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Tina & Her Tattoos


Tina already had a couple of tattoos when I first met her. She was a delightful girl then aged 23 and although she wasn't the prettiest girl in the world she wasn't too bad looking! I sort of fell for her straight away. She was in a bar with a couple of other girls having a quiet drink when one of the girl's phone rang. When she answered it she smiled and chatted cheerfully and then collected the other girl and they left - still smiling. This left Tina all alone at the table. I decided I had better make some sort of attack if I was ever to meet this girl. I walked over to the table and said, "Hello, I see you are all alone here and wondered if you would like some company?" Tina grinned at me and said, "Well, that must be the oldest line in the men's book, but yes, I would be pleased if you would like to keep me company!"

That was the beginning of a long and lasting friendship which eventually saw us married to each other. I was aged 25 and hadn't had anything like a steady relationship for years.

That evening we chatted very comfortably and eventually I offered to drive her to her home. She accepted and by this time we knew quite a bit about each other. She worked in a busy office and was very happy there. She lived at home and enjoyed her family life but would be pleased to eventually move out and get a place of her own. I had often heard of other men picking up girls so easily and thought it would never happen to me. We really hit it off and when we reached her home in the suburbs she leaned over and we kissed before she jumped out of the car. We had already arranged to meet next evening at the same bar and talk some more. I drove back to my apartment feeling on top of the world.

We met next evening as arranged and this time as soon as we met she kissed me. This was a slightly more personal kiss than the first and I began to realize this might get to something serious.

Let me describe Tina. She is not very tall - about 5'3" but she has a wonderful smile and also a nice trim figure. Her hair is sort of strawberry blond and she wears it cut fairly short. Her breasts are not very big but are well shaped and look very attractive. He waist is trim and her hips just right but it is her legs which are probably the most attractive part of her body. They are reasonably long despite her lack of height and are so well shaped they are wonderful. She told me she hates wearing stockings or pantyhose preferring the bare-leg look. She always wears high heels to make her look taller but would rather wear flatties when she is relaxing or not dressed up.

Over the following months as we got to know each other much better she confessed she had been fairly wild when she was in college and had done many things she wasn't really proud of. She told me she had been with a rather wild crowd and had allowed herself to get tattooed when others had done so. At this stage we had dated almost always in the evenings and apart from a couple of weekend outings when we had simply gone into the countryside for a romantic drive we hadn't seen much of each other's bodies. I had never realized she had tattoos and asked her where they were. She blushed and told me she had two dolphins swimming around her navel and also a smaller dolphin swimming on the underside of each breast! We knew each other fairly well at this time and I asked her to show me her tattoos. I had held her bare breasts on lots of occasions when we were playing around but I had never actually seen them.

At this time we were in my car driving to a concert in a theater on the other side of town. She asked me to stop the car while it was still light and when I did so, she turned to face me and lifted up her shirt to show me her navel. There, apparently swimming with ease were two delightful tattoos of these dolphins. I guess she had been rather clever not to get those heavy dark tattoos which I hate so much. These were soft, light outlines of the dolphins and didn't look too much out of place. They were about 2" long and looked really attractive. Tina was blushing and said she wasn't sure how I would feel about her tattoos. I assured her I loved them and wanted to see the others. She really blushed now but began unbuttoning her shirt and eventually pulled it apart showing me her breasts for the first time. They were larger than I had thought and were extremely well shaped with nice long nipples. These nipples hadn't been obvious previously so I guessed they were long now because she was aroused showing me her breasts.

I looked carefully at the underside of her breasts when she lifted them and I could see there was a swimming dolphin on the underside of each breast. These tattoos were also small and faint and apart from the fact that there was obviously something there they weren't very visible when her breasts dropped down to their natural position.

Now that I had seen her bare breasts I began to see she must love me to show me as she had because she was inherently a shy person. If she was a slut I am sure she would have whipped of her shirt much earlier and paraded herself in front of me. No, she was sweet girl and was very reluctant to present her naked breasts to me.

I took full advantage of her present undressed state and slowly took one of her breasts in my hand and caressed it slowly while I leaned over and kissed her passionately. I could feel her hard nipple in my palm and I was certainly excited too. After the long kiss and the all too brief caress of her lovely breast she took my hand away and buttoned up her shirt. She then leaned over and we kissed again for several minutes. We then had to break because we would be late for the concert although I didn't care if we never got to the concert!

That was our very first truly intimate moment. Oh, there had been many intimate moments when we had been talking before and also I had caressed her breasts many times but then she had mostly been wearing a bra and then it was always outside her clothes.

As we were driving back to her home I asked her if she was very embarrassed at showing me her tattoos - in particular - the tattoos on her breasts? She replied, "Douglas, I have always regretted getting my tattoos. I didn't want them in the first place but the group all had them done the same and I couldn't get out of it. We belonged to a group which raised money to save the dolphins near an island somewhere or other and it seemed a good idea at the time. I asked her how the tattoos helped to raise money and her reply stunned me. I had thought of her as being a terribly sweet, shy young girl but what she told me now changed my thinking. She said, "We went along to demonstrations about saving the dolphins and we would all set ourselves up in a tent and charge an admission fee to come and look at our tattoos! We would all stand in a line naked from the waist up and let the paying customers look at the tattoos! I didn't like it very much at all but I must admit I got a bit of a kick out of letting people look at me like that!"

