Thunder and Lightning


"Where?" Grandma whispered as her hand reached down between my legs and finding nothing below my pubes her wrinkled fingers had raked through thanks to my pinning my boner between my thighs.

"Didn't want to poke you," I confessed.

"Are you hard? Please. Give it to me."

I lifted my leg to free my cock from the vice that was my thighs, and it sprang up fully engorged, practically leaping into Grandma's hand. I think we groaned in harmony when I felt her bony fingers wrap around my member, my dream becoming reality.

"Oh my word," Grandma sighed as her hand went down to the stump of my tool and then slid slowly up to the tip. "I still can't believe a boy can be so large."

I let the word 'boy' go by without correction, because even though I going to be 19 before she would turn 62, I knew that in her mind I would always be her little Michael, even if I did somehow end up with a cock that's over 8" when erect, depending on how you measure them. Maybe it was to compensate for having been a lousy speller all through school.

My dreams were coming true as my Grandma slowly stroked my cock under the sheet, and when she asked me to make love to her I felt her hand start rubbing my cock head into the cloud-like bush.

"Put it in me honey," Grandma was saying. "Put it in before I chicken out."

I didn't need to be invited twice. Thunder rumbled so loudly the house shook, but Grandma didn't seem to care anymore, and after I climbed on top of her it was good fortune that lightning lit the room as my cock was sliding into Grandma, allowing me to enjoy the sight of her face contorting as I slid inside the warm and snug opening.

The moan she let out as I penetrated her sent shivers up and down my spine, and the fingers that were squeezing my biceps dug so deep and hard into me that it seemed impossible for a woman her age to be so strong, but I felt no pain. All I felt was the incredible tightness of Grandma's pussy as I slowly impaled her until she had taken it all.

Grandma came in less that a minute, with her having gotten herself aroused before I came into the room no doubt playing a part more than my lovemaking techniques which were probably crude even by a teenager's standards, but the way she reacted almost had me cumming as well.

I pulled out of my grandmother, and after getting on my back I help her straddle me. Even in the near darkness she looked magnificent, and even more so when the lightning flashed as she was putting my cock inside of her.

I helped Grandma keep her balance by grabbing her breasts, kneading and massaging the very pliant jugs as she moaned while lowering herself down onto me, crying out that I was splitting her in two but not stopping until she had fully impaled herself with me.

"Oh Michael," Grandma gasped as she moved her hips ever so slightly, rocking on me while pressing her hands over mine, forcing me to squeeze the rubbery tits harder. "My word! You're so huge - I'm - I'm...."

I was fighting a losing battle, with the sight of my grandmother above me, the feel of her tight pussy and her words maybe even more that anything else about to bring an end far sooner that I wanted, but I delayed it as long as I could until Grandma let out a bloodcurdling scream.

Above me, the image that would remain in my mind forever was illuminated by another flash of lightning. Grandma's face, always so sweet and innocent looking, looked like something from a horror movie as she howled at the ceiling while every vein and tendon bulged in her face and neck as my hands mauled her breasts.

She was cumming again, and when her pussy contracted around my cock I lost it, sending my cum deep into her womb as she collapsed on top of me, letting out little sighs as my cock twitched with what seemed like an endless series of spurts.

I hugged Grandma tight, keeping her body pressed on top of mine as her breathing began to slow down, and it was an emotional time. She sobbed a little bit at first while I kept telling on I loved her, and then we kissed, a kiss that was unlike any we had shared before.

"Ooh!" Grandma gasped when my cock finally slipped out of her, and then she rolled off of me to rest of her side while I rolled over to face her.

"I'm so glad I waited," I told her, and when she asked what I was talking about, I explained that while I had had a couple of opportunities in the past to change my status, I had wanted my first time to be special, and it had been.

"You mean you never - but you've had so many girlfriends. Pretty ones..."

It was true, and at that moment I knew that I would probably make love to other women in my life, but none would ever be better that the one who had taken my virginity.

"I feel so - I don't know. Don't know what to say," Grandma said.

"No need to say anything," I said as I rolled her onto her back and took her bullet-like nipple in my mouth, sucking softly on it while my hands held the fleshy breast.

I lavished love on those incredible breasts, which even on her back were still impressive. I smothered her tits with kisses, nibbling at licking the moistness of her cleavage, along her collarbone, and even venturing into the smooth, moist, sweetly scented craters of her underarms before climbing back onto her.

"Again so soon? Easy honey," Grandma whispered as I brought the head of my erection to her opening again. "Easy."

In retrospect I had been selfish. The woman hadn't had sex on over a decade and was no doubt sore, so while I was gentle it was clear that I was enjoying it more than my grandmother was. I figured it out soon enough though.

"No, don't stop honey," Grandma said when I started to pull out. "Just be gentle, okay? I like feeling you inside me, and I want to watch you when you cum. That's it. That's nice. Just like that."

I was barely moving inside of her, just moving about half of my cock in and out while my grandmother ran her hands over my arms and shoulders, squeezing my nipples as she looked up at me.

"Wish I younger," Grandma said.

"You're beautiful as you are."

