tagLoving WivesTime to Think Ch. 01

Time to Think Ch. 01


Sandra sat in her seat as the plane traveled between Atlanta and St. Louis. She was heading home from a week of seminars. However she had not attended the meeting as she should have. After a confrontation in her room Tuesday night she had checked out of the hotel and stayed with her old college roommate. It was there with Whitney that Sandra had some time to think.

Sandra Bridgeman was not looking forward to returning home and facing her husband Thomas. They had been married for over 22 years and had two children from their marriage. Carson 20, was much like his father and in his third year of college. Their son was studying engineering at Texas A&M University. Just three months ago Sandra had helped her 18 year old daughter Megon move into her dorm at Penn State. With that she and Thomas had officially become empty nesters.

Her dilemma had begun 6 months earlier. That was when James Zackary had transferred in to head her division. James was not a bad looking man at 55 and he brought a handsome 30 something assistant named Martin Quincy. Quickly a younger man with his trim body, dark wavy hair and brown eyes was the hit will all the women in the office. And it was all the women, married and single. Even Sandra had some wicked thoughts about the young stud man.

The situation for Sandra at 44 was she felt she was no longer desirable to her husband Thomas. She had done her best to keep herself in shape but had lost her incentive when their sex life had dwindled. She then began to read the magazines on how to entice your husband. Sandra had spent the money for better bras, sexy panties, even purchasing several thongs, as well as sheer negligees. She got a new hair style and wore more revealing clothing. Her husband didn't seem to notice but both James and Martin did.

Sandra hoped that when they were home alone Thomas would take the hint but he didn't. In spite of having a wife that was 5' 4" tall, weighing 122 pounds with 36 D breasts, a 25" waist and curvy 35" hips Thomas just didn't seem interested. But Sandra's efforts were appreciated by the two men at work.

As Sandra sat in her seat she was a little angry. Was it all her fault? Thomas had more interest in his golf than he did her. Every weekend he was at the country club teeing off with friends. Coming in late in the afternoon all he wanted to do was rest. No more Saturday night's out for dinner and dancing. Not even a Sunday movie for the last year. Thomas blames it on his need of the exercise to stay in shape due to his stressful job. But he could take one weekend off she thought. He was 6' 1" tall, only 200 pounds and still attractive. Surely he could have thought of his wife one weekend every few months.

But Sandra knew it was her that was at fault. When Martin began to turn on the charm she smiled and let it build her ego. She would try and do just a little to draw his attention such as unbuttoning one more button on her blouse complaining it was hot in the office.

Finally three months ago there had been an office luncheon one Saturday. She had begged Thomas to go with her but he had already made a foursome for golf and wouldn't. Sandra dressed in her most revealing skirt and top. She wore heels with gartered hose. Martin was all over her upon her arrival at 10:30. When he realized Sandra was not going to do more than flirt he abandoned her to pursue another. James noticed and stepped in. He flattered Sandra with compliments and made sure she always had a full flute of champagne.

By 2 p.m., the party over, Sandra was feeling the buzz. James suggested they go to the lounge to let her pass the affects of the liquor before she tried to dive home. There was music playing when they stepped in. James led Sandra to the dance floor. After the second number she was pressed against her boss. She knew it was wrong but it felt good to be in a man arms again.

By the end of the third number she felt her partner's erection. James was divorced and Sandra felt it was just his lack of sex that made him so amorous. James gave her a light kiss on the lips when the last song ended. He then led her to a dark booth and ordered them both a drink. In the darkness James began to kiss Sandra's neck and let his hands roam over her clothed body. She knew she should put an end to his fondling but it felt good to be desired and wanted by a man.

By the time the drinks came James hand his hand under Sandra's short skirt. She tried to tell him to stop but he didn't listen. When his hand come contact with her panty clad pussy he pulled back. "Sandra is that a thong you're wearing? Even if it isn't it sure is wet."

Sandra blushed and nodded. James smiled and let his finger pushed the wet material aside and entered her warm passage. Sandra gave a silent gasp as her boss's finger invaded her sex. Only two men had put their hands on her there since she was married. One was her doctor and the other her husband. Now she was letting another man finger her.

