tagBDSMTim's Journey Ch. 03

Tim's Journey Ch. 03


After Tim had left the office, Connie called Sarah into her office. Sarah entered the office, "Yes ma'am?"

"You were upset when you left the office earlier. Are you OK?" Connie asked

"Yes Ma'am, I really liked him and liked how he made me feel. Now I know he belongs to you and I will not have him anymore. I just couldn't believe you turned him into that ass licking pussy so quickly. I was just disappointed in losing him and the bet." she explained

Connie tried to comfort her, "I understand my pet. I did warn you though. I haven't met a good pussy eater who wasn't a submissive at heart"

"Yes ma'am, you were right."

"Look on the bright side. He is coming to live with us and now he will be doing all your chores." Connie said.

"Oh Yea?" Sarah said excitedly. Sarah was Connie's pet and did all of the housework and took care of all of her mistress' needs, but when mistress had a male pet, Sarah's standing in the house was elevated above that of the man. This allowed Connie the opportunity to make him understand where men stood in her home. All of Sarah's duties would now be Tim's duties.

Connie interrupted Sarah's thoughts, "And for finding this one for me, I am going to allow you to use him in anyway you need to, so long as it does not interfere with him taking care of my needs."

"Really?" Sarah replied.


"I can make him eat my pussy and I can have him fuck me if I want?" She asked.

"NO! You know better than that. He can eat you and pleasure you anyway except he is not allowed to fuck you. He can only cum when I say and he can only get relief with his own hand. He is not allowed to stick his penis in any hole."

"OK" Sarah said disappointedly, "Thank you ma'am I do appreciate you allowing me to use him. He can eat pussy well."

All this talk of using Tim and eating pussy was starting to make Connie wet again. She could feel her juices flowing. She looked at Sarah and spoke, "Go close the door and come over here and show me how appreciative you are."

Sarah's duties at home may have all just become Tim's, but she still would have to perform many at work for her mistress. Sarah obeyed her command and closed the door. As she turned around she could see Connie lifting her skirt up over her hips and sitting down in her big comfortable leather desk chair. Sarah crossed the room and knelt before her mistress and dove into the folds of her womanhood.

Sarah licked up and down with her tongue tasting Connie's sweet pussy. She stuck out her tongue as far as she could and plunged it into Connie's hot love tunnel. Connie lifted her hips to help Sarah get her tongue in as far as possible. In and out she continued to fuck her with it. Connie grabbed her head and assisted with Sarah's rhythm.

"Yes My pet, fuck my juicy cunt with that tongue." instructed Connie. Connie unbuttoned her blouse and opened it. Then without taking her bra off, she reached in and pulled her massive tits out of the top of it. Then she started kneading them with her hands and gently massaged her nipples until they were rock hard.

Sarah continued to tongue fuck Connie for a few minutes then she backed up and took two fingers and slid them in Connie's dripping hole. Then as she finger fucked her, she slowly lowered her lips to her clit and sucked it in gently. While still sucking it into her mouth she flicked it with her tongue. This pleased Connie and she expressed that with an "Oh Yea!"

Sarah continued this until she inserted another finger and started flicking Connie's clit faster with her tongue. She sped up her rhythm with both her tongue and her hand. Connie grabbed her tits harder and started pinching her nipples harder. She could feel her orgasm coming and she encouraged Sarah along. "That's it, keep going my pet, I'm going to cum. Faster!! Fuck me with your fingers!!! Lick my clit!!"

Connie pinched both nipples hard and felt the thundering crest of her orgasm crash over her body. Since she was in the office, she bit her lip hard to muffle the screams she wanted to let out. Sarah pulled her fingers out and gently licked Connie's pussy through her orgasm and as she came down from it.

Feeling satisfied, Connie stood and told Sarah to get back to her desk and went to her private bathroom to collect herself. Sarah rose, and after a brief visit to the bathroom to wipe off all the cum from Connie that was on her face, she did as she was told. She was very aroused, but decided now was not the time to take care of that.

