tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTia at the Bus Station

Tia at the Bus Station


Note: The following story was suggested by a Literotica reader.


Oscar got back on the bus and took his seat again before the new passengers were allowed to board. He had already been on the bus for six hundred miles and had another nine hundred miles of his journey ahead of him. After a few stops to stretch and have a meal he was relaxed and settled into his seat. The other passengers who have shared the ride with him became fewer as his journey progressed. Some left and others joined at every stop along the way.

Empty seats dotted the bus. He had someone sitting next to him for the last two hundred and sixteen miles. They had fun playing cards and swapping stories but it was the end of the line for his two hundred mile friend and the seat next to Oscar was now vacant.

He heard an announcement over the loudspeakers that new passengers were ready to board the bus. He watched with scant attention as the line of passengers stepped up to let the driver take their tickets.

At this stop there were only eight new passengers and Oscar immediately noticed the small Vietnamese woman hand her ticket to the driver just before going out of his view through the window.

Oscar turned his eyes to the front of the bus and leaned out over the aisle just a little to watch her as she walked from the front of the bus toward him. She had on a long dark grey coat which had silver fur along the hem and front and it extended around her neck.

There were a few seats open and he was surprised that she wanted to sit next to him but since the seat that was open was the last of the window seats he welcomed her by standing to let her in when she asked if the seat was taken. Her coat opened in front showing her red sweater and black skirt.

"No maam, This seat is yours if you want it." Oscar said and stepped out into the isle in his dirty blue jeans and brown suede jacket to let her pass. The long strands of buckskin dangled from his chest, back and sleeves of the jacket as he moved his arm to point to the vacant space.

If he had worn a hat he would have removed it for her. His open right hand pointed to the seat. He held another hand over his heart as he let Tia in to sit down. He noticed that she wore black nylon stockings and black and white running shoes.

Tia tucked her carry on bag and purse down by her feet and sat still with her long coat wrapped around her petite body. He sat back down happy to be next to her.

"I'm Oscar. How far are you going?" He said and offered his hand for shaking.

"I'm Tia. I am going to L.A." She replied.

"Really? Me too!" Oscar said and was at a loss for words. He just looked into her beautiful dark Asian eyes and she returned the look for a few moments before she became uncomfortable with his staring. Tia turned her attention to her purse.

She picked it up and removed a small mirror. A quick glance at her reflection assured her that he wasn't looking at anything out of the ordinary on her face. She assumed he stared because hadn't seen many Asian women and put the mirror back and her purse and down on the floor of the bus again.

The large bus lurched slowly out of the station. After a few minutes of drifting past the street lamps of the small town at night they engaged the long dark highway. They proceeded along cutting through the darkness near the speed limit.

Oscar tried to make small talk with Tia. She tried to answer him with short phrases or sentences and not carry on a long conversation with any answer.

Tia leaned forward and pulled a CD player from her bag. She put on some headphones and clicked the unit to listen. Oscar realized that his conversation with her would have to wait.

He looked around the bus and sat comfortably with his thoughts to himself. He knew they would have nine hundred miles together as long as the only window seat for her was next to him.

Oscar was content to wait and pleased himself by watching her small foot dangle at the end of her petite leg. He wondered what her toes looked like without those running shoes covering them. He moved his foot up to compare size of feet and shook his head and grinned at the relative smallness of her body.

His mind wandered as he closed his eyes to imagine other parts of her body and wondered about her other petite features. He marveled at the thought of touching such a perfect miniature person as his traveling companion.

Tia listened to music and lightly hummed with tunes keeping the melody in her throat as they zipped along the highway. Gradually she drifted off to sleep with the music still filling her ears.

Oscar didn't notice when sleep overcame his body. He noticed only waking up an hour or so later. They were still miles from the next stop and Tia sat very relaxed next to him. The CD player had fallen from her open fingers and lay wedged between the seat and her thigh.

Her head was held up only by the glass of the window as it pressed on her forehead. She was most definitely asleep.

