"You okay Sis?"

"Oh my God," she mumbled, her hand scrunched down between her legs, "That was so intense. I had no idea you..."

"No idea I what?" I asked, suddenly suspicious of my little she-devil sister. She rolled towards me, her ample tit jiggling into view.

"I had no idea you could make a tick let go by smothering it," she said, wiping her sweaty brow with her forearm. At this point I was dying with desire, my hard-on ready to burst out of the top of my jeans.

"Aren't you going to thank me for saving you from Lyme disease?" I asked, staring as her other tit slithered into view.

She snickered. "Sure. Thank you Bobby." Her hand disappeared between her legs again and her hips twitched. Gazing at her, all naked and sweaty, was killing me. I had to do something.

"Um, Sis?"

"Yeah Hon?"

"Would you mind doing me a little favor?"

"Of course I'll do you a favor," she said, struggling to a sitting position. Her tits looked even nicer sitting up than laying down. I decided I needed a beer. Or three.

"Promise you won't laugh?"

"No." She snickered again.

Why is it that women always seem to have the upper hand? Even naïve church women who have just been tricked into cumming on their brother's face?

"I think I got a spider bite," I said, trying to look helpless and scared. It was a look she had fallen for more than once over the years.

"A spider bite? Really? Where is it. Show me." She got up on all fours and crawled towards me, her tits dangling like coconuts from her chest.

"It's here," I said, unbuckling my jeans. She froze, watching as I unzipped my fly. With a wince, I popped the purple head of my cock out of the top of my shorts.

"Oh my," she said, her eyes wide, "look how swollen it is. Can I touch it?" She didn't wait for an answer, but that's okay, because I was speechless. As her fingers closed delicately over the throbbing head, I jerked my shorts down.

"Does this hurt?" she asked innocently, giving my dick a little squeeze.

"Ow!" I blurted, suddenly about to squirt.

"Sorry," she giggled, letting her fingers slide down the shaft.

"From what I understand," I gasped, "the only way to counteract a spider bite like this is to suck out the poison. I'd do it myself, but I can't reach my face down into my lap."

"And you want me to suck out the poison?"

"Well," I said, amazed at the fact that she hadn't run screaming from the tent, "I guess if you don't suck out the poison, I could call the ambulance."

"Okay Bobby, I'll suck out the poison. But what if it gets in my mouth? Isn't it going to poison me too?" She shot me a quizzical glance, her hand still clamped on my dick.

"No Sis, it's not that kind of poison. It's harmless unless it breaks the skin and actually gets into your bloodstream, you know, like a vaccination? If you do happen to swallow any of the spider venom, the acid in your stomach will neutralize it."

"So I just suck the poison out? Then what?"

"You can spit it on my stomach," I said, hoping I could hold off from squirting long enough to actually get my aching dick into her mouth.

"I swear Bobby, if you weren't my brother I'd be telling you to suck your own dick."

Okay. That was shocking, coming from my born again Christian sister, but I wasn't about to complain. What's to complain about? I was on the verge of cumming in my born again Christian sister's mouth. Her head descended into my lap, her lips closed around my aching cock, and I could already feel the semen pulsing up my shaft. A couple of slow, gentle sucks and that was it.

"Here it comes!" I blurted. "The poison!" I said, as an afterthought.

Suddenly, she was gripping me with both hands, milking me like you'd milk a cow. I spurted. I spurted again. She just kept going. The Little Engine That Could. I was so proud of her. Even though it was fascinating, watching my little sister sucking up my cum, I had to flop my head back down onto the pillow and close my eyes for a few moments. The orgasm was that good. I visualized cumming in her tight little cunt and then watching it ooze out afterwards. I visualized fucking her doggy style, the sound of my groin slapping her ass echoing down the canyon. I visualized cumming on her tits while she watched with adoring eyes. I visualized...

"Mmmff?" my sister asked, my cock still in her mouth.


"Mmmff!" she snorted, pointing at my dick and shrugging her shoulders.

"Oh, yeah," I gasped, a little disoriented, "I think that's probably enough."

She popped my slimy dick out of her mouth and spat a big glob of cum on my stomach. "Tastes like nothing," she grinned, semen dribbling down her chin. "It must not be very potent poison." She wiped her mouth with the corner of my shirt, the same corner I had used to wipe pussy juice off my face. She didn't seem to notice.

"Are you happy now," she asked, reaching for a half-full diet coke can left over from this morning.

"You saved my life," I said, feeling suddenly self conscious, now that my huge dick was shrinking down to nothing.

"Well" she said, giving me a knowing look, "you saved mine, so I guess we're even."

I watched as she settled back down on the sleeping back, her nakedness on full display. On the one hand, I wanted to cuddle, feel her tits, cup her ass, suck her nipples, get another hard-on and fuck her brains out. On the other hand, I didn't want to push my luck, so I just lay there looking at her. She didn't seem to mind.

"Some camping trip, huh?" she said, tossing me the kleenex box. While I dabbed at the mess on my stomach with a tissue, she fluffed up her pillow, threw her robe across her naked body, and closed her eyes. "Wake me up when Mom and Dad get back?"

I pulled up my shorts, zipped my jeans, closed my eyes...


"Hey sleepy head," my sister said, poking her face inside the tent, "it's dinner time."

"Oh," I said, in a daze, "thanks Sis." I sat up, trying to get my bearings. That's when I saw the wadded up tissues on the floor of the tent, and it all came back to me. Obviously, by the way Sis was acting, everything was cool, but still, I was a little nervous. I stumbled out of the tent, drawn by the smell of dinner.

