Tied Up and Used


Watching Tori's naughty antics had increased my arousal to unbearable level and I was determined to make the rounds on my girlfriend's holes as well. Pulling my cock from her pussy, I placed my throbbing tip against her little wet ass as Tori held her cheeks widely spread. I pushed and watched as my dick sink easily into April's smooth, tight tunnel. It was an odd sensation, as my cock slipped inside, feeling the slimy warmth of the cum that had already been deposited there. As I fucked her, Will took out his cell phone and started taking pictures of the unsavoury scene, snapping a few close-ups of my cock firmly embedded in her clenching hole. I gradual increased to a rapid pace, driving into her ass hard as she moaned and squealed with wanton lust.

"You like that cock up your ass?" Will asked, kneeling down and hissing into her ear as he grabbed her roughly by the hair.

"Yes!" April gasped.

Hearing my girlfriend's voice enticed me to move to her mouth, and I stepped back as my cock slipped free of her clenching embrace. Moving around to her head, I held myself firmly by the base and slapped my wet, cum-covered pole across her open mouth. She parted her lips and stuck her tongue out, panting with desperation before I shoved it into the back of her throat. As soon as her mouth closed around my shaft, I held her head and began to pump my hips back and forth.

As I continued to treat myself to a rare face fucking experience, Will called the last participant in to take his share. Mike was Mark's little brother, and at eighteen years old, was still a virgin. He had never been inside a woman, but now he was standing before a complete smorgasbord of sexual pleasure. Taking after his brother however, he went straight for the ass.

April moaned around my cock as she felt her asshole being pried open once again, this time by Mike's thick, virgin rod. Although lacking in experience, he more than made up for his shortcomings with an abundance of horny, teenage zeal. He quickly forced himself inside and slid his dick deep into April's hungry hole as I pumped my cock into her lips, my balls slapping her face with each thrust.

I held off for as long as I could, before pulling out and shooting a very large load of cum into my girlfriend's panting mouth. The copious deluge of creamy fluid spilled onto her tongue and splattered her cheeks and chin, painting her beautiful visage with a canvas of slimy, white jism. As soon as I had squeezed the last drop from my pulsing dick, Will was there to capture the after effects with his cell phone, smiling as he took the pictures of April's blindfolded, cum-covered face.

Mike soon reached his climax as well, shuddering with delight as he pumped yet another creamy load into my girlfriend's thoroughly used asshole. Again, Will was quick to document the occasion, taking several lewd close-ups of April's reamed, ravaged hole as it pulsed and clenched, leaking cum down over her flushed pussy lips.

As the guys filed out of the small room, I sat back and took a deep breath as I processed what had just happened. With the room now empty, I untied April, allowing her to stand up and slip the blindfold from her eyes. We shared a brief shameful stare, both realizing that a filthy fantasy had just been met.

"You set this whole thing up didn't you?" she asked, smirking with an accusatory stare.

I just smiled.

"You missed that last shot on purpose didn't you?" I asked.

April just smiled.

The End

Check out April's previous adventures in "The Prize" and "April's Anal Adventure."

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