tagLoving WivesTing Ch. 01

Ting Ch. 01


Tommy and Lauren

I met my wife on Taiwan. She was the employee of a company that furnished supplies to us. At 25, she was alone in the world, her family still behind in mainland China despite her efforts to get them to Taiwan.

I'm going to call her "Ting" for the purpose of this story, principally because I never learned how to pronounce her name in her own dialect. Regardless of how hard I tried, I couldn't wrap my Caucasian tongue around the polysyllabic Chinese pronunciation, sending her into gales of laughter as I tried until we both agreed that "Ting" would be fine.

Ting is beautiful, weighing less than 100 pounds, with that soft, glowing almost golden skin coloring. Her eyes and hair were black and shiny as obsidian. Even, perfect teeth sparkled when she smiled. Her figure can't be hidden by her usual costume, a close fitting silk tunic covering her from neck to mid-calf, broken only by the slit to her hip, and worn over long, flowing pants. Ting is also tiny. Even in three-inch heels, she barely comes to my shoulder. Her English is impeccable – better than my own. I learned that she had entered an American school in Taiwan in her early teens. She had obviously done well there, earning a scholarship to the University of Hawaii and graduating in three years.

It took me six months to convince her to have dinner with me. I almost didn't recognize her when I pulled up to the address she had given me, an apartment complex in the southeast side of Taipei. She stood in the shelter of the entryway wearing western clothing that somehow didn't look unusual on her thin frame. Scurrying around to open the door for her, my eyes followed her into the car, taking in long, trim legs showing beneath a knee length skirt. She smiled as she saw where my eyes were focused as she fastened the seat belt over breasts that were surprisingly full.

I managed to close the door and return to the driver's side. We drove the few miles to one of the few "Americanized" restaurants, chatting about the week's events. The scope and breadth of her knowledge was readily apparent and I found myself feeling somewhat inferior to her obvious intelligence. Another surprise awaited me when we reached the restaurant and she was recognized by the wait staff.

"Oh, yes, I come here often," she said, smiling at my obvious surprise. "I like American food as well as Chinese." She proved that by finished a small fillet mignon, surrounded by steamed asparagus that melted in our mouths. We chatted over a wine that was made even more delightful by her presence until we began seeing the waiters began yawning and saw we were the last two in the restaurant.

It took me months to make her feel as comfortable with me as I was with her from the instant we had first met. But slowly I wore her down until almost six months from the time we had first met, I convinced her to marry me.

Now let me jump ahead about five years. We had married within a year of that first date. I had managed to convince her that she no longer needed to work. I was quite well settled in my job and fortune smiled on us. Money was not a problem. We were living a quite comfortable life style in a leased three-bedroom apartment. We had many friends in the Occidental as well as the Oriental community, and it seemed like nothing could be better. It was during that time I realized that our sex life, which had been tapering off slowly over the years was now a hit or miss occurrence approximately once a week. It certainly was not for lack of interest. No, it had just become of shorter and shorter duration and too predictable.

We discussed it that night as we lay in our king-size bed. Ting lay on her back, slowly coming down from the orgasm I had stirred, her thighs spread far apart, still wet from my saliva. Ting loved having her pussy eaten, especially after a nice, long fuck which left a heavy load of cum in that hot pussy. The thin black threads of her scanty pubic pelt were plastered with the slowly drying coating of her juices mixed with my own where my tongue had been less effective in ridding her of them. Her labia remained slightly open and dotted with a few spots of cum that had oozed from her tight pussy after I had finished eating her. I covered her crotch with my palm, causing her to open her eyes and roll over on her side, facing me.

"M-m-m, that was good," she said, with a smile and those entrancing, sparkling eyes. "You're still the best," she offered, referring to my love of pressing my tongue deep inside that sweet tunnel of love after I had filled it with a load of hot cum, then draining it with my flicking tongue. As they had in the past, my efforts had resulted in a second orgasm that still left her chest and face flushed with sexual arousal.

"You haven't had enough to measure by," I told her with a smile. "I can't imagine why any one of your boyfriends let you get by with just sucking their cock when all that sweetness was so close." Ting had admitted, over the years we had been married, that she had not only sucked several boyfriend's cocks and swallowed their loads, but that she also had done the same for some of her female friends. She didn't discriminate, she loved pussy as much as hard cocks.

