tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThresholds Ch. 05

Thresholds Ch. 05


All afternoon I savored the aftertaste of your semen. I realize that at some point I wasn't really tasting anything actual, but the musky aftereffect seemed to linger for hours and it wasn't until early evening that I relented and drank or ate, preferring not to have anything else compromise the essence. It had been such a shock when your member erupted and at the same time such a delight - the silky hot viscousness filling my mouth had been like a balm for my soul. I'd never desired it but now that I'd had it I craved more. The fact that I'd not been allowed to visually enjoy your manhood was frustrating but by not dealing with a visual component I had experienced the taste, scent, and tactile qualities more intensely.

When finally I acquiesced to permitting anything else to cross my palate, I decided it needed to be something special. Still in the same dress I had earlier shed for You and still sans culottes, I ventured to the smoky taproom a few blocks from my apartment that I had come to frequent once or twice a week. Mark the bartender was at my service immediately.

"The usual?" he queried, referring to my typical glass of pinot grigio.

"No. Tonight I'd like something new, something serious."

"I just got in an incredible bordeaux."

"Something more potent."

"Hmmm... You know, I always had you pegged as a negroni sort of gal." Mark started combining things into a mixing tumbler and before I knew it, a deep amber concoction was sitting before me.

"Sip slowly." he cautioned.

Doing as instructed (seems I was getting very good at that), I slowly raised the glass to my lips. It smelled a tad citrus-like and as the deep amber liquid made contact with my tongue I was immediately aware of both an herbal quality and a strong alcohol content. It was a complex slightly bitter flavor that took a couple more sips before I became accustomed enough to it to be able to truly enjoy what it had to offer me.

The usual gaggle of office girls was not on the premises and I realized that there were considerably less patrons in general than usually was the case. Nursing my beverage, I lasted about forty-five minutes before the glass was empty and so was the bar almost. At that point I headed out and home a little disappointed. I was feeling a tad frisky and contemplated giving a little flash to somebody but with no one around other than an elderly couple, I lost my nerve to do so.

At my apartment another package was waiting for me in the foyer. This was a larger one, a couple feet wide, half again as long, and deep enough that it held itself upright standing on the black and white mosaic floor. There was a convenient handle at the top which I took hold of to carry it to my unit. Fairly lightweight, it immediately piqued my curiosity. The previous packages from you had been of diminishing size as had been their contents. Now what?

Once inside my own little realm, I satisfied the need to urinate had arisen on my ride home. After shedding the dress I sat down and emptied my bladder. Ever since our little adventure a Starbucks I found that I got very aroused while urinating. Images of You watching me relieve myself that day invaded my thoughts each time I did and I would begin to feel giddy. When finished I removed the shoes, the chunky necklace and matching earrings. I pinned my tresses up atop my head as it was a little hot and very stuffy in the apartment. As I intended to open the windows I decided to don the lavender teddy rather than remain totally naked. If anyone in the complex caught a glimpse of me like that I didn't really care, but I wasn't yet ready to parade my goodies around for everyone to purview.

After the windows were open I settled down to open the package. This time the wrapping was much less elaborate. With the slitting of a couple straps of packing tape it opened and unveiled a black blazer. I immediately slipped it on over the teddy. It fit like a glove, hugging my body in a manner that was almost but not constraining and I imagined You wrapping your arms around me, squeezing me slightly restraining me ever so slightly in the process. I noticed that in addition to the two buttons up the front. The hemline extended just a couple inches lower than my crotch as I stood and there was an extra clasp at the very bottom just above the hemline that fastened invisibly from the inside.

Then I noticed one other item in the box. A small flat black and gold foil box revealed what I at first thought was a pair of stockings or pantyhose but turned out to be a full length black bodysuit. As I held it up before me I discovered that it was a V bodice top with little spaghetti style straps. There was no lace or other adornment and while the silky nylon was a dense black, when held up with light behind was somewhat transparent. I remembered that you had mentioned that together we would be attending some sort of event the next evening. This is what You expected me to wear - the body stocking and the blazer and nothing more.

