tagGay MaleTimber Pack Chronicles Ch. 05

Timber Pack Chronicles Ch. 05


The next Monday morning, Parker was getting out of the shower when he thought he heard the doorbell ring. He wrapped a towel around his waist and walked out into his bedroom. He opened the bedroom door and peeked out into the hallway.

"Mom? Dad?"

The doorbell rang again. He looked back at the alarm clock on his nightstand. If it was Colton, he was really early, over a half an hour. Since his bedroom faced the backyard, he couldn't see if it was Colton at the door.

Parker gripped the towel closed around his waist and ran down the stairs. He peeked out the living room window and saw Colton's car in the driveway.


Colton rang the bell a second time, then leaned his shoulder against the door frame and waited. He was early, but he wanted to see his pup. He hadn't gotten a chance to see him since Saturday night. His cock started to stiffen in his jeans as he remembered fooling around with Parker in the backseat of his car.

He could hear Parker's approach and could smell that sweet scent nearing even before the front door's deadbolt clicked and the door opened a few inches.

Colton groaned at the sight before him.

Parker was clutching a towel around his waist and his trim little body glistened with water. The leather and platinum necklace was still fastened around his neck. A bead of water dripped from the wolf charm onto the middle of Parker's chest where it rolled down to his belly button.

Oh, hell.

No, Colton wasn't early. He was just on time. And he knew it wouldn't take much convincing at all to get his pup to give him a little "good morning" head. His eyes slowly slid up and down Parker's body, then returned to that wickedly sexy mouth of his. He licked his lips and grinned wolfishly. "Nice."

"You're early," Parker said with a bashful smile.

Colton stepped forward into the house, crowding into Parker's personal space. "Mm-hmm. Good morning, pup."

As Parker shut the door behind him, Colton leaned in and backed him against the door and kissed him, pushing his tongue between those lips to chase after Parker's. Parker just closed his eyes and kissed back and let Colton ravage him. When Colton broke the kiss to suck on Parker's neck, Parker squirmed away.

He pressed his hand to the middle of Colton's chest. "Colton. Just give me a few moments to get dressed."

"Don't hurry on my account," Colton said with a snicker as he followed Parker up the stairs, his eyes locked onto Parker's sexy, towel-covered ass.

Colton dropped onto Parker's bed while Parker got ready. He sat up on one elbow while he unabashedly watched the show Parker was unwittingly putting on. Who knew that watching someone brush their teeth or put on deodorant could be sexy? Colton brazenly massaged his dick through his jeans.

Parker stood in front of his dresser and pulled open the top drawer. He pulled out a pair of boxer briefs and dropped the towel.

When Colton saw Parker's bare ass, he groaned. "Fuck..."

Parker bent down and pulled up the tight little grey briefs. He looked back over his shoulder and gasped when he saw Colton leering at him. "Colton," he said with a cringe.

"C'mere, pup," Colton husked.

Parker's cheeks had pinked up bright. He held his hands in front of his rapidly growing crotch, but he obeyed Colton's command. When he reached the bed, Colton knocked Parker's hands away from his crotch.

"You shouldn't ever be embarrassed around me, Parker. You got that?"

Parker nodded, but he was looking at Colton's crotch, not at his face.

A smug grin spread across Colton's face. His big cock had created quite the bulge in his jeans. Hell, he wore a big bulge even when it was soft. Fully erect like it was right now, he must have appeared obscene to Parker.

"You wanna see it?" Colton whispered with a wicked grin as he gripped his hard-on through his jeans and shook it.

Parker nodded again.

Colton made a show of unbuckling and unzipping his jeans, teasing Parker. He pushed down the front of his boxer briefs, freeing his hard-on. It smacked against his ab muscles, leaving a spot of pre-come in the hairs there.

Parker climbed onto the bed and lay down next to Colton. Colton put his hand on the back of Parker's head. He closed his eyes and relaxed back onto the bed as Parker took his cock into his mouth and expertly sucked him off. This time, there was no hesitation, not like there was their first time.

Parker knew what he was doing and Colton could tell that Parker loved it, and that made it even better. Parker was drooling all over his dick, his spit dribbling down his shaft and pooling in his bush. He noisily sucked and slurped, moving up and down, nice and slow, taking it as deep as he could. Just like Colton liked it. Parker was a very fast learner.

That mouth, tongue and hand quickly brought Colton to the brink and with a series of grunts and groans, he shot a huge wad into Parker's mouth. Parker moaned hungrily, swallowing down every single drop.

