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Tina's on Vacation


"I've never been so fucking wet and horny; it's like I can't get enough sex" Tina whispered over the phone. "We've been fucking for hours, I can't tell you how many times I've cum tonight." I was told that Jacob had passed out about ten minutes earlier and Tina snuck into his bathroom to call me and fill me in on what she and her old boss were up to.

The two of them worked together for four years before Tina and I moved across country. During those four years Tina and Jacob were physically attracted to each other and flirted mercilessly. But, although they had a few close calls they never ended up having sex. Instead they choose to keep their relationship on a professional level; but that was then.

A few days earlier Tina traveled back to the east coast to visit friends but one of them canceled their Saturday night date so she decided to give Jacob a call, (after a little encouragement from me). Sure enough, he was available and took her out to an Irish pub. Without the restrictions of business ethics, (and without me around), I was informed that the old flame was quickly ignited, and, it didn't take long before he had his hand up under her skirt at the bar.

She told me how she blew him in the car on the ride to his apartment, and how they fucked all over his living room and kitchen like animals for hours. "Then things got interesting..." she added. "Picture me on the floor, riding Jacob reverse cowboy, legs spread wide open to the room, his big cock deep in my ass, one of his hands buried in my pussy, the other squeezing my tits really fucking hard, and me screaming through an orgasm 'Fuck yes...I want to feel your cum in my ass...cum deep in my ass!'... you got that picture?" she asked and waiting form my reply.

"Yeah..." I answer, "pretty fucking hot."

"Well...halfway into my orgasm I opened my eyes there were two guys standing in the open door of the apartment and that's exactly what they saw."

"Holy shit!" I said, "Who were they?"

"Jacob's roommate and his friend" she explained. "They were supposed to be gone all weekend, but had a change of plans."

"What happened?" I asked stroking my cock a little faster.

"When I saw their cute faces and shaved heads, you know I have a thing for guys with shaved heads, I couldn't help but cum harder-- it turned me on that they were there at that moment. I thought I was going to pass out as I rammed myself down hard and buried Jacob's cock deep in my ass. My pussy began squirting juices out around Jacob's hand and all over the floor. Then I felt his cock pulsing out it's cum inside me, which only made me cum again. It had to be the hardest I've ever cum, and these guys just stood staring with the apartment door wide open. No offense, but it was the hottest two or three minutes of my life," she laughed.

"No offense taken," I assured, "I almost came just listening to you tell the story. Did you fuck them, too?" I was hoping for a really dirty story.

"You know Jacob; he's possessive and doesn't want to share. If you remember, its one of the reasons we never had sex before. At the time you would only allow me to have sex with him if you were around and made it a threesome, and he wasn't comfortable."

I have to admit I was a little disappointed to hear; it would have really turned me on if he had shared her with his friends.

"However...I found out Jacob has another kink. As we went into his room he asked if I would mind if he left his bedroom door open so the guys could watch us fuck. He said 'it had always been a fantasy of his to not only fuck me, but also to fuck me while others watched.' When he added that he couldn't believe his luck that he could fulfill all of his fantasies with me in one night, I began to feel a little set up. But I didn't care, and the thought of having an audience made me drop to my knees and suck his dirty cock clean right in front of the bedroom door. The guys, unfortunately, had gone into the kitchen and didn't know there was a show going on, so I started to deep throat Jacob. Between my occasional gagging and him moaning the guys soon returned to the living room and I winked at them with Jacob's cock in my mouth. What a fucking turn on."

"No fucking kidding, I wish I was one of those guys," I added. "So what did you do?"

"They seemed to know that it was only a show and stayed in the living room and watched Jacob fuck me to several more orgasms in both my holes. Jacob was really turned on and he got really vocal asking if I, 'liked the way his cock felt,' and, 'if I liked being fucked in front of strange men, if I liked being a slut for men that weren't my husband, if it made me hot to cheat on your husband.'"

"What did you answer?" I asked

"Of course. I said, yes...and yes again...and fuck yes! Jacob and I made sure his friends could hear everything, and I would stare and them as often as I could while being fucked."

"Did they have their cocks out?" I wanted to know.

"Better yet, the young men eventually stripped naked and were jerking off for me, and let me tell you Jacob's roommate has a huge cock...uh...a...JUST A MINUTE..." Tina called. "Speaking of the cock," she whispered back into the phone, "he needs to use the bathroom, and I'm not wearing any clothes."