I wondered what sort of event it would be. Who might be there? That night I never tried the entire ensemble on. Rather, I hung the blazer up so that the few wrinkles that were a result of being in the box might hang themselves out by the next day. I decided what shoes I would pair with the look, settling on a strappy black pair with three inch heels then focused on earrings and concluded that perhaps no necklace would be best. Before I realized, it was quite late and I was dozing off before the television.

Work was very busy the next day and for a change the time flew by. I only caught myself thinking about You a couple times but on both occasions I wondered what was in store for the evening. Before I realized it was five o'clock and I was heading out the door into the head of an early summer late afternoon. The sun was blazing and I couldn't wait to get out of the black miniskirt and gray blouse I'd worn as well as the satiny deep blue bra and panty set that hugged my body beneath.

After showering and freshly shaving my legs as well as touching up my pubic trimming, I applied some makeup, did my eyelashes and shadow, added some blush and lipstick and then fixed my hair in an elaborate combination of part up part down and took the time to work some magic with my curling iron before fixing it all in place. Dangling silver earrings were fastened to my lobes.

Next I guided the body stocking over my feet up my legs and finally torso, slipping the straps onto my shoulders. Adjusting everything took a minute or two of fiddling but when all was, in the mirror it looked stunning. The thin black nylon adhered itself to my body like a film that had been topically applied rather than an article of clothing that I'd stretched over my svelte frame. It did very little to conceal the form of my instantly rigid nipples and there was a shadow of contrast between the aureoles and the paler skin of the rest of my breasts that showed through. Similar evidence of my now small patch of pubic hair was apparent as well. A simple straight seam ran from the neckline down to between my legs and returned up the back. Unlike other body stockings I'd seen, there was no opening at the crotch. If I needed to relive myself, I would have to almost entirely strip. With shoes in place I decided the appearance was almost feline. I liked the way it looked and absolutely loved the way it felt.

The doorbell chimed, sending my pulse racing. You had arrived, as promised right at 6:30. After buzzing You in through the foyer door, I doused my neck and between my breasts with a fresh blast of Obsession and managed to get the blazer on and all the buttons as well as clasp fastened just as you knocked at the door.

Your smile spoke volumes as You examined me head to toe before entering. Your hands went to my waist and drew me close to You. Your nose grazed the underside of my chin and you gently kissed my neck just ahead of my ear. Shuddering in delight I gasped "Oh my."

Reaching into your pocket, you pulled out a two inch wide band of black velvet unfurling it it front of my face and then turning it to display the opposite side which was studded every quarter inch with a faceted crystal that caught the light and shimmered. Taking hold of each end, you fastened it around my neck, an unseen clasp holding it in position. I paused long enough on the way out the door to regard myself in the mirror. A large deep red crystal bauble dangled from the very front. In an odd sort of manner it completed the ensemble. I also liked the feel of it around my neck - snug but not too tight and the velvet felt more like a caress. For some crazy reason my uterus started to flutter, a feeling I'd never before experienced.

Driving into the city You left the windows up, allowing the air conditioning to do the work of keeping the car cool. After parking near Water Street, we stepped out into the late afternoon heat that was gradually transforming into a lovely summer evening, the kind of atmosphere that was sultry and intoxicating. I wrapped my left arm around your right elbow as we strolled toward the crowd of revelers that filled the block long section of street that had been barricaded off for the event. A small stage elevated a jazz combo above the throng and a lush samba beat filled the air along with the smell of barbecue, occasionally interrupted by a whiff of a passerby's perfume or cologne. There were lots of sexy women in skimpy dresses, lots of braless rigid nipply jiggling, lots of handsome men, lots of raw sensuality out on display.

My attire attracted a great deal of attention. Initially it was a little uncomfortable walking around as though I'd left part of my ensemble at home but I gradually got into it. Eventually it was just plain invigorating. A couple glasses of pinot grigio helped dissolve my inhibitions as well.

Once the sun went down You reached for the front of the jacket and unfastened first one then the other of the buttons, followed by the hidden clasp. The jacket was free to open at any time and expose more of me. I have no doubt that my nipples were discernible through the sheer fabric of the body stocking every so often for a moment or two at a time in the dim light, as was the faint trace of dark curls at my crotch. People began checking me out, first by sidelong glances then eventually more overtly.

