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Time To Spare


Life is about to become very good indeed I think. Everything has drastically changed in the space of a day, you wouldn't believe what I can do. But, wait, I'm getting ahead of myself here, let myself introduce....uhhh...myself. Sorry, loved that film. I'm Jim. Okay, James Edward Lockhart to be precise, but Jim'll do. Let see... I'm 25, medium build with well toned muscles, about 5' 11" and weigh about 140 pounds. Blue eyes, light brown hair. I would never go so far as to consider myself good looking, 'cute' is about the best description I get. I've had a few girlfriends in my time, only one of which I considered an important relationship. Least till she started sleeping around I did, that conniving, lying, fuc..... wait, bygones (Does that sound too much like Ally McBeal?). Dealt with. In the past. Sorry, as you can tell thinking about it still gets me uptight. Anyway, things seemed different right from the start of the day, but the benifits were quickly obvious to me.

I woke up rapidly, my alarm bleeping like crazy. Shit! Half Eight? I'll never make it to work in time.... no, I couldn't take a sick day, I've taken too many already, I'll just have to be late. Grabbing my suit out of the wardrobe, I do my best to look like I haven't just 'thrown' the clothes on before rushing down to grab a bite to eat, electric razor in hand. A slice of toast later and I'm away, walking fast, striding out for all I'm worth. As often happens on my way to work, my mind started to drift back, this time it was drifting back to the strange dream I'd just had. See, I'd dreamt that something had granted me three wishes, silly dream I know, but it had seemed so real. First off, I wished that I'd be rich (hey, it was only a dream after all!), second that I'd be able to control people's minds at will, and third that I'd be able to stop and start time if I wanted to.

Then the 'person' had laughed, you know, amused by something, almost as if it thought I'd wasted my wishes. It waved it's hand and then that was the moment I woke up.... strange, very strange. Half jokingly, I found myself willing time to stop, hell if the dream was........what? Everywhere I looked people were just frozen in mid-stride, cars were stationary in the road, even the few rain-drops that had been dropping were stopped in mid-air, what was strangest was the total lack of sound, dogs were in mid-bark but I couldn't hear a thing. Rather disorienting really. Frowning, I willed time to start again. To my disbelief it did, and stopped again, too, when I wished it.

Seeing as I had to be in work in a few minutes time, I kept it stopped and strolled my way in to work, I mean why waste effort when I didn't have to. Walking through the doors, though I still don't quite understand how some things work when time is frozen, I took a moment to look around amused at the 'statues' inhabiting the office. Gossipers over in the corner by the water cooler, the yuppies standing round comparing new trendy gadgets, then there was Sandra, the receptionist who was obviously painting her nails when I stopped time, and certainly looked a bit strange in that pose.

Heh, what a surprise, she was wearing yet another revealing top. She was probably one of the biggest cock-teases in the office, she would regularly bend over to pick up a dropped pen or pencil whenever she knew a guy was looking at her chest. She had a good figure, one I'd lusted about for a while, along with most of the men at work I imagine, and seeing as I had time to spare, sorry about the pun, I started to take a close up look. Hell, she wouldn't remember me being there when I started time again anyway. Bending her over, I reached behind her, released her bra, then pulled one tit out of her top, at least a 36C if I'm any guess. After fondling it lightly, I walked back out the building.

Starting time again I walked back into the building. The look of shock on Sandra's face was beyond belief. Rapidly, to the laughs and admiring glances of the onlookers, she stuffed her tit back into her top before rushing to the toilet, her face a dark shade of red. I kinda felt sorry for her, and really wished I hadn't done that trick, but I guess it was my way of getting back at her for being such a tease. Arriving at my desk, my heart fell as I saw the masses of work in my in tray. Realisation dawned on me that my new found gift could be put to another use, and, stopping time, I managed to dispense of most of the work I had to do. Computers don't seem to work in null-time, but most of my backlog was changes to be made to architectural drawings, so I was able to get on with it.