She was still smiling and idly twirling the hairs on my chest when she replied.

"I told you, it just wasn't done in my family. I was taught that fucking was only for making babies with one's husband." She giggled when she added a response I had heard often. "But they never said you couldn't suck a cock, or eat a pussy when you needed relief." She sighted and rolled once more on her back.

It was my turn to turn toward her, leaning on my elbow as I lowered my tongue to a still engorged nipple, circling it slowly, before pulling it into my mouth between tight lips that pulled on it. I felt it growing and hardening as I rolled my tongue over the puffy edges of her areola using a strong intake of the sweet flesh to raise it higher. I let it slip from between my lips as the thoughts of tonight's party came to the fore once more.

I chuckled as I recalled how venturesome Tommy's hands had become during the sets he had danced with Ting and I with his wife, Lauren. I felt my cock swelling as I remembered seeing his hands cupping Ting's perfectly shaped bottom as he did his own version of ‘dirty dancing.' Even Lauren had noticed and mentioned it to me, encouraging me to do the same with her. I had had a ‘thing' for Lauren for years. I assumed it would never go beyond the infatuation stage, but I had to admit she was a tasty tidbit that had my cock swelling each time I pulled her close while dancing. Just like Ting had with her partners, she had scolded me playfully many times about the obviousness of my swollen cock pressing hard against her belly; but just as with Ting, it hadn't stopped her from enjoying the sensations with me and other friends who had the same ideas.

My mental camera picked up speed as I recalled how often Ting had protested Tommy's roaming hands, earning only a blushing grin from him and a chuckle from both Lauren and I.

Lauren always stoked the mood with a laughing comment about how Tommy was always like that and she had given up trying to break him of the habit. Tommy's unabashed response was always the same, why would he not try to get closer to a beautiful woman. As a result of these comments, neither Tommy nor I hesitated to give our partners an occasion fondling.

Tonight had been a little different though. Whether it was the occasion, or the fact that we were in a very dimly lit club offering both good food, good dance music and drinks that seemed very light on the alcohol, but still effective, Tommy had been even more venturesome than normal. More than once when Lauren and I had been on the almost dark dance floor I had noticed his hand over Ting's breast and at least once I thought it had been inside her blouse. At first Ting had pushed his hands away as they explored her body, but she must have eventually realized there was little she could do without creating a scene and let him have his way. I certainly couldn't protest too much because I was doing the same thing with Lauren, earning only a sly smile.

Ting caught my lecherous chuckle and asked what I was thinking. When I told her that I had seen Tommy's hand inside her blouse, she admitted that he had been ‘more forward than normal,' but having seen me doing the same with Lauren she assumed there was no reason to object too strenuously.

Ting told me how at one point Tommy had whispered in her ear that he would love to get his mouth where his hand was and that it had sent a rush through her body. That brought my cock back up to full attention. I had told Ting many times that she could fuck anyone she wished, anytime, anywhere. She, assuming that during my travels I might be unfaithful to her, told me that I was allowed the same liberties as long as she never learned about it. The pressure of my now stiff cock against her thigh caused her to ask me about it.

"Does the thought of him sucking my breast excite you?" she asked needlessly.

"Yes," I admitted. "In fact I would love to see him fuck you. I think that just the idea of another man screwing you isn't something you want to think about, but what a turn on for me that would be." Ting and I had discussed this same scenario dozens of times before, but she hadn't been willing to let some of my friends get into her sweet pussy. As far as she was concerned, it was just my ‘usual dirty old man' habits that concerned her more because she thought it might have a bad effect on our marriage, regardless of how often I assured her otherwise.

Ting realized where this line of talk was going and opened her thighs once more, inviting me to fuck her again. Within minutes, I was buried in her to the hilt, pounding hard into her luscious pussy. She was whispering in my ear about what she thought Tommy would do to her, and how, Then, just as I reached my peak, she asked the question to which I'm sure she already knew the answer.

"And, while Tommy fucked me, would you be fucking Lauren?"

