tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThresholds Ch. 02

Thresholds Ch. 02


This is the second chapter in my story of sexual awakening and the many thresholds I crossed one glorious summer a few years back. The first installment was reclassified under BDSM, a gesture with which I take issue. True, I had placed my trust in the hands of a man who was directing and instructing me, but to me this is not BDSM, certainly not as I have since then come to know and I would imagine not as many readers might expect. So if you're looking for ropes, cuffs, whips, or even just hot candle wax you might find this much too tame for your liking and I would suggest your time would be better spent on another tale.


The afternoon seemed to go on forever. I was acutely aware of the fact that I was wearing neither panties or bra and I'm certain that most of my coworkers had noticed the bralessness. My nipples were in a constant state of alertness and while the silk blouse was opaque enough, the lightweight fabric did very little to disguise the shape of my hard little nubbins. When I walked my small breasts bounced proudly and the friction of nipple against cloth aggravated the situation.

Virtually any movement on my part reminded me of my lack of undergarments. If I crossed my legs or fidgeted in my chair a delicious sensation came over me. Men checked me out in a way I'd never noticed before. Some women did as well while others tossed disapproving glances my direction.

Ellen, whom I am probably closest to at the firm drew me aside at one point to talk to me about my attire. I had just finished in the stall in the ladies room when I heard the bathroom door swing open and then footsteps behind me as I rinsed my hands at the sink.

"What's with the no bra look?"

"Well, I broke the clasp, so I've just got to stick it out like this for the remainder of the day." In the intense overhead light that poured down from above the mirror, my buds were more prominent than ever.

"Interesting choice of words." she responded with a sly grin. We both had a good giggle before returning to our desks. I'm guessing that she disseminated my little lie out through the office, as the questioning sneers seemed to cease, although I do believe the number of men finding an excuse to pass by my desk rose.

By five o'clock I was more than ready to leave. Knowing that I'd likely be squashed in an elevator with several others I opted to take the stairs and six flights later I was out the side entrance, heading toward your office in the searing heat of what had evolved into a scorcher of an afternoon. Dressed in only the blouse and silk skirt now seemed very natural and no underwear almost appropriate. I strutted along, my petite breasts bouncing away as I did and I think I appreciated summer for the first time in a way I never had before.

When I reached your building I had another round of stomach flip-flops, heart rate jump, and nipple tensing. This time I was alone as I crossed the lobby and climbed the two long flights of stairs. When I reached your office, there was a department store bag parked on the floor with the two handles tied together by a ribbon with an envelope attached via a hole punched in one corner. Printed in precise bold letters was "Corrine". Peeking into the bag I saw the white lace of my bra and panties long with a couple of small flat boxes. They were pink and black striped and tied with black satin ribbons.

My initial reaction was to untie the ribbon holding the handles closed so that I could remove at least my panties and slip them on right there in the hallway. Then I thought "what the hell - I've already been the entire afternoon without them, why bother now?" With that I closed my hand around the handles of the bag and and headed back out to the street, back toward the office and the ramp garage where my car was parked.

The return walk was much the same as before, my breasts doing their little dance inside my blouse and me very aware of my bareness under the short skirt as I pranced along. I wondered what the satin ribboned boxes contained and what You had in mind for me next. Once inside my conservative little Civic I fired up the air conditioning, enjoying the way it tormented my nipples playing against the thin fabric of my blouse. Unfastening a couple of the buttons felt even better and I slid the skirt up so that my bare bottom made direct contact with the seat, my thighs were completely exposed, and a puddle of fabric rested in my lap concealing my crotch.

At my apartment complex I parked and then grabbed the bag before trotting off for my unit. Once inside, I immediately unzipped the skirt and let it fall to the floor then unbuttoned the blouse and added it to the pile. It felt so delicious to be naked and so incredibly aroused. I was wet and wanton, the only problem was that You weren't there and I wanted so badly to feel your touch again. I poured a glass of pinot grigio, sipped some and then undid first the ribbon holding the handles of the bag together then those on the two boxes.