Tim drove aimlessly around trying to do his deliveries. He could not get his mind off of the events of earlier in Mrs. Johnson's office. Even if he could forget about them momentarily, the ache in his rock hard dick brought them rushing back. It had been over an hour since he left her office and still his cock was uncomfortably hard. He had never experience a hard on that lasted this long in his life. Yes, he had stayed hard this long before, but not when he wasn't watching porn or engaging in some kind of sexual play. This was different, he was working and he was trying to put it in the back of his mind. It was no use.

He was so conflicted. He was a little scared at how much control Mrs. Johnson had had over him, but he couldn't believe how much he had enjoyed it. He had never been so excited. However, he didn't know he could be manipulated into so eagerly licking a woman's ass, even to the point of thrusting his tongue into her asshole. On top of all of that, he couldn't believe how much it turned him on. He wanted nothing more than to go back and do more. The only reason he did not do exactly that, was his fear of upsetting her. He didn't want her to be mad at him, or god forbid, not let him please her again.

Tim shook himself out of his daydreams and realized he could no longer work today. He needed to go take care of this hard on of his, and prepare himself for what was in store for him tonight at Mrs. Johnson's house. He called his boss and made up some lame excuse about a family emergency. He told him that he needed a couple of days to go out of town. He didn't want to quit, because he still was not sure if Mrs. Johnson was serious about taking care of him, and he still was not sure whether he could totally do as she wanted. The few days would give him an opportunity to try out his fantasy, but still be able to get out and not have lost his job.

On his way home his cock was still very uncomfortable. He reached down and tried to adjust his pants to relieve some of the discomfort. As he did his hand brushed across his rock hard member and sent a chill through his body. He couldn't take it anymore. He couldn't wait to get home for his release. He looked around as he drove and noticed the traffic on the freeway was light. He reached down and unzipped his pants. He took out his dick and started stroking it right there in the car. All his thoughts returned to this morning. Seeing Mrs. Johnson in her bra and panties, licking her pussy and her ass, and oh my, seeing those massive tits. The image of her bent over in front of him teasing him with those beauties kept dancing through his head. The mere thought of this took him over the edge. The first rope of cum came out of his cock like a rocket. It landed on the dash of his car. Then another landed on his shirt. Still another landed on his pants. Spurt after spurt kept coming. The powerful orgasm rushed through his body as he continued to stroke his hard shaft. He lost all sense of his surroundings. He was just enjoying every sensation as it whipped through his body.

Then he was snapped to attention by a horn. He looked out the windshield and realized he was swerving into the next lane. He straightened the car out and looked around to see if anyone had noticed what he was doing. To his relief, no one had noticed. Just then the car that had honked at him drove by and flipped him the bird. Tim gathered himself and figured out he was in no place to be doing what he was doing. He quickly shoved his softening dick into his pants, and with a dirty shirt that was in his back seat, he wiped up all the cum that was now splattered all over him and his car.

Damn, he thought to himself, how could this woman do this to him. Although he often jerked off, he had never even thought about doing it in his car, especially in broad daylight. He couldn't believe the hold she had on him. He was definitely looking forward to doing more tonight. He drove the rest of the way home. He spent the rest of the day with a hard on thinking about that morning, dreaming about the night to come, and wishing the clock to move as quickly as possible to 7pm.

Tim arrived at Connie's door a few minutes before 7. As he approached the porch he noticed a note with his name on it attached to the door it read: "TAKE OFF ALL YOUR CLOTHES, COME IN, KNEEL ON THE RUG IN THE ENTRY AND DON'T SAY A WORD."

Tim complied and went in. He found the rug and knelt on it. His cock was already hard thinking about what was to come. He looked around and noticed how big the house was. Everything was top of the line and beautiful. He continued to wait. He thought to himself, "Maybe she didn't hear me come in." He wanted to call out, but remembered the note, so he just knelt there. Time passed slowly and his knees started to ache. "Where is she", he thought. "What is keeping her?"