I was stunned. Here was my lovely Tina telling me she had been a public spectacle letting all and sundry look at her bare breasts. I, of course, didn't love her any less, in fact I think I loved her more because she had at least told me about it now.

Seeing Tina was in a confessing mood I asked her if there was anything else she should tell me about herself so that it wouldn't be a big shock to me later! She grinned at me and then asked if I expected her to be a virgin right now. I was a little stunned at this question because I had assumed she would be a virgin.

Tina looked me right in the eye and told me she had had quite a deal of sexual experience when she was younger and hoped this didn't put me off. I was a little stunned and asked her what she meant. She told me she had had sex with a number of men while she was at college, mainly members of the dolphin saving group, when they went away on their dolphin saving forays. They usually slept in tents near the protest sites and they had shared tents to keep warm.

Although I was a little shocked to realize my lovely Tina had fucked around I couldn't help by wonder why I couldn't see it earlier. She must have read my mind because she said I suddenly came to my senses and realized what I was doing wasn't going to get me anywhere so I left the group completely. Since then I have lived a very quiet life at home with my parents and I must admit the most outrageous thing I have done is to go out for a drink or two with my friends from work. That is when I first met you.

I accepted all she had told me and although I was a little disappointed she wasn't a virgin I couldn't say much because I had had a lot of sexual experience earlier and I like Tina had changed considerably and was much quieter now.

We became engaged 3 months later and married 6 months after that. We were deeply in love. We managed to have sex quite a few times before we married and we both loved making love to each other. Tina was a passionate lover and I liked nothing more than to make love to her and then lie back on the bed and look at her lovely naked body. I was always attracted to her tattoos and loved looking at them. I had taken to kissing her tattoos and I am sure this turned Tina on because she always became more passionate after a tattoo kissing session.

Although Tina is a strawberry blond her pubic hair is almost black. She told me she had always had blond hair and black pubic hair. Her underarm hair, if left to grow was also quite dark - almost black, whilst the hair on her legs before she shaved them was much lighter.

About 5 months after we had married we were making love one Sunday morning and after a particularly torrid session, I moved Tina onto her back, spread her legs apart and moved down so that I was lying between her legs ready to lick her clit and suck her cunt. She particularly liked me sucking her clit and pussy as she was always able to cum quite easily but the one difference this morning was that it was the first time I had ever had my face close to her cunt in daylight! We mostly liked making love in the dark or dim light and I had sucked her clit and pussy lots of times when I couldn't see what I was doing. This time was different.

The sunlight was shining brightly through our open window with no blinds or curtains to block the light and, as I was licking her clit I found I could look closely at the hairs above her clit. To my amazement I found there were some letters hidden amongst the hairs. I suddenly stopped licking her clit and moved my hands up to part these strong black hairs in front of my eyes. As I did so I found she had a tattoo under the hair which read "Fuck me now"! I just couldn't believe what I was seeing. How could she get a tattoo there and above all to say that? She suddenly realized I had seen her tattoo and she began to cry. I tried my best to stop her crying but she just sobbed and sobbed and after a while she stopped long enough to say to me, "Douglas, you have just discovered a part of my earlier life I never wanted you to ever find out about. I am totally disgusted with that tattoo you have found and if only I could get it removed I would be terribly happy but now that you have found it I guess it will be all over between us!"

I was rather taken aback by that statement. I asked her why it could possibly be all over between us. She began crying again and I just held her to me and hugged her and kept telling her I loved her. It took many minutes before she was able to talk rationally.

Tina said, in the saddest possible tone, "I will understand if you want to be rid of me, darling, but now I must tell you the truth about my previous life before I met you. When I was in college I lived in the college apartments because my folk lived many miles away from the college. At first I managed quite well and got on very well with my study. Eventually I just didn't seem to have enough money to keep on as I had been at first. I got into a discussion group of students one evening when we were all encouraged to talk about any problems we might have. I eventually began my part of the discussion by telling them I found it very hard to keep on living in my quarters and did any one have any suggestions for helping me with my problem. There were a number of suggestions - most of them were downright stupid - like one girl who told us she had paid for all of her accommodation and fees by working one night a week as a prostitute. She told us it was the best thing she ever did and loved every moment of it. I was disgusted by this thought but a later idea from one of the men was that it was much cheaper to share accommodation and split for food and necessities rather than go it alone. This idea was accepted by all as the best idea for me. The group went on to discuss other people's problems but I was only listening with half an ear. I realized it was a wonderful idea to share with someone else and halve my costs. When I had a chance I asked a further question - did anyone in the room (there were about 30) need someone to share with? I got no responses from the group but the best suggestion was to place a notice on the noticeboard and see what happened."

