tagLoving WivesTing Ch. 05

Ting Ch. 05


Park and Miriam
Soong and Win
Jin and Min

"How did you find out?" I asked Park. We were sitting in the office above his convenience store as he explained how he had just learned that his parents were swingers.

He laughed. "I caught him fucking Miriam's tits. What was even more surprising was my mother was right in the middle of that, sharing dad's cock each time it missed Miriam's mouth."

"Wow!" I exclaimed.

"Wow is right!" Park nodded. "I knew that mom and dad had a very active sex life back home. My sisters had told me when they came over with my parents last time that my mother was screwing some big shot businessman and my dad was doing his wife, but I couldn't believe that. My folks are very much into Korean culture and they wouldn't have even dreamed of doing that when I was a kid. It wouldn't have even been mentioned."

"So, what do you think caused them to do it?"

"Well, this is something that I'll tell you that I wouldn't want you to mention around my folks, but mom started making money after the war by dancing in the bars over there with the GI's. She liked the money and apparently the hard dicks. Most of the guys she knew in those days weren't built like I am. She couldn't find a Korean boyfriend who was as endowed as what she had become used to until she met my dad. I'm lucky, I inherited his genes and his cock too, according to mom."

"You mean……?"

"Yep, I fucked her too," Park grinned, obviously pleased with the way his new found confidence had worked out. "She wasn't as good as Miriam, but she sure enjoyed herself and I did too."

"So, I guess the cat's out of the bag now, right?"

"It sure is. As soon as they realized I had seen them both working on Miriam and had no objections, we turned it into a frantic fucking session. Miriam loved dad's cock in her pussy, then she told me how mom started the whole thing."

"How did that happen?"

"Well, you know that Japanese hot tub we have, the one you always kidded me about because it was so small." I nodded. "Miriam has really come to love it, and had asked mom to bring out more hot water when it cooled off a bit. After Miriam had been soaking for a few minutes, she called out to mom to bring in the water. Mom went out on the patio and added the water, then told Miriam that it looked so good she wanted to soak too."

"Miriam said mom undressed in front of her and got in. Now that was a real surprise to me, because mom had always been so modest when it came to taking off her clothes. As she got into the tub with Miriam, Miriam said she noticed that mom was hairless around her pussy. Of course she just had to ask if that was natural or whether she shaved it. She said mom just tittered a bit and told her that she had it waxed every month or so. Then she said dad liked it better that way. Mom asked Miriam if I was as insistent as dad about having the pussy pelt removed and Miriam assured her I was. That's when mom reached over under the water and felt Miriam's pussy. She laughed and said that it felt almost as smooth as her own."

"You know Miriam. Any time someone touches her pussy, she wants to fuck. She told me that when mom didn't immediately move her hand that it made her hot just thinking about how I would fuck her as soon as I got home. Instead, it seemed to get mom hot too. She had been looking at Miriam's tits and saw how the nipples had become hard and asked if I liked playing with her big tits as much as dad liked sucking on mom's."

"Miriam told her I was a real tit man and had to suck them every time I fucked her. Mom complimented her on the size and shape of them, then asked if they were very heavy. Miriam told her that they weren't a burden, and that she loved having them sucked. That's when the real action started. Mom just bent forward, lifted one out of the water and began sucking on it. It made Miriam wild, just like it usually does and the next thing she knew she was holding mom's head tightly to her tit and begging her to suck harder."

"It probably would have ended right there if dad, curious about where they were, hadn't come out on the patio and saw that. Miriam was too far gone by that time to worry about any consequences. Dad took off his trousers and sat down on the edge of the platform, with his legs in the water and was watching the two of them go at it until he became hard. You know how Miriam likes to suck a cock, well, that was all it took. Within a couple of minutes she was deep throating dad with mom working on her tits."