Parker lifted his head and looked up at Colton. His face was flushed with arousal and Colton could smell it pouring off him. He looked desperate to come, but was afraid to ask. He made to get up off the bed.

No way would Colton leave him like that. "Come up here, pup."

Colton tugged at Parker, moving him so that he was on his knees next to Colton's head.

Parker's hard dick was tenting out the tight boxer briefs he wore. He had a wet spot the size of a quarter from where his boner was leaking pre-jizz.

Colton grabbed the waist of Parker's underwear and tugged them down. Parker's dick snapped up against his belly. It was red and angry, ready to shoot. Parker sucked in a breath. "Colton..."

Colton sucked the middle finger of his right hand to coat it with spit. He leaned forward and took Parker's dick into his mouth. Parker moaned and his body buckled. He grabbed the headboard to keep from sliding off the bed.

With a moan, Parker thrust his hips forward, sending his dick into the back of Colton's throat. Colton sucked hard as Parker pulled back. When Parker thrust forward again, Colton slid his slick middle finger home. Parker cried out in ecstasy and pumped his hips forward again.

Colton bobbed his head up and down Parker's cock as he finger fucked him hard. Parker was trying to stifle his noises, but those little whimpers and breathless grunts he made were a total turn-on. Parker was unabashedly fucking his face now and Colton's cock filled again, ready for a second round.


Parker practically screamed into his fist as his body tensed. Colton's tongue was flooded with spurts of Parker's creamy load. He swallowed it down, sucking gently until Parker stopped moving.

Parker pulled back and stood upright. His body was trembling with the aftershocks of an intense orgasm. He was unable to look Colton in the eye. "We're gonna be late if I don't hurry."

No way in hell should Parker be embarrassed about having sex with Colton. Colton was going to put a stop to that right now. He swung his legs over the bed and stood up, hitching up his boxers and jeans as he did so. He grabbed Parker and pulled him close. He cupped Parker's face in his hands and kissed him slowly and tenderly. Breaking the kiss, he rested his forehead on Parker's. "Open your eyes, pup."

Those deep emerald eyes opened and stared straight into Colton's soul.

"You're amazing," Colton whispered as he caressed Parker's cheek with his thumb. "You're completely adorable. You're fucking sexy. And you're all mine. But you know what else?"

Parker shook his head but never moved his eyes away from Colton's.

Colton let out a small breath. He leaned in as if to tell Parker the biggest secret in the world, then said, "I'm yours."

Parker's eyes went glassy with tears. He threw his arms around Colton's neck and clung tight to him.

Colton closed his eyes and breathed in Parker's scent, letting it surround him. A calm washed over him and he felt like everything was right in the world.

* * *

The Timberwolves won another game on Friday. Their rivals had the home field advantage, but the Wolves kept them at bay. With a minute to spare, Wolves wide receiver Curtis Lakewood caught a pass from Trey in the end zone and they won the game 14-7, bringing them one game closer to the playoffs.

Parker stepped out of the visitor's locker room freshly showered and found Jed waiting for him just outside the door. The big man was also freshly showered, wearing a sweatshirt with a pair of shorts and sandals. The night air was a little chilly, but Jed didn't seem affected by it.

"Hi. Where's Colton?" Parker asked as he looked around. Colton usually waited for him in the locker room.

"He and Trey had to meet with Coach. Team Captain stuff."

"Oh. Well, I don't need a bodyguard, you know," Parker laughed. "I can get to the bus by myself."

"Just doing my job," Jed said with a grin. He grabbed Parker's equipment bag from him and motioned with his head. "Let's go."

Parker walked with Jed to the bus. He saw Shell getting onto the second bus and he waved to her before Jed bumped into him from behind.

Parker looked over his shoulder and rolled his eyes. "Watch where you're going, you big lug."

"Then don't stop on the steps, little lug."

"Parker!" Colton called out from the last seat in the back of the bus. "I saved you a seat," he added with a wicked grin.

Parker couldn't help but blush a little bit as Jed chuckled behind him. He made his way down the aisle of the yellow school bus. He knew that a couple of guys were looking at him funny, but he couldn't bring himself to care.

"Cocksucker," Seth muttered as he walked past.

Parker ignored him and stepped over the foot meant to trip him.

The sound of slapping flesh made Parker turn and look back over his shoulder. Seth was holding his face, directing a look of pure rage at Jed.