Starting time again, after probably 3 or 4 hours had passed in Null-Time, I glanced up and saw Mel arriving in a bit of a hurry. Guess I wasn't the only one to oversleep. Mel would have a different reason however. She'd just started dating some local muscle-man, you know, the all muscle, cock, vanity.... and minimal brain.

She didn't mind, however, she was only in it for one reason, and I'm betting that was why she was late. Mel was a fairly plain woman, though she could be stunning if she put her mind to it. She was only about 5' 4", but she had the imp look down to a tee, big blokes always seemed to get protective of her, though not always to her advantage, several times she's been the cause of a fight in the local club, without even being aware of the guys in question, or even saying a word. Seeing how my third wish had been granted, my mind wandered back to the second, being able to control peoples minds at will. Slowly, trying to figure out how to do it, I reached out with my mind and projected, thats the best description for it, the thought that her right breast was itching.

Absent mindedly, Mel started to scratch her right breast. Heh! Maybe it was conincidence, or maybe I was having an effect? I decided to take it one step further, dip your index finger into your pussy, then lick it clean, which she proceeded to do. Taking it out of her mouth, her face took on a horrified expression as though she couldn't believe she'd just done that in public, the horror intensifying as she realised I had watched her. Quickly I projected a sense of calm, trying to express that it was allright for her to have done that. Then another idea struck. Having me watching you is making you horny, pretty soon you'll want to release the tension. From her glance in my direction I could see that she was already starting to get pretty aroused, her nipples were so hard they were beginning to show through her blouse. Before I could get a good enough look at them she suddenly rushed in the direction of the ladies. Giving her a couple of minutes to get started, I stopped time, and went into the ladies, clambering over the stalls till I came to the one she was in. She'd made it to the last stall, and no-body else was in the bathroom. She was sitting down on the toilet lid, one finger deep inside her glistening cunt, the other massaging a tit she'd removed from her bra.

After stripping her clothes right off, I started time again, simultaneously projecting the thought I wasn't there. To my amazement it worked, she continued frigging herself for all she was worth. Watching is fun, but not as fun as participating. Stop frigging yourself, and stand up. Slowly, reluctantly, she stopped, standing up, her pussy juices dripping on the floor, frustration evident. Moving around her, I took my cock out of my boxers, and sat down. You can see me, but you don't find anything unusual about me being here. In fact, you're glad, you want to use my cock to relieve your tension. Slowly, lower yourself on to my cock, then ride it hard.

Greedily she looked at my large cock, squating down onto my lap, using my shoulders as a support. Then suddenly, she was away, fast, hard, pouring out her desire, all her tension, into that simple movement, pounding away, harder, harder, moaning, riding deeper and deeper, ever harder. Without warning she suddenly shuddered a massive orgasm rippling through her body. Cum again...... and again......and again......and again. Everytime I told her too, she shook as an orgasm more powerful than the last ran through her. Who says I'm selfish? The sight of her cumming and the simultaneous clenching of her vagina were more than enough for me and I came, delighting in the release of the sexual tension that had been building up over the last month..

She was definately someone I should try to have more sex with. Stopping time again, I cleaned myself off and walked back to my desk, making myself comfortable before starting time again. A couple of minutes later a flushed looking Mel came and sat down at her desk, throwing me a guilty look. I don't know whether she saw me in the bathroom, or whether she just believed it to be a fantasy. The rest of the day passed without anything interesting happening. Having experienced the depth of my power once I couldn't wait to try it again, but I didn't have any specific ideas as yet. Just as I was about to leave, an idea to create a little mayhem struck me. Stopping time, I wandered through the office, undressing various members of staff and putting them in compromising positions, with other staff members, in full view of the people on that floor. Making my way back to my desk I started time again, and put my hands over my ears fast. Boy, some of these ladies can scream!