Connie was well aware that Tim had come in. She was testing him. She wanted to see how long he would patiently wait there for her. She had a state of the art surveillance system. She had cameras in every room. She sat in the monitor room just off her bedroom and watched as Tim became antsier. After about 20 minutes, she decided he had done well enough and she proceeded to go down stairs.

Tim heard movement up the stairs and raised his eyes to see if it was Mrs. Johnson. His eyes reached the top of the stairs and there she was. She was wearing a full length silk robe that was tied around her middle. As she proceeded toward him he could see her long full legs peek out of the robe as she walked. He looked higher and could see the swell of her tits, and his cock twitched.

She reached the bottom and moved up right in front of him. He could smell the exotic fragrance of her perfume. She was beautiful. His loins stirred more. She looked down at him and spoke.

"This is where I expect you to be every night when I get home from work. I will call when I leave the office and when I get home, I expect a pleasant greeting, and you will lick my panties 'hello'. Do you understand?"

"Yes Ma'am" he said, remembering how she had told him to address her earlier.

"Well, I'm waiting!" She snapped.

"Good evening ma'am. How was your day?" He asked.

With that, Connie opened her robe and showed her body. She wearing a matching bra and panties set, much like the ones this morning, but a different color. Tonight they were dark Green. Tim eagerly started licking the crotch of her panties. He could feel the silky material on his nose and tongue as he nestled into them and he loved that. His cock grew harder and started oozing pre cum.

Connie answered his question matter of factly,"My day was good thanks." She stood there and made him continue for a few minutes until she could feel she was nice and wet and knew her panties were too. Then she pushed him back.

"Enough!" she stepped back and closed her robe again. "Stand and follow me."

Tim stood and followed Connie, his little prick bouncing up and down as he walked. He could see the outline of her big full ass in her robe and all he wanted to do was grab it and lick it like he had that morning. Connie led him to the kitchen.

"You know how to cook?" she asked

"Oh Yes, I like to cook." he replied.

"Good, I expect dinner on the table by 6:30 every night unless I tell you otherwise."

"Yes ma'am."

"You will keep my house the way you see it right now." She commanded, "Or there will be consequences. Understand?"

"Yes ma'am"

Tim looked around. The place was immaculately clean. This is going to be quite a bit of work. But he figured it was worth it if he could have her as payment.

She led him upstairs. They went to the huge master suite.

"This is where I sleep." She said. "You will wake me every weekday at 6:30 by eating my pussy until I cum. I hate alarm clocks, so you will wake up before me and come wake me up. Then you will help me bathe, help me dress, and make me breakfast. After I leave for work, you will do all your house work. I will leave a list for the first couple of days until you get the hang of it."

"Yes ma'am"

They left the room and went to another room down the hall. It was much smaller, but it had nice furniture and a bed. "This is your room."

As the walked back down the hall they passed a room with a closed door. Tim noticed, but just continued to follow Connie.

Connie led him to the living room. She turned and stood in front of him.

"Kneel!" she commanded

Tim complied. She again opened her robe, but this time she removed it, throwing it on the couch. She stood in front of him and watched as he gazed at her body. She let him soak it in. She was about to tell him all the other rules and she knew it would be easier for him to comply with if his attention was on her body. She moved her panty covered pussy right in front of his face. He could smell the pungent odor of her juices. He breathed in deeply. She stayed there for a few seconds. Then backed up and started massaging her huge tits. Tim just watched in disbelief as she squeezed her mounds and pinched her hardening nipples.

"Listen well; these are the most important rules. You will be naked at all times in this house. You will do everything I say without hesitation, or there will be consequences."

Tim just nodded and continued to watch her play with her tits.

"You will not be allowed to cum with out permission. Do you have any questions?"

"Yes ma'am. When can I fuck you?" Tim asked

"Fuck me? Are you kidding? With that little penis? I need a real cock to take care of my needs. Your penis will never enter my body. Your tongue and fingers are the only things on your body that will be inside of me. You have a tiny penis and I would never let a penis that size, fuck me."

Even though Connie was totally humiliating him, Tim just seemed to get more aroused. His little cock was painfully hard and was dripping a steady steam of pre cum onto the floor.

