extract every drop of semen from my body.

Mel descended on top of me, crushing her breasts on my chest with her full weight. My penis was still nestled in her sheath. She forbade me to take it out. "Let it get soft and fall out if it wants to," she breathed.

"That was madness, Mel," I said gently, not wanting to start an argument. "What if...?"

"I know...I know. Don't ask me the reason why..."

"But, we shouldn't take the risk again. And then there's Danny as well. I wonder if they sell things in the store."

"Yes, they have condoms, I have seen them, although I don't know who would use them around here," Mel answered. "You are right, I suppose. But, Danny will take some convincing; he is Catholic."

"Promise me it'll be 'No condom, no sex'!"

"I promise," Mel sighed, "even with you after tonight." She clamped her inner muscles again. "You are staying nice and hard."

"It feels so wonderful in there, my man doesn't want to leave."

"Stroke my buns, Joel."

She would not have to beg. I caressed and gently squeezed her firm, smooth, plump bottom flesh while Mel squeezed and fluttered around me from within. She supported herself on her arms and offered her breasts to my lips. She sighed with delight as each nipple ripened from the roiling attentions of my tongue. My hard rod gained entry to her innermost being. We roused each other to ever-greater heights of tense anticipation, Siamese twins, euphorically joined at the groin. And when I answered her request to touch her on that forbidden place in the same way as I did on the day she lost her maidenhead, Mel dissolved in a long rolling orgasm that drew my seed from me in ecstatic sympathy.

The next day, Mel saw Danny and I nose to nose in the middle of the sports field, with Danny red-faced and waving his arms violently. As soon as she could get me alone she asked me, "What was all that about? It looked like you two were going to start fighting again."

"Just testing him."

"What for?"

"I told Danny that I was thinking of asking Colleen to go with me. So, when he fell out of his tree, I suggested that, if it was such a bother to him, he, Colleen, and I should have the same arrangement as he has with you and me. Then, he could keep an eye on me while I screw his sister, in just the same way as I keep an eye on him when he is screwing mine. He didn't take it very well."

"I'm not surprised, especially if you said it exactly like that!"

"No sense in trying to sweeten it up. What's good enough for him should be Ok for me."

"You are forgetting I haven't yet had intercourse with him...and I wish you wouldn't keep using that word! It makes me feel cheap and dirty. Do think of you and me as 'screwing'?"

"Of course not!"

"Then why say it when you're talking about Danny and I?"

"Would you prefer I use the 'F' word, then?"

"Now you really are being childish! Anyway, maybe Colleen hasn't developed the same interest in sex as I have. She seems quite young and naïve, even to me."

I snorted my scepticism, despite the fact I had also found her to be so on my visits to Danny's house, "Or Danny keeps her all to himself."

"That's always a possibility, but I doubt it. Do you really want to have her? Maybe I could put in a good word for you."

"I was just winding Danny up."

"I could ask him to bring her swimming. He'll do anything for me."

"Anything to get into your pants...except give me the chance to get into Colleen's, I'll bet!"

"We'll see..."

At the dinner table the following evening, Mom and Dad announced that they had been chosen to represent our congregation at a church convention in the city that weekend. Norm Franklin would drive them to the bus at lunchtime the next day, Friday, and they would return on Sunday afternoon. Normally, they get one of our older relatives to come and chaperone us when they go away like that, but it was not possible at such short notice.

"So, you two will have to fend for yourselves for two nights; you are old enough after all."

Mel's eyes flashed at the news. But we had no opportunity to talk about it, as Mom was busy giving her instructions about household things. And Dad took me to one side to tell me what he wanted me to do to get the vegetables off to market the next day. I would not be going to school.

When Mel got home in the afternoon, she told me that she had spoken to Danny at school and invited him to our house on Saturday afternoon, when all good Adventists are shut up indoors reading the Bible.

"It was on condition that he brings Colleen to the swimming hole next time. He promised. He also promised to bring condoms with him. Lots of condoms."

Mel was like a cat on hot bricks that evening and would not come to my room. She even locked her door so that I could not go to her. Imagine how pissed I was at that!

We sat with the Franklin family as usual in the morning. On our way out of the church, Danny's hot, lustful stare at Mel very nearly gave the game away.

Outside, Norm took Mel to one side and talked to her very earnestly. I guessed correctly that he was 'plighting his troth'. Mel told me later that she had told him that she would think about it.

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