James kissed her hard on the mouth and let his tongue part her lips. Sandra was too far gone to resist. When he broke the kiss he looked at her. "Sandra I think you're a women with desires. You need some attention. I think you should go to the ladies room and remove your thong and bring it back to me. If you do I will take care of you. If you don't think it's right you can just walk out with no hard feeling. None of what happened here today will be revealed."

Sandra drained her drink without a word. She stood and looked at her boss. He was not at all unattractive. But she was married. She turned and walked to the ladies room. With a moment of hesitation she removed her thong. Looking in the mirror she told herself she would just go back and tell James it couldn't go any further.

Sandra slid back in beside James. He didn't waste any time. His hand found her bare sex. He kissed her hard and let his tongue explore her mouth. She almost melted. She was powerless to stop him. James ordered them another round then excused himself. Sandra wanted to bolt and run but she didn't. She felt like a desirable woman again and she needed that.

James returned and they went back to necking like teenagers. Sandra by then was exploring James mouth with her tongue and her hand was feeling his erection through his pants. Ten minutes later James was taking her to the elevator. In that cab they kissed as their passion grew. In the room James removed Sandra's skirt, blouse and bra. He stepped back and complimented her on her beauty before he took her to bed. He made love to her as she wore her garter hose and heels. Yes she had to admit that the first time was special love making. It was 5 that evening before James was spent. He had made three deposits inside of Sandra.

Sandra was frantic when she saw the time. She got up, ran to the bathroom and cleaned as best she could. Dressed she ran for the door. James was there and stopped her. He apologized but said he wasn't sorry. He needed her as much as she needed him. Sandra kissed him good bye and headed out.

She did manage to beat Thomas home. She was in the shower when he came in. Thomas stripped and got in with her. Sandra prayed he wouldn't want sex, for that would be too much for her at that moment. But he didn't seem to be at all affected by her naked body. He explained they were late finishing and he didn't shower at the club. What a blow to her ego.

Sandra stepped out both relieved but angry. Thomas felt her hostility but figured it was because he didn't go to the boring lunch with her.

It took a week for Sandra to be able to face James Zackary. But when she did he was pleasant and discretely apologized again for his indiscretion. He assured Sandra it was entirely his fault and he would never speak of it again.

Over the next month things got back to normal. Martin was again hitting on Sandra and she teased him awfully. She had some guilt but it was fading with her thoughts of never faltering again. Things at home for Sandra were not any better and James realized it. He began to compliment her again and spend a little more time in her office. Then on a Friday morning the electrical system went down due to a burned out transformer. They all headed home. Just as she was picking up her purse, Sandra saw a note.

She opened it with trembling hands. It read, "Meet me at Jefferson Park if you care for a walk. j" Sandra knew the place and debated. Well it would be a private place to tell James Zackary she was a married woman that could never do such a thing again. It was just the alcohol and stress that make her succumb she would explain.

When she drove in to the parking lot she didn't see James's car. She was disappointed. She told herself it was just because she wanted to bring closure. But it was not that and she knew it. She was startled when a knock came to her window. It was James. She felt a little excitement and tried to hide it.

A few minutes later they were walking along the path talking. Sandra was explaining that she was married and what they had done was wrong. James was listening and agreeing. When they were in a secluded spot James pushed her against a tree and kissed her.

Sandra moaned 'no', but kissed back. After an intense necking session James began to lead Sandra down the path. When they came to the far side of the park James took her across the street to a high rise apartment building. Sandra found that was where he lived.

James took Sandra to his bed and again made love to her. He took his time used a lot of foreplay. It had been years since Thomas had performed such fantastic oral sex on her. James was insatiable and filled her twice with his seed. Sandra had little worry about that for she when her daughter had been born she had her tubes tied.

On her way home she felt dirty with the remnants of James dripping down her thighs. Sandra showered washing her sex more than once. When she was dry and dressed she made herself a stiff drink. Thomas noted her mood when he came in that Friday evening.