Why is it that the only time hot dogs taste good is at the ball park or the campsite? Doesn't matter, but that was just one of many observations I made that night. Another one was how utterly lame my folks are. After dinner, the new couple from the campsite next door brought over their guitars and we got to listen to them singing Brown Eyed Girl and Margaritaville for the next couple of hours. Where's your iPod when you need it? Mine was dead, and I knew better than to ask Sis if I could borrow hers. That uplifting positive message Christian music she listens to is even more annoying than Jimmy Buffet.

After the marshmallows, and a horrifying rendition of "The Edmond Fitzgerald" Sis and I walked down to the showers together to brush our teeth, only this time it was different. This time I wanted to hold her hand. Am I an idiot or what? Fool around with a girl once and she's automatically your girlfriend?

I had to wait for her to finish, as usual, and I wondered what my next move would be. Obviously, the tick scam wouldn't work. Would honesty work? Would she freak out and call the police when she found out I'd tricked her into having perverted sexual relations with her? Would the Bill Clinton defense get me off the hook?

"Hey" she grinned, stepping out of the bathroom with her towel slung over her shoulder.

"Hey," I said, awkwardly, trying to figure out this new dynamic between us.

"Listen Bobby," she said, tucking her arm in mine, "ever since this afternoon, I've been feeling a little funny down there. Do you think when we go to bed tonight you could see if the tick is still gone?"

"Sure" I gulped, amazed at my good fortune. I pulled her closer, snuggling up, smelling her fresh toothpaste breath.

"Is your spider bite okay?" she asked, her cheek just inches from my face. "Do I need to suck it again?"

"You know Sis, that might be a good idea. Better safe than sorry, eh?"

She stopped dead in her tracks. "Bobby," she said, looking me right in the eyes, "you're freakin' amazing. And you thought I was gullible? You don't have a clue, do you?"

"What?" I stammered, chasing after her as she continued up the trail.

"I'm not stupid Bobby."

"Sis! Come on! What's up? What did I do?"

"You know what you did," she said, marching past the fire towards our tent. "Night Dad, night Mom," she said cheerily.

"Already?" Mom asked, peering up at us in the flickering light.

"Long hike," Sis said, not even looking at them. "Another one tomorrow."

"Okay," she said, the way moms do when they don't have a clue, "night night."

I followed Sis into the tent, my heart racing. She can be moody, but I had a feeling there was more to it than just a mood. I had a feeling that I had fucked up. Big time. Me and my stupid plan. I can be such an idiot sometimes. A horny, sex deprived idiot.

I watched as Sis shucked off her sweatshirt, and then her T-shirt. She turned to me as she unclipped her bra. "I know exactly what we did this afternoon," she said in a disgusted monotone. "Check me for ticks? That is so lame! Does that actually work on the women you go out with?"

I froze, watching as her luscious tits tumbled out. She continued with her lecture.

"On the one hand, you should be ashamed of yourself, taking advantage of your naïve little sister." She stepped out of her sweatpants, her tits swaying back and forth. "On the other hand, I've got to give you credit for having the guts to try." She straightened up, wearing nothing but her granny panties.

"I'm sorry Sis,' I stammered, gazing at her candy-kissed tits. This whole escapade was taking a very weird turn, and I had no idea where we were heading. I tried to calm her down with compliments. "It's just that, you know, you're such a hottie, I couldn't help myself.

"Yeah," she sighed, grabbing her hairbrush. "I know how you guys are." She ran the brush through her hair, her right tit rising and falling with each stroke. Finally, she looked at me and spoke in a voice totally devoid of emotion. "I never told anyone this, but..." she stopped for a second, taking a deep breath, "I was molested when I was twelve."


"Jesus?" she laughed. "Oh, I thought Jesus could help, but no. All Jesus did was make me feel guilty and helpless and stupid."

"I'm so sorry Sis. I had no idea."

"Doesn't matter," she sighed, chucking her brush into her duffle bag and bending over to pull her panties off. "The damage has been done. I'm a freak. A sex freak. I masturbate every day. Morning, noon, and night. Why do you think I ran off the trail this afternoon? It wasn't so I could tinkle, it was so I could rub one out without you knowing about it. I fantasize all the time. I can't help it. And now you..." she stopped for a second, her lower lip starting to quiver. She took a couple of deep breaths, and then she looked at me, expressionless. "You've opened pandora's box, Bobby, and if you want to keep it open, you're going to have to do exactly as I say."

"Sure Sis" I gulped, feeling like a total jerk. A jerk with a hard-on, staring at a naked women with the most beautiful tits and the most scrumptious ass in the entire world. Frantically, I whipped off my shirt.

"Like for instance, tonight..." she said, pausing to watch me while I pulled my shorts down. "Tonight, I think I want you to lick my asshole."

My heart racing, I stepped out of my jeans and shorts, self conscious, horny, confused, my hard-on bobbing in front of me.

"Well? she said, hands on her hips, an air of impatience in her voice.

"Of course, Sis. I'll lick your asshole. I'll do whatever you want."

"Good," she grunted, a hint of a smirk turning her face into a caricature of the innocent little girl I used to know. "And then," she continued, "when it's your turn to cum, I want to watch you jack off. Into your hand. And then eat it." She flopped down on the flannel sleeping bag, opened her legs wide, and from the palm of her hand, produced a pocket rocket vibrator.

I sighed, resigned to my new fate. It wasn't often that Sis won the little battles we engaged in over the years, but she definitely won this one.

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