They finally got out when the water cooled off. But none of them wanted it to end that way, so they went into the bedroom. Dad fucked her while mom continued sucking her tits, then, when dad shot his load into her, mom went down on her and ate her pussy while Miriam sucked dad up again. It was just a bit later that I walked in on them. Dad was very embarrassed, but it didn't seem to phase mom at all. She just sat up on the edge of the bed, jacking dad very slowly and looking at me just like I would have her if she had caught me with my hand in our cookie jar. Miriam just smiled and told me that it looked like we had a new couple to play with. Then she told me that dad had fucked her and she would like to see me fuck my mom."

"Let me tell you, I wasn't ready for that experience on such short notice, but standing beside the bed as I was, mom had the perfect opportunity. She took it. She reached out and stroked my cock through my pants, looking up at me and smiling. I was still in a state of shock when she unzipped my fly and reached in to take my cock in her hand. By that time, dad was sucking on Miriam's tits. He knew what would happen next, and it did. Mom took a long look at my cock, said it was as pretty as dad's, then started sucking me. That really set me off. Just watching dad sucking Miriam's tits and having mom inhaling my dick had me hard as a brick almost instantaneously. I pushed her back on the bed and the next thing I knew I was buried to the hilt in her pussy. She loved it, and so did I."

"So, did your dad fuck Miriam again?"

"He sure did, and knowing that I was screwing mom made him cum almost as fast as I did, even though he had emptied a load into Miriam only a few minutes before."

"That must have created some interesting conversations for a while."

"Yeah," Park nodded, "like the rest of last week. We had several long talks about it, and a lot of fun showing each other what we had missed in the past. I think it's the first time that we have leveled with each other about sex and what we do. What's even more interesting is that I found out that my sisters knew all along that dad was screwing other women while mom was getting some on the side. I had found what they told me when they were here last time a little hard to believe." Park shook his head in disbelief, "But now that mom and dad have told me themselves, I can not only believe it, but I'm really looking forward to my sisters coming over for the New Year's celebration."

"Will your mother and father still be here?"

"No, they have to leave tomorrow, but they're coming back for the New Year. I overheard them talking to my sisters on their cell phone. I didn't understand all of it. I've been away from Korea for so long I've lost much of my knowledge of the language, but I could still understand enough that I knew they were telling my sisters what they had done here. After they got off the phone, they told me that now that the whole family knows, there isn't any reason why we shouldn't introduce them to our friends. I think dad's fallen in love with big tits."

Over the weeks leading up to the New Year's party, I had found it necessary to call in a few ‘favors' in order to supply enough men to make sure that all the ladies involved would have a partner for our first real orgy. That wasn't too difficult. Bill told me he would be there and Art said he couldn't miss the chance to fuck Ting again. Tommy had said he had to check with Lauren. She gave her approval after insisting that the next party would be at her house with all the guys attending. Once I had told her I'd love to be there, she said Tommy could join us.

I wasn't too sure how Ting would take to this. It was the first time we had gotten together with our friends in such a large group. Adding Park's father, Soong, his mother, Win, and the twin daughters Jin and Min, was a new wrinkle.

I needn't have worried. Ting had become almost as entranced as I was by our new lifestyle. The idea of a party with her favorite male partners had her looking forward to that day as well as the night. When I suggested we should invite Park's family, she nodded and smiled. She had heartily enjoyed Park's oversized cock. When I told her that Park had assured me his father was as well built as Park himself, her smile became broader. She assured me that she would love to ‘entertain' Park's family too, including the twin daughters, Jin and Min.

That's how, a week later, I found myself tightly plugged into the giggling Jin. Looking around the scattered bodies in our living room, I could see Ting beneath Park's father, Soong. Win was jerking and gasping as Art's cock plunged even deeper into her hot pussy. Bill was standing in front of Miriam, seated on the couch, pumping his dick into her mouth, his back arched with pleasure. I could hear Min's laugh from the bedroom and could guess Tommy was enjoying himself. Park, sitting on the couch with his wife, was watching her putting the finishing touches on Bill's cock, swallowing a load of cum that threatened at any moment to overflow onto her tits. Then, it was like Bill's groan of pure pleasure announced a time out.