One box contained a filmy pair of black stockings with stretchy lace tops and the other box held a black lace garterbelt. I'd never owned worn hosiery like this, only pantyhose and I was both fascinated with them and further aroused. Just holding them in my hands they put forth an aura of sensuality unlike anything I'd ever experienced.

Opening the envelope with my name on it I removed a note card. Inside were instructions penned in the same crisp and authoritative printing as the outside.

"Meet me tomorrow at Starbucks at the corner of Harris and Jefferson promptly at ten forty-five. Wear the enclosed garments along with black high heels and nothing else other than your raincoat."

Whoa. I didn't see that one coming. It sounded risky and at the same time sort of safe too. I'd be covered, but what if I had an accident or something happened? And why Starbucks? Surely You couldn't expect me to take the coat off in there? What on earth did You have in mind?

That night was another ordeal of restlessness. Even a second glass of wine didn't seem to placate me. Every couple hours I'd awake from some form of dream involving nakedness in front of other people and sometimes flying as well. I suppose the fact that I had opted to sleep in the nude didn't help matters, but once I'd stripped in my foyer I felt no compulsion to put any clothes back on again.

In the morning I again rose early and headed for work dressed in a knee length conservative taupe dress wearing a simple padded black bra, the garter belt and stockings beneath but no panties. The minute I put the stockings and garter belt on I felt transformed, both a little slutty and at the same time a little exotic and special. After sliding on a pair of high heeled black pumps I checked myself out in the mirror before adding the bra and dress. I barely recognized myself and again hoped I would meet with your approval.

At ten fifteen I signed out on personal time and headed for the ladies room with my raincoat and a large bag over my arm. In one of the stalls I stripped off the dress and replaced it with the coat, then stuffed the dress in the bag. Again I contemplated myself in the mirror and decided I looked like a spy or some other form of femme fatale, slightly mysterious and slightly exotic, neither something I'd ever thought of myself as.

Heading for my car the sun had slipped behind dark clouds and it began to sprinkle ever so slightly. There had been no prediction of rain and earlier the idea of the raincoat had seemed a little contrived but now appeared quite sensible. How had You known?

As I drove the ten minute trip I was aware that another threshold was approaching. What would this one entail and would I be ready for it? It seemed so natural this morning to have walked around the office with no panties under my dress when only a day earlier I had been more than a little unnerved by the same thing. Granted, it had been a longer dress today, but still, there I was naked underneath.

By the time I reached the small plaza which contained Starbucks, a bank, a high-end pizza joint and several other businesses, the rain had gotten serious. Grimacing, I realized I would most likely get soaked making my way from the car to the shelter of the shop. Then I spotted You standing under the canopy, umbrella in hand. You saw me as well and by the time I was parked and ready to hop out of the car, there You were, gallantly holding the umbrella aloft so that nary a drop fell on me and very little did on You. Wrapping an arm around my shoulders You drew me close and we huddled under the umbrella as we picked our way around puddles and to the shelter of the canopy outside the shop.

I audibly groaned when You removed your hand from my shoulder so that You could shake what rain you could from your umbrella. For the few moments we had been squeezed close dancing amongst the pools of water on the pavement I'd entirely forgotten that I was for all practical purposes naked under my coat. Suddenly I felt vulnerable and at risk.

Then your hand returned to my back but this time much lower on my back and as You held the door open and gently guided me forward it dropped to my ass and I found myself wishing the coat was not there between your firm hand and my bare flesh. I wanted desperately to be groped, to feel you touch me everywhere. Everywhere.

You kept your hand there for several steps into the shop before sliding it back up to my shoulder. In another three steps we were at the counter and You were asking me "What will you have?"

It had been twenty-two hours since I had heard that seductive dulcet and again I was reduced to schoolgirl-like speechlessness. Somehow I summoned the wherewithal to stutter out "A latte." Then I realized that they'd want to know what size and whether I wanted this or that, but mercifully You took over and finished for me. Whatever You decided would be what I would gladly have, even if it were hemlock. After dispensing with mine, you then ordered a dry cappucino for yourself then leaned over as we waited and whispered in my ear.