Although I was surprised that we didn't run into anyone from the law office where I worked, we did meet up with several of your friends, some couples, some singles. All of them checked me out pretty thoroughly preceding and following the unbuttoning. I hoped that You were pleased with the impression I was making and at one point got a firm dose of reassurance when I felt your hand at my backside sliding the hem of the jacket up to enable You a grope and pat on my sheerly clad ass. I felt at once both exposed (with so many people around someone must have seen my cheeks on display) and happy that I met with your approval.

Alicia, who you introduced a your "favorite bartender" and I struck up a conversation while You were engaged with a couple with whom You had attended university. Wearing a short black leather, skirt and a lacy deep purple camisole, she looked pretty damn hot. Long blonde hair fell almost to her waist and it was obvious that she was bra less, her nipples making their presence clearly evident. She was small chested, I'd guess barely a B cup, more likely an A.

Surveying my outfit, she commented "That looks comfy."

"It feels great." I replied, hooking my thumbs in the lapels and doing a little spin around.

Alicia giggled and asked "Sort of a showgirl type look. I like it."

I told her that You had selected it for me and she gave me a knowing look.

"Sexy bastard."

Soon after, we headed back for the car. It was around eleven by then and I think at that point I'd had about four glasses of wine and was feeling just fine. Not drunk, but nice feeling. There had been plenty of finger food to counterbalance the alcohol consumption for the most part, but I still had a bit of a buzz going. The crowd had pretty much dispersed and the late night bar hopping scene had yet to materialize.

You unlocked the car and I started to get in but You gently took my arm and guided me upright again. Your hands went to the lapels of my jacket, grasping them and guiding it off my shoulders and arms before tossing it in on the seat. You closed the door and there I stood wearing nothing but the gossamer garment that clung to my every contour like a coat of paint. It was dark out and the street lighting was dim, so the translucency was minimalized, but still it was mere ounces that I was wearing as you guided me away from the car and back to Water Street.

We strolled along in the warm evening air, a perfect temperature for a nearly naked walk. My heels clicked away on the sidewalk as we traversed from one end of the long block to the other before returning back again. There were still a few dozen people about and my heart pounded as everyone stared. A few weeks earlier I would have been mortified over even the thought of attempting such a brazen act but that evening I was intoxicated not only with alcohol, but with the pride that came with knowing that I looked incredible but also in that You wished to display me in this manner. I heard "Holy shit!" and "Whoa!", but what I remember the most was the comment from a somewhat inebriated older woman who was heading out of a restaurant gripping her companion's arm: "Oh to be young again."

As we approached the car I thought about thresholds again. Tonight had certainly been a curious new variation on the theme. Once inside the car You kissed me deeply and passionately your hands on my breasts as you did so. Your tongue bored into my mouth in a manner that reminded me of how your penis had been there the previous afternoon. I found myself craving it again, longing to experience that eruption of hot gooey semen and feel it slide down my throat as I swallowed. Your hand went to my crotch and cupped my wetness there. I was both embarrassed that I was so wet with arousal but also proud that I was and glad that You were aware of just how ready I was for You. Groping in the dark, I found the rigid form of your member through your slacks. You too were more than ready. But then You released your embrace, started the car and we drove off, every ounce of my body and soul in anguish, craving for release from the overpowering sexual tension intensity that was surging through me at that moment. It was obvious that You intended to torment me further.

Back at my apartment complex we sat in the car and talked for a bit. You played with my nipples some through the sheer fabric.

"Would You like to come in?"

"No, but I want to watch you walk in."

I reached for the jacket but You said "Leave that here."

Taking a deep breath I stepped out of the car.

"My office tomorrow at noon."