Connie reached behind her back and released her bra. She took it off and threw it on the couch too. For the first time he could see her massive breasts uncovered. He just continued to gaze at her. His mouth started watering as he imagined sucking those monsters.

As she continued to squeeze her tits and pinch her nipples, Connie spoke. "I am going to let you suck my tits, but only if you agree to all the terms I have just set. Do you agree to them?"

"YES MA'AM!!!" Tim said enthusiastically

Connie leaned down and placed her tits in front of his face," Go ahead."

Tim attacked the biggest set of tits he had ever seen with vengeance. He licked, he sucked and he just buried his face between them. They were everything he had imagined. He wanted this moment to never end. He could just worship these mounds for the rest of his life and die a happy man.

"That's right, suck on momma's big beautiful titties." Connie seductively said.

Another thing she had learned, was that nothing makes a man more submissive than to think of you as an authority figure, and what better authority figure is there but a boys mother. It was not an incestuous thing; it just makes them even more submissive. And that is what she wanted from Tim.

Connie let him continue for a few more minutes, all the time talking down to him. Then she stood up. Tim let out a whimper as the flesh of her mounds separated from his mouth. Just then Sarah walked in.

"I think you know Sarah?" Connie said devilishly. "She lives here too."

Tim turned and saw who Connie meant and his head sank. She must have been in that room where the door was closed. He was hoping not to ever see her again, now he finds out she lives here. Seeing him on the floor naked would only confirm to her that he was not a stud at all, but a man who wanted to me dominated and controlled by women.

Sarah winked at Tim and said," Hello."

She too was dressed very sexy. She was wearing a tight little corset and panties set that hugged in all the right places. He soon forgot his humiliation and just watched as she walked by.

"You will do anything Sarah wants also. She is another one of my pets like you, but she is still in charge of you. Understand?"

Tim nodded.

Connie pointed at the couch and Sarah sat down. Connie removed her soaked panties turned them inside out and placed them on his lips, "Lick!!" As he lapped up all the moisture on her panties she spoke, "You will lick all my panties clean before you wash them."

Tim nodded. He thought to himself, "This is a privilege not a chore."

Tim licked her panties until she was satisfied. Then she threw them on the couch. She turned her back to him, placed one foot on the front edge of the couch, spread her ass cheeks and commanded him," Come lick momma's big round ass. Make me cum."

Tim scurried over to her on his knees and buried his face between her cheeks and started licking her hole with vigor. The intoxicating smell just made him hotter and he started plunging his tongue inside her.

"Yea, that's it. Lick my asshole." She looked at Sarah and spat out an order to her," Come here my pet and eat my pussy while my bitch licks my ass."

Sarah knelt down in front of her and started assaulting her dripping cunt with her tongue. Both were very eager to please. Connie was in heaven. She could barely stand and her orgasm approached rapidly. Sarah licked Connie's clit intently. Sucking it in and flicking it hard. Tim plunged his tongue in her ass repeatedly while squeezing her ass cheeks with his hands.

Connie grabbed each of their heads with her hands and squeezed them into her as the orgasm hit and ran through her body. She screamed out with pleasure, and her two pets continued as she came down from her climax.

Connie pushed their heads from between her legs and spoke again, "I am going to go to my room and relax before I go to bed." She looked at Tim and said, "Follow me."

They walked up the stairs and to the bathroom.

"You have done a good job today. You may cum in there." She pointed at the toilet. "Don't you make a mess. It better all go in there. Then flush it. That is the only place you will cum."

Tim got on his knees and started stroking his raging hard on. Connie almost chuckled at its size as she stood in the doorway and watched as he played with his little member. It only took about ten strokes until cum started shooting out of it. He shot his entire wad into the water and flushed the toilet.

"See you at 6:30 sharp tomorrow morning." she said with a giggle, "You will go to bed now."

As she walked away, Tim sat back on his legs and again couldn't believe this woman could do this to him. On the other hand, he had never so enjoyed being used and humiliated, and he was more sexually satisfied at this moment than he had ever been in his life.

To be continued...

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