It was almost too much. If the guys had not been as capable as they were, some of the ladies might not have enjoyed the party as much as it appeared they were. Fortunately, Soong, Win, Jin and Min were almost as fluent in English as their son, Park which made things much easier for us all. But it wasn't the family's language skills that had made the party a success from our point of view. Win, Jin and Min all liked going both ways and it hadn't been unusual to see them adding their own home grown brand of girl/girl relationships to Miriam, Ting, and each other.

A shortage of beds limited our ability to make everyone a cozy love nest, but we made up for it with mounds of blankets to cushion the rugs in the guest bedrooms. It even made it easier to fuck, since there were no springs to throw off one's timing. That may have been why, after a few more drinks and a short cooling off period, I found myself on one such pallet, balls deep in Win's hot box as Miriam crouched over her face, feeding a load of cum into her widely opened mouth. Miriam, in turn was inhaling a good seven inches of Bill's cock as Win's tongue searched Miriam's cunt for more of the hot seed that had already been deposited there. It was a real delight to be hanging on to Miriam's bouncing boobs as I fucked Win. Win had her own hands tightly clamped over the bottom half of Miriam's breasts as though fascinated by their size. I was having a tough time holding back the load of cum that I wanted to fill Win with. Her cunt was amazingly tight and obviously well tuned for drawing cum from her partner's balls. I could feel the hot musculature gripping my dick as though trying to draw it in even deeper. Although not even close to the size of Miriam's, Win's breasts were a beautiful handful exposed each time that Miriam's hips shuttled forward over Win's mouth, grinding her cunt over that welcoming orifice. I released Miriam's tits just for a moment, and just in time, because both Win and Bill wanted them at the same time as Bill released a heavy jolt of hot cum into Miriam's mouth. It was so filling that part of it leaked from Miriam's mouth and overflowed onto her breasts despite her rapid swallowing. The sensations that had Miriam's nipples hard as rocks and must have triggered Win's orgasm as she too suddenly lunged upward with her hips, trying to drive my dick into her pussy even deeper. I was barely able to hang on as Win's jerking, shuddering form went through three distinct short but powerful events that had her suddenly pushing Miriam off her as her legs curled around my body for her own pleasure.

Miriam fell forward, her fall cushioned by Bill's thighs, without relinquishing her oral grip on his cock. I think she was still sucking Bill, but couldn't tell as Win had pulled me down to kiss her cum drenched face. Her hips still bucked beneath me even as our tongues fought a loving duel flavored by the still warm cum that remained in her mouth. I knew one way to break her grip though. Sliding down her perspiration and cum slicked body, I began spreading her legs wider and lifting them as my upper body neared her crotch. Although still shuddering from the delights she had just found, she recognized my intent and pulled her legs high, giving me access to that beautiful, silky smooth set of pussy lips. She tasted great, having been filled with cum at least twice today and having absorbed quite a bit of my own pre-cum. It wasn't a problem eating her, she wanted it as much as I and began pulling hard at the back of my head, trying to get my tongue deeper into that sweet cavern. Her legs curled behind my back and I knew that I would be welcome for the long haul. Just as I was getting settled and ready to spend the next hour or so gorging myself on Win's sweet pussy, I felt hands pulling my lower body. Win seemed to know what was happening, even though I didn't – my eyes were closed as I enjoyed her. Win rolled with me and soon was sitting on my face, with both hands tangled in my hair as she fed that hot cunt to me.

