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Tie a Yellow Ribbon Around...


Being with Daniel again was beautiful; he always made me feel tops and took all the strains of a very hard working week at the office away. We had a perfect arrangement staying over with tech other weekends, one weekend at his pad and the other at mine.

Both venues suited us perfectly, Daniel was into light BSM and had a home made dungeon where he liked to partake in some of his most secret fantasies, and as long as it did not involve pain I was game. But when he stayed with me, we slept in my old Victorian four poster bed and played role games like he played the master of the house and me the servant lad which he had taken a fancy too, and was forced (playfully if course) to submit to all his sexual deviance's which seemed perfect for both if us to enjoy a wonderful thrill, he with his BSM tendencies tying me to as bed rail and having his way with me. Like he was sucking me dry, looping my balls with different coloured ribbon, he loves that, and ringing my hole with blue lipstick, me perched and tied up like a chicken ready for the table. Enduring the freakiest thinks he loved to do with my rear end. The silk covering was nice, the feeling of it against my burning flesh as he slid it over my body, the feather duster rampaging and tickling my balls was riveting, I felt so ready and so hot and cried out for his fuck to finally gratify the deep ache I felt for the fuck of his hard cock in my ass.

But he teased there was much to do before I could enjoy that delight for he needed to have me with a garnish of rich cream, poured over my genitals as he altered the stance, tying each leg to opposite corners of the bed so I was wide open for him and ready for his pleasure.

The feeling of the cream pouring over my cock and balls, dribbling down teasingly over my ass was so freaky and wonderful. But the most lovely of all was to feel his busy tongue and finger tips doing all those things to me, lifting up my cock to take the knob into his mouth and suck as his fingers worked on my cock and balls, gradually delving lower to rim my aching hole just longing for the feel of his enormous cock inside.

He spent time simply ending sucking the cream after spreading it over the cheeks of my ass telling me in grunts how good my ass was and how it did everything for him, just to have me bent over on all fours, sometimes over the arm of the settee and other times over the edge of the bath presenting my quality ass for his quality fuck, he said and now in the four poster bed he took his passion with me, as I felt the depth of his suck as he squeezed my balls, tying a yellow ribbon neatly around the girth of my throbbing cock until he was well and ready to receive the spurt of my cum into his face.

But that would be a lot later, because before that I would be slapped until my ass cheeks turned plum red, massaged again with olive oil which he also worked up into my asshole, stretching it for the ultimate fuck and then a lot more feeling and sucking, spitting over my cock and balls and then licking it up as he continued to sniff and suck cock and balls and ass too making me go into a frenzy, eagerly crying out for his fuck, to release me and let me cum so strong.

But another half hour later he decided the time was right for fucking, his stiff prick as he liked to call it, standing up straight with the ominous bend in the middle, he ordering me to suck it as he released the ribbon on my cock and sucked out my cum like there was no tomorrow, as I suck him and taste the familiar taste of him, his certain aroma in my nostrils as I sucked cock simultaneously with him sucking mine, balling and squeezing all we were so very deep into that world of our own and then , feeling his fuck of me, the dream was perfect and the ache had gone, all that remained was the exquisite feel of his hard thick fresh sucked cock thrusting me inside out and it was beautiful, feeling him cum inside me was heaven and soon, exhausted and happy, we chilled until bedtime when we would do it all over. Now to look forward to next week at Daniel's place...

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