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At last, they had arrived. Newlyweds Jeff and Dawn had reached Tikikana, a little known resort near the Virgin Islands with a reputation for sparking the most outrageous sex ever. Dawn had changed their summer honeymoon plans at the last minute and for reasons even she couldn't understand. It was just that after the vows had been said, and the ring was on her finger, things felt different. They traded in their Hawaii tickets for Caribbean tickets and with help from the resort were on their way.

The island hopper plane, landed on a small airstrip on the end of the island where a single limo golf cart was waiting. The man who greeted them was dressed "island formal" with a proper shirt, navy white style shorts and a dry but pleasant attitude.

"We have been expecting you Mr. and Mrs. Sampson."

Dawn blushed, acknowledging her new name. She momentarily reflected on how she now belonged to Jeff. He motioned them under the awning of the golf cart then took the bags off the small plane. The pilot headed for his little shack to rest up.

They rode along through the tropical jungle under palms, swaying grasses, and beautiful hidden waterfalls. A warm smell of wild flowers mixed with the occasional avocado or orange tree. Finally, they came out of the forest to the manicured grounds of the resort.

As they exited the cab, a long walk down a tropical flowered path awaited them. The iron gate automatically opened for them, welcoming them towards the extravagant main building with a large reflecting pond in front. Wild macaws were perched here and there and pink flamingos were stepping about the large lily pads. A natural-looking rock waterfall splashed down into the pond, rippling the water.

Dawn; blonde, attractive, was wearing a simple pink t-shirt and white short shorts. Jeff was in cutoffs and polo shirt. They walked past the large main doors into the bamboo- accented marble-floored main lobby. On each side of the curved main desk a large dark guard dressed in only a loin cloth and armed with a spear blocked passage to the curved corridors. Their stares were unswerving, staring ahead to nothing. Behind the front desk, a dark-haired island girl with an impossibly deep tan greeted them. Her dark boobs were barely contained by the green monokini. Jeff couldn't help but stare at her exposed bosom and green ribbon tribal tattoo on her sexy smooth left leg running from her waist down to her upper thigh. Her jeweled pierced bellybutton was incredible and sparkling.

"Welcome to Tikikana," she smiled, "I've been waiting for you."

Jeff's wedding ring jewel glowed as her looked at the young girl. His cock twitching in his pants.

"Can we go to our room?" asked Dawn

"Not yet, the mistress must greet you."

"How personable," Dawn said to Jeff.

"Mm Hmm," he nodded, his eyes ravishing the sexy girl.

"Perhaps you would like to enjoy some of the activities we have here. We have some exotic classes like yoga, sexual meditation, the art of seduction, jungle love potions class."

"Potions?" asked Dawn, "Like witches?"

"More like medicine men," she smiled. "I like your breasts. They look so touchable."

"Thanks," Dawn feigned a smile," Grew them myself."

"So did I," The girl said, cupping her massive breasts and squeezing them toward her, "Started when I was thirteen."

"You're making me hard," said Jeff. The girl smiled a devious smile at him.

Dawn looked at Jeff with a frown.

"Now don't be angry," said the girl," Looking is just natural. You'll learn that here." She smiled at Jeff. A friendly wicked smile, hinting that she knew what he was thinking about. She put her boobs back to center, pulling the thin straps over her nipples.

Presently, a tall curvaceous brunette slinked through the doors. Her dark tanned, though not as dark as the desk girl's, flawless skin glistened under her tight-white body dress. The plunging v-opening showed the curves of her bosom. Her nipples poked through the near- see through material. Jeff looked at her 5" white heels following up her legs to where the dress just covered her pussy. She cast a wicked glance at him. . She looked at Jeff's crotch noticing the prominent bulge. Dawn's expression was one of shock then determination as she faced her adversary

The woman slinked on her hips up to Jeff, looking at him squarely in the eye, "Welcome to Tikikana. We have been expecting you. I'm Enrika, the director of this resort. And you "she exclaimed turning towards Dawn, "You do not approve of my behavior."

"I just feel a little threatened."

"I know exactly what you feel....Dawn," she whispered. She turned, wiggling her perfect ass as she slowly walked away, "You're wedding dress was perfect, the maid of honor, Kim, forgot to walk down the aisle on time, the chicken had a bone, and Jeff's penis felt wonderful as his seven inches thrust into you in the honeymoon suite."

"How did you?...."

She turned walking slowly toward them. "The plane ride was a little bumpy, the snack wasn't nearly as good as the burger you snuck on board and right now, you wish you were dressed a little more seductively to match my hard body." She gestured with her hands towards her barely concealed tits.