Several weeks later Sandra was feeling guilty. She longed for Thomas to make love to her. She took the afternoon off and went to the salon. She bought a new dress. She prepared a candle light dinner. Thomas was impressed but he didn't take the hint. The night was spent with him on his side of the bed.

The event devastated Sandra. She cried herself to sleep. Saturday morning after Thomas left she put on her jogging shorts and went to Jefferson Park. She told herself it was just for a little exercise. In an hour James appeared. He saw her resting on a bench and sat beside her. She began to cry telling him how her husband no longer wants her. James comforted her then took her back to his apartment. He pampered her with a long bubble bath before he put her in his bed.

James made love to her all morning and into the afternoon. She felt better in a way. But when she left him she stopped to purchase some disposable douches. She used all three. She disposed of the empties on the trash without thinking. Thomas saw them but didn't mention it.

Sandra didn't like what she was doing but she masked her shame with anger that her husband of 22 years had lost all sexual desire for her. He had not touched her in over 6 months. So when she was sent to a seminar in Atlanta she felt it would do her good to spend a little time away from Thomas. Time to think of what she really wanted, she justified in her mind.

Just she and James Zackary were going from their company. It would be a large conference with people from all industries. She packed some special things and was ready to leave on Monday morning. Sandra kissed her husband good-bye and told him she wouldn't be back till Friday evening. She was driving to the airport so he wouldn't have to pick her up.

Thomas shrugged and with a peck on her cheek told Sandra to have a good time. He turned and walked out the door without another word. That angered Sandra. Her husband was so casual about her absence for a week. But then again why not she thought; he had no need of her in bed anymore. She was bitter as she drove to her office and parked.

There she met James and put her bag in his car. They drove to the airport together and acted more like a couple then boss and subordinate. James opened doors and carried her bag. He escorted her to the ticket counter and to the gate. They sat together in first class and enjoyed the service. By the time the plane was in the air Sandra no longer felt guilty.

They checked in at the hotel and registered at the conference. When James escorted Sandra back to her room to get ready for the evenings 'meet and greet' dinner he went inside with her. Soon the two were kissing and James had his hands under Sandra's dress.

He whispered in her hear, "Sandra, do you want to be a little naughty?"

Between kisses she asked how. James showed her. Leading Sandra to her bed her bent her over and stood behind her. Flipping her skirt up, he slid her panties to the side. In an instant James was inside her.

Sandra felt a little thrill with it. She had not been taken in such a way in many a year. It made her feel young and desirable again. James took his time and told her what a naughty girl she was. How she just liked to fuck. The mind degradation added a little to her excitement.

After James filled her with his cum, he stood her and kissed her. Looking into her yes he said, "Sandra you will not clean up and you will wear those dirty panties tonight to the party. It will be our secret."

Sandra did as James requested but had to put a wash cloth in the panties as she dressed to catch what dripped from her. She again was happy she was safe and could feel a man putting seed in her belly like Thomas did as they created their children. Then she thought of her two children. What would Carson and Megon say if they knew? Sandra decided they would never find out for this was the last time she would cheat on her marriage vow. She was determined but she would enjoy this week.

At the party they mingled and were having a good time. Sandra was a little uncomfortable with James having his hands all over her body in public, but he assured her no one they knew was at the conference. So she enjoyed the male attention and didn't complain.

Just before they were to leave the gathering James whispered a question. "Want to be a little naughty again?"

Sandra had drank a little too much and smiled. "Sure why not."

James led her toward the restrooms. Just beyond was a small closet space. Looking around to make sure the coast was clear, James opened the door and they slipped in. In the dark they necked as people passed by too and fro.

James had is cock out and brought Sandra's hand to it. Then he began to press down on her shoulders. Sandra took the hint. She was soon on her knees. She licked the tip of the only other cock that had used her in the last 22 years. It was the first time to take another man in her mouth since she had first met Thomas. But she still remembered what men liked.