Jed tried to look apologetic. "Oh, my bad, dude," he said unconvincingly. "I was stretching my arms. I didn't mean to smack your face."

Seth was obviously not buying Jed's fake apology. He jumped at Jed, but he was pulled back by TJ and Curtis.

"Knock it off!" Coach Carswell yelled from the front of the bus. "Keep moving, Stone," he barked at Jed.

When Parker got to the last seat, Colton slid out. Parker sat down and Colton slid back into the seat, pinning Parker against the back corner. "Hey," he growled wolfishly.

"Hi," Parker whispered back.

Jed plopped his big ass down into the last seat directly across the aisle. Colton turned to him. "What happened back there?"

"Seth was being a homophobic asshole. I took care of it."

Parker could feel Colton getting pissed off. Before Colton could get worked up, Parker grabbed his boyfriend's hand. "It's okay. Don't stress over it. I don't care what he thinks. And Jed took care of it anyway. Okay?"

Colton stroked Parker's hand with his thumb. His brown eyes searched Parker's and he let out a breath and appeared to let the stress go. With a smile, he nodded at Parker.

As the bus pulled out of the visiting school's parking lot and headed for home, Parker leaned into Colton and rested his head on the bigger teens shoulder.

Colton slipped his arm around Parker's shoulders. He nuzzled his nose along the top of Parker's ear, then sniffed his hair. "I got to see you today, pup. The end of your half-time show."


"Yeah. You were so damn cute the way you were dancing out there in that wolf suit." He leaned in a little closer and lowered his voice. "You made my dick hard."

"Your dick is always hard," Parker whispered back.

Colton laughed. "True. But it's your fault."

"You guys played really hard today. You deserved that win."

"Yeah. Trey's the man." Colton leaned forward and playfully smacked the side of Trey's head, who was sitting in the seat in front of them texting someone on his phone. Colton turned back to Parker. "Can you hang out tomorrow?"

"Saturday? Sure. What do you have planned?"

"I have to do some chores around the house and then I need to work out. Wanna go running with me at the school track?"

"I'm not much of a runner. I like swimming more."

"We can get some laps in, then we can swim."

"You want me to both run laps and swim? I'm not some robot."

"You can do it, pup. You're stronger than you look."

They talked quietly for a while longer until the motion of the bus along with Colton's body heat lulled Parker into sleep.

Parker woke sometime later. The bus was quiet. Parker lifted his head from Colton's shoulder and wiped the drool from his mouth. He sniffled and wiped the sleep from his eyes.

"You okay?" Colton whispered.

Parker nodded. "Yeah. I didn't mean to fall asleep on you."

"It's okay. I liked it." Colton leaned in and kissed Parker gently.

Parker rested against Colton. He slid his hand up Colton's thigh and massaged it.

Colton took Parker's hand and slid it up the rest of the way to his crotch. Parker squeezed the hard length he found there.

"Need you, pup," Colton whispered into his ear. Colton untied his shorts and pulled them down enough so that Parker could get his hand inside.

Parker laid his head on Colton's shoulder as he slid his hand up and down Colton's uncut dick. He was on alert, making sure that no one could see what they were doing. His eyes drifted across the aisle to Jed. The big guy was sitting in the seat lengthwise with his head leaned back against the window. He had his hands folded across his stomach and appeared to be asleep.

God, he loved touching his boyfriend. Touching. Licking. Sucking.

Parker listened to Colton's quiet breathing as he jerked him off. He put his lips to Colton's ear. "I wanna suck you."

"I'm close." Colton's breathing hitched and he moved his hand to the back of Parker's neck. "No one's looking," Colton whispered as he applied pressure to the back of Parker's head.

Parker looked around again before he let Colton push his head down. As the head of Colton's dick hit his lips, he parted them and allowed his man inside his mouth. He sucked hard as he bobbed his head and hand up and down several times before Colton's body went rigid. Colton sucked in a breath and held it. Parker's mouth was suddenly filled with Colton's hot load and he swallowed down every drop.

When Colton finished, he lifted his head and tucked Colton back into his pants. As he sat up, he made contact with Jed's wide-open eyes. Jed smirked at him, gave him a nod of approval, and then closed his eyes.

He looked away and wiped his mouth and chin with his hand. He was all kinds of embarrassed that Jed had watched him give Colton a blowjob, but it also kinda turned him on. Not that it was something he'd like to repeat. He decided he wasn't really into audiences. He sure as hell knew better than to tell Colton. His boyfriend would beat the crap out of Jed.