The coat she had around her was open down the front. Oscar's mind was always full of naughty thoughts and he decided to act on this one because it intrigued him. Oscar imagined what her skin would feel like and put his left hand under his right arm pit to be sure it was warm before he slipped it under her sweater.

He lightly moved her coat out of the way on the side closest to him. When he felt his hand was warm enough he turned his shoulders and slipped his left hand slowly under her sweater.

Oscar was hoping to touch her soft skin but when his hand reached her tummy he felt the cotton fabric of what seemed like a t-shirt under covering her beneath the sweater. He used his fingers to gently pull the shirt out of where it was tucked into her skirt.

She moved just a little but didn't wake. He stopped to be sure he hadn't disturbed her and proceeded when he was again confident that she was sleeping soundly.

His warm fingers moved under the shirt and he found the tender skin he sought. Her flat tummy touched his fingers gently and he slipped the rest of his hand under the shirt placing the palm of his hand fully against her skin.

Two of his fingers bumped into a hard object in her navel and he realized it must be jewelry in her pierced asian skin. He hoped she didn't mind his clumsy fingers and looked at her closed eyelids to be sure.

Slowly his hand moved up her tummy under her shirt and sweater. Oscar leaned down with his shoulder as his hand moved higher. He wanted to lower his elbow as his upper arm moved up her torso so he kept her skin covered. He was afraid that if she felt the draft from the cold night air on her skin she might wake before he fulfilled his naughty mission.

He was concerned that her breast were much higher on her chest than he imagined as his hand moved up and he hadn't run into the material he imagined to be her bra.

His surprise was complete when he moved his hand over slightly to her left and bumped across her nipple. He gently caressed the soft mound under his hand thankful that she wore no chest support and it occurred to him that it must be the t-shirt must be the replacement for the bra.

Her petite features included a nice but small breast on her narrow chest. He knew she must have another one on the other side and slowly slid across her chest to find a mirrored sample of the one he found first. He caressed it softly and she kept her eyelids closed as his cock grew hard thinking of what he was doing.

The thought that flashed through his mind was impossible to do at that moment. If he could get his hand out quickly and lick his thumb and fore finger he could add the proper amount of lubricant to comfortably massage her nipple to hardness.

He realized that even if he tried to execute that plan the cold wet fingers could wake her before he finished. He banished that thought and decided to just be gentle without any lubrication and concentrate on the nipple at hand.

Oscar captured the very soft flesh in the exact center of the small mound on the passenger next to him. She didn't move as he pinched ever so lightly focusing on giving her as much pleasure as he derived from the effort.

The skin of her soft areola began to pucker at the center as it rolled between his finger and thumb. He knew it was his touch and not the cold night air which made the soft flesh respond. He was proud of himself for a moment and felt his cock grow even harder in his pants and he proceeded.

Once her nipple was very hard from his touch he wanted to see if he could make the other one as hard and slipped his hand almost carelessly across her chest in a hurry to accomplish the task.

His hand arrived on the target of the other nipple and it had not been aroused yet even though half of her chest was standing erect enough for him to see it through her sweater. He was determined to make both nipples match.

The thumb and finger on her nipple moved her enough to bring on a very small moan in her throat. He watched her closed eyelids carefully as she made a sound in her sleep. Oscar was very satisfied that he was doing a good job and turned his attention downward.

He was bold now and slipped his hand almost too quickly down her front bumping into the top of her skirt. He used the thumb and finger of his right hand to unzip the skirt. It was loose enough now to slip his left hand into her panties.

The top of the satin material touched his fingertip as he moved inside the skirt. He slipped his hand over the smooth material and lightly cupped her vulva in his hand. Her legs were relaxed and spread just enough to get his fingers under her and he felt the end of the panties well underneath.

He realized it must be a thong as it felt like a single strand of cord going up between her cheeks. Oscar was very happy.

