tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTime Spine Ch. 15

Time Spine Ch. 15


James awoke to a pounding head and absolute silence. He could smell the acidic stench of vomit, and realized that at some point in his sleep he had rolled over and puked. He was alarmed and disgusted. He could have drowned in his own vomit!

But he supposed that vomiting may have saved his life. He'd drank a fifth of rum and two bottles of wine last night. That was enough to...

He sat up. Last night? My god, what did I do last night? And why is it still night? It was dark in the room, with only one small lamp providing illumination. He looked around and took in the scene. Both girls were tied to their beds. Did I do that? he thought miserably.

But it got worse. Both girls were frozen in postures of extreme passion, backs arched, crotches thrusting. As he walked closer to the beds, he was amazed at the depravity of the sight. Both girls' pussies were sopping wet and red with excitement. Both were smeared with semen, pussy juice, and in Sarah's case, blood. Their cunts were open and frozen dribbling drools of his pearly-white cum. There was cum splashed across Sarah's beautiful tits, and also sperm all over Jodi's cute little face.

He dropped to his knees in shame and self-loathing. He had raped them. Over and over. He had dark images of himself pushing his cock into Sarah's unwilling cunt, and she had been moving!

Oh, my dear lord, he thought, I started time! I forced them to actually experience the rape. He dropped his face to his hands and writhed in shame. He was a horrible, depraved, rapist! He was a monster. Sarah had done nothing to deserve this. She had just been a friend to him, and this was how he repaid her.

He moaned into the absolute silence of the frozen country. His head throbbing, shame crippling his brain, he wondered what he was going to do. There was simply no way to fix this. Memories came flooding back in disjointed flashes. Oh god, the things he had done to these innocent girls!

Suddenly, he realized something else. He'd been sleeping with time stopped! How long had he slept? It was impossible to tell. It was still dark outside, but that was meaningless. He felt his chin and was alarmed to discover a thick, full beard. He looked down at his hands, fingernails long and unkempt. He groaned.

After a night of hard drinking, he usually slept ten to twelve hours. He thought quickly, thinking over one thousand hours! Four days in every hundred... That was about a month and a half of his life gone, just because he'd drunkenly fallen asleep in the frozen country.

He looked over at the twisted artifact lying on the table beside him. Oh, how he hated the time spine at that moment. It tempted one towards unlimited power. And what did it ask in return? Life. That's all. Minute by minute, hour by hour, it stole... life. That most precious and non-renewable of resources.

Looking at it, feeling the same revulsion he always had, he had a moment of clarity. It was more than just an artifact that could stop time. There was more than just temptation towards power going on here. More than a Faustian choice between power and time lost. He wrinkled his nose, as if smelling something rotten.

It was evil. There was something ill and twisted about it. He thought back to when he'd faced those bullies. His first thought had been one of extreme violence. He had actually flashed on a mental scene of himself hacking the heads off those kids. He remembered how alien that thought had seemed. He was not a violent man. He looked around the room and saw the ruin he had wrought with these two innocent girls.

Suddenly he knew. The spine was more than some neutral tool. It was evil, and it moved those around it towards evil.

He had to destroy it.

* * * * * * * * * * *

James hated to spend any more time in stop mode, but he had no choice. He spent two hours cleaning up his mess. He untied the girls and lifted them, suspending them in the air above their beds. He found new sheets, and remade both beds. He stripped and cleaned both girls thoroughly, although there was nothing he could do about his sperm deep in their stretched-out wombs. Finally, he put them back in bed, covered them up, and gathered the sheets and clothes to be later burned. Lastly, he picked up the spine.

Now, when he held it, he could feel the menace radiating off it. Was it somehow aware that he was going to destroy it? The thought alarmed him. This thing had survived ten thousand generations of men. He knew he needed to be careful.

Satisfied that he had returned the room back to more or less normal, he left, closing the door. Suddenly, he stopped, unable to help himself. He pressed his ear against the door and popped the spine. The world swam back to life, crickets impossibly loud outside.