"Unfasten your coat."

Once again, the shock of the request was astounding. Here I was out in public, waiting in line for my latte wearing essentially only a raincoat and You instruct me to undo it. More astounding was that I casually reached for the sash and undid it then unfastened the big horn buttons. I made no motion to go further and You requested none either. But with every movement I made, the coat threatened to flap open and expose me.

Our beverages were presented and You took one in each hand. We headed for the rear of the shop. Even though I'd been there at least a dozen times I never realized there was a small room with three tables for two that led to a rear door. Another door led to a unisex toilet and there were some display shelves as well. As we reached the archway that was the threshold (there was that term again!) to this smaller space You stopped and instinctively so did I. You told me to wait, took my beverage from me and then stepped ahead, seating yourself facing me at the middle of the three vacant tables. You smiled devilishly and sipped your quaff before instructing me again.

"Show yourself to me."

I know I glanced around but I also know there was no way I could refuse You. Slowly I unwrapped myself, displaying my treasures for your viewing. My pathetic little breasts, my bare flesh, my furry pubic mound were all there for your discernment. I prayed that no one would show up at the back door and also be able to witness my total exposure. At the same time I reveled in the way your eyes wandered across me, dancing from my treasures to my face, staring into my eyes, riveting my attention on yours.

"Come." You uttered, breaking through the intoxication of the moment. It was almost as though you were telling me that I should orgasm right then and there. Actually, I "came" close to doing exactly that as your voice snapped me out of the trance that I seemed to be slipping into. I let the coat dangle loosely about me and sauntered over to the table You had commandeered. Sitting down, my crotch was concealed, but one of my breasts remained clearly on display. I sipped on my joe as I waited for your next instruction.

But instead of instructing You just sat there, eying my one exposed breast and sipping lasciviously on your cappucino. that is, until you were finished and I was almost, at which point you instructed me to go to the toilet and once inside, remove my coat then hang it on the hook on the back of the door.

Rising, I made my way to the restroom. 0bediantly I slipped the coat off and hung it up, then waited for what seemed like an eternity. Had you left and if so how long would I dare stand there like that? Would someone else enter and find me wearing nothing but hosiery and heels? I became anxious and the more I did, the slower the time seemed to pass. Just as I thought perhaps You really wanted me to peek out like this the sound of the doorlatch operating interupted the silence, startling me back to reality.

You entered and approached. Again your hand reached out, the back of your fingers extended and this time they grazed my left nipple, just as they had grazed my pubic hair the day before. Or rather, as You had so crudely referred to it as, my pussy. This time however You went a little further. After tormenting my nipple like that You went further, squeezing it gently between your thumb and forefinger, then harder until I reacted ever so slightly to the pain and then You stopped which was worse than the pain because You were no longer in contact with me. That was excruciating, to suddenly not be in contact when we had been so intimately so. I longed to reach out and grab your hand, to hold it to my breast and urge You to take the entire little globe in your hand, but I knew that was probably outside the parameters of this game.

You glanced over at the toilet. Without even being instructed I knew what You wanted and headed toward it and sat. Before I realized quite what was happening I began to pee, a long steady stream and as I did I felt more than just the normal relief associated with unleashing one's bladder, but something far more satisfying, something that bordered on a sexual release as well. I was simultaneously embarassed to be openly peeing in front of You like that and at the same time proud that I was as well, the sound of my jet of urine as it hit the resevoir of water in the toilert bowl echoing about the room.

When finally I was finished, I wiped myself dry, stood and flushed. You held my coat for me and I slipped back into it and we left the confines of that private little space. Before I knew it, we were headed back to our cars, not needeing the umbrella any more as the rain had stopped.

I drove back to the office feeling as though it had not only been urine that had drained from me, but energy and emotions as well. I realized that another couple thresholds had been crossed. Tired but pleased, still longing for your touch but also thrilled at the intensity of what had occurred, I changed back into my dress. The remainder of the day passed by without event and I left at five. Barely ten minutes after I'd gotten home, just as I'd slipped out of the dress again, the phone rang and I answered it wearing only the shoes and hose. Of course, it was You.