"What's going on?" asked Jeff.

"A little tete a tete Jeff. Dawn is quite the spit fire. Strong mind, tough will. But she's only just touched the deep sexuality within her. Actually the same could be said of all the guests that have come here. Isn't that right?...Dawn?"

Dawn flinched as her mind was invaded.

She was floating, naked, in a dark void. A swirling rainbow was circling her, teasing her with light touches, bringing up her arousal. It's kaleidoscope eyes flashing in the dark the mist whispered. Dawn surrendered her body, her pussy open and wet, willing to let anything be done to her.....

Suddenly Dawn was aware that Enrika was staring her in the eyes, her palms caressing her hardening nipples.

"I...I...," Dawn said coming back to reality. She was flooded with confused emotions. She had been pushed into a dream state, touched by another girl, and her pussy was wet.

"Why are you here?" Enrika asked.

"I don't know."

"Yes you do," she said, "It started the moment you picked out that ring. Or rather, the moment it picked out you."

"What are you talking about?"

"Why would a proper girl with a modest background, chose a ring that looks like a serpent, wrapped around your finger with a single green diamond for an eye?"

"I.. I like snakes?"

"Dawn," Enrika frowned with a controlling air," You shouldn't mask your feelings. You are scared of snakes. Terrified of them. But you are changing. You were chosen. You know it and you want to explore it. Today, that choice will change your life forever."

"My wedding," she tried to smile, feeling something strange inside of her.

"Not exactly that choice, but a union that is coming. A union that you will accept once you give yourself to the will of the serpent."

"Jeff," Dawn said with concern," I don't know if we should...."

Enrika, ran a hand along Dawn's hair, "Don't be afraid Dawn. Why don't you two enjoy yourselves at the spa this afternoon? Relax after your hard trip and long wedding plans."

"That sounds good," said Dawn, still reflecting on the images "What do you think honey?"

"Yeah.. OK" he said, mesmerized by the sexy women in front of him.

"Jeff.." Enrika said, slowly running her hand outside her dress over her pussy," That's not what you are thinking. You need to be honest with your wife. She loves you. She'll understand."

Dawn was shocked. Shocked that Jeff was falling under the same spell she had led them into. He was supposed to be her rock, instead he was her river. She looked up at Jeff's face. "Is she right? What were you thinking honey?"

"A naughty thought I can assure you," said Enrika. "Please Jeff, share."

"Yes Jeff..." Dawn said with rising blind anger.

"No no no," said Enrika," You need to love what each of you are. Not what popular culture says you should be."

Enrika moved closer to Dawn, holding her shoulders. Enrika's dress slightly fell away from her chest. Jeff could see her tits perfectly from the side. Round, firm, perky. She looked Dawn straight in the eyes while addressing Jeff.

"Enjoying the view?" Enrika smiled at Jeff, "Now tell Dawn what you were thinking."

"....I .... Was thinking it would be nice to go to the spa, but I really wanted to exercise... And I was thinking about touching you."

"JEFF!!!" Dawn exclaimed.

"Now don't be surprised Dawn. And don't be such a prude. You were thinking about touching me too."

"I was?"

"I can see you're going to be tough case Dawn. Jeff. Touch me. Like you were thinking."

Jeff walked over to Enrika, placing himself behind her. He slide his hands along the open sides of her dress. His hands went inside her dress fondling her breasts on the way down, then back up cupping her tits. He gently pinched and squeezed her nipples. Enrika took a deep breath.

"Oooh! That does feel good. What about you Dawn?"

Dawn was angry with Jeff and determined to show him. She wrapped her arms around Enrika and started kissing her. Enrika kissed back with soft lips and eager hands. Her tongue slipped into Dawn's mouth as her soft hands squeezed her butt. Dawn moaned for Enrika, feeling her pussy swell. Suddenly it was over. Enrika standing back, primping her hair.

"Good," she said "That was promising. How do you feel Dawn?"

"I... I..." she fumbled for words as the thoughts about being a dirty lesbian mixed with jealousy, betrayal, and anger. She was ashamed that she wanted another kiss.

"Stop focusing on your internal rating system. Do you feel good?"

Dawn hit the revelation in her mind. She did. And it was at odds with society's expectations. She was conflicted.

"The only rule at Tikikana is to do what feels good. Leave your judgment for society." She squeezed Dawn's ass cheek. Dawn reached out and squeezed back. A sligh smile wiped over Enrika's face. "Good Dawn." She placed her hand on Dawn's head, flipping her hair from her ear. Her touch felt good.