"Not just that. I mean when I was younger I could really - well, let's just say that I had a lot of endurance. You being so big is no help either," she kidded while twisting my nipples.

"That's it," Grandma was saying. "You're going to cum now, aren't you?" she asked and I nodded. "Cum for me Michael. That's it. Yes!"

I was selfish, but I was enjoying it nonetheless, and Grandma smiled up at me while I'm sure my facial expressions explained what was happening

inside of her.

"Maybe tomorrow night I can - I mean if you were going to stay over," Grandma said, and she knew what the answer to that was before she said it.

The storm had passed, and while the absence of lightning took away some of the dynamic views of my grandmother, my eyes had adjusted to the light, so as we lay together I let my hands slid over her body, letting my fingers rake through her bush before tracing the wide perimeter of the triangle.

"Oh dear," Grandma said when the result of a long period of caressing her body started pressing against her hip, and when my hand slid over the prominent lips of her sex she started to speak but I stopped her.

This I had done once before in my life, and while I didn't know if I was good at it I wanted to explore her, and despite the fact that where my tongue was headed was full of my seed, I didn't care.

"Ooooh!" Grandma gasped, her body shivering when my tongue slid along her opening of her sex.

"This hurt?" I asked, and from the other end of the bed I heard Grandma chuckled as she assured me that it definitely didn't hurt, so I buried my face in the sweet fold, her soft bush caressing my cheeks as I dipped my tongue in.

I felt Grandma's hand grab for my cock while trying to pull me around to her, and then I felt her mouth on the head of my dick. Down her lips went, and with each bob of her head he took me a little deeper, and while my cock had been in a few mouths before then, none before had taken me so deep or so passionately.

Maneuvering her slight body with little effort, I pulled her on top of me and let her pussy surround my mouth while my tongue tried to take the ache from her orifice. Soon, Grandma was grinding her crotch into my face, her sucking getting more and more frantic as I sensed her about to cum.

My cock snapped back onto my stomach as Grandma's mouth let go long enough to cry out while her body convulsed above me. I held onto her hips and kept my face buried in her opening, continuing to lick away while Grandma shuddered and shook for the longest time.

"Sorry," Grandma said after she came off of my face, apologizing got having stopped sucking my cock when she came. "I was afraid I might bite it off. Can't have that."

Grandma climbed down to the foot of the bed, straddling my knees and she bent down to retrieve my cock, and after pulling it upright proceeded to start sucking it again.

I don't know whether this was something she used to do to Grandpa or not, but as her mouth started going up and down my cock, she braced herself with her hands on the mattress at my sides. Without using her hands, she kept bobbing her head up and down, looking up at me occasionally as her mouth and tongue did magical things.

This afforded me a great view of Grandma's tits as they swayed down below here. Her hangers looked so great that I couldn't stop staring at them, and there was no way I could hold back from cumming looking at that. I blurted out a warning of sorts, which only made Grandma suck harder.

She hardly blinked when I came, sending my seed up into her throat, and she kept on sucking long after I came. I watched my cum begin to trickle out of the sides of Grandma's mouth and down the shaft of my cock, and only when I was completely limp did Grandma raise back up to her knees.

"My back will hate me in the morning," she said as she arched her back and put her hands on her lower spine, thrusting those breasts out enticing and forcing me to lean up and cup them, kneading the plaint flesh lovingly.

"It's almost morning," I said as I looked at the clock, wondering how we could have spent so much time when it only seemed like moments.

"Should take a shower but I'm too tired," Grandma said as she came down and rested beside me. "Don't think I can walk that far anyway."

We rested in each other's arms for the longest time, and just before Grandma fell asleep she asked me if I thought there was a heaven and hell.

"I don't know," I said. "This is heaven for me."

"I was just thinking that if there is, I'm in trouble," she said. "For what I've done to you."

"With me, Grandma," I said. "We did it together and it was worth anything and everything to me."

"Easy for you to say," Grandma quipped. "You're a lot farther away from finding out than I am."

"You're going to live for a long time," I said. "You're in great shape."

"If you wake up and I'm dead," Grandma said with a giggle. "Wipe your goo off me before the coroner gets here."

"Deal," I said.


Grandma didn't wake up dead, as she was often fond of saying, and she didn't die until recently, falling just short of 100. She didn't go to hell either in my opinion, but if there is one and she's there, I'll be with her

That wasn't a one-time thing, as we continued to live like Grandmother and Grandson in the real world and as lovers behind closed doors. I had relationships with other women, but to be honest even after I got married I still loved Grandma more.

We stopped having intercourse after a while because it had become painful to her, but that wasn't the end of sex. I don't know what most guys get from their Grandma when they turn 30. I got head, and it was every bit as great as it always was.

She was sharp as a tack right to the end too, remembering it all and reminding me of all the good times we shared whenever we were alone, and never saying a word of regret about our special relationship.

I'm about to get married for the second time, and without Grandma around this woman will get my undivided attention, which is more than my first wife got, much to my regret. She deserved better, but the simple truth was that there was no one who could compare to Grandma. Not then and not now.


thanks for reading

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