Timeshare Wifeshare


The king size bed sat in the middle of the room, and the drapes were pulled. As she walked to the side of the bed, she reached over and pulled the strings so that they opened wide, then asked "Do you want everyone to see your wife getting fucked by these 2 horny men?" My reply was to guide her to the bed and sit her down. She still had hold of my cock, and she told me to sit down with my back against the head of the bed. I did, and as she spread my legs and crawled between, she looked over her shoulder at our two friends whom had followed us, and simply asked "Who's going to be first to fill my pussy with their cum?"

Derek and Ryan exchanged brief glances, then Derek offered to Ryan, "You first man, I like a well stretched and cum filled pussy." Ryan graciously accepted his friend's offer and as Karen took my hard and very ready cock into her mouth, he positioned himself on his knees behind Karen's sexy ass. He slid his fat cock over her pussy a few times to lubricate them both, then started to slip slowly inside, giving her time to accept his girth without pain, only pleasure. I know his head had past her lips and entered her when she paused momentarily from my blowjob, moaned quietly, then sucked just a bit harder than she had been. She returned to administering to me, as Ryan continued to push slowly deeper inside. Derek knelt on the bed next to Karen's side and played with her hanging tits and nipples while he watched his friend impale my wife with his cock. Once Ryan was fully inside, and he pressed firmly against my wife's ass, she looked up at me with a knowing plead in her eyes. I knew what she wanted, and was going to do everything I could to make sure I would happen.

I looked at Ryan and said, "Karen likes it hard and fast. Don't hurt her, but she really likes to get her pussy pounded." With that bit of information, Ryan began stroking in and out of her tight pussy. As his strokes increased in speed and force, I could hear her softly moaning with each inward stroke. I'd like to tell you all that Ryan fucked Karen like that for 45 minutes, or that we changed positions several times, or something equally impressive, but it just didn't happen like that. After being the first to make Karen cum with his mouth, followed by the blowjob she gave him while Derek did his part to give her her second oral orgasm of the night, Ryan was in no position to delay his inevitable explosion. As he pounded her hard, forcing her mouth down onto my cock with increasing depth and force, he stiffened, thrust once deep, and grunted as filled her waiting pussy with his copious amount of sperm. I heard Karen let out a whimper, as she felt his warm seed shoot deep into her sex. He held it there for a moment, his cock pulsing with each decreasing spurt, until he had no more to give. As he pulled from her pussy, I could see his shrinking cock covered with a huge amount of shimmering wetness, and I could only wonder what his view beheld. Derek looked back at her pussy, and said "Man, you definitely filled her up. The cum is literally pouring from her pussy!" Just this statement from him was almost too much for me, as she never removed her lips from my shaft, but I was holding out for the final event.

Ryan and Derek switched places, and Derek lined himself up with her dripping pussy. As he lubricated his cock with his friend's, and obviously, my wife's mixed juices, I told him to go slow, as I she wasn't used to such a long cock, and I didn't want him to hurt her by going in too far, too fast. He assured me he would give her nothing but pleasure, and he didn't lie. Since she was already filled with one huge load of cum, and was stretched out by the thickest cock she had ever known, Derek slid easily into her in one stroke. Fortunately, due to her position on her knees, this gave him extra depth in which to fully embed himself. I watched in delight, his dark skin in contrast to her own light complexion, as he plunged his cock into her depths. Recalling what I had told Ryan minutes before, he too began to hasten his pace, and force of penetration. On every outstroke, due to his length, it was easy to look over Karen's precious ass and see his glistening cock, coated with the night's results. I looked toward the window, and could see the building across from ours. One condo in particular was lit, and a man and woman were visible from where we were. They were obviously watching, as Karen was being ravished by these 2 men, while she sucked on a 3rd. The couple was on the balcony, her hands gripping the rail, as her partner thrust into her from behind. The idea that my sexy wife was being watched in such a manner, inspiring others to pleasure, combined with the sight of Derek pounding into her pussy and obviously close to adding his own cum to the sexual mixture being churned inside my wife, was just too much for me. I let loose inside my wife's mouth with the largest load of cum I can remember producing in quite some time. By my own preference (and Karen's too, if truth be told), instead of swallowing, Karen always lets my cum fill her mouth to overflowing, then allows it almost explosively flow from her mouth, down her chin and onto my cock. She pulled her mouth off my cock, grabbed it with her hand, and kept stroking. She looked straight into my eyes with a lustful stare I don't recall ever seeing before, then began encouraging Derek to fill her up. "Do it. Fill my pussy. Fill me with a big warm load, Derek. I want to feel you shooting deep inside of me."

That was all Derek could take, between hearing Karen begging for his sperm to be shot deep inside her willing and waiting pussy, and knowing that I had just filled her mouth with my own load. Like Ryan before him, he gave one last great thrust, then held her hips and pulled her ass tightly to him as he emptied his balls deep inside my wife. At that, Karen's eyes flew wide open and she looked at me with an almost surprised look. "Oh my God, I can feel him shooting so deep inside of me! It just keeps pulsing and shooting." Derek held himself deep inside Karen for what seemed like an eternity, draining every last drop of his cum as deep inside as he could. When he was finally through, he pulled out, sat back, and gave Karen a gentle kiss on her lower back. When Karen knelt up, I could see a puddle forming under her, and her pussy was continuing to drip a mixture of their juices. She was such a sexy sight. Here was my wife of 21 years, on the bed of a stranger, her legs parted slightly and her pussy dripping two loads of cum, with the drying evidence of another visible on her chin.

It was now approaching midnight, and we both realized that we had better get back to our own condo, before we had to answer too many questions from her mother about where we had been. The 4 of us left the bedroom, gathered our clothes, and dressed. I warned Karen that it might be advisable to wrap her lower half in the towel before we got back to our room, or we would undoubtedly have to explain the very obvious cum stain forming between her legs. She looked, and with a naughty smile, said "I will, but I think I'll walk to our building like this first and wrap up before we walk in the door. Who knows, maybe we can inspire someone else tonight."

I believe it was Derek that made a passing comment about wishing he had thought to take pictures, as a memento of the evening. I looked at Karen with a 'up to you' grin, and she said that maybe that could be arranged. Karen is no stranger to the camera, and I have many very private pictures of her to prove it. She asked me if I could be sure that she wouldn't be recognized, and I assured her that it was easily accomplished. I asked the guys to get their cameras, and both produced an iPhone and set them to take the pictures. I told everyone to remove their clothes again, and then had Karen pose with both of them individually. None of the shots showed Karen's face, but we all agreed that the best ones were those with her standing next to the chair in front of the patio door, bent over at the waist, hands gripping the arm of the chair, legs spread, with first Ryan's, then Derek's, hard cock half buried in her still slippery pussy from behind. Of course, we asked them to send us copies of those we took, for our own use.

We dressed and said our goodbyes to our newfound friends, and Karen left them both with a deep, passionate kiss. As we left, they both told us that they would be there for another couple of days, if we wanted to get together again. Karen just looked at them both and said, "Perhaps we'll see each other in the jacuzzi again." With that, we left them and made our way to our own condo.

We walked slowly, hand in hand, needing to say nothing to attest to our love for one another. True to her word, Karen walked all the way to the door of our condo with a large sperm stain evident between her legs, the iridescent glow making it impossible to mistake for anything else. She wrapped herself in the towel and we entered a dark condo. Everyone had already gone to bed. We adjourned to our own master suite, and fell asleep naked in each other's arms. I love my wife.

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