I figured this guy was just trying to hit on Tina, "He's already seen you fucking, what's to hide?" I asked. "Besides it's my turn, and I want you to do something for me," my heart began pounding in my chest. "I want you to put the phone on speaker and get this guy to fuck you so I can listen."

"That would be so naughty to fuck Jacob's roommate while he's sleeping," my wife sounded really worried, "I don't think he'd like that."

"But I want it," I demanded, I knew she just needed a little encouragement. "Now put the phone down and let the guy in." My wife put the phone on speaker, put it down, and I muted my phone so I wouldn't be heard. I heard the door open and she invited him in. He said he had to pee and my wife told him to go ahead, and, since he had watched her all night, she suggested that he needed to let her watch him pee. He asked her if she really was married, and does her husband know what's going on.

"What he doesn't know won't hurt him," she answered After a moment of silence she asked, "It looks like that's a problem for you, do you need help with that?" It got quite again and then I heard her gag. I knew she was sucking his cock and as I stroked my cock all I could think about was what a great obedient slut I was married to. He started to moan and she encouraged him to cum in her mouth. In seconds he was grunting and I pictured her swallowing all of his semen. "Is that better?" she asked, "here let me hold it for you." Then this guy started complimenting her, telling her how great her tits felt, and what a turn on it had been to watch her being fucked. He said he'd never seen anything like that, and knowing that she was married and was cheating on her husband was a huge turn on for both him and his friend.

I heard him begin to pee and then say, "god...you are so wet." My heart was in my throat imagining my naked wife in the bathroom holding the cock of a naked stranger while he crammed his fingers in her juicy cunt.

Tina began to moan, "Oh shit, you're going to make me to cum," I listened as her breathing quicken and heard her orgasm as quietly as she could so she wouldn't wake anyone in the apartment. He stopped peeing and she stopped her orgasm about the same time, then it was quiet for a few minutes. I listened hard and eventually realized they were kissing.

"I want to fuck you from behind," the guy whispered. I heard some shuffling around then my wife's voice was really close to the phone as I heard her panting and grunting, then she moaned, "OH Fuck...your big cock feels so good in my pussy." They stayed pretty quiet and I jacked off while listening to the rhythm of their breathing, their grunts, and their moans for the next ten minutes. Suddenly my wife's tone changed, "Oh fuck, oh, ouch...that's my ass...Oh shit...you're too big...fuck...shit..." She moaned as though in pain for a few moments, then I heard her say, "Oh fuck that feels great!" Soon she was screaming, "Yes...fuck me...oh god yes, fuck my ass...your big cock feels so good in my ass..."

"Take my cock in your ass baby...you feel so tight...you like my cock in your ass? Yeah, baby is that deep enough for you?" I could hear their bodies slapping together as my wife went into wave after wave of screaming orgasm. He continued to fuck her hard for fifteen minutes! Then he ordered, "Suck my cock, baby, suck it, I want to cum on your face." I heard sucking sounds again and could tell it was fast and furious.

"Oh..." Tina sounded surprised, "hi there."

"He especially loved the way Jacob fucked your mouth," the guy told her, "and he wants to do that to you, isn't that right, Steve?"

I realized the roommate's friend must have been standing in the door of the bathroom, "Yeah that was really hot. I've only seen that in pornos."

"OK," was all Tina said and it got quiet again as I pictured her kneeling on the floor with a cock in each hand, one of which was also in her mouth.

"Yeah, that feels good, your mouth feels so good around my cock," the new voice said. I could barely hear the sounds of her sucking cock and the occasional gagging. I was so turned on by what a slut my wife was being, had to stop touching myself to keep from cumming. "Fuck her face, man; that is so hot." The fucking sounds got louder as did Tina's stifled moans and I couldn't tell which guy was saying what as they called her a good slut and a great cock sucker. Then one of the guys grunted to an orgasm and soon the new guy's voice was next to the phone, "I want to fuck that tight ass of yours, here...yeah...like that...you are so sexy...I love your tits, they feel so good...oh yeah, that's right, suck his cock...keep it in your mouth until he's hard again..."

Suddenly it went quiet and the line went dead. Dropped call! Fucking cell phones!

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