Enrika lifted up the green snake amulet hanging from the silver chain around her neck. She held Dawn's hand, connecting the eye of the serpent to the eye of the ring. Dawn felt a surge of energy go through her body. Somehow it seemed that she had been waiting all her life for this moment. Her pussy tingled as that thought crossed her mind. A crooked smile slithered across her face.

"Will you do what feels good, no matter what?"

"Yes," Dawn said, her mind drifting in a fog on sexy thoughts of how she was loosing control of herself. The swirling rainbow was trying to get into her mind again.

"Yes what?" Enrika asked.


"Good Dawn," she smiled. "Kahlua will take you to the spa," she motioned to the girl behind the desk.

"Yes mistress. Follow me."

As they went to the door on the left, Jeff was mesmerized by her swaying ass as she led them. So was Dawn. She held his arm tightly, but it made no difference. Now she was wishing she could feel that open too. Down the long curving white marble hall they walked past tropical alcoves of palm plants, colorful flowers, small waterfalls, and white statues of Gods and Goddesses.

The lack of guests around them was unmistakable.

"How many people are here?" asked Jeff.

"Over 200. The place is expansive and we take pride in keeping each guest pampered. As they walked, Jeff grabbed at Kahlua's ass. She squealed with delight then smiled at him.

"I thought that you would be first," she said to Dawn with disappointment. "No matter."

Dawn was shocked.

They arrived at a curved room with open windows facing the ocean. Many people were laid out on marble tables getting massages. Some were in the center mud bath, The white coated staff buzzed about, caring for each of them.

"Welcome," said a likable man. I hope you are ready to indulge yourselves. "

After a couple hours of pampering, they were rejuvenated and free again. The summer sun beckoned. They took a stroll on the beach. Dawn was leaning up against Jeff's smooth chiseled body, feeling frisky.

"Jeff? Why did you touch Enrika?"

"Why did you kiss her?" he asked back.

"Because it felt good."

"Same reason."

"Is that wrong?" she asked.

"Only if you deceive your partner."

"Then I must tell you. I'm getting hornier by the minute. I feel so....so good about myself. Even the air is caressing me..."

"Look! There's volleyball. Want to play?"

"Yes. Let's go."

They played a couple games, Jeff worked out, Dawn swam, and they met for a beach-side romantic dinner at sunset. Tiki torches were burning around them. A few other tables were set up on the beach with other couples also dining. It was the first time Dawn had see any real hint of others. The romantic candlelight was amazing as well as the oysters, coconut drinks, fish, shishkabobs, and lemon meringue pie. A live steel drum band was crooning slow island tunes.

"Jeff," Dawn said in whispers over the soft tropical island music, "They shaved me... everywhere," she flashed her flirty eyes.

"Me too" he said.


"You're going to feel me tonight like never before."

A young slave girl in a coconut top and grass skirt presented a tray to them with two stone mugs, containing a smoking liquid.

"Compliments of Enrika," she said. "It's called Island Paradise."

"What is it?" Dawn asked.

"The world's best aphrodisiac if you ask me," she smiled. Dawn took her mug as did Jeff.

"Cheers," Dawn said.

"Cheers," he replied. Their mugs clanked or clunked as stones do.

Dawn sipped first. It was sweet but husky. There was a lot of body to the drink.

"Ooohh." Dawn said, breathing out smoke, "That's really..... weird." Her ring's diamond was glistening. "I don't know if I can make it though dinner. Now my head is spinning."

"I feel dizzy," said Jeff.

"Let's get some air," said Dawn, even though they were already outside.

It was while walking along the sunset beach that it started. Jeff was feeling horny. Really horny. And it was tough to concentrate on the walk. Dawn was feeling it too. A deep horniness that she couldn't remember feeling before. Except for that one time she masturbated with her vibrator 11 times in one day... but that was different, before she met Jeff. Back in their room, the rest of the evening was heavenly. Jeff fucked Dawn sweetly, deeply. The curtains flowed with the breeze of the ocean. Dawn orgasmed, calling out to the beach for anyone to hear. She didn't care. She was feeling almost no concern about what anyone thought. She wanted everyone to know how good she felt.


The days activities had worn them out and they fell asleep early. Much earlier than usual. But the horniness didn't take long to resurface. Dawn's diamond started to sparkle in the darkness.

