tagBDSMTied in Knots

Tied in Knots


Rose is spread out on the kitchen island, naked with limbs bound to handles and faucet heads. Her long blonde hair is tangled beneath her head as she struggles against her bonds. The other girls, Candace and Mia, circle the island like hawks, planning their strike. The other two are brunettes, Candace about a B-cup and Mia somewhere around a C.

Rose's legs are spread apart by a long bar between her ankles, pushing her hips just to the edge of comfort. Her arms are bound together above her head and attached to a faucet head. Her heart is pounding, her mind is racing.

When she agreed to sleep over with these girls, she didn't know what she was in for. Now the girls circle, planning with grins on their faces. They had overpowered Rose, stripped her completely and bound her to the counter. Candy thanked the heavens for her boyfriend teaching her how to tie someone up. She and Mia had stripped to their lingerie, little bras and panties that barely covered what they were supposed to.

Mia took her cami and wrapped it around Rose's eyes, blinding her to what was coming. As she finished, she noticed Candy bent over Rose, sucking on one of her D-cup tits. Mia's mouth quickly found her other, and the blonde soon started to feel the effects of their ministrations. She could just feel her slit getting wetter and wetter but couldn't do anything about it.

"No..." she moaned feebly, but all that earned her was a light slap on the cheek. She groaned as one of the girls bit her nipple and pulled it away from her. A hand snaked down her body, slipping in between her spread thighs, right onto her soaking slit. Rubbing along the outside sent bolts of pleasure through her entire body, just that slightest bit of touch made her want it.

Her cries changed from "Stop" to "...please."

The two molesters shared a glance and then redoubled their efforts. Mia hopped up on the counter, straddling Rose's upper half, while Candy headed south, giving Rose what she was begging for. Candy's fingers plunged into Rose, while Mia's lips met the blonde's. Rose moaned through the kiss, but Mia wasn't stopping. When she did, she reared up and unhooked her bra, tossing it aside. Now as they kissed, the two girls' boobs were pressed together, four hard nipples dragging against sensitive skin.

Rose arched her back in pleasure as Candy's fingers pressed at her insides, hitting the spots only another girl can know. Rose strained at her bonds, but they were unforgiving, and the domination continued. Mia's lips met hers, just as Candy's met her other set. They started out with light kisses, then let their lips linger, both in sync with each other. Rose could hardly stand it. The two attractive girls going down on her was just too much, and she felt the pressure building inside her. Shivers played through her entire body as it was beset upon by the other girls. Mia moved to kissing her tits, suckling on one nipple, then the other, sending jolts of pleasure through Rose's bound body. Candy's fingers and lips were working magic on the blonde's center, and bringing her ever closer to orgasm. Rose's whole body tensed as Candace's fingers switched to rubbing her clit, still wet from inside her. Mia's lips rose back up to hers, and stifled the moans and groans of pleasure with kisses. In the heat of the moment, Rose completely lost control, bucking her hips into Candace's fingers and kissing Mia back. As Mia grabbed at Rose's tit, it became too much pleasure to handle; she came, exploding around Candace's fingers and crying out against Mia's red lips. The blonde relaxed for the first moment since she'd been tied down, letting the ecstasy of orgasm wash over her. That was the first time another girl had made her come...actually, that was her first time with multiple partners to boot!

Her senses began to prickle again when she heard the two brunettes start to walk around her. Fingers appeared on her body, dragging around, crossing paths and brushing sensitive areas. It was more than enough to get her hot again, pussy already wet from their previous assaults. When the touches disappeared, she heard some soft whispering, then felt them untying her hands from the faucet. They were freeing her? Already? She would have been lying if she said she wasn't disappointed.

The two girls pushed her off the island, leading her across the hardwood floors into the next room, or so Rose thought. Her bound wrists were raised above her head and locked into something high, too high for her. She strained to reach it, the spreader bar keeping her feet well separated, so that she had to go onto her tiptoes to stay as they had put her.