Tina was starting to relax a little but she was still rather tense. She continued, "I placed a notice on the board and only received one reply. I was a little disillusioned by this but rang the number on the reply. The phone was answered by a very nice sounding man who told me he was willing to share but he would have to meet me first. I took down his address - it was in another part of the college - and having donned my good clothes, I walked over to find his apartment. When I got there I found a very nice and respectable young man. He was the same age as me and quickly told me he was reasonable well off but wanted some company and hoped I would share with him. I felt there was a complete solution to my problem and, after inspecting his apartment and seeing I had a separate bedroom of my own, I accepted his kind offer and asked when I could move in. He told me he would arrange for a group of his friends to help with my moving and I could come as soon as I liked. I made the necessary termination of the apartment and moved in with him the next day."

At this point, Tina began to become more hesitant, but she bravely continued, "Well, there was no problem moving in as I didn't have much luggage and there were three of them to move me! The other two young men stayed for some drinks and a meal afterwards and we all got on very well. The troubles with Dale didn't start for about 3 weeks - they weren't really troubles but that is when I was led astray by these men. Dale suggested I join his group of friends who did their best to save the dolphins. I could see nothing wrong with that so I said I would join. We met about 20 other people who were members and we met on several occasions planning what we could do to save the dolphins. It was at the last meeting that I was made a full member of the group and told I had to get a dolphin tattoo to prove I was a member. I was feeling rather wild at this time and so I agreed. Off we went, the whole group, to a tattooist who apparently did all the tattoos for the group. They didn't even ask me where I wanted my tattoo but lifted me up onto the table in the studio and then pulled my shirt off completely and then my bra! I was very embarrassed sitting there with nothing above my waist and there were 20 or so of them looking at me. The tattooist moved over to me and pushed me back on the table where I was held by several of the members and, after the usual preparation of rubbing alcohol on my belly, the tattooist began marking out the dolphin around my navel. It didn't hurt very much and I was very please with the work when shown what it looked like in the mirror they held over my belly. Then, to my horror, the tattooist rubbed the alcohol on the underside of my breasts and proceeded to tattoo the smaller dolphins there. Again I was surprised it didn't hurt much and I had to admit the tattoos looked rather neat as they weren't the dark horrible tattoos I have seen. When I was allowed to sit up on the table the whole group of 20, boys and girls proceeded to lift up their tops and sure enough every one of them had the same tattoo around their navels. Although the boys looked a little out of place with their tattoos on their chests around their nipples, the girls certainly looked great! I was now a fully fledged member of the college dolphin club! We went out on lots of protests and in the meantime had a lot of fun as a group. They were a very friendly group and we really enjoyed ourselves."

Here Tina stopped for a drink before continuing her story. I could see she was quite embarrassed about this next part of her story because of the hesitant way she began. I told her not to be worried - I loved her completely no matter what she had done in the past! Tina continued, "Well, although many of the members of our group were living together and I knew they were fucking each other, so far Dale hadn't attempted to have sex with me. I wasn't a virgin at this stage because I had foolishly allowed a young man who worked on our ranch to fuck me when he got me too excited to stop him. This man was very inexperienced and he hurt me quite a lot. Anyway, it wasn't too long after this that Dale made his first advance on me. He and I shared a number of drinks one evening and before I knew it he had me undressed and I was playing with his cock. He got me very aroused and soon he had his cock in my cunt. I really didn't want him to fuck me but it was too late to say no now. Anyway he was very gentle and careful with me and I really enjoyed my first pleasant fuck. From then on we moved into the same bed and we fucked very regularly. I hope you are not too disgusted with my story, Douglas but you wanted to know about me."

I kept reassuring Tina that I loved her and wanted her to tell me the rest of her story. I reminded her she hadn't yet reached the part about her fourth tattoo. She continued, "Well, after a while Dale suggested I shouldn't have to pay for my part of the rent but in return he wanted me to fuck his friend on a regular basis. At first I protested but soon realized it was an easy way to save money so, every Sunday afternoon we set aside 3 hours for sex with Dale and his friends Pat and John. At first I was a little scared having three naked men with me and knowing they were all going to fuck me but they were all very decent men and took great care of me. They would toss a coin to see who would fuck me first. Although I was very embarrassed at first because all of the sex took place with the others watching I soon relaxed and so I was fucked very soundly every Sunday afternoon - sometimes as many as 12 times in the afternoon. There were the obvious times when I was having my periods and then they couldn't fuck me but I had previously agreed to suck them off and so that was what we did when I couldn't fuck. I must have swallowed gallons of cum but I certainly didn't mind it and in fact loved doing that as well. This regular fucking went on for 9 months and it was something we all really enjoyed. Of course I was living with Dale and we fucked very regularly by ourselves only sharing on the Sundays. I have to say I wasn't in love with any of the three men. It was purely sex and we all loved fucking each other."

I kept on hugging Tina and reassuring her how much I loved her. She then asked me if I really loved her and would I please make love to her before she continued with her story. Of course I couldn't get my rock-hard cock into her cunt quickly enough and we made very slow passionate love for quite a while. Just before I came in her cunt she paused, held me tightly and told me she loved me and hoped I would love her when she told me the rest of her story. I came in her like never before and I knew I loved her! After we rested Tina continued with her story.

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