She awoke with erotic feelings as two strong arms picked her up fulfilling her wishes. She stared at the dark man that carried her to the reclining couch at the foot of the bed. She wanted to say no. She wanted to say stop. But her mind was too weak to fight off the feelings. He placed her down then got between her legs. He worshipped he ass and pussy, kissing her everywhere. His tongue licked her clit making her shudder as she squeezed her tits.

Kahlua, naked, came up to Dawn. Dawn wanted to kiss her more than anyone at any time. Her mouth begged. The young girl dropped her large dripping tit into Dawn's mouth. She sucked hard, and was rewarded with a squirt of sex milk that flowed a warm horny sensation down her entire body. Dawn could only think of how good it would be to be touched, to be fucked. She had lost all control. Her pussy squirted into the man's mouth.

Kahlua placed her lips to Dawn's and the two girls kissed for an eternity as Dawn experienced micro orgasms. Kahlua ran her hands down Dawn's arms, gently holding her fingers, then toying with her wedding ring. She held it up for Dawn to see. For a moment, Dawn hesitated, remembering what it was for, then smiled in horniness as the diamond sparkled. Kahlua leaned in to kiss her again. She brought Dawn to her feet, allowing the stud to recline across the couch.

When he laid back in the soft moonlight, Dawn could see he wasn't a dark man, but a muscular man with the darkest tan she had ever seen. She was thinking how she would have to remain naked, exposed to the sun for so long to be that way too. It would be fun. It would be naughty. Kahlua placed Dawn's hand on his long thick cock, pointing toward his knees.

Her tiny fingers couldn't fit around this massive shaft. She stroked back and forth lovingly, placing the tip in her mouth and sucking the sweet pre-cum. His hand caressed her head as she sucked. His cock began climbing erect, pulsing with each precious heartbeat. Thumping in her hand as it grew wider.

Kahlua gently held the man's hand, leading his glistening ring towards Dawn's. When they touched, a ringing of chimes emanated from them as the diamonds mimicked each other. Dawn was startled, loosing focus on the 14" monster that was a 5 inch thick pillar in front of her innocent face. Her ring was singing a crystal song.

"He is your Uumzati now," Kahlua smiled. "By the ancient wisdom of the rings, you belong to him, and he to you."

"No!... How could this ring from the jewelry store..."

"The diamonds come from the same places. You were compelled to come here the moment that ring was on your finger.... As was I."

Kahlua showed off the diamond clip, pierced in her belly button.

"You really never had a choice."

Dawn's pussy suddenly gushed as she realized what had just been revealed. Her conscious mind trying to fight off the magic, trying to stay with the man she loved. That she thought she loved... That she remembered loving at one time but couldn't remember why... The magic wanted her body to belong to his other man. And every time she let that thought invade her mind, she was rewarded with intense pleasure. She gently worked her hands along the stump thick cock, reflecting on what was happening in her head. She didn't have much choice. The naughty thoughts took over her head as she gave in to the pleasures of the ring.

"My wife can't get this in her pussy," the stud said, "But the ring says you can."

Kahlua urged Dawn to her feet, helping her straddle his monster cock. Dawn was momentarily unsure. Kahlua smiled at her, nodding approval. She bent down, the massive head leaving a slippery slime on her pussy lips. She panted. She groaned. And finally the tip was in her. The stud firmly held her hips and with slow agonizing patience, pulled and worked her pussy down, further and further over his long thick cock. Dawn placed her hands flatly on his chest, her wedding ring sparkling as his hardness pushed against her cervix.

Kahlua smiled at Dawn, caressing her cheek then climbing up into the bed with Jeff. Dawn watched with a hint of sadness, but nodded yes anyway...


Just after 1am, Jeff awoke, his cock hardening. In the dim moonlit room, he could see her long flowing hair on the pillow next to him, her outline under the silk sheets.

Jeff rolled over onto his right, feeling for his wife's soft, curvaceous butt, her smooth back, the bump of her ass and her strong legs. He pretended she was Kahlua. His cock began to harden, his slippery pre cum oozing out. Wetting his finger he slid his middle finger along the crack of her ass to her pussy, softly squeezing her cheeks with his big hand. Gently inserting a finger, wiggling back and forth, her pussy lips started to swell. Her wetness aided his finger sliding along her pussy. Slowly, slowly he worked it inside of her. She sighed as her pussy opened for his fingers. Gently he slid two fingers in and out. His hard dripping cock pressed harder and harder against her ass hole which was slick with his juices. He pulled his fingers out, reaching up to her boob. He found her nipple and flicked it to hardness. He smiled.

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