Rose ceased her struggles as one of the girls put her lips to her's, kissing her softly. Rose realized it was Candace, having tasted Mia already. The blonde kissed back, slipping her tongue in between Candace's lips, and exploring her mouth. Candace's hand slipped between her thighs, playing about her outside, as she had done before, and it didn't take long for her fingers to get Rose moaning. Rose heard a door slam off elsewhere in the house, and figured Mia must have slipped away while she'd been distracted by Candy. A clatter a few moments later on the counter made her jump, but didn't even seem to phase Candy, who resumed her kisses as though nothing was happening. Rose strained to see through Mia's undershirt as Candy broke the kisses, and padded over to Mia. A few whispers, too quiet to hear, were exchanged and then both came back over to the restrained blonde.

"What...what are you going to do to me?" asked Rose tentatively, scared of what the answer might be.

She heard a whooshing behind her, then an explosion of pain on her bottom. She cried out sharply, as Mia said, "Whatever we want, slut." A different whooshing in front of her came with a stinging pain in her tits. The two of them were whipping her. Ready for it this time, Mia's smack to her bottom revealed something to Rose. She was using a paddle, and as Candy's whip slapped her other tit, Rose realized that her whip had many endings, each one kissing her skin with a menace.

The beating continued, sometimes alternating, sometimes changing targets. Rose begged and pleaded, screamed and yelled, but nothing seemed to stop them. Finally, she felt Candace's body press against hers. The touch of cool skin was a relief for Rose's burning tits and belly.

Candace whispered into her ear, "I can tell you're liking this...slut." She spat out the last word like it had a bad taste.

"No," Rose whined, "No I don't like it..."

"Then why are you so wet?" Mia asked, and cupped Rose's soaking vagina from behind. Rose was amazed. The two girls felt up and down her thighs, which were soaked with Rose's wetness practically running down them. They redistributed her wetness, rubbing it all over her tits, her face, and even into her hair. When they'd finished, Rose was panting and thoroughly ready for more. She cried out in pain and pleasure as Candace's flogger kissed her center. Quickly, it returned, flicking against her lips, her clit, everywhere down there.

Rose could feel the building that only meant one thing: "Please!" She cried out, "Ohh, I'm going to come!"

Without her noticing, Mia had come up right behind her, and wrapped her lithe arms around the bigger blonde's body. "Come, whore," she whispered in Rose's ear. Much to Rose's dismay, she had no control over it, and a hard lick from the whip was all it took to send her over the edge. Mia's teeth bit into her shoulder as she came, pain turning into pleasure as Rose cried out with her orgasm.

Candace stepped up in front of Rose, kissing her on the lips again. With a passion she had never found before, Rose kissed back, but only for what felt like a fleeting moment. A hand pulled away the camisole as the kiss broke, and Rose was blinded for a few seconds. When her sight returned, she saw the two girls in front of her kissing passionately, hands on each others crotches. The two's panties laid on the floor beneath them, forgotten like their bras, which were nowhere to be seen.

Candace pushed Mia back into one of the chairs close to them, and knelt before her. Getting the message, Mia spread her legs, and the little brunette attacked the other's pussy like a wild cat. Mia was moaning within moments, and shaking after only a little while. Rose was jealous, sore pussy growing wetter by the second watching the two. She could see Mia hanging at the edge of orgasm.

But as she crashed, screaming out the other's name, Candace sprang into action. From seemingly nowhere, the little brunette produced a pair of handcuffs, had cuffed Mia's wrists together, and lifted her into a shackle in front of Rose's, suspending her easily. As Mia slowly began to regain her senses, she realized her predicament and began shouting at Candace. Ignoring her, she bent down and scooped up her own panties, slipping them back on. Next she picked up Mia's panties, wadded them into a ball, and stuffed them into the girl's mouth. A quick piece of tape, also produced from god-knows-where sealed off the job. "Now you can taste yourself," she murmured in Mia's ear, loud enough for Rose to hear. As if on cue, keys rattled in the lock. Beaming, Candace bounded off to the front door.

Down the hall echoed her voice, "Master, you're home! I found you some toys while you were gone!"

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