That was all it took. I shot an enormous load of cum into my wife's pussy, sending her over the edge at almost the same moment. I rolled over on my back, pulling her on top of me as we both fought to regain our breath. I could feel Ting's lovely pussy squeezing the last rivulets from my rapidly fading hardness. That's the way we went to sleep after Ting's last comment about how she thought that was the way it might go eventually.

From that day forward, both of us realized that we had crossed some sort of Rubicon. We partied with Tommy and Lauren, no more than usual and without any outward change, although we both realized that there was more touching, hugging and kissing building up with each meeting whether it was before we all went out together or in the privacy of each other's home. We both found, although we hadn't pressed it, that the same was happening with other friends of ours. Hands wandered without more than a token rebuke. I must also add that just the risqué aura of such activity had enlivened our sex life to the point that once again we were enjoying it daily. The hot tub parties we had enjoyed before were even more fun now since both of us realized there was no point in holding back. In fact it had carried over to our relationship with other couples we knew who seemed to feel the same way. I think we both knew what was coming, it was just a matter of when.

Still, I must say I was a little surprised at how easily the open fondling of each other's wives had become among our circle of friends in the short time since Ting and I had discussed any reservations we might have about such activities. It seemed like Lauren and Ting's friendship had become even closer, leading to even more frequent visits between them. Tommy now frequently showed some erotic tapes on the TV parked near the hot tub claiming ‘it helped keep the water hot'. The alcohol and warm water combined to relax any inhibitions that might have prevented us from taking liberties in the past. It was now common for the girls to sit next to each other in the hot tub giggling together as our hands roamed over their bodies. More than once I found my hands covering Tings, between Lauren's thighs, earning only a smile from both ladies.

It still surprised me though when during one particularly explicit sex scene on the tape, Lauren stood up in the tub and shed her top, daring Ting to do the same. I really didn't expect Ting to do it. She is very self-conscious about her smaller but very firm breasts. She could easily go without a bra beneath her clothing, but seldom had until recently, when we were partying with our friends. Each of the men who danced with her on such occasions had at one time or another told me how delightful it was to have her in their arms without the encumbrance. I could only smile in agreement. Now as I stared with delight at the only slightly less firm breasts of my friend's wife, noting how the nipples were tight, hard and elongated, I missed seeing Tommy give a yank on the knotted straps of Ting's top, causing a yelp and playful slap at his shoulder. She tried to hold it against her breasts, but Tommy had foreseen that and pulled it away, throwing it over to the far side of the tub. Lauren was laughing as she saw the commotion between her husband and Ting, especially when Ting started to cross the tub and lost her bikini bottoms to another perfectly timed pull. Lauren turned to me, still laughing,

"I knew he would do that if he got a chance," she said. "He's been wanting to suck them for months!" As she stood there, almost nude, except for her own bikini bottoms, she took my hand and put it to the ties holding them to her hips. "I suppose these are next, right?" She looked at me questioningly as my hand grasped the knot, literally daring me to do the same to her. Of course I did.

"Ah," she said softly as I pulled her into my lap. "This feels so much better, doesn't it?" It was just enough distraction that I failed to see Tommy's suit float to the top momentarily in the swirling water, but Lauren brought it to my attention as she tugged at my own suit raising herself just high enough that it could be pulled down easily. I think I must have blushed as she sat down in my lap once more, leaving my suit to revolve in the swirl of water in the center of the tub. I couldn't help the result. Lauren's cute little buns wriggled slightly and I found my cock worming its way between her thighs until the head was at the entrance to her cunt. My hands found their way to Lauren's breasts of their own volition as I glanced over to where Tommy was lowering Ting ever so slowly into his lap. Ting's mouth was open and her eyes closed. It didn't take much intelligence to understand it was to help her settle on his swollen cock and she had no objection either.

"Ah, that feels nice," Lauren said in that soft voice that had lured me almost to this point before. Her nipples were pressing into the palms of my hand as I glanced over and saw Ting bend forward slightly and resettle her hips on Tommy. He responded with a thrust toward her and I knew that Ting now had his cock in her vagina.

We must have sat like that for at least a few minutes, comfortable with the feeling of each other's sex enjoying the warmth of the nesting. But Ting, whispering in Tommy's ear broke it up.