I felt your eyes upon me as I strode down the walk toward the entry vestibule. I wondered who else was watching but I cared only that I knew You were. The car engine had not started, so I knew that You were sitting there in the dark watching me, watching my nearly naked backside as I passed under the streetlamp, watching me enter the brightly lit vestibule, enter my pass code, and pass through both sets of doors. When I reached my apartment I left the lights off and peeled the bodysuit off then stepped back into my shoes before walking out to the balcony wearing nothing but the shoes and collar. Only when I was standing at the railing did I hear the engine turn over and see the lights come on. As You backed out of the parking spot I felt like one does right after sex, the strange sense of elation, exhaustion, connectedness, and loneliness that sometimes overwhelms you. I stood there like that for a few minutes after You disappeared, feeling a soft breeze waft across my naked flesh and hoping that someone was watching me, maybe masturbating in the dark.

I slept that night with the collar on. It almost felt as though you were still there by my side. In the morning I finally removed it when I showered. At eleven I dressed, selecting a turquoise lace thong, black leggings, a turquoise tube top that showed off my nipples nicely and added a pair of high heeled turquoise pumps that I'd stumbled across right after I'd purchased the thong and top. The velvet collar was fastened back in place and again I felt the fluttering, although not as intensely as when You had placed it around my neck.

Arriving at your office at noon as you had requested I knocked and was rewarded by your immediate answer. You embraced me, we kissed and your hands groped my breasts, squeezing my nipples ever so slightly.. Taking the cue, I dispensed with first the top, then the shoes, and finally the leggings. With the leggings gone I stood there in only the thong and collar. You asked me to put shoes went back on and motioned to the sofa. On the coffee table, sat a chilled bottle of prosecco and two glasses. After opening the bottle, You poured a glass of the bubbling liquid and handed it to me but the other glass was left untouched.

"Aren't You going to have any?" I asked.

"No, not yet."

Then You requested that I take the thong off. After sliding it down and awkwardly past the shoes as I perched on the very edge of the sofa seat.

"Sit back and spread your legs wide apart. Let me see that lovely twat of yours as though you're inviting me inside."

I obliged, treating You to a completely unencumbered view of my sex. I still was unaccustomed to hearing my sexual organ referred to by the crude terms "twat" or "pussy" but I also was beginning to enjoy hearing you speak that way. It was like a different language that came from a different place. I had been maintaining my little triangle of fur with great precision and it trailed slightly past the start of my vulvae to each side. You appeared to savor the view for a while, then suggested I relax and enjoy my prosecco.

There was a knock at the door and I jumped a mile. As You headed back across the room to answer it, I wondered whether to cover up or remain so brazenly exposed. Opening the door wide revealed a statuesque blonde who you seemed to be expecting. After a brief hug You led her in and across the room where she stood with her calves brushing the sofa immediately before where I was perched with my legs splayed wide and my sex on display so lewdly. She was introduced as Anita and I used the introduction as an opportunity to restore some sense of dignity by standing to shake her hand. Even at that it felt odd to be the only one naked.

"Would you please pour Anita a glass of prosecco?" You asked. As I did so, Anita started to unbutton her jeans, wriggle them past her hips, then kick off the short boots she was wearing so that the jeans could be completely removed. The peasant style blouse she was wearing came way past her waist and at first revealed only her darkly tanned legs. I offered her the glass, which she accepted, took a modest sip of, then followed with a deep gulp.

After returning the now half empty glass to me to hold, she proceeded to pull the blouse up off over her head to reveal a flesh colored bra and panty set, then unclasped the bra and stepped out of the panties. With her clothes in a pile on the floor now, she reached for the glass back from me and enjoyed another swig.

I immediately noticed that Anita was the bearer of true blonde pubic hair, nicely groomed, but long and flowing. Although it was not as light in color as the short cropped hair on her head, it still contrasted shockingly with her darkly tanned body. Her breasts were ample, I would guess probably large c-cups and she was tall and athletic. Huge aureole capped her globes and a rose tattoo adorned her left thigh.

Just as I was adjusting to the concept of the two of us standing there in the nude You started to unbuckle your belt, then unzipped your fly, and dropped dropped your jeans to the floor before and pulling your black T off over your head. You weren't wearing any underwear, so suddenly there you were in all your naked glory, your member already swollen and erect, proudly standing at attention.

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