"I hope you enjoyed yourself today."

"It was... interesting." I replied.


I thought I detected a little bit of a snicker. There was a long pause and then You asked "Do you own a bikini?"

"Of course." I lied. The only bathing suit I possessed was a navy blue speedo one piece. Certainly not what would be considered the least bit sexy, it was purely functional in the same manner that long underwear is.

"Wear it tomorrow under whatever else you decide on and I'll pick you up out front of your office at eleven forty-five."

"Sure." I said, "See You then."

And with that I lept into action, popping the dress back on to head out shopping for a bikini. Only when I entered the dressing room did I realize the absurdity of standing there wearing black high heels and stockings along with a lacy garterbelt to try on a sassy little floral print bikini. The third one I tried not only fit decently, but the bright madras print fabric seemed to hold it's own against the rest of my ensemble.

That night, after a dinner of chicken breast sauteed in garlic and honey accompanied by broccoli and sprouts stir fry and washed down by the obligatory chardonnay, I changed into my favorite teddy and immediately fell asleep on the sofa. Around one o'clock I awoke long enough to pee before heading to the bedroom. I was reminded of our escapade earlier in the day and realized that I was extremely aroused by the activity. As I fell asleep I could have sworn You were there in the room watching me. If You had been, you would have seen me slide down one of the tiny silk straps of my teddy so as to expose a breast and give me access to fondle and squeeze my nipple.

Brilliant sunshine cascaded through my bedroom window in the morning. I had slept very soundly for eight hours and I woke invigorated, ready to embrace the day. The weather report had called for it to be a scorcher and it certainly appeared as though that was going to be the case. After breakfast and coffee I slipped out of the teddy and showered, shaved my legs, and then proceeded to trim my pubic hair. Years earlier I'd had a mishap while swimming when much to my chagrin I realized that there was a delicate little fringe peeking from each side of the crotch area of my swimsuit. Ever since then I have trimmed a little on each side of my groin to preclude that sort of embarassment again.

Before dressing I tried on the bikini again and opted to leave the bottom on but not the top. I donned a seamless bra and periwinkle crew necked top along with a khaki linen skirt and tossed the bikini top in a bag. The drive to work and the morning were uneventful. When eleven thirty rolled around I made a quick visit to the ladies room and in one of the stalls swapped out the padded bra for the bikini top before putting the T on again and heading down and out the front door.

Ever punctual, you were just pulling up to the curb as I emerged. It had gotten downright hot since I'd entered the air conditioned isolation of the office. After You maneuvered the maroon Audi back into the noontime traffic we headed north and fifteen minutes later we came to a halt in the dirt parking lot at the beach.

A small cooler and a duffel bag emerged from the trunk then we headed along the short path that lead to the sand. There were maybe two dozen people spread out about the broad expanse in groups or two or three or singly. We picked a spot to claim as ours and a blanket was unfurled from the duffel then spread out. A slight breeze drifted in from offshore.

You began unbuttoning your shirt and I then proceeded to remove my T and skirt. You smiled appreciatively when You saw the bikini and I chuckled as You slid your jeans down over your knees and ankles to reveal a Speedo the same color as my racerback maillot. I was even happier that I had my new bikini. We would have looked like the Bobsey twins or members of the same high school swim squad had I worn my old standby.

Your suit highlighted a lean and lightly muscular physique and nicely displayed a generous bulge at your crotch. Although I wouldn't have said You had six-pack abs, your stomach was firm and flat. You looked damn fine with very little on and a nice deep tan only enhanced the overall. I was extremely aware of how white I was by comparison.

We sat and chatted about a ruckus that had happened downtown the previous week. The sun felt marvelous and the breeze was just enough to keep things comfortable. Sandwiches and ice tea came out of the cooler, but before seving them You slid up very close to the back of me and I felt your hands on first my shoulders and then lower on my back. Being touched by You was heavenly. The sun and the gentle lapping sound of the lake waters were also having their effect on me as well and I began to drift off into another world.

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