Colton nuzzled his nose in Parker's hair, his lips close to his ear as he whispered, "Do you know what a rush it is when you submit to me? When you do what I tell you without question? It makes me feel strong... powerful..."

"I'd do anything for you, Colton," Parker whispered back.

Parker leaned in for a kiss.

The bus's overhead lights suddenly came on, making everyone groan and stir awake. Parker moved upright, sliding away from Colton as the bus rolled to a stop.

Coach stood up and clapped his hands together. "Thirty minute dinner break. Don't be late getting back."

Jed craned his neck and looked out the emergency back door's window to see where they were. "Yes," he said with a fist pump. "I am gonna fuck some tacos up."

* * *

Late the next afternoon, Colton picked up Parker to go running. Colton was wearing a black, sleeveless UnderArmour shirt that showed off his big muscles. His basketball shorts were baggy but hugged his muscular bubble butt just right. He was already a little sweaty from having worked out.

They drove to the school so that Colton could go for his run on the cross-country track.

Colton held back a little so that Parker could keep up. Parker was pleasantly surprised to find that he wasn't having any trouble keeping up with his boyfriend. After Colton got in the required miles, he wanted to play.

"Run, pup."

Parker ran as fast as he could, laughing in between breaths. Colton was chasing him along the asphalt cross-country track that wound through the woods next to the school. Parker really liked this playful side of the usually so serious Colton.

"I'm coming, Parker," Colton growled low from somewhere behind. "You can't run from me. I will always find you."

Parker laughed and pulled out an extra burst of speed. He rounded the corner as the trail turned back towards the school stadium.


Parker screamed in laughter as Colton jumped from behind a tree and grabbed him. Colton lifted him up and easily tossed the smaller man over his shoulder, carrying him fireman style.

"Hey!" Parker shouted between his giggles. "Put me down!"

Parker slapped at Colton's broad back and muscular ass, trying to get the big jock to set him down. Colton snickered and walked the trail back to the stadium.

"Colt!" Parker squirmed, trying to get himself down.

"Be still!" Colton barked as he slapped his meaty hand across Parker's upturned ass cheek.

With the exception of one particular body part, Parker's entire body went limp as he obeyed Colton's demand. He let Colton carry him all the way back to the stadium parking lot where his car was parked. Surprisingly, he found that he didn't mind being carried. Not when he had such a nice view of Colton's backside.

Colton set Parker down next to his car. His hand slid behind the smaller man's neck. He tilted Parker's head back as his mouth descended.

Parker closed his eyes and whimpered as Colton's tongue pushed into his mouth. Parker let Colton ravish him right there in public. He just couldn't say no.

Colton dipped his head and laid his forehead against the top of Parker's head. "I liked that. Running with you, playing chase."

"Me too. It was fun."

"I wanna run with you again. You'll run with me again next Saturday?"

Parker nodded. "Okay."

Colton's hands slid down Parker's back and cupped his ass. He gave the round cheeks a gentle squeeze. "Let's go for a drive," Colton whispered as he pulled away.

Parker nodded, knowing that Colton wanted to park somewhere where they could be alone. He was pretty sure they'd end up at the old water tower. "I don't have to be home until ten."

"I gotta take a piss first."

"Okay. Me too."

Parker followed Colton towards the stadium. Parker turned towards the bathrooms but stopped when he realized that Colton wasn't with him. He watched Colton walk under the bleachers.

Parker jogged to catch up with his boyfriend. "Colt? What are you doing? The bathrooms are right over there."

"I know. I need to mark my territory." Colton said it with a laugh, though Parker wasn't sure if he was really joking.

Parker shook his head. "You're crazy. You know that, right?"

"Yup. C'mon."

Parker followed Colton towards the middle of the bleachers. He cautiously stepped around the paper wrappers and empty cups, not wanting to get anything gross on his shoes. "Ew," he moaned when he almost stepped on a used condom.

When Colton found what appeared to be the perfect spot, he pulled at the tie string of his shorts and yanked the front down. His flaccid dick bobbed into view.


"C'mon, pup. Whip it out."

Parker looked around, making sure that no one would be able to see them. "This is crazy," he whispered.

"No one's around."

Parker pulled down the front of his shorts and stood next to Colton. He looked down and watched Colton pull the foreskin back from the head of his dick. The thick tube jerked and a strong, wide stream burst free. The sight and sound caused Parker's own bladder to let loose.

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