From inside, he suddenly heard moans and screams of ecstasy, heavy breathing, and bed springs rocking as the two girls writhed on their beds. James could felt an evil little smile creep across his face, and he stuffed it quick. He looked at the ugly spine in his hand with fresh disgust. What was this thing making him into?

He popped the spine again, and walked back to his dorm room before starting time again. Once there, he just sat with his head in his hands. What was he going to do? He looked at his clock and saw it was five in the morning. Good god, over four hours of real time had passed at Sarah's dorm room. Over five hours of continuous rape! He fell back in his bed and wept tears of shame. He had truly cared for her! After a while, his breathing slowed, and his alcohol-abused body found the rest it needed.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

When he awoke, he felt better physically, but his heart was still sick with his crimes. What was he going to do? How could he possibly make things right?

First off, he needed to call Arthur. He opened his desk drawer and found his cell phone there.

"Arthur," he almost shouted when his friend picked up. "I need you to get over here. Something terrible has happened."

Arthur didn't even ask what. "I'll be there in an hour."

Arthur smiled at his old friend's decisive manner. He took a moment to reflect on the fact that he had almost lost him as a friend. How tragic! Thank god they had mended things.

Every time he allowed himself to think about Sarah, he cringed away mentally. He simply could not face the horror of what he'd done. It was too shameful. But he knew he was going to have to face it in one way or another eventually.

First things first, he thought, looking with real hatred at the time spine. Once he had told Arthur of the spine's evil, they would together destroy it and end its perverted power forever.

At just under forty minutes, James heard a roar as a sports car pulled up in front of the dorm. He ran out to the hallway and looked out the window. He couldn't suppress a smile as Arthur leaped out of a candy-apple red Lamborghini. He ran up the steps and turned the corner.

"What the hell is up?" he asked, out of breath. "Are you okay? What's wrong?"

James took him by the arm and led him back into the room, closing the door. "I've done something terrible, Arthur. I don't know what to do."

His friend looked him steadily in the eye. "Don't worry, we'll get through this. Who did you kill?"

James gasped. "What? I didn't kill anyone. What the hell?"

Arthur shrugged. "I just assumed. It was a natural thought, what with the intoxicating power of the spine." He clapped his friend on the shoulder. "Don't worry about it buddy. Whatever you did, we're above all that now." He smiled fondly at his friend and shook his head. "You still don't get it."

James squinted in confusion. "Look, I didn't kill anyone. Why would you even assume..." He stopped and looked up at his friend. "Did you?"

Arthur smiled his easy smile. "What? Kill someone? Well, yes. But he deserved it. He tried to rob me in an alley in Paris." His smile broadened. "He picked the wrong fucking person to waive that knife at, I'll tell you that much."

James just sat gaping at his friend. Then he turned and looked at the spine, sitting at the foot of his bed, and he understood. Arthur had been under the spine's influence much longer than he. The fact that his friend had already committed murder frightened him, but he was not that surprised, as he thought about it.

He looked up, and grabbed his friend by the shoulders. "Look, I did something awful. Last night I raped, and probably impregnated Sarah and Jodi!" He felt distress at the mere thought of that horrible violation of those two innocents.

Arthur utterly surprised him by laughing. It was a deep, honest laugh, filled with mirth and relief. After he calmed down a little, he said, "My god, James, you really gave me a fright. I thought you had actually done something dangerous. I thought you were hurt or something."

James just sat, gawking at his friend.

"Good lord," Arthur went on, "it's about time you fucked those nerdy lesbians. Good for you!"

James couldn't believe it. "You knew they were gay?"

Arthur smiled and said, "Well, yes. It was pretty obvious. But I didn't have the heart to tell you. I knew you'd figure it out eventually."

James suddenly hated Arthur with a terrible heat. The fucker had known! In a way, he'd been a party to what had happened. He felt the old foolishness of not knowing the obvious.

And the bastard didn't care about the human cost at all! He showed no sympathy for the poor innocents that had been so basely abused. The mere thought of it set his mind cringing in shame. What kind of monster had Arthur become?

