tagRomanceTime Away

Time Away


She stirred as footsteps came closer to the bedroom and then his presence filled the room with a scent that always set her heart beating faster. He undressed slowly, moving deliberately with his characteristic grace and she watched from the bed, savouring the sight of him and delighting in the anticipation of touching him once again. His lithe, long body was dimly lit by the moonlight coming through the window as he watched her and he paused naked before her bed. Come to me, she whispered, and he slowly crawled up the bed to kneel above her, pinning her under the covers and looking down into her face for the first time in months. She touched her fingertips to his face, caressing the shape of his jaw and arousing in herself a deep longing for him that could no longer be denied.

I have missed you so much, she said and she wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him down on top of her. She drew in her breath sharply at the sudden arousal his weight on her caused and he pulled away quickly, only to look down and smile. I love you, he said. Simply and sincerely, a statement of reality, of a truth he had accepted and then found amazement in. He lowered his head as he held her eyes with his own and gently brushed his lips against hers. The tingle it sent through her was electric and she hungrily sought out his mouth again but a devastatingly teasing smile played around his lips as he climbed off the bed and slowly drew back the covers.

He looked at her in the darkness of the room, her form tiny against the white sheets and then slid in next to her, drawing her against his body and feeling the heat of her skin through her satin nightie. He wrapped his arms around her and sighed. No memory or fancy of the imagination could capture the intensity of her body against his own, her smell, her soft skin and the taste of her filling his senses to overflowing. His mind seemed to barely function as she softly asked him what he was thinking. He shook his head in wonder, nothing, he said... Just being with you... It's amazing.

She smiled cheekily and then with a quick movement rolled on top of him, leaned slowly down and kissed him, slow and sensual, her tongue touching lightly against his lips and then she shifted her weight forward bringing her leg up the inside of his thigh, her satin clad body sliding easily up him until she was kneeling above him. He ran his hands lovingly over her hips and waist as she reached out and touched the lamp beside the bed. Her face was suddenly bathed in a warm dim light and she drew his gaze from down her nightie up to her eyes and laughed as she kissed him again and said there you are! He ran his hand up her back and into her hair and she arched against him as he kissed her throat, his kisses warm and soft and his body hard and hot beneath her. The feel of him always surprised her, her own body betraying the arousal every touch gave and she kissed him again, harder this time as she pressed herself against him. He pulled her hips hard against his own and an aching longing filled him, a desire left too long unfulfilled.

She smiled at him and raised herself up watching him slowly undo the front of her night shirt, it fell open and he touched her neck with his fingertips, both of his hands trailing down her skin, across the shape of her collar bones and down the sides of her breasts, teasing softly and watching her moan with pleasure as he raised his head and took one nipple and then the other into his mouth sucking and teasing with his tongue. She pulled away and slid down his body, her wet erect nipples leaving a trail down his chest. She pushed both her legs between his, forcing them apart and sat up, his long legs curled around her comfortably and stroked the insides of his thighs with her nails as she looked down at his cock, long, hard and thick on his belly. She loved the shape of him like this, his arms behind his head, legs open, completely vulnerable and trusting. It was also sexy beyond belief.

His body never ceased to thrill her and she let her fingers meet, slowly running both her hands up over his sack and then up the soft skin of his hard cock. She continued to run her hands up letting first the inside of her wrists then her arms trail up him sending a shiver up him and a frown of pleasure creased his forehead. Mmmm, I love you; she told him and quickly bent her head over him and flicked tongue across his knob, gripping him in her hand. He flinched and gasped only to groan as she slowly and deliberately opened her mouth and let him slide inside, closing her lips and sucking as she drew him back out, circling her tongue around him and enjoying the taste and erotic shape of him in her mouth and revelling in the desire on his face as he watched her.

Enough! He said, holding her wrists and pulling her up against him. He shook his head with a laugh and reached down between her legs gently stroking her and teasing her slowing reaching into her and feeling her hot wetness, watching her body above him as she writhed against his touch. She straddled him and watched as he reached down and lifted his throbbing cock and rubbed it against her. It was too much and the long months of waiting overwhelmed them both as she sat down hard on top of him, gasping as he thrust hard inside her and then lying down on top of him to hold him close as they moved slowly and gently together, drinking in the sweet sensation of closeness they both needed.

He sank his teeth slowly into her neck and she suddenly flooded with ecstasy her whole body shuddering as he held her, looking with rapture at the pleasure he had given her. They lay there then, quietly for a while until she started to move against him again. He wrapped his arms tight around her and in one smooth movement rolled hard on top her. With one hand under her hips and the other caressing her chest he moved slow and hard against her, grinding against her and thrilling in the feel of being one with her again. There would be all night to explore her over and over again but as he saw her close again, her breathing quickening, her sighs of pleasure close to his ears as she clung to him he was overwhelmed by his love for her and he released all care in the world and just lived in the moment as they came together completely and wholly once more.

Afterwards they lay, hot and spent, arms and legs entwined and slept, not wanting to be any further from each other than necessary. She was safe and secure in his love and would enjoy every second they could be like this. One day, perhaps it would be like this all the time...

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