The men didn't do a bad job at it either. How they were going to explain this, I couldn't wait to hear. A rumour I overheard on my way out of the building was that the MD had said to his secretary after finding her impaled on his cock, that they were supposed to be keeping the afair in secret! Never knew the old guy had it in him! Projecting upwards in their direction, I decided to give a little present to them, putting them in the mindset to go to a local motel fuck like rabbits. No point having an affair with a young lady if you don't make the most of it.

A grin struck my face as yet another blinding idea struck, and I added a proviso to the MD's mind that I should be promoted to Senior Management. Satisfied I could have some fun with my new talents, I started planning things whilst walking home. I know it was probably childish, but still, I had great fun stopping time and getting a good look at some of the people who I saw everyday on my journey to and from work. You know, the ones you see everyday, but never dream of saying hello to? Some of them I'm going to have to get to know better, a few I wish I now knew less, but win some, lose some that's life.

Arriving back at my flat, I let myself in to the empty pad. Empty for the moment anyway. A month without a woman in it and it was beginning to loose that indescribable female touch to the place. Laying down on the couch I started to experiment with my projection skill, seeing what kind of range I had on it. At my best guess I was getting nearly a mile from it, though the further away I stretched the less detail I was able to project. Some men were going to be in for a surprise that day, what with the number of women I managed to plant horny thoughts into.

Still, being nice to other guys was getting boring. Time for #1. Reaching out with my mind, I searched the area of the town I knew Sandra lived in. Bingo! There was her mind. It's difficult to describe how I knew it was her mind. It's like each mind carries a unique pattern, something that my mind was able to link to a person. I guess it's kinda like always linking a certain perfume to a particular person. Reaching in, I planted the suggestion that she felt it necessary to come to my flat an apologise for the scene earlier. I didn't really expect it to set in, but just in case I started to clean the house up.

I probably don't even need to describe it to you, I'm sure you can guess what a bachelor pad looks like after a month. To my surprise, the doorbell rang 30 minutes later, to reveal a panting Sandra, blonde hair in unruly tresses around her face. She'd changed since work, into a tight black leather mini-skirt and a revealing white tank-top, almost like she was planning on going out, to a pub or club or something. Certainly, wherever she was going she was trying to pull. The clothes clearly emphasised her figure, making the most of her assets.

"Hi Jim. Could I come in?"

"Sure" I replied, sweeping my arm in the general direction of the couch. Watching her walk, her hips wiggling, it was all I could do to avoid a hard-on. Damn, shes sexy, I thought as I grabbed a seat opposite her.

"Well.. I don't know how to say this, but, well, I just wanted to apologise for what happened this morning."

"Really? Oh, it doesn't matter, it was an accident I'm sure, I don't expect you did it deliberately." I replied, poker face straight. You'll find the words I say make you more attracted to me.

"Oh, thanks. It's just so humiliating, you know, to realise that everyone saw my tit." she sobbed.

"Hey, hey, don't worry, everyone knows it was an accident, and I'm sure they don't think any the less of you for it."

"Really?", hope glimmering in her eyes.

"Yes, I'm positive."

"I guess I was just being silly, expecting people not to like me for it."

"Hell, I bet you've aquired a few admirers, after the sight of such a perfect breast. They'll be wanting to see them both, if you know what I mean."

Blushing, Sandra giggled "yeah.. I've always had that effect on people. Shame no-one ever tries it on with me."

"What do you mean?"

"Well.. no-one has ever asked me out. I've not been on a date since high-school."


"Yeah. Sad isn't it. I know I've got a good figure, I know I'm good looking, but, but, no-one ever seems to want to take it further."

"Unfortunately your looks are also the problem. guys think you're beyond their reach."


"Yup, dead certain. They just think that there is no way a lady like you would go out with someone like them."

Suddenly, she stood up and walked over and sat on my lap, linking her arms behind my head, giving me a good view of her bust. "You don't think I'm beyond your reach do you?"

