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Three's a Party


I thrust into my wife one more time and felt her muscles tightening and spasming as she came the second time that afternoon. Her knees gave out underneath her and as she lay there flat on her tummy, skin glistening with the light sheen and muscles twitching, I could see the pink of her pussy clenching. My cock throbbed longing to return to the warmth of what I'd be missing for the next twelve months ... but I couldn't, not yet. I had a plan and for it to work, I had to have her in the right frame of mind and I only had a weekend to get it done.

My wife and I had been married for three years and in that time, I had been fortunate enough not to be sent off to some far flung country. We had met at a friend's wedding. She was the photographer's assistant and I, one of the groomsmen. The attraction was instant and within a few short weeks we couldn't bear to be away from each other for more than a day. Our engagement was short by most standards and after enjoying years of marital bliss, we had just decided to start trying for a child when the deployment orders came. All I can say is she was on a mission to have my child in her before I left.

We had what I could say was a more than average sex life thanks to my wife and her fantasies - not that I am complaining. Many men hope for a partner who is open enough to share their most outrageous fantasies with and I had found that person in Wanja. There were days she couldn't wait until I got out of my uniform before she had my cock out and in her mouth. That's one of the many things she was good at - smooth strokes, enough moisture and suction and the occasional hum to set me on edge.

There is a common fear among the deployed that when they were away, another soldier would be busy corrupting their wife or girlfriend. As much as I trusted Wanja, I knew that her sex drive was high and I didnt want her to stray or suffer while I was away and hence my plan.

Okolla was a good friend I had known since I enlisted in the military in my early twenties. It had been a comfort to know that there was another Kenyan going through the same process at the time. He was a year older than I was, well groomed and mannered, and most importantly single as he had just ended a year long relationship. He was not one to sleep around with the young girls who were known to fling themselves at military men. He was also a man I could trust to take care of my wife when I was away. I also knew from the many conversations between us that he found her very attractive. I just had to sell my idea to him without having him think I had lost my mind.

I'd asked Okolla to meet me at the house to help with a few things before I left and his timing was perfect. When the doorbell rang I'd just withdrawn from her and was gently rubbing her clit listening to her moans. I made sure her blind fold was still secure, told her to stay in place and quickly tied a wrap around my waist and headed for the door with my heart beating loudly in my chest.

Okolla gave me a quizzical look when I opened the door and I really can't blame him. Here he was ready to get to work yet I was standing there sweaty and not dressed. I motioned him in and walked him to my study, poured him a quick drink and let him have it. I had a naked, horny woman upstairs and had no time to hint and cajole, he was either in or out. The incredulous look on his face was priceless but when I was done, all he did was ask if I was sure and upon my confirmation, he gulped down the rest of his drink and followed me upstairs.

I found my beautiful wife just as I had left her, hips raised and facing towards the door, head resting on the pillow and fingers between her nether lips. I lay on the bed between her chocolate thighs and tasted her wetness preparing her for him. As much as this was exciting I was also slightly worried that she would flip out - after all, not all fantasies needed to be acted out. But it was too late to change my mind now that Okolla was just beyond the door ready to continue what I'd started. I gave Wanja one last lick and eased off the bed motioning Okolla to come in. Standing next to each other, one would think we were brothers. We had the same solid build but he was slightly taller than me at 5'11", a light spattering of hair covered his dark skin where I was slightly lighter and smooth, where I was gifted in girth, he was gifted in length. I wasn't sure how soon my wife would notice all these differences but I hoped if she did, she wouldn't stop the proceedings.

I'd tried to keep talking to her as he prepared himself and I heard my voice quiver as he knelt on the bed and palmed his length. He placed his hand on her hip and drew her back as he slid the head from her clit to the entrance, his eyes and mine not wavering from the sight. This had to be the most erotic sight for both of us. For a moment I willed myself not to come and held my breath as he eased into her. I had never been harder than I was at that moment. I looked at my wife's face as he withdrew and then pressed in further still. She looked puzzled for a moment but continued to moan calling for me to go deeper. I stood away from the bed and watched as he ran his hands over her skin, his hard body plundering into her softer one while the sound of her moans and their bodies filled the room and conflicting emotions filled my mind.

From the look of things, they were both nearing the end and the moment of reveal. I walked to the bed and Okolla and I shared a look - this was it. As he gripped her hips and thrust into her I gently kissed her shoulder and gently took off her blind fold ... here she was at the cusp of her climax, awash with arousal and now confusion. She tried to get away from him but he held on tighter and thrust deeper. She tried to turn her head to look at him but I gently turned her to mine and kissed her. I sucked on her lips and tongue as I palmed and kneaded her breast until I felt her relax. She held on tightly to my arm and looking into my eyes pushed her hips into his. I groaned my relief into her lips and kissed her again and again as he drove into her over and over with abandon, grunting and muttering to himself now that she knew someone else was there, while working her clit in time with his thrusts.

When they came it was almost simultaneous. His grunts filled the room while she let out a long, loud moan like I've never heard. Looking at her trembling beneath him with her eyes tightly closed, neck taut and her nails digging into my arm, I felt that I had chosen the right man for her. He collapsed over her, still grinding her into the bed as his body continued to spasm. When he eased off and rolled to the side, he pulled her from me and into his arms and just held her as they came down from their high.

For a moment I stood by the bed feeling like an outsider as he whispered into her ear and caressed her body. Kneeling on the bed I kissed her neck and shoulders then left the room concerned but still very much aroused.

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