"This is great," he announced, "but it would be even better if we were in bed together, don't you think Lauren?"

Her nod of agreement had Tommy on his way instantly. As he stood in the hot tub, he didn't relinquish his hole on Ting. I saw the connection as he lifted her with him. The combination of bodies proved too inconvenient though and I watched as his cock slid slowly from between her thighs. Turning her, Tommy picked her up in his arms as though she was light as a feather and stepped out of the tub. Lauren rose as Tommy and Ting disappeared into the house, leaving my cock to feel disappointed at the loss of the tight muscle surrounding it.

Lauren held out her hand in invitation. "Shall we?" It was all she had to ask. In less than a minute, I had her out of the tub. She led me to the bedroom where Tommy and Ting were already enjoying the fruits of their previous play. Tommy was in the missionary position, over her, bunched up like a caterpillar as he tried to suck Ting's tits even as his cock tried to line up with the entrance to her pussy. He gave that up as we arrived and joined them on the bed, deciding instead to more profitably (and delightfully) fuck my beautiful wife whose petite size prevented him from sucking her tits and fucking her simultaneously. Ting lay on her back as she steered his cock to the entrance of her pussy. Tommy was already emitting pre-cum, which Ting used to lubricate his entrance, having lost all the previous lubrication when he had his cock in her while they were in the tub. Fortunately for Ting, some remained. Enough that as soon as Tommy's cock head was past her lips, he began moving slowly in and out, stirring the remainder even as he gave her more.

Although fascinated by the scene in front of me, I started to take Lauren in the same manner, but she stopped me. "Just a second," she said softly. "This will be even better." I watched as she got on her hands and knees and slowly lowered her head to Ting's breast. She squeezed it gently, forcing the nipple higher and then with it cupped in both hands, began sucking it gently.

What a turn-on! Watching Tommy and his wife both giving my lovely Ting the delights of both their experiences had me hard as a rock. Lauren's beautiful ass was in the air, facing me, at just the right height for me to steer my own cock to her pussy. I didn't see it, but I felt Ting's hand cupping Lauren's cunt, spreading the lips just perfectly for my entrance, inviting me to enter her just as Tommy was filling my wife's pussy with his cock. It was almost too much, but it certainly had both Lauren and myself secreting enough juices that entry was easy. I pressed into Lauren slightly and still Ting's hand was separating Lauren's lips until she felt the hair surrounding my cock tickling her fingers. At that moment Ting moved her hand to one of Lauren's breasts and began gently squeezing and pulling on it as though to lengthen the bounty which overflowed her tiny hand. Neither woman seemed uncomfortable with the situation.

Lauren began moving her hips, driving my cock deeper into her as she sucked my wife's stone hard nipple. I heard her moan slightly as the feeling of her hot juices flooded my cock only making it easier for me to continue fucking her.

Tommy was moving slowly in and out of Ting. Ting's arms were around him, pulling him close. Tommy was taking his time, enjoying ever moment of this. He would pull back until only the head of his dick was in her, then slowly feed its length into her until his balls rested tightly against her lovely ass. I watched my wife's legs curl behind his thighs and her hips rise as she pressed her crotch tighter to his fully impaling dick as though unwilling to let it go even for a moment. Soon she was gasping and jerking in the throes of her climax. Tommy continued fucking her as the flush of sexual fulfillment spread over her chest.

"I'm cumming," Tommy groaned as he pressed his full length into my wife once more. I watched as the base of his cock squirmed while the full load of cum filled Ting's pussy. It seemed to have no effect on his intent to fuck her longer. I watched as he once again began fucking Ting, forcing some of the cum that filled her cunt out in a small rivulet of silvery semen that slowly slid down her tiny ass to form a small puddle beneath her.

That did it! The sight of my lovely wife having her vagina filled with cum from one of my closest friends made me explode inside Lauren. I felt her drive hard against my throbbing cock, her tight vaginal muscles milking me of the heavy load in my balls. It set her off on another climax that had her shuddering even as I felt my cock continuing to jerk with jet after jet of hot cum to fill her as her husband had filled my wife.

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