With him in her mouth she heard a couple of women's voices just outside the door. They hesitated only a moment but it was an eternity for Sandra. When they moved away James whispered, "Sandra there is no lock on this door so you best be quiet."

The thoughts of being discovered gave her mixed emotions. A thrill and some shame. But with the alcohol and the moment, Sandra went to work. More passed just outside the door as she performed. When James filled her mouth there were people outside in the hallway. All Sandra could do was swallow.

When the coast was clear they slipped out and made their way back to the main hall. They said their good evening and headed to their rooms. In reality they spent the night in her room. That evening James was different. He was no longer loving and gentle. He wanted her and he just took her. As he used her on the bed Sandra preyed Thomas wouldn't call. How could she answer the phone with James in the room?

Her mind was thinking of an excuse, "I'm sorry Thomas, I was just having so much fun at the party. I was late getting to the room. I must not have heard the phone. I had too much to drink. You know I don't drink much."

When James had finished with her he rolled over and went to sleep. He snored! Sandra got up quietly and went to the bathroom. There she checked her cell phone and found no messages. Next she called the desk to check messages and was told she had none. Sandra was half thankful and half heartbroken she had no call or message. She was sitting on the commode peeing when the door opened.

Sandra gasp, for James stood there naked with an erection. "There you are. I see you had the same need as me! Let get drain my lizard, then we can get back to some more fun."

When Sandra stood and flushed James stepped up and let fly. That was too much for Sandra, she had no desire to watch any man urinate. She went back to bed and prayed James would leave.

He didn't. He climbed back in bed and without foreplay used her again. She went to sleep with silent sobs. In the night twice more Sandra was used like a common whore. And she had the stink of it too. James commented on her 'rich' smell and he pounded into her. He seemed to be excited by the rank odor of stale sex.

Finally morning came and James left. Thankfully they had different schedules. Sandra made sure she didn't go to the lunch offered in order to avoid James. She ate at a small coffee shop across the street. She had called Whitney Carlson, and her former roommate had agreed to meet with her there and listen. That is what Sandra needed at that moment, someone to listen.

Sandra missed her afternoon session. After she had unburdened herself the two caught up on the others life and relived some of their college days. The two old friends talked for hours. Whitney was an attractive woman at 44. A tall, slender blond with blue eyes and a great figure, she could easily attract men. But Whitney preferred women. And she had no problem finding them either. Sandra knew that Whitney was bisexual when they roomed together but had no idea in the passing years she had turned exclusively to women.

When Sandra went to the hotel she stopped at the desk. She asked for messages and found she had three. Her heart lifted till Sandra saw all three were from James. She debated calling her husband but a little stubborn streak appeared. She could hold out as long as he could she huffed.

Sandra when to her room and bathed. She had just dressed in shorts and a top when there was a knock. She opened the door to confront an angry James Zackary. "Where you been whore!" he demanded.

"None of your business!" Sandra screamed attracting the attention of several in the hallway. She went to slam the door but James pushed it open and stepped in. "Get out!" she yelled just before James slammed the door shut and set the privacy lock.

James was drunk and livid. He told Sandra she was his cunt and she would be available for him to fuck anytime, anyplace, and anyway he wished. She was yelling for him to leave when he slapped her.

Sandra screamed. James followed up with a second harder slap. Sandra tried to back away but James caught hold of her blouse and ripped it, brining part away in his clenched fist.

Backed up against the wall Sandra screamed again.

"Shut up cunt or I'll beat the shit out of you," James snarled.

"Get out" Sandra demanded, "or I'll call..."

"Call who whore?" James laughed and put his hands on her shoulders. He proceeded to bounce Sandra off the wall. The next thing she remembered was his hands releasing her. When that happened she slid down the wall.

The reason James had released Sandra was the fact two hotel security agents and a uniformed cop were on him. They wasted no time subduing the drunk and angry man. Even if he had seen them burst in he wouldn't have lasted but a few seconds longer. As it was he got only one punch in before the officer's baton rapped his knee taking him to the floor face first. From there he was quickly cuffed.

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