He moved one finger under the thong at the bottom next to her rosebud and slipped it up as his hand moved across the satin. The fingertip felt warm wetness in the bottom of the slit of her pussy. He watched her closed eyelids and moved slowly but steadily as his finger slipped along going up and into her petite pussy lips.

He imagined the color of her flesh in his mind but he would have been wrong. He saw it as light and somewhat pink but in reality it was dark brown and even showed nearly black lines along the very tips of the vulva which contrasted with the bright pink of her vagina and inner flesh as it opened.

For the moment he would have to be content with his imagination rather than the more dramatic glorious truth of her most tender flesh.

Tia felt his finger moving inside her. What woman wouldn't? She was asleep and not conscious of it yet but she knew what it was and her body responded with what came naturally.

Oscar's finger felt the heat of her and as he slipped slowly up and down the slit just touching the tender inner lips and just the outline of the tunnel entrance of her vagina she got wetter for him.

Oscar was afraid to get to involved with her clit. He knew from the touch he already had given her that she would respond well if she were awake but was afraid that she would not like having him roughly attack her clit as he wanted to unless she had already consented to his invasion. He didn't want her to wake up mad.

The thought that he could arouse her by the touch to her clit was too exciting to avoid. Oscar knew he had to try even if it resulted in an angry asian woman who slapped him with her petite hand before cutting him off entirely.

He even thought she might report him to the bus driver and with nearly half his journey ahead of him he wanted to avoid being ejected from his only possible means of transportation. It was a risk.

Lightly, ever so lightly he used the tip of his one wet finger just under her clit. The pressure above her vagina and under her clit would certainly be the best spot to concentrate his attention.

The spot was already very bright pink but he couldn't see it. The thought of where he was on her tiny body was his only guiding map. He closed his eyes and visualized just where he was pressing inside her intimate womanhood.

Gradually he used the pressure of his finger to move up under her clit and Tia opened her legs involuntarily just a little more for him. He quickly opened his eyes and looked at her closed eyelids which twitched for the first time. He momentarily thought he should stop but decided in an instant that stopping wasn't an option.

He closed his eyes again and visualized her tender sex as his cock pressed hard and painfully against his jeans. Tia was starting to moan deep in her throat as he aroused her with his finger.

He listened carefully to her as he continued to arouse her with his finger in her pussy. He hoped she would enjoy without guilt his invasion of her intimate pleasures. He thought about how he was raping her and avoided thinking of the consequences of his actions for the time being.

It was a mistake when he thought it but he was destined to continue. He got greedy. The thong needed to be out of the way for the next step and he pushed it roughly aside and slipped a second finger along side of his first finger into her hot wetness. He breathed hard and felt his cock pinch in his jeans as he went deeper into her body with his slick digits of his hand.

He had been careful up to that point and might have gotten away with much more but in his excitement he forgot about being tender and nice. Tia woke up. She looked at his face much to close to hers. His eyes were closed.

He was concentrating on the finger rape he was perpetrating. The rush of a hundred thoughts and feelings flashed through her mind and body all one right after the next in just a moment's time. All she could hear was the music in the headphones still playing on the CD player.

She remained after that moment ashamed and guilt ridden that she could so easily be used by any asshole on a bus. Tia turned her head to the side and let her hair cover her embarrassment that must have shown in her face.

She was frozen in place with her eyes wide still groggy from sleep but aroused by Oscar's fingers inside her. She didn't know what to do. She knew that what he was doing was naughty and wrong. She felt like a piece of trash that anyone could get abuse and get away with it so easily.

Oscar's fingers were moving inside her with great force from his strong hands. Tia was afraid that if she made him jump in surprise that he might hurt her. She closed her eyes again and made a plan to play along until she felt safe enough to get out of the situation. The first thing she decided to do was moan and see if that would scare him enough to stop.

She didn't want to alert any other passengers to her plight so the moan she released from her throat had to be one which would speak to him and no others on the bus.