"Look," he said, remembering his mission, "we have to end this."

Arthur tilted his head in confusion. "End what?"

"Don't you see?" James raged, standing up, "it's changing us. It's more than just a lifeless piece of bone. It's evil!"

Arthur's eyes were wide as he stared at his friend, who was actually shouting by the end of his sentence. He stood up too. "Look," he said soothingly, "just calm down. You've had a rough night. Just sit down and let's talk."

But James was consumed with guilt and self-hatred. "No, Arthur. I'm not being hysterical. I sensed it." He clutched at his friend's shirt. "I felt it radiating malevolence. We've got to destroy it, Arthur, before we do any more evil!"

This got a reaction the rest of his words did not. At the mention of destroying the spine, Arthur's face underwent a transformation. The easy, tolerant smile faded and was replaced with a look of shock, which slowly morphed into a sneer.

"Destroy it? Don't be a fool!" he practically shouted. He knocked James' hand off the front of his shirt in disgust. "We'll do no such thing, you fucking pussy!"

James couldn't fucking believe that asshole. After all the insanity that had ensued, he was in a fragile mental state. He felt rage rising in his chest in answer.

His hands clenched into fists at his sides, and he could feel his heart hammering in his chest. Without warning, he threw a quick left at Arthur.

Arthur was in no way prepared for the sudden attack, and the punch connected directly with his nose, bloodying it. He took a step backwards, surprised and enraged, then he too lifted his fists.

"You never had it in you," said Arthur with bitter contempt. "Take your tampon out, you little bitch!" He suddenly feinted up high but delivered a solid body punch.

James easily absorbed the blow. Arthur was fast but much smaller than he. In his enraged state, he could take a dozen such shots without feeling a thing. "Fuck you! He screamed. You've always been such a self-centered asshole."

"And you're a pathetic, clueless, idiot!" screamed Arthur as he backed away from a flurry of powerful punches. "I have no idea why I came back. You're not ready for godhood. You're pathetic!"

This only angered James more. He roared like a bull and rushed his former friend. Once he closed with Arthur, the fight would be over. He would easily overwhelm him and punish him for his insults. They both crashed into the desk at the foot of James' bed.

James let out a roar of triumph. He was inside Arthur's guard now. His face twisted in an angry, ugly grin. Time to start pummeling!

"Pop!" The sound echoed through his ears.

Suddenly he was on his bed, knees and upper body on the bed, ass in the air.

And the pain, oh god the pain. His asshole felt like it had been skewered with a steak knife. He slowly stood up and looked down. He saw trails of sperm and blood trickle down his legs.

Arthur was gone, as was the time spine.

That fucking monster! That utter evil, twisted son-of-a-bitch! He had used the spine on him again! And he had fucking done the unthinkable. He had ass raped him!

He walked painfully to the bathroom and sat down on the toilet. After a while, it seemed as if most of the semen had drained from his ass. He took a hot shower and tried to let his rage cool.

He felt humiliated. Raped in the ass like a helpless piece of shit!

He got out of the shower, dried off, and looked in the mirror. Suddenly he froze. This is how the girls felt right now. He had shamed them. He had used them.

He plopped down on his bed, feeling even worse. Shame, humiliation, self-hatred, loss, all churned through his brain like angry piranhas. His mind was on fire with terrible, negative emotion.

He laid there, hugging himself, weeping, for over an hour. His ass hurt terribly, a constant reminder of his friend's violent betrayal. His violation.

After a while, there was a knock at the door. Daring to believe Arthur had come back, he felt his anger return. If that fucker wants round two, I'll be happy to...

He swung the door open and there was Sarah and Jodi. James was shocked. Why were they here? Was he about to go to jail? They didn't know it was him. Perhaps they were looking for comfort after their terrible experience.

Both girls were looking at the floor, and Sarah said, "May we come in?" in a tiny voice.

James moved aside in shock, and the two girls shuffled shyly into his room.

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