tagBDSMTied, Teased and Tortured Ch. 02

Tied, Teased and Tortured Ch. 02


All the feedback I have received has been exceptionally encouraging. thank you to everyone who has commented. If any women are able to answer the question posed in the story, I would love to know. What is more painful - childbirth or clit torture?

I opened the door, making sure the slut heard Me. Her head sort of lifted, aware someone was there, but too weak to move. I fed her the pizza I brought, and asked how she was.

'Please let me come. I'll do anything, just please, stop teasing me, I cant take it, so horny. Please!"

I grinned at the video camera, knowing Jodie could see Me, wishing she was here. Jodie is bisexual, as is the girl I have tied up here. They both ache to suck cunt, and I was using that against Jodie, so I made her watch. I asked the whore if she wanted the clamps off.

'Yes, please. I cant take it anymore. I'm so desperate, the vibrations are hurting now. Please take them off."

I grinned. She actually thought I was going to be nice, and I was. To Me. I picked up a nice, long, rubber whip, and lashed her ass. Thirty lashes, making her wail and scream. Then I whipped the clamps. The nipple clamps were ripped off, causing the whore to scream, so tortured and loud, so sexy. I whipped the clamps off her pussy lips and clit, making her screams almost unintelligible. Her tears poured down her face, her body thrashed like crazy, as much as possible. The sight was so beautiful, this vixen of a woman, the kind of girl guys fight over to buy her drinks in the pub, and she was My little bitch. Tied and humiliatingly helpless, and now tortured.

"Are you going to thank Me for removing those clamps, bitch?" I asked.

"You bastard. I really cant take anymore of this. Please let me go. I swear I wont tell anyone, just let me go. What do you want anyway?"

"I am glad you asked that you pathetic whore. I am not letting you go. You will stay there, so helpless and needy until I am bored with you. I will do anything I want to do to you. You are nothing but My toy now, to be used for My pleasure. And do you want to know a secret?"

"What?" she whispered. I leant in close, the head of My cock brushing against her pussy, I whispered in her ear.

"I love teasing, denying, and torturing pathetic little bitches like you. I love the screams and begs, and you are the toy I have decided to use. So imagine this getting a lot worse for you, and no way am I letting you go!" She began crying again. I gave her a glass of water and helped her drink it.

I got out the dentists mouth spreader and shoved it in her mouth, then stood on the stool, positioning My cock by her mouth. Her eyes went wide as I slid My cock in her mouth. I imagined Jodie, watching as I fucked this sluts mouth, knowing she wished it was her. Just before I came, I pulled out and wanked it all over the sluts face, making her lick me clean afterwards. I sat on the stool with a feather, and begun tickling her feet. She jerked a little, and began moaning after twenty minutes. Feather torture is amazing. So simple, and after a time, it becomes agonising to the point it sends you crazy. Next time you get an itch, leave it as long as you can stand. Then imagine being unable to scratch it, how crazy you feel. Same thing as feather torture, only you cant stop it, it just gets worse, and you cant do a damned thing about it.

I stopped after three hours, and re-clamped her swollen, tender clit. She moaned again - must pick up a gag for a laugh. Then I had a wicked idea! I went out and got some string, and some nice looking weights. When I got back, I tied the string tight around the base of her clit, and attached the weights to the other end of the string. Such simple, everyday items, turned into an unbearable torture device. When I finished, her clit was clamped and hung, stretching it nicely. As I listened to her screams, I begun to wonder what was worse - childbirth or having your exposed, vulnerable clit mercilessly tortured by a sadist?

I went home, and Jodie begged Me to do some of that to her. I grinned, and whipped her cunt for an hour. When I was done, I untied her and told her to take a shower. Jodie had not come for a month now, and I was about to reward her for her patients and obedience. I dressed her in a tight, black miniskirt, stockings, heels, and a low cut, sky blue top. She looked so amazing, I just wanted to fuck her right there, but that would ruin the night. I took her to the warehouse, and told her she could have an orgasm, if the bitch would lick her out. Jodie took out the whores mouth guard, and climbed up, so her legs were draped over the cunts shoulders. This obviously put a lot of strain on the whores arms.

"Lick My cunt, bitch. If you do a really good job, I will let you come."

The slut begun licking Jodie's pussy, in that expert way only another woman could. Just like most men, I loved seeing two girls get it on, and knowing I owned them both, just added to My excitement. Jodie had always been Dominant, and one day wanted to explore her submissive side, feel what her slaves felt. Now she is My permanent slave, but Dominant to all others.

Jodie came five times, and I had to lift her down. She was weak, satisfied and eager to torture Our toy. The slut begged to be allowed an orgasm now. Jodie and I looked at each other, and laughed.

"You poor baby," Jodie said. "You didn't really think I would be allowed to make you come, did you pet? No, no. You see, this is my Master as well as yours. He has graciously allowed me to play with you, but I cannot let you come. You, My poor little slut, have months left before you even get considered for an orgasm."

With that, we cuddled up on the floor, turned on the vibrating clit clamp, and watched, as the vibrations, and weights, sent the bitch even more crazy.

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