Tia moaned loudly enough for Oscar to hear. She couldn't hear how loud she really was because the sound from the headphones blocked out any other sounds on the bus. He opened his eyes to check on her and heard her moan once again.

He continued to move his fingers inside her as long as he could see that she was asleep. Even though her head was turned and the long jet black hair covered her eye lids he could she no other movement which proclaimed that he had awaken his tiny prey.

After using her voice Tia saw no difference in his behavior and tried once again to alert him that she was aware of his terrible crime. Oscar's fingers went deeper into her love tunnel and he brought his thumb up to move on her clit.

Tia writhed inside with the pressure he provided but kept as still as possible on the outside for fear that he would harm her or embarrass her further. She had to do something though. Slowly her hand went under her shirt and she caressed the flesh of her breast and pinched her nipple to complete the arousal she was feeling.

Oscar hadn't noticed the movement of her arm. He was very busy imagining himself doing much more cruel and nasty things to her in his mind than he was actually doing to her in her seat. His cock was more painful now than it was and he had to release it from its confinement in his pants before he could move on.

His right hand moved to assist his hard cock by pressing on the denim of his pants but the relief was momentary. What he needed was his pants unzipped and his cock to be released into the night air. He knew that but not how to go about it.

Tia continued to use her breast in her hand as part of her plan to appear that she was enjoying what she couldn't possibly have encouraged. She was trying to keep him from finding out that she was awake and aware of him. The plan was to lull him into thinking she was still asleep and in the throws of passion that he would expect from her.

She believed that he thought of her as a slut to be used and hoped that as soon as he saw that she had enough and had finished with her orgasm that he must have expected from her he would then leave her alone. She hoped that would be his response but didn't know exactly how to make it so.

Oscar opened his eyes to check Tia's eyelids. He could see they were closed but noticed that her hand was under her sweater and moving over her breast. He knew he had her aroused and guessed that she might be awake.

He used his right hand to lightly cover her mouth and when she felt the hand cover her she moved her head. Oscar pressed to keep her from crying out. She opened her eyes and looked directly at him in defiance.

He moved his fingers inside her pussy faster and she was overcome with passion of arousal even though she was getting mad. He moved his face next to hers and ripped the headphones off of her ears then whispered to her as he put his hand back over her mouth.

"You like this don't you slut?" Oscar said to her. "I'm going to keep doing this until you come."

Tia's heart skipped a beat. She knew now that her plan to have an orgasm would not stop him. In fact it would encourage him even beyond the point she was at now.

She knew she was in real trouble no matter what she did. His fingers kept pushing into her body. He began to be rougher and not mind that she felt him. He had nothing to lose by using force. She would be embarrassed if she tried to do anything.

"You are going to be quiet now aren't you?" he asked.

Tia nodded her head agreeing to be quiet but in truth she was looking for a way out. Oscar kept thrusting his fingers into her and now it was time to go for her tits. He removed his hand from her mouth and let her breath.

"Don't say anything." He warned.

Oscar slipped his hand under her sweater again and felt her breast. Tia was embarrassed that he caught her pleasuring herself on her other breast and removed her hand from under her sweater. She used both hands to try to pull his hand out of her pants. He resisted and she kept on being fingered and felt by his unwanted hands.

"Unzip my pants." Oscar whispered in her ear.

Tia shook her head from side to side. She felt she couldn't do anything about his hands but didn't want anything to do with his cock.

"Unzip my pants bitch." Oscar whispered again.

Tia used both hands to reach his pants and he had to let go of her tit with his hand to allow her the room to unzip him. He kept his left hand in her pussy and fingered her relentlessly. She fumbled with the belt and snap and unzipped him. His cock was ready to come out and she knew she would be in trouble if it did.

She looked around and the other people on the bus appeared to be sleeping. She hoped that this wouldn't last long and soon she would be free to find another seat.

Oscar lifted his hips and asked her to lower his pants down his legs. She pushed but they didn't go down very far. He used his hand to release his cock and it stood up pointing at her face as she watched it.

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