"Well...." that was as much as I managed to get out before she started kssing me hard. Reaching up with my hands, I started to fondle her breasts through her top, feeling, teasing her hard nipples, even through two layers of clothing. Suddenly, standing up and pulling me up with her, she led me towards my bedroom, as if I needed led! She started releasing her skirt, so I stripped off myself, enjoying the view I got of her body, a fairly classic hour-glass figure, probably 36-32-34. Suddenly, just as I started to caress her she stopped me, a hand planted firmly on my chest.

"This is my first time, and I don't want this to be a quick casual fuck. Make it special. Make it memorable." I guess the surprise was evident in my face, she nodded at the questioning look in my eyes. She's still a virgin?! Someone with her looks! Ah well, she wanted special, she was going to get special. You will not cum until I tell you to. That should do the trick! Pushing her down on to the edge of the bed, I kissed her lightly on the lips, moving slowly, caressing, teasing, soft butterfly kisses, along her cheek, towards her ear, nibbling at her lobe, then kissing along her neck, nuzzling, licking, the gently sucking on her nipples, biting them lightly, swapping between left and right, teasing the other one with a hand, eliciting moans from deep in her throat.

Slowly, moving down, exploring every part of her body, I reached her wet, swollen pussy. I alternated between licking her swollen lips and nibbling on her clit for a few minutes, before plunging my tongue deep inside her vagina, accompanied by a small shriek from Sandra. I guess I must have carried on for a good ten minutes and it was clear she was on the edge. Cum I commanded her, and with that she just collapsed on the bed, shuddering as wave after wave of ecstasy went through her body. Leaning over her, I softly kissed her on her lips, before laying down on the bed beside her, softly stroking her smooth skin, exploring every inch of it with a light touch of my fingers. Turning in my direction she smiled softly, then leaning forward started nibbling my chest, running her fingers over it, teasing with my hair. Glancing down, she got a good look at my now throbbing cock.

Almost like a little girl reaching for a lollipop, she grabbed my dick, inexpertly stroking it, tugging it, but still sending ripples of pleasure rolling through my body. Then pushing me flat against the bed, she raised herself up over me then lowered herself onto my cock, slowly, inch by inch, delighting in the new sensations.. Her pussy was so tight, I never thought she'd get my full cock in, but suddenly, I was through the hymen, and she took the rest of me in.

Starting slowly, she began to ride me, picking up rhythm with every stroke, nearly taking my cock out with each upstroke, ramming her pussy down right to the hilt with the down, moaning, grunting, crying out, her blonde hair surrounding around her head like a lion mane. All to soon I began to feel my balls tightening as with each stroke she brought me closer and closer to the edge. I barely managed to project cum, before I came with the most exhilarating, intense orgasm I'd ever experienced, Sandra screaming out as she orgasmed on top of me, collapsing on to me, ecstasy flooding through us both. She might be a virgin, but damn this girl had been great. Before I could suppress it, I started to chuckle.

"What? What's so funny, did I do something wrong?" concern flavouring her voice.

"No! No! You've the best I've ever, ever, experienced! I was just thinking about all those guys that threw away a chance with you. They have no idea just what they're missing."

"Oh, really? You think I was good.. I was so nervous to start with, I thought it was bound to ruin the whole experience for you."

"Trust me, you were perfect. You are perfect. A guy couldn't ask for anything more."

"You're so sweet.... you know, I've fancied you for ages. I tried everything I could think of to flirt with you, but apart from getting a good look you didn't seem to be interested."

"You were interested in me? Heh, so I'm the fool then for not realising it."

"Why else do you think I would give you good chances to look down my top?"

"I just assumed you were being a cock-tease."

"No! I wouldn't... why... what... why would you even assume that?" she said with eyes wide.

"Well, so many other girls are teases, they flirt with guys but don't mean it. Most guys just get to a stage where they become oblivious to it."

"Really? Well, I've been sending you signals that I liked you ever since you started working for the firm!"

"Guess I'd better make up for lost time then." I replied, kissing her.

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