I, in turn, felt warm lips slide over my slimy cock head and down until I felt someone's nose in my pubic pelt. I didn't care who it was, it was just a welcome addition to my own pleasure in Win's juicy core. Whoever was sucking my dick certainly knew their way around a cock. I felt warm hands cupping my balls and just the slightest grating of teeth over my dick head. I knew I couldn't take much more of that, especially chin deep in Win's hot pussy. Win was using her tight twat to bath my face, riding back and forth while my tongue searched it for the last vestiges of the multiple loads of cum that had filled her since the party started. I was trying hard to control the urge to let those sweet lips around my cock milk me dry, hoping to have some cum left to fuck the daylights out of whoever was suctioning my shaft, but it was a lost cause. I felt my balls tighten, then, with a jolt of pleasure, sent my first wad into that hot mouth. There wasn't a great deal of juice left in my pecker after the day's fun, but every drop was pulled from me just as Win began jerking and riding my face harder. Both her hands were in my hair pulling me tighter to the junction of her cunt lips as she gasped out her orgasm with instructions to ‘eat me, eat me, more'! Obviously I did my best and found she had much more to give than I.

When I was finally able to breathe again, I gave Win's pussy a final kiss and felt cool air wafting over my cum-glazed face as she slowly rose with a groan of pleasure. She was clear and turning around to kiss me when I was finally able to look down and see who had pulled the plug on my balls and inhaled what little cum I had left. A grinning Min (at least I think it was her, since both she and her sister are so hard to tell apart) was wiping her mouth as she squeezed my cock to get the last drops of cum.

"Do you like the way Min sucks, Earl"? Win asked as she went into that fascinating squatting position Asians seem able to stay in for hours at a time. If you've never seen a naked Asian lady in that position, I can tell you the view is almost as good as the one you get when they spread their cunt lips over your nose and begin riding you like their favorite pony. Now, I could see both Min and her mother almost side by side. I couldn't resist kissing both although Min spent almost as much time licking her mother's juices off my face as she did wrestling my tongue in her mouth. Win giggled as she watched.

"My lover thinks she is even better than I," Win answered the question for me, although I had no basis for comparison at the moment. Min only tittered and looked down as though embarrassed by the praise. "He says her tongue is longer." I couldn't say for sure until I kissed Win once more and felt her tongue literally caressing my tonsils.

"No, I don't think her tongue is longer, but as far as telling someone that she sucks a cock better than you, I would have to have another hour or so with you to say yes or no." I held my hand up as Win started to kneel and move forward before adding "But not now, please. You ladies have pulled my fangs far a little while at least."

"Whose fangs have been pulled?" I heard from a voice in the doorway. Looking up, I saw Art standing there totally naked, his cock shining from the juices of some lucky female in the living room, but rigid as a steel bar.

"Ah, number one fucker," Win laughed, mimicking an oriental comment. She tugged at Min's arm and whispered something to her that caused Min to smile and gesture to Art to come sit by her. Art was all for that. Win had given him a terrific fuck and he knew that her daughter would no doubt be capable of the same thing. Min must have thought so too, because as soon as Art was seated beside her, she pushed against his chest and, as that hard body came to rest on the pallet, she squatted over him. Taking his rigid dick in hand, she directed it to the opening of her very juicy pussy and slowly lowered herself down its length, sighing with pleasure as it went deeper and deeper.

"No wonder you said these two had pulled your fangs," Art moaned as he took Min's breasts in his hands and pulled her down completely on his chest. "The ladies in this group have some of the hottest pussies I've ever had the pleasure of fucking, and I must say Min here is just like her mother!"

It was obvious I was no longer needed here. I got slowly to my feet, recognizing that I was getting older, but not so much so that I didn't want to go see how or who Ting was doing.

I needn't have been concerned. In our master bedroom, I saw ting on her knees, feeding her cum filled pussy to Jin as Jin's father as he pressed his cock into my wife's ass. It was causing Ting to orgasm in a long, shuddering celebration of lust. Unable to resist the opportunity, I walked around the bed, stood in front of my wife and fed my cock into her open mouth. At first I don't think Ting knew it was I. Not that it would have made any difference. Her eyes were closed in the throes of her delight and having one more orifice filled just increased her happiness.

Let's face it. Happiness is having a family and friends that share!

That's it for this trip. If you want to hear more about Ting's adventures, let me know. I'm open for suggestions, but plan on having Ting learn how other men are attracted to her as well as our friends. Remember, happiness is having a "loving" family, and friends who share.

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